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  1. Phaze's Last night on WEAA2016/05/14
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  2. FNJC April 8 20162016/04/19
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  3. FNJC EarCheck April 1 20162016/04/03
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  4. Ear Check Series: The Neosoul Mix on WEAA 88.9FM Dec 4 2015 2015/12/10

    If you missed the show on Friday Dec 4, 2015, here it is. The playlist can be found on the station's website. Don't forget to join me every Friday at 10pm for the Neosoul Mix on WEAA 88.9FM. Streaming live via WEAA.org and the TuneIn app on your smartphone.

  5. Old School Classic House Mix2015/12/10

    A good friend asked for a classic house mix, and... I simply obliged. All thanks to my friend, Shanah for the idea and contributing to the playlist.

  6. Air Check - The Friday Night Jazz Club 2015/08/17

    Here's a bit of what's been happening on the Friday Night Jazz Club on WEAA 88.9FM in Baltimore. If you are a Soul, Soulful House music lover, then you've come to the right place. Remember, we stream live on the TuneIn app and you can catch recaps via the Podomatic app as well.

    Thanks for listening and keep on supporting Honest Music.
  7. Air Check - FNJC on WEAA2015/08/17

    Here's another segment from the FNJC on WEAA 88.9FM in Baltimore. Thanks for tuning in and listening.
  8. Air check - Friday Night Jazz Club on WEAA2015/08/17

    More of the show. Thanks for listening.
  9. Air Check - FNJC on WEAA 88.9 FM, Baltimore2015/08/17

    Here's another part of the power hours on WEAA 88.9 FM in Baltimore, MD. Thanks for listening. Peace.
  10. Backyard BBQ Bangers2011/09/26

    This mix was inspired by my love for grilled food and grillin'.  Which of my listeners has the best homemade BBQ sauce or Grilled Seafood recipe?  Holla at me!!

    NO playlist, just press play, sit back and enjoy.
  11. FNJC Dec 12 2014 Earcheck2014/12/14
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  12. FNJC House Mix Sept 19th 20142014/09/24
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  13. FNJC House Mix 2 - Sept 19, 20142014/09/24

    So here's the second house mix from The FNJC on WEAA for this past weekend. Don't forget to tune every Friday via TuneIn app on your smartphone.

    Spread your love of music by sharing "The Friday Night Jazz Club and DJPHAZECAST with friends.


  14. The Friday Night Jazz Club Sept 16 2014 PT1.2014/09/16
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  15. 30 and Over Party Mix2008/11/21
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  16. 2-Hr Party Mix2010/09/11

    This is a lil something since I have been neglecting my podcast for a while. All 2009 and 2010 club joints for your party vibe. Semi-clean for the Teen parties.
  17. Break Me Off Mix2009/11/11

    I decided to take the Soul vibe up-tempo, with a bit of a Broken Beat feel to it. This mix is a few minutes shy of a full hour. Play list to come. Hope you enjoy.
  18. FNJC Sept 12 2014 PT.22014/09/16

    Here's the second mix from the second half of the Friday Night Jazz Club on WEAA 88.9FM in Baltimore. Thank you to all of our listeners around the world. Remember to tune in via the internet or your smartphone every Friday 10pm-12am EST. Keep up with my antics on Twitter and InstaGram : @THEDJPHAZE
  19. Interview with Raul Midon on The FNJC on WEAA2014/04/25
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  20. Frankie Knuckles Tribute Mix on The Friday Night Jazz Club on WEAA.2014/04/08
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  21. Frankie Knuckles Tribute Mix 2 for The Friday Night Jazz Club on WEAA2014/04/08
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  22. The Friday Night Jazz Club Earcheck Series Oct 4 2013 Mix 12013/10/13

    What's good famalam!? It's been a minute since I've gotten a chance to hit you off with some mixes. So here you go! The Earcheck is a seriest of the recordings of The Friday Night Jazz Club on WEAA 88.9 FM. Join us via the internet (http://weaa.org) or #TuneIn app on your smartphone. 
  23. The Friday Night Jazz Club Earcheck Series Oct 4 2013 Mix 22013/10/13

    What's good famalam!? It's been a minute since I've gotten a chance to hit you off with some mixes. So here you go! The Earcheck is a series of the recordings of The Friday Night Jazz Club on WEAA 88.9 FM. Join us via the internet (http://weaa.org) or #TuneIn app on your smartphone.
  24. FREELOAD FRIDAY - Aug 16 20132013/08/16
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  25. THE FRIDAY NIGHT JAZZ CLUB - Ear Check2013/08/12

    Here's the close out of the second hour. Of the show. Like what you hearing? Tune in to http://WEAA.org Every Friday, 10p-12a for the soulful and eclectic vibes on the late half of the FNJC with DJ PHAZE.
  26. THE FRIDAY NIGHT JAZZ CLUB Ear Check Series #52013/08/12

    Here's a quick mix for you from "The Friday Night Jazz Club. More to come. Playlist to ensue. Cheers.
  27. THE FNJC July 16 2013 - Ear Check #42013/08/05
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  28. The Friday Night Jazz Club July 19, 2013 - Ear Check Pt. 32013/07/23

    So here's Part 3 of the Ear Check.

    Please remember to share, and tell your fellow music lovers about the show.  You can stream us live via WEAA.org or the TuneIn app on your smartphone.


    "Work It Out" - PJ Morton
    "Lately" - Anita Baker
    "Treat You ft Caron Wheeler)" - Omar
    "Kool as Hail" -All Cows Eat Grass
  29. The Friday Night Jazz Club July 19, 2013 - Ear Check Pt.22013/07/23
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  30. The Friday Night Jazz Club - Ear Check PT12013/07/23
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  31. THE FRIDAY NIGHT JAZZ CLUB - July 5 20132013/07/10
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  32. Blue Eyed Soul on The FNJC2013/06/13
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  33. Freeload Friday May 24th 20132013/05/25

    Hey famalam! What's the bizzzz? Hope all is positive and soulful with you all. Here's this weeks collection of gems. Enjoy and support the artists. This mix features music from Omar, Quadron, Zo!, PJ Morton, J Soul (aka Black Sinatra), and many more. Playlist to come.
  34. Freeload Friday May 3 20132013/05/03

    Happy Freeload Friday! Here's a new mix featuring music from Mint Condition, Omar, Marcell Russell and more.  Playlist to come anon. In the meantime, just press play and ride on this musical journey with me.

  35. #FNJC April 26 20132013/04/29
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  36. Freeload Friday April 19th 20132013/04/19

    Hey Hey Family! Happy Freeload Friday and I hope your week has been pleasant and productive. Got you some aural delights again this week. Check it out. Playlist to be published in a couple of days.  In the meantime, enjoy, spread the word and tune in to WEAA 88.9 FM to hear even more dope music.

  37. Music Monday Vibes2013/04/08

    If you missed The Friday Night Jazz Club on WEAA 88.9FM this past Friday. Here's one of the mixes you missed.
    Tune in Every Friday 8pm-midnight for the #FNJC.
  38. Freeload Friday March 29 20132013/03/29
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  39. FNJC Vibes March 22, 20132013/03/26

    If you missed us on the Friday Night Jazz Club on WEAA 88.9 FM, you can get a taste of what you missed live here.  This is one of the mixes presented live during the 10pm - midnight hrs of the show.  Enjoy, Share and be sure to tune in to The FRIDAY NIGHT JAZZ CLUB every Friday 8- midnight on WEAA.org and spread the word. We surely appreciate your support.
  40. Freeload Friday March 22 20122013/03/22
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  41. Freeload Friday March 8 20132013/03/08
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  42. Freeload Friday Feb 16 Mix2013/02/15

    Happy Freeload Friday to you all.  Here's another mix featuring some Kendrick Lamar covers and flips. Enjoy for now.  Playlist to come later.  Cheers!
  43. Freeload Friday Mix Feb 8th 20132013/02/08
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  44. Freeload Friday Mix Feb 1 20132013/02/01
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  45. FREELOAD FRIDAY - JAN 25 2013 2013/01/25
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  46. Freeload Friday Mix Jan 18 20132013/01/18

    Wassup Family,

    Here we go with another Freeloaf Friday mix.  Hope your fortnight has been superb.  I've been busy with the new spot on WEAA 88.9 FM in Baltimore and of course the Freeload Friday Happy Hour at Teavolve.  But here's today's mix. 

    It is a house mix with a difference.  Check back for the playlist.  Peace and Guidance.
  47. Freeload Friday Archive Mix 12013/01/11
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  48. Freeload Friday Nov 23, 20122012/11/23
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  49. #FREELOADFRIDAY Mix Nov 2 20122012/11/02
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  50. Freeload Friday October 19, 20122012/10/19
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  51. Freeload Friday Oct 5 20122012/10/06
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  52. Soul Siesta - Banglounge.FM2012/10/01


    This week we feature a brand new Soul Siesta mix for you.  Check us out on BANGLOUNGE.FM Every Tuesday and Thurdsay. 

    Listen to the Episode as we recap the playlist at the end of each episode. Remember, you can also subscribe to DJPHAZECAST on Itunes.
  53. Freeload Friday LIVE -August 10th2012/08/22

    This is the recording of Freeload Friday Live at Teavolve in Baltimore. As promised on FB and Twitter, I am making the sets available for those who miss out on the wonderful #FFHH experience.
  54. FREELOAD FRIDAY @TEAVOLVE JULY 27 20122012/07/29
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  55. FREELOAD FRIDAY - July 6th 20122012/07/07
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  56. Soul Siesta June 22 20122012/06/22
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  57. Freeload Friday - THE REMIXES2012/06/15
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  58. Freeload Friday May 25, 20122012/05/25
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  59. Soul Siesta May 7, 20122012/05/08
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  60. FREELOAD FRIDAY - April 20th, 20122012/04/20
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  61. Soul Siesta - April 13 20122012/04/13
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  62. Soul Siesta - March 30 20122012/03/30
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  63. THE RETURN - Soul Siesta 2012 2012/02/18
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  64. Mary J Blige Mix2012/01/26
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  65. Soul Siesta Jan 24th 20112011/01/24
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  66. Dungeon Family Mixtape. 2012/01/17
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  67. Aural Xcape2011/09/19
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  68. Slow N Sultry 90's2011/09/16
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  69. THe Foreign Exchange Fix2011/08/26
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  70. Try a Sample2011/02/14
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  71. Michael Jackson Tribute Mix.2011/06/25

    This mix was originally done for Grown Folks Music as a Birthday Tribute. Now we feature it on here for easier access. Enjoy the works of the legendary King of Pop and his unending legacy.
  72. Soul Siesta Week of Feb 28 20112011/03/01
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  73. Soul Siesta with DJ PHAZE for May 6 20112011/05/09
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  74. Soul Siesta April 23 20112011/04/25
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  75. Soul Siesta April 9 20112011/04/10
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  76. Soul Siesta April 2 20112011/04/04
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  77. Soul Siesta March 19, 20112011/03/20

    This week we added a couple megamixes, in addition to the brand new Reel People ft. Darien Dean! This mix is filled with new music you MUST have in your life. Soul Siesta aims to bring you the best of new music from artists you must know. Enjoy and spread the joy of good music. Peace
  78. Soul Siesta March 26 20112011/03/29

    Another week has passed and we have more music to offer. Peep the playlist at the end of the mix as usual. Blessings and Guidance.


  79. Soul Siesta March 12th2011/03/16
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  80. Soul Siesta For March 5th 2011 on BangloungeFM2011/03/06

    Another installment of Soul Siesta for your listening pleasure.  This week features music from Marcell and the Truth, Melo-X, PJ Morton, Elzhi, Black Milk and more.  Enjoy, dowload and besure to support the artists who grace Soul Siesta. Peace and Guidance.
  81. Soul Siesta Mix on Banglounge.FM2011/02/14
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  82. Soul Siesta for Jan 31 20112011/01/31
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  83. Soul Siesta : Jan17th, 20112011/01/17

    Happy Monday! Another super mix on RhythmandSoulRadio.com by your's truly.  Exclusives by Terrance Cunningham and Baltimore's own, Groove Stu. Of course there's the new PJ Morton and Aloe Blacc's "I need a dollar" which is in HEAVY rotation in Europe. Can't forget the rare remixes!!  Enjoy and download. 
  84. Soul Siesta: Jan 10, 2011 (1Turntable Mix)2011/01/10
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  85. Soul Siesta Dec. 13, 20102010/12/14

    Hey Family! We are back again with another great mix. This week features exclusives from PJ Morton and some new cuts.  Lock in, Listen and download.  Have a great week...
  86. Soul Siesta for Dec 6th 20102010/12/06

    What a week! I hope your weekend was as good as mine. Now to the music. This week on Soul Siesta, we kept it smooth and soulful for the most part. I touched a could covers by Raul Midon (one of my fav artist) and a few other gems. Press Play, sit back and immerse yourself in the music. Happy Monday.
  87. Soul Siesta For November 29th 20102010/11/29

    Hey folks! The Thanksgiving Holiday here in the US was this weekend and I hope you all have traveled safely. As for the rest of the world it was a regular work week, but no fear, Soul Siesta is HERE!  Don't forget to spread the word.  Every Monday @ 1pm EST in the US... DJ PHAZE, YOU and Soul Siesta.  YOUR MONDAY LUNCH TIME WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.
  88. Soul Siesta For November 22, 20102010/11/22

    Thanksgiving Week in the US and we are here with another great show! Of course i got a lil goofy It's been a great weekend.  Hope you had a great one as well. In any event take a good dose of this music and your week should be off to a good start.  Happy Monday!!!
  89. Soul Siesta for November 15 20102010/11/15
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  90. SOUL SIESTA for Nov. 8 20102010/11/08
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  91. Friends? Lovers?2010/11/04
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  92. Soul Siesta Radio Show for November 1, 20102010/11/01
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  93. Soul Siesta Oct 25, 20102010/10/25

    Back again with the third week of Soul Siesta on Rhythm and Soul Radio .  This week we featured a full hour of house cuts for your listening pleasure.  Remember, your Monday blues are just a song away on Soul Siesta.

    To submit music or to give feadback: soulsiesta@gmail.com
  94. Soul Siesta Oct 18, 20102010/10/19
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  95. Soul Siesta Oct 112010/10/19
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  96. Exclusive Mix for RhythmandSoulRadio.com2010/09/24
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  97. Maxi Taxi Daze2010/07/14
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  98. DJ PHAZE ON WRAS 88.5 FM ATLANTA, GA2010/04/26
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  99. Soca 2010 mix2010/03/01
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  100. Opening Mix for Eric Roberson & Wanya @ Ram's Head OnStage2010/01/27

    As the title suggests, this is a CD that was done for the aforementioned show. Those who were in attendance were treated to A GREAT SHOW!!! Here's a lil token of musical memorabilia for you.
  101. Soulistic Mix 22010/01/18
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  102. Westside Radio Mix for March 20th2009/04/14
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  103. Westside Radio Biggie Dedication2009/04/14
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  104. Westside Radio Mix For March 13, 20092009/04/13
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  105. Westside Mix March 6, The Deaux Mix LOL 2009/04/13
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  106. Westside Radio Mix for March 6th, 20092009/04/14
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  107. Westside mix for Feb. 27, 20092009/03/27
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  108. DJ PHAZE on WEAA 88.9FM Bob Marley Show 2009/02/24

    1:15 hrs of Reggae and Soca in honor of the Legendary Nester Robert Marley. DJ Phaze and Host, Mr. Muzik.
  109. DJ PHAZE on Westside With Alison Esprit Feb 13, 20092009/02/23
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  110. DJ PHAZE's Westside Mix For Feb 6th2009/02/23
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  111. Westside Mix For Jan 30, 20092009/02/23
  112. Westside Radio Mix for Jan 23, 20092009/02/23
  113. Westside Radio Bonus Mix 2009/01/24
  114. DJ Phaze on London's Westside Radio 89.6 FM January 16, 20092009/01/24
  115. DJ PHAZE On Westside Radio w/ Alison Esprit2009/01/09
  116. DJ PHAZE on London's Westside Radio 89.6FM with Alison Esprit 12.19.082008/12/19
  117. Westside Radio Mix For Dec 12th 20082008/12/13
  118. Westside Radio Mix Dec. 4th, 20082008/12/06
  119. Neo-Soul/RnB Mix2008/11/21
  120. Soca Mix 2008-20092008/11/21
This podcast is a one stop shop for the best in Indie Soul, Neo-Soul, Soul Soulful House and more. The aim is to provide you with an alternative to your FM station which plays the same 16 songs every hour AND to expose your ears to a hoard of GREAT artists who are deserving of your ear via the Soul Siesta Radio show which is heard on Banglounge.FM in Europe and RhythmandSoulRadio.com in the US.

Also featured, are mixes done for concert openings, websites etc.

Episodes of WEAA's 88.9 Friday Night Jazz Club and my on air mixes from my slot on WESTSIDE Radio 89.6 FM in London UK can be heard right here.

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