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  1. Trump says Russia summit was ‘great success,’ leaving U.S. officials in the dark2018/07/19
  2. News Wrap: Trump criticizes Federal Reserve over interest rate increases2018/07/19
  3. Michael McFaul: Calling Putin ‘sincere’ suggests White House equating Americans with criminals2018/07/19
  4. ‘This is our country. This is our language’: Controversial law deems Israel homeland of the Jewish people2018/07/19
  5. Treating family reunification like a national emergency, HHS stresses safety precautions2018/07/19
  6. 50 years after first games, Special Olympics aims for ‘inclusion revolution’2018/07/19
  7. Iran pays kidney donors. Should the U.S. follow?2018/07/19
  8. Trump seems to deny ongoing threat of Russia when asked2018/07/18
  9. News Wrap: Russian woman accused of being a foreign agent jailed without bond2018/07/18
  10. How Russia is trying to disrupt the 2018 election2018/07/18
  11. Ethics questions swirl around Wilbur Ross’ calendar and financial interests2018/07/18
  12. This aquatic grass could help shellfish threatened by ocean acidification2018/07/18
  13. Will EU penalty make a difference in Google’s smartphone dominance?2018/07/18
  14. Nelson Mandela’s prison letters reveal his unwavering vision2018/07/18
  15. Can Trump’s reversal soften damage of Helsinki comments?2018/07/17
  16. News Wrap: EU court orders Russia pay Pussy Riot for wrongful imprisonment2018/07/17
  17. Trump playing into Putin’s plan ‘either on purpose or by accident,’ Albright says2018/07/17
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has a plan to divide the U.S. from its allies, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said Tuesday, and President Donald Trump is “playing into that plan either on purpose or by accident.” In an interview…
  18. Putin driving a wedge between U.S. and allies, Hurd says2018/07/17
  19. Sick Puerto Ricans are facing long waits to see the doctor2018/07/17
  20. U.S. Catholic Church’s former public face on sex abuse crisis faces decades of misconduct allegations2018/07/17
  21. Educators worry students don’t know vaping health risks2018/07/17
  22. Trump’s siding with Russia draws condemnation and concern from both parties2018/07/16
  23. Paul: Trump has ‘healthy dose of skepticism’ for U.S. intelligence on Russian interference2018/07/16
  24. Menendez: Putin must be thinking his 2016 investment paid off2018/07/16
  25. The consequences of Trump turning against his intelligence community2018/07/16
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