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  1. Copyright Frank Edward Nora2009/01/27
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  2. The Landlord2009/01/12
    Download audio file (thelandlord.mp3) Attribution: Special Thanks To: POMP Various Music from: Brad Sucks Download – thelandlord.mp3 When two parties enter into an agreement, especially when a contract is signed, a certain amount of ethics are to be expected. The relationship between Landlord and Tenant is not usually a friendly sitiuation, and often times quite […]
  3. New Media2008/12/28
    Download audio file (newmedia.mp3) Attribution: Special Thanks To: POMP Various Source Tracks by Brad Sucks Download – newmedia.mp3 Many people are beginning to realize the web can be used for more than just email. They are starting to use their computers as TVs and Radios. Sadly, just as the tide is turning, the internet service […]
  4. Is Alan Working?2008/12/11
    Download audio file (isalanworking.mp3) Attribution: “Quit My Day Job” by Geoff Smith “Almost Forgotten” by Acoustic Rosh “Big World” by The Whole Tribe Sings Download Link My Grandmother used to ask me every time I saw her if I currently had a job. “Nan”, as I call her (short for Nanny), would at this point […]
  5. Blocked by Buster2008/07/01
    Attribution: “Game We Play” by 3rd Day Syndrome “Believe In Goodbye” by Uncrowned “Blur” by Covergurl Download Link What the (expletive deleted) is wrong with Blockbuster Video ? That question alone should start an hour-long laundry list of complaints from just about anyone in America. Can’t they see the other video rental companies taking over […]
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