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PrinceWatch: The All-Inclusive Podcast for the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Film

  1. Episode 15 - Never Will Forget2009/12/14
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  2. Episode 14 - Off to See the Prince2009/07/18

    We can't believe it: The film is finally here!

    So this episode, you'll hear from us as we go off to see the film of the year and our first reactions once we return.

    Release Date: July 18, 2009
    Hosts: Aaron, Vince, Montse, Brit, Scott, Jackie
    Runtime: 45:20

    We will return for a final reunion episode in December (to coincide with the DVD release).
  3. Episode 13 - In Memoriam2009/07/12

    The film is only 3 days, so we take the time to reflect on the full journey and discuss our feelings of the film being so close.

    Release Date: July 12, 2009
    Hosts: Aaron, Brit, Meesha, Montse, Vince
    Runtime: 1:01:14
  4. Episode 12.4 - To Go It Alone2009/06/07
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  5. Episode 12.3 - Oh, to be a Geek and to Feel HBP's Keen Sting2009/05/16
    We do a bit of a catch-up this mini-episode reporting on a new set of character posters (yes, there are more...) and the first 2 TV spots.

    We also discuss what's soon to come with the second featurette as well as the new release dates of the HBP soundtrack and video game.

    Release Date: May 16, 2009
    Hosts: Aaron, Vince
    Runtime: 34:47
  6. Episode 12.2 - The Beginning of the End2009/04/19
    For our second mini-episode, we discuss all the latest news - and its only happened in the past week!

    First we discuss the predicted date move from July 17 to the 15th, then move on to analysing the last epic trailer for HBP!

    Also we take a look at the next set of character posters released.

    Release Date: April 19, 2009
    Hosts: Aaron, Meesha, Jackie
    Runtime: 39:05
  7. Episode 12.1 - Delay Overcome2009/04/10
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  8. Episode 12 - The Final Cry of the Phoenix2009/05/21
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  9. Episode 11 - Longer than HBP...?2009/08/02
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  10. Episode 10 - The Darker Life of the PG Film2009/08/02
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  11. Episode 9 - The Animal Cruelty is Off the Hook!2009/08/02
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  12. Episode 8 - Internationally Worldwide2009/08/02
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  13. Episode 7 - Still Awaiting The Prince...2009/01/06
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  14. Episode 6 - Something Wicked This Way Comes...2009/08/02
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  15. Episode 5 - Everyone Wets Themselves!!! - Including the Final Part of Princewatch's Exclusive Interview with Rachezee2009/01/06
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  16. Episode 4 - Girls' Night Out - Featuring Part 2 of PrinceWatch's Exclusive Interview with Rachezee2009/01/06
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  17. Episode 3 - The Birds, the Wizard and the Vanishing Cabinet: Rachezee Speaks - Part 1 of a Princewatch Exclusive Interview2009/01/06
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  18. Episode 2 - Canon Goes BOOM!!2009/08/02
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  19. Episode 1 - Are We Going to Talk About Hair?!2009/08/02
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PrinceWatch: The All-Inclusive Podcast for the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Film
Every episode, PrinceWatch brings you the latest in HBP news and discussion.

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