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  1. News Wrap: Markets tumble amid China trade uncertainty2018/12/04
    In our Tuesday news wrap, the Dow Jones plunged nearly 800 points amidst a market meltdown, as uncertainty emerged over President Trump’s possible trade deal with China. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 also dropped more than 3 percent. Meanwhile, a top American general told Congress that the war in Afghanistan has reached a stalemate but warned against any major U.S. withdrawal in the near future.
  2. James Baker on George H.W. Bush’s ‘extremely consequential’ presidency2018/12/04
    James Baker, who served as secretary of state in the first Bush administration, was a close personal friend of George H.W. Bush for decades. As part of our remembrance of the former president, Judy Woodruff sits down with Baker to discuss how his path and Bush’s first crossed in Texas, a momentous 1980 telephone call from Ronald Reagan and Bush’s lifelong commitment to “selfless public service.”
  3. How President George H.W. Bush ‘saw things differently’2018/12/04
    As Americans pay their respects to former President George H.W. Bush, we speak with some of the political colleagues who knew him best. Andy Card, his former deputy chief of staff, and former Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, join Judy Woodruff to discuss Bush’s ‘courageous’ commitment to the Americans with Disabilities Act and his remarkable ability to build relationships across party lines.
  4. Why Senate reaction to CIA Khashoggi briefing is ‘unprecedented’2018/12/04
    After a briefing by CIA Director Gina Haspel, several prominent Democratic and Republican senators have concluded that Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was indeed involved in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Nick Schifrin joins Judy Woodruff to discuss the significance of the bipartisan criticism of Saudi Arabia and three options for how U.S. policy could respond.
  5. What’s going on with North Carolina, Wisconsin election results2018/12/04
    Election officials have not yet certified results in North Carolina's 9th Congressional District after discovering voting “irregularities.” Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, concerns are being raised about how the state’s Republican legislature is handling the transition of power. Lisa Desjardins joins Amna Nawaz to discuss the impact of these developments and whether they indicate larger trends.
  6. Automation threatens jobs. Can education create new ones?2018/12/04
    As automation spreads through the American economy, experts say its impacts will be uneven. Key factors in determining that effect include geography and race, but likely even more important is education. With the rapid pace of technological evolution, will job training be able to keep pace? John Yang reports from the Inland Empire of California as part of our new series, the Future of Work.
  7. The Met’s ‘Delacroix’ exhibit shows the artist in full2018/12/04
    “Delacroix,” a retrospective of the 19th century French painter Eugène Delacroix, is a blockbuster show running this month at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. An ambitious Romantic, Delacroix is known for such paintings as “Women of Algiers” and is considered a key bridge to the Impressionist movement. Jeffrey Brown reports from the Met in New York City, where he speaks with curator Asher Miller.
  8. Appreciating the ‘powerful good’ of the public library2018/12/04
    As the American Library Association bestows its 2018 “I Love My Librarian” awards, librarian Kristen Arnett expresses her humble opinion on why visiting a library is the best way to show your appreciation.
  9. News Wrap: Paris reels from worst riots in 50 years2018/12/03
    Monday in our news wrap, President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to hold off on increasing tariffs. The U.S. says has China promised to buy more American exports. Also, in Paris, France’s prime minister held crisis talks with party leaders after the worst riots there in 50 years. Demonstrations began over higher fuel taxes and later turned to protests of social security reform.
  10. Remembering George H.W. Bush, 41st president2018/12/03
    George H.W. Bush assumed many roles during his 94 years, from Navy hero, Yale graduate and Texas oilman to congressman, CIA director, vice president and president. He also had six children with his wife of 73 years, Barbara Bush, who passed away in April. The former president was active both physically and philanthropically in his final years. Judy Woodruff remembers the 41st president.
  11. Reflections on George H.W. Bush, a man of ‘lovely, sweet reticence’2018/12/03
    As the nation mourns George H.W. Bush, we share some personal reflections. Amna Nawaz speaks with USA Today’s Washington bureau chief, Susan Page, who's writing a biography of Barbara Bush; Peter Roussel, now a professor at Sam Houston State University and previously a Bush press secretary; and Christopher Buckley, a novelist who served as chief speechwriter for Bush when he was vice president.
  12. How Trump is relying on ‘chemistry’ to forge trade deal with China2018/12/03
    President Trump is calling his agreement with Chinese President Xi Jinping “an incredible deal” that could go down as “one of the largest deals ever made.” But what exactly does it include? Nick Schifrin is joined by the Hudson Institute’s Michael Pillsbury, outside adviser to the Trump administration, to discuss who will be managing negotiations and what “monitoring” of China might be required.
  13. In rural Appalachia, can health care become the new coal?2018/12/03
    Pikeville is a small city of 6,700 nestled in the mountains of eastern Kentucky--a rural area that has struggled to survive the decline of the coal industry. Now, local residents are pinning their futures on health care, which is desperately needed for a population whose life expectancy lags years behind the national average. Amna Nawaz reports for our new series, the Future of Work.
  14. Tamara Keith and Stuart Rothenberg on George H.W. Bush and the GOP’s evolution2018/12/03
    Lisa Desjardins sits down with NPR’s Tamara Keith and Stuart Rothenberg of Inside Elections to discuss the week in politics, including the political legacy of President George H.W. Bush, the evolution of the Republican Party and what the new House Democratic majority needs to accomplish.
  15. After losing most of its control in Iraq, ISIS is starting to reemerge2018/12/02
    After Islamic State fighters were driven out of much of Iraq, members of the terrorist group went back to collaborating out of plain sight and a conventional war there turned into a search for their bases. NewsHour Weekend Special Correspondent Simona Foltyn reports with support from the Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute.
  16. Historian recalls personal encounters with Bush, his quiet humility2018/12/02
    Presidential historian and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Doris Kearns Goodwin recalls a humorous incident during a visit years ago to the home of former President George H.W. Bush, an ordeal that ended with him telling her, “at least you write well,” she says. Goodwin joins Hari Sreenivasan from Washington, D.C., to talk more about what she described as his quiet humility.
  17. How ISIS continues to fund its insurgency2018/12/02
    The Islamic State is returning to its roots as an insurgent force, with growing influence beyond its traditional geographic boundaries. And without a state, the group has new fundraising methods to finance itself. Foreign correspondent Rukmini Callimachi, who covers ISIS and Al-Qaeda for The New York Times, joins Hari Sreenivasan for an update on where the terror group stands.
  18. As UN Ambassador, head of CIA and 41, Bush built a political patriarchy2018/12/01
    From his time as a United Nations ambassador to reaching the highest office in the land, former President George H.W. Bush's career in public service covers decades of American history and carved the way for his son’s presidency. For more, historian and PBS NewsHour contributor Michael Beschloss, joins Hari Sreenivasan from Washington, D.C.
  19. While agreeing on trade, US did not back Paris Accord at G202018/12/01
    As the G20 summit in Argentina came to a close on Saturday, world leaders agreed on some trade issues, but not on a host of others, including climate change. NewsHour Foreign Affairs and Defense Correspondent Nick Schifrin joins Hari Sreenivasan for an update.
  20. A tribute to 41 and his ‘kinder, gentler’ legacy2018/12/01
    Less than eight months after his wife Barbara Bush passed, former President George H.W. Bush died Friday night at the age of 94. Hari Sreenivasan reports.
  21. For parts of his presidency, Bush had more support from Democrats2018/12/01
    While former Republican President George H. W. Bush has been characterized for his ability to create bridges across party lines, some of those compromises cost him support from his own party. Barbara Perry, a historian and professor at the University of Virginia, who wrote a book about Bush's tenure, spoke to Hari Sreenivasan about some of the lasting effects he had on U.S. politics.
  22. In Anchorage, ‘violent’ earthquake causes extensive damage2018/11/30
    A strong earthquake shook Alaska's largest city, Anchorage, startling residents, damaging buildings and uprooting roads. The governor has declared a disaster, and schools are closed for several days until buildings can be assessed. Judy Woodruff speaks by phone to Lori Townsend of Alaska Public Media about "the most violent shaking" she has experienced in 20 years in the state.
  23. News Wrap: Ukraine closes border to Russian men2018/11/30
    Friday in our news wrap, Ukraine escalated its standoff with Russia. President Petro Poroshenko closed the border to all Russian men ages 16 to 60, saying he wants to prevent fighters from joining rebels in the eastern part of Ukraine. Also, in Brussels, hundreds of people rallied to protest rising fuel prices and high taxes. Police fired tear gas and high-pressure hoses at the crowd.
  24. At the G-20, leaders discover ‘how difficult’ consensus has become2018/11/30
    At the G-20, the world's most powerful leaders are discussing global governance, but in an era of populism and protectionism, forging multilateral agreement is a challenge. Plus, Russian aggression toward Ukraine and Saudi Arabia’s role in a high-profile murder set an ominous tone. Still, President Trump is optimistic about reaching a trade deal with China. Nick Schifrin reports from Buenos Aires.
  25. Why companies are still failing to protect our personal data2018/11/30
    A newly announced breach into the Marriott hotel chain’s reservation database is one of the biggest hacks in history, affecting half a billion customers in all. Amna Nawaz speaks with David Kennedy, co-founder of security firm TrustedSec, to understand what's unusual about this breach, whether companies are doing enough to safeguard data and how individuals can protect their own information.
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