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  1. Political instability facilitates resurgence of Islamic State in Iraq2018/09/09
  2. Controversy brews around the White House as senators question Kavanaugh2018/09/09
  3. Osaka’s win at U.S. Open overshadowed by Williams’ penalties2018/09/09
  4. Ceasefire talks fail as airstrikes target last rebel-held region in Syria2018/09/08
  5. Europe’s migration crisis may swing Sweden to the right2018/09/08
  6. Global marches and events demand state and local leaders act on climate change2018/09/08
  7. Israeli archaeologists protect an ancient port’s treasures from pipeline construction2018/09/08
  8. News Wrap: Trump steps up attacks on unsigned essay2018/09/07
  9. Witnesses voice concern about and defend Kavanaugh on final day of hearing2018/09/07
  10. With millions of lives in the balance, Iran, Russia and Turkey discuss Syria’s fate2018/09/07
  11. Even with Roe v. Wade intact, many states have aggressively restricted abortion access2018/09/07
  12. Obama: ‘You cannot sit back and wait for a savior’2018/09/07
  13. Shields and Brooks on Trump tell-all fallout, Kavanaugh confirmation hearing2018/09/07
  14. How winning the U.S. Open gave Arthur Ashe the spotlight to speak out against injustice2018/09/07
  15. After NYT essay, Trump confronted with idea that senior officials are working against him2018/09/06
  16. White House on NYT anonymous essay author: Resigning is the right thing to do2018/09/06
  17. Panetta: Senior officials undermining the president ‘puts the country at risk’2018/09/06
  18. News Wrap: Trump administration rejects rules on detaining migrant children2018/09/06
  19. Release of emails and documents rock Day 3 of Kavanaugh hearing2018/09/06
  20. How Wisconsin is trying to head off a major worker shortage2018/09/06
    In Wisconsin, “Help Wanted” is on virtually every restaurant window, store front and city bus. With an aging population and few immigrants, the state could have a shortage of 45,000 workers by 2024, which could pose a threat to business.…
  21. Remembering Burt Reynolds, movie star with swagger2018/09/06
  22. What Kavanaugh said about abortion, guns and presidential pardons2018/09/05
  23. Trump’s own officials see him as ‘detrimental,’ explosive but anonymous essay claims2018/09/05
  24. News Wrap: Bombings at Afghan sports center kills dozens2018/09/05
  25. Twitter and Facebook face lawmaker concerns over policing their platforms2018/09/05
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