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The Paranormal View

  1. Ramblewood2020/01/26

    We talk with Mike Stevenson at Ramblewood.
  2. Elaine kuzmeskus2020/01/19

    We talk with Elaine Kuzmeskus about Astrology and predictions.
  3. Chris and Mara2020/01/12

    We talk with Chris Dicesare and Mara Katria.
  4. Thomas Wertman2020/01/05

    UFO's and Robots.
  5. Christmas Haunted2019/12/08

    We talk with Cat Gasch all about christmas and spirits.
  6. Thanksgiving Special2019/12/01

    From 2011 a special show with memories of Thanksgiving, and spacial guests.
  7. Craig Rupp2019/11/24

    We talk about his books and Gettysburg.
  8. Mike Stevenson2019/11/10

    We talk with Mike about the Electronic gadgets of the paranormal investigating equipment.
  9. Marla Brooks2019/11/03

    We talk with Marla about her New Tarot Oracle Deck.
  10. Thomas Wertman2019/10/27

    Director of the State of Ohio Mufon
  11. Storm Faerywolf2019/10/13

    We talk with Sorm Faerywolf.
  12. Dean Regas2019/10/05

    We talk with Dean Regas from the Cincinnati Observatory.
  13. Marie D Jones2019/09/29

    We talk with Marie about her new book Celebrity Ghosts and Notorious Hauntings.
  14. Thomas Wertman 2019/09/22

    We talk with the Ohio State Director of Mufon.
  15. Tiffaney Mason2019/09/15

    We talk about Psychic/Mediums and investigating.
  16. Cat Gasch2019/08/11

    We talk about Tech Gadgets used in Paranormal Investigations.
  17. Keven McQueen2019/07/28

    We talk about his new book New England Nightmares
  18. Marc Spicer2019/07/21

    We talk with Marc Spicer of P.O.R.T Paranormal Ohio Research Team.
  19. Patty Wilson and Craig Rupp2019/07/14

    Haunted places and investigating
  20. Darcie McGrath2019/06/23

    Paranormal Investigator, Parapsychology
  21. Marla Brooks2019/06/02

    We talk with Marla Brooks, Author,Witch, and host of Stirring The Cauldron on Parax Radio.
  22. Herman Stevenson2019/05/26

    We talk with "The Paranormal Man" Herman Stevenson.
The Paranormal View
The Paranormal View is a very relaxed, round table style talk show which focuses on bringing together experts, enthusiasts, and listeners with varied viewpoints. Instead of focusing strictly on ghostly phenomena, the show’s hosts, Henry Foister, Geoffrey Gould, Barbara Duncan,and Kat Klockow strive to provide listeners with topic's that cover all area's of the Paranormal. Ghosts,UFO's,Crypto,Psychics,and everything in between.

Follow the fun off-the-air at http://www.theParanormalView.com

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