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  1. Here’s how the FBI could probe the Kavanaugh allegations2018/09/20
    Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who is accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault in high school, now says she might be willing to testify next week, but not on Monday as Senate Republicans want. Amna Nawaz reports, then William Brangham and Lisa Desjardins join Judy Woodruff to discuss the fallout on Capitol Hill and what could be gleaned from an FBI investigation.
  2. News Wrap: Heavy Florence flooding closes interstates as death toll rises2018/09/20
    In our news wrap Thursday, the death toll from Hurricane Florence rose to 41, as the long and slow recovery continues in the Carolinas. Also, today marked one year since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico. It’s estimated that nearly 3,000 people died from the storm and its effects in months that followed.
  3. Rep. Eshoo: Kavanaugh accuser doesn’t have a political bone in her body2018/09/20
    Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Calif., was the first lawmaker whom Christine Blasey Ford contacted about her allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. Eshoo talks with Judy Woodruff about meeting with Ford, and the risk that has come with speaking out.
  4. Former Kavanaugh law clerk says allegation is ‘the opposite of everything that I know’2018/09/20
    Jennifer Mascott has known Brett Kavanaugh for more than a decade, after serving as his clerk during his first year on the U.S. Court of Appeals in 2006. Mascott, now a professor at George Mason University Law School, talks with Judy Woodruff about the judge’s character and the allegation of sexual assault that’s been raised in the course of his Supreme Court confirmation process.
  5. Yemen war’s civilian casualties trigger questions on Capitol Hill about U.S. support role2018/09/20
    War in Yemen has killed at least 10,000 people and endangered millions more. Now questions are being raised on Capitol Hill and inside the State Department about U.S. support for the Saudi-led coalition, and whether Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are doing enough to limit or prevent civilian killings. Nick Schifrin talks with Larry Lewis of the Center for Naval Analyses.
  6. Contaminated Florence storm waters pose ‘dire’ threat, environmental group warns2018/09/20
    Duke Energy said Thursday that three inactive coal ash basins in Goldsboro, North Carolina, are underwater after Hurricane Florence. The electric utility said it's monitoring the site and only a small amount of ash has leaked. But the heavy flooding has environmentalists worried about other sites and other hazards. John Yang learns more from Will Hendrick of Waterkeeper
  7. When disaster strikes, Jose Andres brings hot food and hope2018/09/20
    Celebrity chef Jose Andres has been on the ground in the Carolinas this week, helping victims of Hurricane Florence. As a "food first responder," Andres was also in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria tore through the island a year ago. Jeffrey Brown talks with him about how he uses his knowledge of and passion for food to help create a new kind of activism, and offering nurturing to those in need.
  8. This researcher taught us how to resist temptation2018/09/20
    Researcher Walter Mischel’s most famous contribution was the marshmallow test, a widely replicated experiment that explored the connection between saving and psychology. Economics correspondent Paul Solman remembers Mischel, who died last week at the age of 88.
  9. People start revealing things when they ‘feel that you really care’2018/09/20
    Telling a person's story is not unlike being a biologist, says Jay Allison. "You go out in the world and encounter actual life and you collect it...and you bring it back and you study it and then you figure out how to present it," he says. Allison, an independent journalist who produces the Moth Radio Hour and founded Transom.org, shares his Brief but Spectacular on finding stories.
  10. Trump gets firsthand look at Hurricane Florence distress2018/09/19
    President Trump visited flood-ravaged North and South Carolina Wednesday to assess the response to Hurricane Florence and promise full federal support to an area that remains deluged. Officials are warning that the flooding may worsen still as rivers burst their banks. William Brangham reports.
  11. News Wrap: Trump excoriates Sessions in interview2018/09/19
    In our news wrap Wednesday, President Trump ripped into Attorney General Jeff Sessions, telling Hill.TV that Sessions has failed him on everything from the Russia probe to border enforcement. Also, the State Department reported that the number of terror attacks worldwide fell 23 percent last year, largely due to military successes against Islamic State forces in Iraq and Syria.
  12. What people who knew Kavanaugh and his accuser are saying2018/09/19
    Christine Blasey Ford has said she wants the FBI to investigate her allegations that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her more than 30 years ago ahead of a Senate hearing. So far, Republicans have balked at the demand, and Democrats have decried the timeline. Amna Nawaz joins Judy Woodruff to share on how acquaintances are standing by Kavanaugh and Ford.
  13. Anita Hill on Kavanaugh: ‘Without an investigation, there cannot be an effective hearing’2018/09/19
    With accusations against Brett Kavanaugh evoking memories of another Supreme Court confirmation battle, law professor and author Anita Hill says that a professional investigation is needed to ensure a fair hearing. Hill, who came forward publicly to accuse Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment some 27 years ago, joins Judy Woodruff to share her experience and what she thinks should happen.
  14. Is new North and South Korea deal a significant step toward denuclearization?2018/09/19
    A new joint agreement signed by leaders of North and South Korea marked their most significant progress toward peace to date. Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in pledged a "new era," with Kim agreeing to dismantle his main missile testing site, as well as his main nuclear weapons complex -- with conditions. Yamiche Alcindor talks with Bruce Klingner of the Heritage Foundation and Jenny Town of 38 North.
  15. How a warming world may have caused Hurricane Florence to stall2018/09/19
    What is causing weather systems like Harvey and Florence to slow down and produce historic rainfall and flooding? Science correspondent Miles O’Brien looks at the growing risk of hurricanes and the evidence that it’s tied to climate change.
  16. GOP faces identity crisis as some candidates stoke racial divide2018/09/19
    This year, a handful of GOP congressional candidates have openly expressed or supported racist views, opening up a divide in the party over how to address the issue and who Republicans want to be. Lisa Desjardins takes us inside a Virginia Senate race, where candidate Corey Stewart is a polarizing figure.
  17. News Wrap: Florence flooding plagues North Carolina2018/09/18
    In our news wrap Tuesday, the confirmed death toll from Hurricane Florence climbed to 34, as huge swaths of North Carolina remained underwater. Also, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met South Korean President Moon Jae-in to begin their third summit.
  18. With Kavanaugh allegations, Democrats warn of repeating mistakes of Anita Hill hearings2018/09/18
    President Trump defended Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh again on Tuesday from allegations by psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford that he sexually assaulted her while drunk at a party 36 years ago. Meanwhile, senators jousted over a hearing set for Monday to question Kavanaugh and Ford. Judy Woodruff talks with Lisa Desjardins and Marcia Coyle from the National Law Journal.
  19. Who is more vulnerable in the escalating U.S.-China trade war?2018/09/18
    China set out to retaliate against new U.S. import taxes on Chinese goods on Tuesday by saying it would levy tariffs on $60 billion worth of U.S. goods, ranging from agricultural products and machinery to chemicals. John Yang talks with David Wessel of the Brookings Institute about the affected industries and the outlook for a resolution.
  20. Deported father agonizes over getting his 6-year-old daughter back2018/09/18
    In rural Honduras, a separated family is desperate for answers about their little girl. After crossing illegally into the U.S. in June, 6-year-old Marianita was sent to a children's shelter as her father was deported without his daughter. More than 400 parents have experienced the same fate, and so far only 21 children have been reunited in their home countries. Yamiche Alcindor reports.
  21. Puerto Rico’s beleaguered public schools face controversial reform after Hurricane Maria2018/09/18
    Puerto Rico's school system was struggling long before Hurricane Maria struck a year ago. But the disaster exacerbated deep problems, as schools were destroyed, thousands of children moved to the U.S. mainland and students struggle with trauma. Now, special correspondent Kavitha Cardoza of Education Week reports, the system is at a crossroads as the schools chief advocates for charter schools.
  22. Investment in Africa needed to keep extreme poverty on the wane, Bill and Melinda Gates say2018/09/18
    For all of the progress made in fighting poverty and disease in recent years, those strides could stall because of rapid population growth in some African countries, according to a new warning from the Gates Foundation. Bill and Melinda Gates talk with Judy Woodruff about their findings, changes to their educational reform efforts, and what’s next.
  23. North Carolina’s Florence flood disaster is growing2018/09/17
    Flooding from Florence has drowned out more than 1,500 roads across eastern North Carolina, temporarily cutting off the city of Wilmington over the weekend, as the waters continue to rise. Other areas are still unreachable. Forecasts show heavy flooding could reach 250 miles inland, bringing tragedy and potential environmental disaster with it. William Brangham reports.
  24. Kavanaugh accuser ‘struggled’ with decision to go public, Washington Post reporter says2018/09/17
    After having a confidential letter revealed in the press, Christine Blasey Ford came forward this weekend as the woman accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault more than 30 years ago. Kavanaugh has issued a strong denial. Lisa Desjardins reports, then Judy Woodruff talks with Emma Brown from the Washington Post, who was in touch with Ford for months before publishing her account.
  25. Kavanaugh allegations scramble confirmation outlook2018/09/17
    President Trump defended nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Monday from allegations by Christine Blasey Ford that he sexually assaulted her decades ago, but also said Ford should be heard out. Democrats have been quick to call for a delay, and a handful of Republicans have also voiced concern. Lisa Desjardins and Yamiche Alcindor share developments with Judy Woodruff.
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