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The Reality Check

  1. TRC #552: Surprising Loch Ness Proof? + Drake Curse + Where Does Space Begin?2019/06/21
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  2. TRC #551: Talking Brain Tumours With Dr. Stuart Farrimond2019/06/14

    Stuart has been on the show many times discussing food science and food myths but this interview is different. Some Checkers may not know that the Doctor before his name is because he is a medical doctor. Two days before Stuart was scheduled to undergo surgery, he talked with Pat and Cristina about brain tumours, cancer, cancer treatment and his story.
  3. TRC #550: Did NBA’er Manute Bol Coin ‘My Bad’? + Unmarried People Happier? + Fortnite Vs The Doppler Effect 2019/06/08
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  4. TRC #549: Forever Fries & Onion Tears With Dr. Stuart Farrimond + Name That: British Food Edition2019/06/02
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  5. TRC #548: Presidential War On Press? + Science Proves Hip Hop Is Most Influential Genre? + Energy Costs Vs Waste2019/05/25
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  6. TRC #547: What Is A SIN? + Global Population Growth + Sonic Doll Made Of Human Skeleton?2019/05/18

    This week Pat looks at the Social Insurance Number, what it is and who can ask for it. Darren ponders how many humans there are now, how many there were and how many there will be. Adam checks out rumours that someone made a life sized doll of a Sonic the Hedgehog character, Sally Acorn, built around a human skeleton.
  7. TRC #546: Aura Readings + Stand-up Comedy NDAs + Who’s Tracking Your Browsing History?2019/05/11

    This week, Cristina is fired up about an article she saw in a recent fitness magazine glorifying aura readings and aura photography. Darren asks, “What’s the deal with stand-up comedy NDAs?” after a comedy club posts a notice ahead of Louis CK’s set. Finally, Adam scrutinizes how well websites track your browsing history.
  8. TRC #545: What Gaslighting Is & Isn’t + So-Called Facts + Loch Ness Monster Effect2019/05/04
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  9. TRC #544: Notre Dame & Ubisoft + Planetary Pictures with Stuart Robbins + Nature Doc Suffering2019/04/26
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  10. TRC #543: The Dr. Katie Bouman Narrative + Another Segment About Cats + Measles Parties2019/04/19

    Happy Pagan Spring Weekend! Darren kicks off the show by looking at recent media coverage around Dr. Katie Bouman and how she ‘accidentally’ became the face of the Black Hole project. Adam brings us another fur-midable look at cats and asks how many lives do cats really have? Finally, Cristina has to remind us why ‘measles parties’ are a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea.
  11. TRC #542: Social Influencers Vs The FDA + Critical Thinking In Practice + Closest Planet To Earth?2019/04/14
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  12. TRC #541.5: First Image Of A Black Hole With Dr. Stuart Robbins2019/04/11

    A little extra content for all you checkers this week! Given the recent headlines about the first image of a black hole, Pat and Cristina give our favourite astronomer a call to help us understand what it means. Dr. Stuart Robbins is a research scientist in the field of planetary geophysics.
  13. TRC #541: Shen Yun & Falon Gong + Is Disney On Ice? + Bad Astronomy2019/04/06
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  14. TRC #540: What We Learned This Week Ft Greg & Mitch of AsapSCIENCE & Sidenote + Name That: Spot The Fake2019/03/29
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  15. TRC #539: The Centrifuge Brain Project + Damaged Egyptian Sculpture + Police and DNA Databases2019/03/22
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  16. TRC #538: Ancient Egypt + J.D. Power Awards + Hocus Pocus2019/03/16

    The whole crew is back on the cast this week! Fresh from his trip to Egypt and Jordan, Darren digs into some fascinating ancient Egyptian myths. After seeing car commercials lauding J.D. Power & Associates awards for the umpteenth time, Cristina asks ‘wtf are the J.D. Power Awards?’ Finally, Adam tries to determine the true origin of the term “hocus pocus”.
  17. TRC #537: Food Allergies with Dr. David Stukus2019/03/08
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  18. TRC #536: Food Science with Dr. Stuart Farrimond2019/03/02
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  19. TRC #535: Border Walls In History with Professor Buzzkill2019/02/22

    With Darren and Adam away, Pat and Cristina have a chat with historian and author Joe Coohill. Better known as Professor Buzzkill from the podcast of the same name, Joe recently put out an interesting episode about border walls in history; why they were built and whether on not they worked. We then turn the show over to Joe for his episode on the topic.
  20. TRC #534: Measles vs Anti-Vax Parents + Canada’s Forests & Carbon Emissions + Quebec Politician Falls Flat?2019/02/16

    Cristina brings the stats and facts behind recent measles outbreaks and highlights the importance of teaching young people how to think critically. Darren explores whether Canada's forests actually emit more carbon than they absorb. Lastly, Adam investigates whether comments about flat earth and ‘Islamophobia’ by a Quebec-based city councillor were taken out of context.
  21. TRC #533: Wipers: Up Or Down? + ‘Bell Let’s Talk Day’ + Who is Cecilia Payne?2019/02/09

    Pat exhausts several resources to help answer the burning question on our minds this Winter. Should you leave windshield wipers up, or down? Adam unpacks the ‘Bell Let’s Talk Day’ campaign which takes a chain-letter approach to raise awareness around mental health. Lastly, Cristina dips into TRC’s mailbag and takes on a listener’s request to highlight astrophysicist Cecilia Payne.
  22. TRC #532: Super Bowl Myths + Canada’s Food Guide + Are Noise Meters Fake?2019/02/02

    Cristina kicks off the show by separating the facts from the fumbles around Super Bowl myths. Darren digs into Canada’s latest Food Guide and asks whether its current revamp is line with the best evidence and data available. Finally, Adam ponders whether noise meters at sports events are all fake.
  23. TRC #531: Lincoln Memorial Incident + Puffery + Bohemian Rhapsody & Brian May2019/01/25
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  24. TRC #530: Favourite Segments 2018 + Name That: Year In Review + Predictions2019/01/21

    The TRC crew is back to usher in the New Year with a fun-filled show! First, we look back at our favourite segments from 2018. Next, Pat challenges the panel with a year in review game of ‘Name That’. Lastly, Adam revisits the gang’s ‘predictions’ from last year and we set aside logic yet again to guess at what might happen in 2019.
  25. TRC #529: The Neuroscience Of Addiction with Dr. Kim Hellemans2019/01/05

    Happy 2019, Checkers! The crew will be back with regular shows soon. In the meantime, we bring you a fascinating interview with Dr. Kim Hellemans about the neuroscience of addiction. Kim is an award-winning neuroscientist and the chair of the department of neuroscience at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She is also a co-host of Minding The Brain podcast. Enjoy!
  26. TRC #528: The Science Of Reindeer2018/12/22

    Happy holidays, Checkers. The RC crew is off but Adam couldn’t stay away from the mic. He belongs in the air! We bring you a holiday segment all about reindeer. Is the Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer TV special problematic? Just how shiny would that nose have to be to guide a sleigh? Are Santa’s reindeer female?
  27. TRC #527: Baby It’s Cold Outside2018/12/08

    The RC crew is off for the festive season but controversy around the 1940’s song ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is swirling. We revisit a segment from Darren breaking down the song’s lyrical content with Dr. Stuart Robbins as a guest panelist. We also bring you parodies Pat and Cristina did on previous Xmas shows including a second song making the news due to an inappropriate lyric. Enjoy!
  28. TRC #526: Effective Donating + Dr. Stuart Robbins Vmail + How Does Citizenship Work If You’re Born In The Air Or At Sea?2018/12/02
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  29. TRC #525: Turkey Cooking Temps + Skepticism & The Tourism Industry With András Pinter + Name That: Europe Edition2018/11/24
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  30. TRC #524: Science Behind The Perfect Roast Turkey Ft. Dr. Stuart Farrimond + Cigar-shaped ‘Oumuamuau’ An Alien Spacecraft? 2018/11/17
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  31. TRC #523: Anti-Vax Article Update + Beauty Product Claims + Brief History Of Early Life + Trump’s Offspring US Citizens?2018/11/11
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  32. TRC #522: Recent Anti-Vax Article + Errors In Textbooks with Barry Panas + Passwords2018/11/03
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  33. TRC #521: Brief History Of Early Earth + Hoax Academic Papers + Does Exposing Kids To Alcohol Mitigate Dependence?2018/10/27
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  34. TRC #520: Did We Get Banksied? & UN Climate Change Report + Did Taylor Swift Increase Voter Registration?2018/10/20
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  35. TRC #519: Is Justin Trudeau Fidel Castro’s Son? + O Cannabis + Book Review: The Big Picture2018/10/14
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  36. TRC #518: Abortion Law In Canada + I Before E, Except After C? + Does Twitter Shadowban Users?2018/10/08
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  37. TRC #517: Science of Cooking With Dr. Stuart Farrimond + Name That: Spot The Fake + Flu Shot Timing2018/09/29
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  38. TRC #516: Fundamental Value Differences + Apple Ends Music Downloads? + Did Sony Release Fake MJ Songs?2018/09/22
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  39. TRC #515: GOOP Lawsuit + Hot Dog Vs Bun Ratio Conspiracy? + Sex Ed + Sitcom Surprise2018/09/15
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  40. TRC #514: Flat Earth with Dr. Stuart Robbins2018/09/09

    Darren is still in Europe and Adam is still trying to cobble together internet access in his new rural home. Fear not, 5th Beatle and our favourite astronomer fills in. This week’s show is dedicated to a single question from Checker, Mitchell, who asks: “are flat earthers for real?” Dr. Stuart Robbins tells us about the ‘evidence’ offered for a flat earth and the science that refutes it.
  41. TRC #513: Mashup: Boil Hot Or Cold Water? + Maple Water + Does Bottled Water Expire?2018/09/02

    With Darren away in Europe and Adam moving, Cristina takes the helm for a water themed mashup. First, Darren asks: is it better to boil hot water or cold water? Next, Adam taps into health claims lauding the benefits of Maple Water. Finally, Pat flushes out the truth behind why bottled water has an expiration date.
  42. TRC #512: Does Cough Medicine Work? + Mosquito Prevalence + Amelia Earhart Distress Signals2018/08/25

    This week, Cristina takes a hard look at the evidence behind cough medicine and whether it lives up to our ‘hacking’ expectations. Darren looks at what causes mosquito populations to flourish or shrink. Finally, Adam brings us another Amelia Earhart segment because this one just won’t ‘fly away’. (Too soon?) Welcome to another episode of TRC!
  43. TRC #511: Checker Mail Bag + Name That: Water Edition2018/08/18

    On this week’s show, we dip into TRC’s mail bag and highlight some of your fun feedback and questions. Producer Pat rounds out the show with a slippery edition of everyone’s favourite guessing game, ‘Name That.’ This week’s theme is water.
  44. TRC #510: Alex Jones & Free Speech + Winnie The Pooh China Ban? + Kombucha Health Claims2018/08/12
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  45. TRC #509: Mashup: Food Labelling + Trisodium Phosphate In Cereal? + What Is Organic?2018/08/05

    This week Producer Pat plays DJ bringing you a mashup show all about food labels. First Cristina bites into a segment about misleading product claims and food labeling. Next, Pat explores a viral video about trisodium phosphate in kid’s cereal. Lastly, Darren checks into what the organic label really means.
  46. TRC #508: Politicians Use Songs Without Permission? + Plastic Straws and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch + Wear Sunscreen2018/07/29

    Cristina looks into whether politicians can use a song without first obtaining the artist’s permission. The answer may surprise you. Next, Adam looks into the great Pacific garbage patch and whether banning plastic straws is the answer. Lastly, Darren brings you his important triennial PSA on why you should always wear sunscreen.
  47. TRC #507: Review: Stumbling On Happiness + 5MWaA: Lagrangian Points + Ingesting Collagen Has Skin Benefits?2018/07/22

    Darren gives us his review of Daniel Gilbert’s book ‘Stumbling On Happiness’. Next, we offer up another episode of a new crossover podcast with Stuart Robbins called “5 minutes with an astronomer.” In this episode Stuart tackles Lagrangian points. Last, Cristina looks into the evidence for claims that ingesting collagen has benefits for your skin.
  48. TRC #506: Open Plane Door Mid Flight? + 5MWaA: Parallax + The U.S Is 10th Most Dangerous Country For Women?2018/07/14
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  49. TRC #505: Memory Palaces + Donating Used Clothing2018/07/07
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  50. TRC #504: IV Therapy + Baby Foreskin Beauty Cream? + Adult & Youth Correctional Stats2018/06/30
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  51. TRC #503: Implicit Bias Training + Mexican World Cup Fans Cause Earthquake? + Saudi Arabia Drone Fashion Show?2018/06/25
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  52. TRC #502: Mashup: Dunning-Kruger Effect + Matilda Effect + McGurk Effect2018/06/16
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  53. TRC #501: Mail Bag + Einstein Rejection Letter + Grapefruit and Drugs Don’t Mix? + U.S. Lost 1500 Migrant Children?2018/06/09
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  54. TRC #500: Segments That Were True + Name That: Spot The Fake2018/05/25
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  55. TRC #499: Yanny vs Laurel + Video Compression ft Dr. Stuart Robbins + Do You Have Genghis Khan DNA?2018/05/19
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  56. TRC #498: Bulverism Fallacy + Dr. Oz + Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness2018/05/12
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  57. TRC #497: Mosquitoes Choosy Biters? + Humboldt: Value Of Life + Streisand’s Cloned Dogs2018/05/06
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  58. TRC #496: Snake Bites + Are Nature Documentaries Fake? + Vasectomies2018/04/28

    A fact-astic new episode of TRC is here! First, Darren doles out some surprising stats about snake bite deaths. Next, Cristina digs into how nature documentaries are filmed to determine what’s real and what’s fake. Lastly, Adam talks about his recent experience getting a vasectomy and what the medical procedure is, and isn’t.
  59. TRC #495: Treason Tags + The Atacama Mummified Skeleton + Godwin’s Law2018/04/22

    Hey, Checkers, the TRC crew is back with a mixed bag of facts! First, Pat brings us an entertaining segment after investigating an image macro dubbed ‘treason tags’ making the rounds on social media. Next, Adam takes a second look at the claim that the Atacama Mummified Skeleton found i n Chile was not of this world. Lastly, Darren goes down a rabbit hole to school us on Godwin’s Law.
  60. TRC #494: Talking Clean Meat With Paul Shapiro2018/04/15

    This week’s show is dedicated to an interview with author and animal protection advocate Paul Shapiro. Adam and Darren talk with Paul about cellular agriculture and his Washington Post bestseller book ‘ Clean Meat: H ow Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World .’
  61. TRC #493: Cadbury’s War On Easter? + Jordan Peterson + Lebron Gained 7lbs During A Game?2018/04/08

    This week, Adam looks into a viral post suggesting that confectionery company Cadbury is waging war on Easter. Next Darren takes a deep dive into Jordan Peterson and his book ‘12 Rules For Life’. Lastly Cristina checks into headlines suggesting that Lebron James gained 7 pounds during a single basketball game. Enjoy!
  62. TRC #492: Gun Violence In Canada Increasing? + Name That: ‘Easter’ + Fake Passport Website2018/04/01

    Happy Spring Equinox, Checkers! This week, Adam questions whether gun violence in Canada is really increasing by targeting the facts. Pat challenges the crew to an Easter-ish version of everybody’s favourite mostly guessing game. Lastly, Darren warns us about an online passport service taking advantage of unsuspecting Canadians.
  63. TRC #491: Hawaiian Islands + Euthanasia Drugs In Dog Food + Amelia Earhart’s Bones2018/03/25

    Aloha Checkers! The whole crew is here for a brand new show. Back from a trip to Hawaii, Darren discusses how the islands that make up the State came to be. Cristina, once again, looks into the question: are euthanasia drugs showing up in dog food ? Lastly, Adam looks into some recent headlines claiming that Amelia Earhart’s bones have been found.
  64. TRC #490: Mashup: Brian Tomasik on Wild Animal Suffering2018/03/17
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  65. TRC #489: Busting History Myths With Professor Buzzkill2018/03/03
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  66. TRC #488: Urine-Based Test For Sex Of Fetus + How Many Neurons?2018/02/24

    The crew has the week off but still brings you a new fact-filled TRC! Cristina and Pat chat with Ryan Armstrong from Post-Truth Health and Bad Science Watch. He tells us whether urine-based tests coming to Canada can determine the sex of a fetus during pregnancy. Next Darren delivers a promised follow-up to his segment about neurons asking how many neurons does the human brain have?
  67. TRC #487: Solar Eclipse Fallout + The Bicameral Mind + eHarmony Backed By Science?2018/02/17

    This week, Darren looks into the potential downside of watching a solar eclipse and asks, ‘Is it worth it?’ Adam gets all ‘Darren’ on us with an interesting segment about consciousness and the bicameral mind. Lastly, Cristina investigates whether an online dating site has the evidence to back up their claims that they use science to match people.
  68. TRC #486: Valentine’s Day Myths + Name That: V-Day Edition + The Heart2018/02/11

    Another theme-filled show coming at you! First, Cristina combs through widely-held Valentine’s Day myths to find out what’s fact and what’s fiction. Pat challenges the panel with another game of Name That: V-Day Edition. Finally, Darren rounds out the show with a ‘heartfelt’ segment about the amazing organ behind Valentine’s Day.
  69. TRC #485: Neurons + YouTube Copyright Claims + Why Does February Only Have 28 Days?2018/02/03

    Another week, another great episode of TRC! On this week’s show, Darren follows his impulses and takes a deep dive on neurons. Adam looks into YouTube’s content ID system to find out why a video of white noise could possibly set off a copyright claim. Finally, Cristina explains the real reason that February is the shortest month of the year.
  70. TRC #484: Contact Lenses + Vegetarianism Rates + Plastic vs Reusable Bags2018/01/28

    After a recent run-in with a rogue contact lens Cristina asks, what would happen if you never took your contacts out? Darren looks at the rates of vegetarianism and what the statistics really mean. Finally, Adam breaks downs ho w many times you need to use reusable bags to offset the use of plastic ones.
  71. TRC #483: Mailbag + Raw Water + Do Bears Hibernate?2018/01/20

    The Fab Four is back this week! Adam kicks off the show with some interesting listener email. Cristina dives into the latest raw water fad to bring you the raw facts. Finally, Darren ponders whether bears really hibernate.
  72. TRC #482: Coffee Enemas + The Physics Of Curling + Did The CDC Ban 7 Words?2018/01/13
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  73. TRC #481: Fave Segments of 2017 + Name That: Year In Review + Annual Predictions2018/01/06

    The TRC crew is back to usher in the New Year with a fun-filled show! First, we look back at our favourite and most surprising segments from 2017. Next, Pat challenges the panel with a year in review game of ‘Name That’. Lastly, Adam revisits the gang’s ‘predictions’ from last year and we set aside logic yet again to guess what might happen in 2018.
  74. TRC #480: Aluminum Christmas Trees + Habitable Zones + Baby, It’s Cold Outside2017/12/28

    With Cristina out sick this week, our favourite astronomer Stuart Robbins joins the panel. First Adam looks into aluminum Christmas trees and whether or not ‘ A Charlie Brown Christmas’ is to blame for their demise. Next, Stuart gives us a long promised overview of habitable zones. Lastly, Darren takes a look into a couple of interpretations of the lyrics for ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’.
  75. TRC #479: Dowsing + Violence Decreasing? + #1 Restaurant Fake?2017/12/17

    On this week’s TRC, Cristina looks into whether the City of Ottawa is really using dowsing to locate water. Next, Adam checks into a study that seems to contradict Steven Pinker’s “ The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined”. Lastly, Darren asks: did a fake restaurant in London reach #1 rated on Trip Advisor?
  76. TRC #478: Mashup: Skeptical Newlywed Game + Ghost Weddings2017/12/09

    While the crew takes the week off in honour of Adam’s nuptials, Producer Pat brings you a wedding-themed mashup episode! First, Adam plays game show host during a skeptical (and highly entertaining) version of the newlywed game featuring special guests Elan and Dina. Next, Darren gives us a spirited segment looking into whether people in China are stealing corpses for ghost weddings.
  77. TRC #477: Wedding Night Sex? + Game Farm Photography + Effective Giving2017/12/02

    On this week’s show, freshly married Adam looks into how many people actually have sex on their wedding night. Cristina explores the world of wildlife photography and finds out it isn’t what it seems. Finally, ‘tis the season for Darren to revisit charitable giving and arm us with effective donating tips.
  78. TRC #476: MAGA Transformers Toy? + Name That: Spot The Fake + Tilapia and Omega-62017/11/25

    On this week’s show, Adam looks into whether a recently released Transformers toy contains a Pro-Trump message. The gang has a ton of fun playing Producer Pat’s game of Name That: Spot the Fake Fact. Darren checks into headlines suggesting that eating tilapia may be no better for you than bacon, hamburgers or doughnuts.
  79. TRC #475: Age Of Consent + Elections Signs + ‘Allah’ Found At Viking Burial Site?2017/11/19

    Given the troubling sexual harassment and assault allegations in the news involving minors, Darren takes a look at age of consent laws worldwide. Cristina fields a Checker’s question regarding whether election campaign signs have any measurable impact on voter share. Finally, Adam digs into claims that Arabic characters spelling “Allah” are woven into ancient Viking funeral costumes.
  80. TRC #474: Buffett Challenge: Hedge Vs Index Funds + Allergy Doc Dave Stukus Pt. 22017/11/11

    Darren digs into Warren Buffett’s challenge where he bet $1 million that a portfolio of hedge funds couldn’t beat the S&P 500 Index fund over a ten year period. So...did it? Cristina and Pat bring you part 2 of a great chat with Pediatric Allergy and Asthma Specialist Dr. Dave Stukus who schools us on the flu shot and answers more of your questions.
  81. TRC #473: Does Sugar Cause Diabetes? + Allergy Doc Dave Stukus Pt. 1 + SGEM Hang With Dr. Jen Gunter2017/11/04
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  82. TRC #472: Blue Moonlight In Movies? + Halloween Myths + Fake Melania Trump?2017/10/27

    On this week’s show, Darren wonders: why do filmmakers colour grade moonlight to be blue? Next, Cristina explores Halloween folklore vs Halloween facts. Lastly, Adam asks: is there a Melania Trump double or doppelganger out there pretending to be her at press events?
  83. TRC #471: McGurk Effect + Britt Wray & Rise Of The Necrofauna 2 + Sharks Vs Vending Machines2017/10/20

    On this week’s show, Pat explains an illusion known as the McGurk Effect which demonstrates the interaction between hearing and vision in speech perception. We bring you part two of Darren and Adam’s discussion with author Britt Wray about her book ‘Rise Of The Necrofauna.’ Cristina checks into the clickbait headline ‘you’re more likely to be killed by a vending machine than a shark.’
  84. TRC #470: Vegas Shooting Conspiracies + Britt Wray & Rise Of The Necrofauna + Enchroma Glasses2017/10/15
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  85. TRC #469: Can A Computer Program Tell If Someone Is Gay? + Name That: World’s Largest + Nuclear Myths2017/10/07

    On this week’s show, Adam looks into an article suggesting that deep neural networks are more accurate than humans at detecting sexual orientation from facial images. Pat gives us another episode of everyone’s favourite mostly guessing game, name that: the world’s largest. Lastly, Darren addresses some commonly believed myths about nuclear weapons.
  86. TRC #468: Human Swallowed By Whale? + Breast Thermography + The Voynich Manuscript2017/09/27

    Aaaaand we’re back! On this week’s show, Pat dives into whether a human could survive being swallowed by a whale. Cristina takes a serious look at dangerous claims made by clinics popping up promoting thermography for breast cancer screening. Finally, Adam schools us on whether a history researcher has cracked the code of The Voynich Manuscript.
  87. TRC #467: Truth In Advertising Vs Goop + Boil Hot Or Cold Water? + Cuba And Classic Cars2017/09/16

    This week Cristina tells us about a nonprofit called Truth in Advertising who have conducted an investigation into Gwyneth Paltrow’s site, Goop. Darren asks: is it better to boil hot water or cold water? Adam wonders why Cuba has so many classic cars.
  88. TRC #466: Science Of Summer + Biased Algorithms + Lord Of The Flies Plausibility?2017/09/09
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  89. TRC #465: Hurricanes, Typhoons & Cyclones + Climate Change vs Hurricanes + Hurricane Evacuation2017/09/02
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  90. TRC #464: Glyphosate In Food? + Average Female & Male Interests Differ? + Is Laughter The Best Medicine?2017/08/26

    Pat digs into a listener request about a report that found ‘ALARMING’ amounts of the herbicide glyphosate in food. Next, Darren takes a closer look at the data on whether female and male interests differ, on average. Lastly, Cristina checks the science behind the saying that laughter is the best medicine.
  91. TRC #463: Google Memo + Eclipse Myths + Do Twins Run In the Family Or Skip A Generation? 2017/08/19

    Darren is back and he has some thoughts about the ongoing reporting and discussions related to the Google memo. In preparation for the solar eclipse on August 21, Cristina checks into some commonly held beliefs about eclipses. Lastly, Adam looks into the ideas that twins run in the family and skip a generation.
  92. TRC #462: Sophomore Slump + Name That: Darren Edition + Do Millennials Cheat Less?2017/08/12
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  93. TRC #461: Online Harassment Research + Arcade Fire vs Fake News + How Far Away Is Lightning?2017/08/05

    Happy August, Checkers! This week Adam digs into a recent Pew Research Center study about online harassment to find out if women are more likely to be harassed online than men. Cristina gives us a lesson in Internet Trolling 101 featuring Canadian band Arcade Fire. Finally, Darren determines whether counting between lightning and thunder can really tell you the distance of a storm.
  94. TRC #460: Sam Harris vs Scott Adams On Trump + Highway Signs + Consequences Of Animal Activism2017/07/29
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  95. TRC #459: Mashup: High Fidelity Music Players + Puff The Magic Dragon Vs Pot + Perfect Pitch2017/07/21

    Pat and Cristina bring you a music themed mashup! First Pat sets the tone with a segment on high fidelity audio players and whether Neil Young’s Pono device is as ‘righteous’ as its name claims. Darren clears the smoke on whether Puff The Magic Dragon is about marijuana. Cristina rings in with a segment about Perfect Pitch.
  96. TRC #458: Wine Tasting Bias? + Activated Charcoal Food Trend + Did Amelia Earhart Survive Crash?2017/07/14

    Darren kicks off this week’s show looking into whether seeing the colour of your wine influences your perception of its taste. Cristina digs into the purported health benefits of the latest activated charcoal food trend. Finally, Adam investigates the claim made in a recent History Channel documentary that new photo evidence of Amelia Earhart shows she survived a crash-landing.
  97. TRC #457: Perception Of Force + Name That: Food Edition + Does It Always Rain On Canada Day? 2017/07/08

    This week the crew is joined once again by ‘Physics Commando’ Barry Panas who challenges us to think about the labels we use to describe what we feel when it comes to force and motion. Pat gives us a food themed game of ‘Name That’. Adam checks the numbers on whether it always rains on Canada Day.
  98. TRC #456: Anonymous vs NASA + The Matilda Effect + Wonder Woman Pay Gap? 2017/07/01
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  99. TRC #455: Mashup: Talking To Dogs + Dogs and Peanut Butter + Do Dogs Hate Hugs?2017/06/23

    Producer Pat is joined in the studio by his dog Holden while the rest of the crew has the week off. So, of course, all the topic are about dogs in this mashup episode. Darren digs into headlines that suggest science has confirmed dogs understand us. Cristina paws at rumours that peanut butter may be deadly to dogs. Adam bites into some research suggesting dogs hate hugs. Woof!
  100. TRC #454: Gas Pump Icon + Himalayan Salt Lamps + Why Do We Cook At 350 Degrees?2017/06/17

    On this week’s show, Darren takes a closer look at the fuel icon on your car’s dashboard. Adam channels his skepticism into fact-checking the various purported claims of Himalayan Salt Lamps. Finally, Cristina cooks up a segment about why 350 degrees is a universal sweet spot.
  101. TRC #453: Sugar In The Gas Tank? + Conceptual Penis Hoax + Sailor Moon The Voice Of Wonder Woman?2017/06/10

    The weekend is here and so is TRC! First, Pat does an engine check on what would happen if someone put sugar in your gas tank. Darren looks into some big news in the skeptical community regarding the publication of a fake paper in a social science journal. Last, Adam battles rumours that the voice of Sailor Moon is the Japanese voice of Wonder Woman.
  102. TRC #452: Mount Everest The Tallest Mountain? + Does Music Calm Your Canine? + Avril Lavigne Death Conspiracy2017/06/03

    What a better way to kick off the month than a new dose of The Reality Check! First, Pat schools us on which mountain is really the tallest and why. Cristina digs into various studies to see if there is any evidence to support she should leave the radio on to soothe her dog while she’s gone. Finally, Adam takes on a persistent conspiracy theory that Avril Lavigne is not who she seems.
  103. TRC #451: Does Paper Burn at 451 Degrees Fahrenheit? + Did Humans Migrate To The Americas 130K Years Ago? + Does Wearing Red Make You More Attractive?2017/05/27

    Happy weekend, Checkers! Darren burns through a segment about whether book paper ignites at 451 degrees fahrenheit as depicted in the Ray Bradbury novel. Next, Adam digs into recent headlines suggesting that humans migrated to the Americas 130 thousand years ago. Lastly, Cristina tempts you with an examination into whether wearing red makes you more attractive.
  104. TRC #450: Save Knocked Out Teeth With Milk? + Physics Of Zelda Ft Barry Panas + Car Colour vs Insurance Rates2017/05/19
    Info (Show/Hide)
  105. TRC #449: Why Use Stop In Telegrams + Ask An Astronomer ft Dr. Stuart Robbins + Do Babies Look Like Dad To Avoid Abandonment?2017/05/13
    Info (Show/Hide)
  106. TRC #448: Justin Trudeau & Cupping + Ask An Astronomer ft Dr. Stuart Robbins + Duct Tape2017/05/06
    Info (Show/Hide)
  107. TRC #447: March For Science + Is Witchcraft a Crime in Canada? + Does a Unicorn Frappuccino Contain Coffee?2017/04/28

    Welcome to another episode of your fave fact-checkin’ show! Darren kicks things off with a recap and discussion of April 22’s March For Science. Cristina looks into whether witchcraft is an actual crime under Canada’s Criminal Code. Finally, Adam asks the burning question on all of our minds lately...does the new Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino contain any coffee?
  108. TRC #446: Is 'Fearless Girl' Bull? + Name That: Baby Edition + Survival Of The Fittest2017/04/21
    Info (Show/Hide)
  109. TRC #445: Social Priming + Feral Girl Living With Monkeys? + Origin Of The Dollar Sign2017/04/14
    Info (Show/Hide)
  110. TRC #444: Mashup: Breast Feeding And Lactivism + Are Parents Less Happy?2017/04/08

    It’s all about parents and babies this week for a good reason. First Cristina explores the science of mother’s milk and asks whether some breastfeeding advocates take things too far. Bonus: a very tired Adam gives us an update. Next, Darren examines whether parents are more or less happy than people without children.
  111. TRC #443: Theory Vs Scientific Theory + Pesticides In Canadian Water? + Cheerios: Bring Back The Bees2017/03/31
  112. TRC #442: Implicit Association Test + Eiffel Tower Night Photos Illegal? + Irish Slaves A Myth?2017/03/24
  113. TRC #441: Nintendo Switch And Flavour Tripping + Gossip + School Buses And Seat Belts2017/03/17
  114. TRC #440: Emotions You Don’t Feel?2017/03/10
  115. TRC #439: Would Aliens Be Hostile? + Lunar Effect + Name That: Powers Of 102017/03/03
  116. TRC #438: Fossil Fuel Vs Dinosaurs + How Animals Survive Winter + Dry Cleaning Dry?2017/02/24
  117. TRC #437: Tariffs Vs The Border Wall + Movie Myths + Statue Of Liberty: Muslim?2017/02/18
  118. TRC #436: Applied Kinesiology + Japanese Tourists & Northern Lights? + Coconut Oil2017/02/11
  119. TRC #435: Do We Live In A Black Hole + The Drake Equation + Solar Flares Vs Earth’s Magnetic Field With Dr. Stuart Robbins2017/02/03
  120. TRC #434: Menstrual Synchrony + Name That: Internet 2016 + Have Your Cake And Eat It Too?2017/01/27
  121. TRC #433: Fingerprint Theft From Selfies? + Revisiting Celebrity Death Stats + The Birthday Paradox2017/01/21
  122. TRC #432: Winter Insects + Miracle Cream & Free Trials + Star Wars’ Old Republic Women’s Healthcare2017/01/13
  123. TRC #431: Annual Prediction Game + Fave Segments of 2016 + Was 2016 Really The Worst Year?2017/01/06
  124. TRC #430: The 6th Annual Holiday Parody Spectacular2016/12/30
  125. TRC #429.5: Programming Good Ethics Into A.I.2016/12/27
  126. TRC #429: Is Barter The Origin Of Money? + More Trees Than Stars? + Snowflakes2016/12/23
  127. TRC #428: Truffle Oil + The Science Of Idiocracy + Paid Sick Leave2016/12/16
  128. TRC #427: Possession Is 9-10ths Of The Law? + Genes Predict Athletic Performance? + What Is Organic?2016/12/09
  129. TRC #426.5: Effective Donating 20162016/12/06
  130. TRC #426: Measuring Pregnancy: Weeks Vs Months? + Name That: Canadian Citizenship + The 5 Second Rule2016/12/02
  131. TRC #425: Fake News, Facebook & The Election + FTC Vs Homeopathy + Ultrasound Determining Fetal Sex2016/11/25
  132. TRC #424: Harambe For President? + Moving To Canada + Trump Predictions2016/11/19
  133. TRC #423: Daylight Saving Time + Stopped Male Birth Control Study2016/11/11
  134. TRC #422: Theraband FlexBar Effective? + Star Wars Filming Near You? + Name That: Remembrance Day2016/11/04
  135. TRC #421.5: Darren On Ron Corbett Unscripted2016/10/31
  136. TRC #421: US Election Polls + Fake Academic Papers + Plain Cigarette Packaging2016/10/28
  137. TRC #420: Origin of 420 + Gem Newman of Bad Science Watch + History Of Halloween2016/10/21
  138. TRC #419: Are Bees Endangered? + Peanut Butter Deadly To Dogs? + Transcendental Meditation2016/10/15
  139. TRC #418: Should You Rake Your Leaves? + Name That: World Producers Edition + The Great Pitbull Debate2016/10/10
  140. TRC #417: Advertorial + Balance Eggs On Equinox + Is Psychology In Crisis? + Did NASA Change Your Zodiac Sign?2016/09/30
  141. TRC #416: Trisodium Phosphate in Kid’s Cereal? + Vicks VapoRub + Bottle Flip Physics2016/09/24
  142. TRC #415: 22 Push-up Challenge + Name That: Hoax Edition + Are Parents Naming Their Kids After Pokémon?2016/09/17
  143. TRC #414: Talking To Dogs + How Saintly Was Mother Teresa? + Kids’ Dream Jobs Study2016/09/10
  144. TRC #413: Helium Infused Beer? + Stuart Robbins On Proxima B, SETI Signal, New Horizons + Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin2016/09/02
  145. TRC #412: Do People Read Past A Headline? + Should You Floss? + Is Cancer A Modern Disease?2016/08/26
  146. TRC #411: Olympic Medal Counts + Name That: Olympics + Is Air Conditioning Sexist?2016/08/20
  147. TRC #410: Iraq Bans Bomb Detectors + Redheads and Pain + More Celebrity Medical Advice2016/08/08
  148. TRC #409: Melania Trump vs Science + Pokemon Go + Our Mathematical Universe2016/08/01
  149. TRC #408 - 8 Glasses Of Water A Day + 2016 Celebrity Deaths + Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?2016/07/25
  150. TRC #407: Panelists Disagreeing Mashup - Geeks and glasses + 0.9999 = 1? + Bike Helmet Safety2016/07/04
  151. TRC #406: Solar System Mashup - Pluto A Planet? + Planet 9 Discovered2016/06/27
  152. TRC: Special Announcement2016/06/17
  153. TRC #405: Spoon Bending 101 + Hillary vs. Bernie + Changing O Canada2016/06/11
  154. TRC #404: Lunar Effect + Name That: Apollo Missions + Are The Stars We See Dead?2016/06/03
  155. TRC #403: Lamb Of God Vs Joel Osteen + ElbowGate + Dogs Detect Low Blood Sugar?2016/05/27
  156. TRC #402: Helping Or Hurting Wildlife? + Is Uber A Scam? + Did A Teen Find A Lost Mayan City?2016/05/20
  157. TRC #401: Did Apple Steal Your Music? + Disaster Relief + Catterbox2016/05/13
  158. TRC #400: Panel Questions + Do Dogs Hate Hugs? + Alberta Toddler Meningitis Case2016/05/07
  159. TRC #399: Free Throw Distraction + Differentiating Science From Pseudoscience + Do Politicians Keep Promises2016/04/29
  160. TRC #398: The Physics of Superheroes + Name That: High School Edition + Green Moon2016/04/22
  161. TRC #397: Star Wars Droids with Jim Davies + Misleading Terms In Psych Fields + Star Wars Myths2016/04/16
  162. TRC #396: French’s Ketchup Better For Ontario? + Misleading Headlines + China Bans April Fools’?2016/04/08
  163. TRC #395: Tribeca vs Vaxxed + Double-Dipping + Tay: Microsoft’s AI “Racist” Chatbot + Energy-Infused Beauty Products2016/04/02
  164. TRC #394: Money & Happiness + An Evening With Neil deGrasse Tyson + How Is Easter Sunday Determined?2016/03/25
  165. TRC #393: Talking Mirrors with Barry Panas + Clinton Onion Conspiracy + Splenda vs Cancer2016/03/18
  166. TRC #392: Is 4K TV Worth It? + Is Trump Really A Good Businessman?2016/03/12
  167. TRC #391: Apple Retro 1970 Bug + Hitler’s Micropenis? + Leap Year Revisited + Video Gaming’s First Transgender Character2016/03/05
  168. TRC #390: Is The Solar System A Vortex? + Peanut Butter vs Alzheimer’s + Sitting Too Close To The TV2016/02/26
  169. TRC #389: Left-Right Confusion + Cats Meow Only At Humans? + Superforecasting Review2016/02/20
  170. TRC #388: Science vs “Resting Bitch Face” + Death By Super Bowl? + Gravity Of Melting Ice2016/02/13
  171. TRC #387: Zika Virus + Wisdom Teeth Removal A Racket? + Battery Charging Myths2016/02/06
  172. TRC #386: Planet 9 with Dr. Stuart Robbins + Lettuce Worse Than Bacon? + Cats vs Cucumbers2016/01/30
  173. TRC #385: Health & Fitness Myths + Name That: Game That + Why Can’t We See Apollo Mission Remnants With A Telescope?2016/01/23
  174. TRC #384: Did Nikola Tesla Contact Aliens? + FTC vs Lumosity + Ugly Baby Lawsuit?2016/01/16
  175. TRC #383: Lardass Autocorrect Kardashian? + Name That: Internet 2015 Edition + Last Year’s Fave Segments + 2016 Predictions 2016/01/09
  176. TRC #382: Dunning-Kruger Effect + Deep Learning + Do The British Have Bad Teeth?2016/01/02
  177. TRC #381: The 5th Annual Holiday Parody Spectacular + Dr. Ken Milne’s SGEM vs SPIDES2015/12/26
  178. TRC #380: Starbucks Hates X-mas? + When Is A Cold Contagious? + Kubrick Admits To Faking Moon Landings?2015/12/19
  179. TRC #379: Charitable Giving + Premium vs Regular Gas + Elf On The Shelf2015/12/12
  180. TRC #378: Ethical Automated Cars? + Adult Colouring Books + The Halitosis Influence2015/12/05
  181. TRC #377: Unethical Experiments Proven Useful + Game That + Photographs and Smiling2015/11/28
  182. TRC #376: Are Religious Children Less Altruistic + Are There Pets in Pet Food?2015/11/20
  183. TRC #375: Supporting TRC + Immortality + Bloodletting2015/11/14
  184. TRC #374: Conversion Therapy + Did Booze Influence The Australian Accent? + Vampires Drunk On Blood?2015/11/07
  185. TRC #373: WHO Processed Meat Cancer Study + The Science of Gremlins + Do Bras Cause Cancer?2015/10/31
  186. TRC #372: Knowledge Translation with Dr. Ken Milne + Name That: Nobel Edition + Ghost Weddings2015/10/24
  187. TRC #371: Riveted With Jim Davies + Is Polling Effective? + Extraneous Factors & Judicial Decisions2015/10/16
  188. TRC #370: Antibacterial Soap + Maple Water + Anti-Vaxxers Funding Fail + Top CO2 Emitters2015/10/10
  189. TRC #369: Follow Your Career Passion? + Farmer’s Almanac + Subway Becoming Halal?2015/10/04
  190. TRC #368: Barcodes and 666 + Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock + Do Tax Cuts Cause Job Growth2015/09/26
  191. TRC #367: Susan Gerbic of GSoW + Industry Funded Studies + Deaths From Heat and Cold2015/09/19
  192. TRC #366: Accent Bias + Electroshock Therapy + Did A Cat Take A Bullet For A Kid?2015/09/12
  193. TRC #365: Reproducibility of Psychological Science + Are Octopuses Aliens? + Happy Birthday TRC!2015/09/05
  194. TRC #364: Can You Catch Up On Sleep? + Trickle-down Economics + Is An Asteroid Coming?2015/08/29
  195. TRC #363: Talking New Horizons with Dr. Stuart Robbins + The Great Berenstain Bear Debate2015/08/22
  196. TRC #362: Simpson’s Paradox + Name That: GMO Edition + Traveller’s Diarrhea Myths2015/08/14
  197. TRC #361: Bullying + Shroud of Turin + Kanye vs Wheelchair Basketball Team2015/08/08
  198. TRC #360: Hydration + Donating Your Body To Science + Two-Way Mirrors2015/08/01
  199. TRC #359: High Fidelity Audio Players + Sunscreen Revisited + Catapult GPS2015/07/25
  200. TRC #358: Guerrilla Skepticism + Foul-mouthed Minions + The Munchies2015/07/18
  201. TRC #357: Mobile Medical Apps + Sesame Street vs Preschool + Viral Nonsense: Confederate Flag Edition2015/07/11
  202. TRC #356: Rachel Dolezal and Transraciality + Alternative Cancer Therapies for Pets + Did Stockbrokers Really Jump Out of Windows? 2015/07/03
  203. TRC #355: Mashup Episode: Breast Cancer Screening + Sexism in Science + Jackie Mitchell2015/06/26
  204. TRC #354: Caitlyn Jenner vs Noah Galloway + Bayesian Statistics 101 with Alex Demarsh + Biodynamic Farming2015/06/20
  205. TRC #353: Perfect Pitch + Name That: Weather & Climate Edition + Is July 4 Really Independence Day?2015/06/13
  206. TRC #352: doTerra Essential Oils + Tiananmen Square + Do Sunflowers Track The Sun?2015/06/06
  207. TRC #351: DNR Revisited + Penile Duplication + Vulcan Salute & Death Grip 2015/05/29
  208. TRC #350: Ontario’s Sex-Ed Curriculum + Magic School Bus Meme + Medical Procedures You May Not Need2015/05/23
  209. TRC #349: Dubious Health Bloggers + Crop Circles + Tax-Free Savings Account2015/05/16
  210. TRC #348: Earth-Sized Exoplanets + Name That: Which Came First + Israeli Stamps In Passports2015/05/09
  211. TRC #347: Nepal Disaster Relief + Fecal Transplants + Diamonds + Star Trek Red Shirts2015/05/02
  212. TRC #346: The Grape Ice Cream Debate + QRay Wellness Bracelets + Things Women Couldn’t Do Before The 70’s + Eye Floaters2015/04/25
  213. TRC #345: Trigger Warnings + Food Labelling + Poland's Enigma Code Breakers2015/04/18
  214. TRC #344: Animal Memory + Name That: Random Technology Quiz + The Humidex2015/04/10
  215. TRC #343: Voluntourism + Higher Thread Counts + Sleepwalking 1012015/04/04
  216. TRC #342: Talking Pluto with Dr. Stuart Robbins + Name That: Grade 9 Edition + Arsenic Levels in California Wines2015/03/27
  217. TRC #341: Health Canada & Natural Remedies + Food Stereotypes + Why Paper Cuts Hurt So Much2015/03/20
  218. TRC #340: Interview With Thomas Clark From The Center For Naturalism2015/03/13
  219. TRC #339: Was Everyone In The Middle Ages Drunk? + Lie Detection + Dressgate2015/03/06
  220. TRC #338: Stradivarius Debate + SFoSF Inventions + How To Predict The Future On The Internet2015/02/28
  221. TRC #337: Women In Science + Brian Tomasik on Wild Animal Suffering Part 2 + Blue Blood2015/02/20
  222. TRC #336: American Sniper + Brian Tomasik on Wild Animal Suffering + Rent-To-Own2015/02/13
  223. TRC #335: Meditation + Name That: Anatomy Edition + V-Steam & Gwyneth Paltrow2015/02/06
  224. TRC #334: Blasphemy in Canada + Why Allergy Myths Persist + Does Cake Mix Really Need an Egg?2015/01/31
  225. TRC #333: Cali Causes Cancer? + Talking Transgender + The Most Bombed Country is…2015/01/23
  226. TRC #332: Wind Chill + Bad Pharma Overview + Does Bottled Water Expire?2015/01/16
  227. TRC #331: Bad Luck & Cancer + Annual Predictions + Sushi & Wasabi2015/01/10
  228. TRC #330: The Fourth Annual Holiday Parody Spectacular2015/01/02
  229. TRC #329: Murder Down Under + Cake or Death + The Sitting Dead + #HomicideTheNorth2014/12/26
  230. TRC #328: Superintelligence Overview + Guinness Two-Pour + Is Grumpy Cat a ‘100-millionaire’?2014/12/20
  231. TRC 327: Racial Disparity + Perception Quiz + The Cheerleader Effect2014/12/12
  232. TRC #326: Bates Method + Outlet Malls + Does Roomba Map a Room + Hope & Resurrection2014/12/06
  233. TRC #325: Cells On A Plane + Effective Donating Revisited + Sad Music2014/11/30
  234. TRC #324: Serial Killer Myths + Name That: Weights and Measures + Is Chocolate Poison To Dogs?2014/11/22
  235. TRC #323: Mashup Episode: SkyMall + Mattress Doubles In Weight + Almond Joy's Got Nuts2014/11/14
  236. TRC #322: Fewer Kids Trick or Treating? + SFoSF: Coffee + BDSM Illegal? + Losing Elan2014/11/08
  237. TRC #321: Ebola + Google Traffic + Sexy Ebola Nurse Costume2014/11/01
  238. TRC #320: Bradford Hill Criteria + Cold Reading + Does The Earth Orbit The Sun?2014/10/25
  239. TRC #319: Mothers' Milk Vs Mothers' Guilt + Red Wine Health Benefits + Green Eggs And Ham Banned?2014/10/17
  240. TRC #318: Do Glasses Weaken Eyes? + Smoking in Movies = R-rating + Pluto A Planet Again?2014/10/11
  241. TRC #317: Programmer Productivity + Parody Websites + iPhone Bending2014/10/03
  242. TRC #316: Three-Breasted Woman + Name That: Cryptozoology Edition + Cow Tipping2014/09/27
  243. TRC #315: Grounding Mats + Sweetener vs. Cocaine + Tooth Colour2014/09/20
  244. TRC #314: Parasites & Multiple Sclerosis + How Big Is The Universe + Tim Hortons Cup Sizes2014/09/13
  245. TRC #313: Mashup Episode: Canned Food Drives + Blowing In Nintendo Cartridges + Van Halen M&Ms2014/09/05
  246. TRC #312: Gamer Stats - Adult Women Vs Teenage Boys + Deer + Puff The Magic Dragon Is About Pot?2014/08/30
  247. TRC #311: Suicide + Small vs. Big Meals + Sharks Smelling Blood2014/08/23
  248. TRC #310: Vanity Awards + Afghan 9/11 Awareness + Jackie Mitchell2014/08/15
  249. TRC #309: WWI Myths + Great Outdoors Game + Toasting to Avoid Poisoning2014/08/09
  250. TRC #308: Crossfit + SETI + Dogs And Ice Water2014/08/02
  251. TRC #307: Bananas and Fishing + Deer Whistles + Air Bud + Alcohol in Ontario2014/07/26
  252. TRC #306: Facebook Mood Manipulation Study + Steven Spielberg Dinosaur Hunter + Wage Gap Between Sexes2014/07/19
  253. TRC #305: Null Hypothesis Significance Testing + Racist Dogs + UFO Sighting Distribution2014/07/13
  254. TRC #304: Productivity Hacks + Name That Topical Edition + Sheng Long2014/07/05
  255. TRC #303: Earlobe Creases + Is Venus The Cat A Chimera? + Why Do Our Fingers Prune?2014/06/28
  256. TRC #302: Female vs. Male Hurricanes + Airplane Food + Surgical Masks2014/06/21
  257. TRC #301: Finish Your Plate + Fertility Game + Turing Test News2014/06/14
  258. TRC #300: Vanessa's Law + Mistakes Were Made + Bad Student Writing + Best and Worst Segments2014/06/07
  259. TRC #299: Godzilla + Book Reviews + Snuff Films2014/05/31
  260. TRC #298: China Study + Conscious After Decapitation + Asteroids vs Comets vs Meteoroids 2014/05/24
  261. TRC 297: Most Relaxing Song + "Dangerous" Beers + Paternal Mitochondria2014/05/17
  262. TRC #296: Did Life On Earth Begin On Another Planet? + Foreign Aid Myths + Drinking Beer With A Straw?2014/05/10
  263. TRC #295: Fraud And Facebook Likes + Fresh Vs. Frozen + Kansas Banning Cosmos?2014/05/02
  264. TRC #294: Loch Ness Monster + Astronomy Name That Game + Can Elephants Jump2014/04/25
  265. TRC #293: Jenny McCarthy Isn't Anti Vax? + Blast Processing + Darren's Charity Update + Are Bats Blind?2014/04/19
  266. TRC #292: Are Parents Less Happy? + Is AA Effective? + Books At Harvard Bound In Human Skin2014/04/12
  267. TRC #291: Mozi-Q + Does Rain Melt Snow + Cutting Boards2014/04/05
  268. TRC #290: Dogs sensing magnetic fields + Diet and Acne + Patterson Best Selling Author2014/03/29
  269. TRC #289: Malaysian Flight 370 + Congruence Bias + Who is Dankey Kang?2014/03/22
  270. TRC #288: Is Andy Kaufman Dead + Fish Fridays + Sheri's Berries2014/03/15
  271. TRC #287: Open Concept Offices + Name That Smoking Edition + Alcohol to Sterilize Wound2014/03/08
  272. TRC #286: Review Of 'Moral Tribes' + Bribing Kids and Grades + Three Felonies A Day?2014/03/01
  273. TRC #285: Raelians and Clitoral Restoration + Planning Your Own Death 2 + Drinking Fluids For Cold2014/02/22
  274. TRC #284: Planning Your Own Death + Yawning + Does Chocolate Contain Insects2014/02/14
  275. TRC #283: Trees + Lying SFoSF + Lighters Burning Snow Videos2014/02/08
  276. TRC #282: Rice and Positive Thinking + Colour of Food + Adding Salt to Boiling Water2014/01/31
  277. TRC #281: Race In Biomedical Research + Is Reality TV Real? + Skeptical Newlywed Game 2014/01/25
  278. TRC #280: Fahrenheit + Do Cats Care About Their Owners + Aloe Vera2014/01/18
  279. TRC #279: Infinity + Placebo Revisited + Was Canada Colder Than Mars2014/01/10
  280. TRC #278: This Will Make You Smarter + Predictions + Female Falsetto2014/01/04
  281. TRC #277: The Third Annual Holiday Parody Spectacular2013/12/27
  282. TRC #276: Can Mice Inherit Fear + "Name That" Holiday Edition + Salvation Army Hoax2013/12/21
  283. TRC #275: Validity of Astrology + Effectiveness of Prayer + Holiday Suicide Rates2013/12/14
  284. TRC #274: Cosmological Overview + Icelandic Elves + Marriage Annulment if no Consummation2013/12/07
  285. TRC #273: Krokodil + Effective Altruism + Homeopathy + Aspartame + Punting + Friends2013/11/30
  286. TRC #272: Rob Ford + Sleeping Twice Per Night + Vaccine Myths + George Washington Wooden Teeth2013/11/23
  287. TRC #271: Computer Use & Carpal Tunnel + Name That: Number Edition + Facebook Word Search2013/11/15
  288. TRC #270: Effective Altruism + Drinking While Eating + Square on Toothpaste Tube2013/11/08
  289. TRC# 269.5: Darren On Ron Corbett Unscripted2013/11/06
  290. TRC #269: Talking Calories w/ Stephan Guyenet + Money Game + 50 Shades of Twilight2013/11/02
  291. TRC #268: Krokodil + Oreos vs. Cocaine + Does Reading in Dark Damage Eyes2013/10/26
  292. TRC #267: Supervised Injection Sites + Who Owns The Future + Are Refrigerators Death Traps?2013/10/19
  293. TRC #266: Should You Let Your Kids Watch TV + Name That: Scientist Edition + What Is Killing Birds In Canada2013/10/12
  294. TRC #265: Motivated Numeracy + Does Cat Purring Heal Bones? + Chinese Food Hunger After an Hour2013/10/05
  295. TRC #264: Super Size Me + Skeptical Activism: Nosodes + Superman Coins and Catching Lois2013/09/28
  296. TRC #263: Intimate Partner Violence + Polybius + General Tso's Chicken2013/09/21
  297. TRC #262: Fukushima Effects + Stress and grey hair + Almond Joy's got nuts2013/09/14
  298. TRC #261: Common Pregnancy Myths + Exercise and Hair Loss + Bra Burning2013/09/06
  299. TRC #260: Wood Smoke + Sitting vs Squating + Cracking Knuckles and Arthritis2013/08/30
  300. TRC #259: Area 51 + Weather Forecasting Accuracy + Vector Cereal2013/08/24
  301. TRC #258: Five Year Anniversary Show2013/08/17
  302. TRC #257: Unreported Crime + Cat Declawing + A Red Sky Predicts Weather2013/08/10
  303. TRC #256: Gluten-Free Diet + Wedding Game + Is Toronto Dangerous2013/08/02
  304. TRC #255: Canada Myths + Quirky Ways to Cool Down + Cesarean Section2013/07/25
  305. TRC #254: Barefoot Running + Darren's Eurotrip + Barefoot Driving2013/07/19
  306. TRC #253: MSM Blood Donations + Katy Perry Twitter Hoax + Swimming After Eating2013/07/13
  307. TRC #252: Washing Fruits + Wine Competitions + GIF Pronunciation2013/07/06
  308. TRC #251: Local Food + Aphrodisiacs + Most Recognized Symbols2013/06/28
  309. TRC #250: Alcohol & Breast Cancer + Coin Toss Odds + Viral Video Analysis2013/06/21
  310. TRC #249: Oak Island Money Pit + Teddy Wilson + Do Cell Signals Go To Space2013/06/15
  311. TRC #248: Australia Myths + Moral Thought Experiments + Elevator Mirrors2013/06/08
  312. TRC #247: Beardmore Relics + 1 Night Where Everything Is Legal + Bruce Lee Ping Pong2013/06/02
  313. TRC #246: Where Does the Sun Rise and Set + Bodily Fluids Game + Shaving Dog in Summer2013/05/26
  314. TRC #245: Quinoa + Pain Relievers + Misattributed Paternity2013/05/19
  315. TRC #244: Penis Theft + Atacama Humanoid + Brown vs. White Eggs2013/05/12
  316. TRC #243: Detoxification + Health At Every Size + Jewish Burial And Tattoos2013/05/05
  317. TRC #242: Cosmetics Industry + Dinosaur Myths + Kitchen Sink vs. Toilet2013/04/28
  318. TRC #241: Breast Cancer Screening + Sweat + Pong2013/04/21
  319. TRC #240: Water Purification Scams + Grass vs. Grain Fed Beef + Red Hair Extinction2013/04/14
  320. TRC #239: Tea Health Effects + Urine SFoSF + Lions Most Deadly in Africa2013/04/06
  321. TRC #238: Near Miss Bias + Internet and Nuclear War Part 2 + Missing Sex Tape2013/03/31
  322. TRC #237: Mandatory Minimum Sentences + Epilepsy + Are Cattle Fed Better Than Some People?2013/03/24
  323. TRC #236: Crying + Ghost Orbs + Napoleon2013/03/16
  324. TRC #235: Smarter Donating + Eye Colour + Roll Up the Rim2013/03/09
  325. TRC #234: The Internet And Nuclear War + Was Kurt Cobain Murdered + Adam's Apples2013/03/03
  326. TRC #233: Asexuality + Name That + Does HAL=IBM?2013/02/23
  327. TRC #232: Happy Birthday Song + Lent SFoSF + Sex Cereal2013/02/18
  328. TRC #231: Sex Drive + Skeptical Activism #dropjenny + Al Gore Invented Internet2013/02/11
  329. TRC #230: Hibernation + Hockey Science Fact or Fiction + Beyonce Lip Sync2013/02/04
  330. TRC #229: Cobra Effect + Christopher diCarlo + Radon2013/01/27
  331. TRC #228: Mind Projection Fallacy + Ian Cromwell + Do Rabbits Eat Carrots2013/01/20
  332. TRC #227: fMRI + High Heels + Sally Field2013/01/14
  333. TRC #226: Do Doctors Kill More Than Guns + Udo Schuklenk + Hydrogen Peroxide2013/01/06
  334. TRC #225: Pat and Cristina Holiday Parody Spectacular2012/12/29
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  336. TRC #223: Planet X + Are Men Stronger Than Women + Canned Food Drives2012/12/15
  337. TRC #222: The Simulation Argument + Breaking Bad SFoSF + Subliminal Advertising + Law of Averages2012/12/09
  338. TRC #221: Cell Phones and Driving + Cycling Helmets and Risk + Copyright, Privacy and Facebook2012/12/02
  339. TRC 220: Plant Perception + Name That... + Tick Bites Leading to Red Meat Allergies2012/11/24
  340. TRC 219: Can Men and Women be Friends + Foods With Animals + Van Halen M&Ms2012/11/17
  341. TRC 218: Price Gouging + Intentionally Deceptive Reporting + Does Captain Go Down With the Ship2012/11/10
  342. TRC 217: Social Media and Isolation + Monsanto + Castoreum2012/11/03
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The Reality Check
Canada's weekly podcast that explores a wide range of controversies and curiosities using science and critical thinking.

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