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  1. Attorney Michael Roche Interview – Suing Panini America Over Redemption Cards2019/02/09

    Ryan talks with Michael Roche, one of the attorneys representing Kevin Brashear in a class action lawsuit filed against Panini America.
  2. Lower Level Sports Cards Store Interview2019/01/29

    Ryan talks with Mike, owner of Lower Level Sports Cards and Collectibles of Winnipeg, Canada. A wide ranging discussion about the business of running a store, the market for cards in Winnipeg and what products sell well.
  3. Upper Deck President Jason Masherah & Sr Manager of Customer Experience Chris Carlin Interview2019/01/18

    Ryan from Sports Card Radio talks with Upper Deck President Jason Masherah and Sr Manager of Customer Experience Chris Carlin.
  4. Show #215 What Does The Guarantee On The Back Of Cards Mean?2018/08/20
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  5. Show #214 @SportsCardNews From The 2018 NSCC2018/08/02
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  6. Show #213 10 Year Anniversary Show2018/07/21
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  7. Show #212 Ohtani John + Trout Values + NBA2018/06/13
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  8. Show #211 NFL Draft Recap + Ohtani Hype + NBA Prospects + More2018/04/27
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  9. Show #210 For Sale: Topps2018/03/06

    A Bloomberg article indicates Topps might be changing owners soon. We break down the information with @SportsCardNews on a BREAKING NEWS podcast. Read the full show notes on Sports Card Radio .
  10. Show #209 New Years Resolutions + Conferences + $2.35M Transcendent + More2017/12/24
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  11. Show #208 High End Player Worn + Leaf Goofs Again + COMC + ECON1012017/11/30
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  12. Show #207 Prizm Crash + 2018 NFL Draft + Staying Positive2017/11/17
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  13. Show #206 Beckett & Leaf Spread #FakeNews About NBA Superstar2017/10/13
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  14. Show #205 Panini's First + Topps Better + Amazon & COMC Update2017/08/30
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  15. Show #204 @SportsCardNews From The 2017 NSCC2017/07/30
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  16. Show #203 Auto-Panini Dak Prescott Scandal + Amazon FBA Updates2017/07/11
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  17. Show #202 Time To Move Back Home With Mom - COMC Raised Fees2017/06/29
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  18. Show #201 Sustainable Money In The Hobby?2017/06/22
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  19. Show #200 Blowout Sized Hack + Panini Stumbling + COMC Submissions + More2017/05/18
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  20. Show #199 90's Era Baseball Card Boom? + COMC Update + NFL Prospects + More2017/03/23
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  21. Show #198 More On Panini Replay + 2017 Topps + BGS + Lots More2017/01/11
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  22. Show #197 COMC Update + PSA + Panini Replay + More2016/12/18
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  23. Bonus Podcast #2 - PSA on Fire - COMC Black Friday - Cubs at AFL2016/11/09

    Miracles happen, weed is legal in California and Trump is president. PSA has been blazing hot fire for 6 years. COMC has Black Friday coming up. Chicago Cubs stars have been lighting up the Arizona Fall League for years.
  24. Bonus Episode #1 Drain the Sports Card Swamp2016/10/31
    Today's show is a bonus episode hosted by Ryan. We go into the new $27,000 product Topps announced. Upper Deck ePack angering long time users. Beckett wrote a story about 50 Group Breakers to know in 2014, how many are still in business? Plus many more thoughts about the sports card world.
  25. Show #196 Topps + Panini Flagship? + COMC + More2016/08/23
    On today's show we discuss a range of topics. We start with Topps' announcement of the Topps Crossover set. Now that Topps is out of the Football card game, what is Panini's flagship product? We discuss listing on COMC in Q4 to take advantage of the fee structure. I talk about web traffic vs conversions - something Mike Smeth public defenders must not know about yet.
  26. Show #195 Cardboardconnection.com "CEO" Mike Smeth Scandal2016/08/09
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  27. Show #194 @SportsCardNews From The NSCC (Explicit)2016/08/05
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  28. Show #193 UDs NBA Bid + COMC's About To Dominate + BreakerCulture.com2016/07/19
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  29. Show #192 8 Years + NBA Summer League + Upper Deck + COMC2016/07/14
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  30. Show #191 8 Random Topics2016/06/24
    Today we go round the world in about 50 minuets. We talk about the events in Orlando. BREXIT. Lightly discuss the NBA draft. The opening of the NFL season. We discuss Panini Instant. I discuss scaling down your collection. And redemption substitutions. We'll be back next month full strength but wanted to sneak a show in here.
  31. Show #190 Check Out My Cards On eBay2016/06/09
    Last week COMC announced it will begin cross listing items on eBay. That should likely make COMC the largest seller of trading cards on eBay once they fully ramp up. A new fee structure and other changes should occur - but selling your cards essentially across three channels (COMC, Amazon, eBay) is pretty cool. We discuss this and other broader ecommerce topics.
  32. Show #189 Selling Direct Era Is Here + NFL Draft + More2016/05/01
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  33. Show #188 Panini Buyout Explained + Tax Issues + NFL Prospecting2016/03/07
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  34. Show #187 Get Your Shill On + Panini Raising The Price + Industry Summit2016/02/23
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  35. Show #186 Listener Questions On COMC + Vintage Cards + Investing Ideas + More2016/02/10
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  36. Show #185 COMC Delivers Life To Upper Deck, ePack Concept2016/01/29
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  37. Show #184 Upper Deck's $15k Garage Sale & More2016/01/23
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  38. Show #183 Group Breaking Industry Audit & Suggestions2016/01/09
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  39. Show #182 New Year Of The Same Old2016/01/02
    It's 2016 and we are back! Find out what I've been doing for the last 4 months. We talk about some COMC buying strategies and players I've flipped. I discuss some of the NBA rookies/young players that could be emerging. We discuss why releases are always bunched up at the end of the year - and the middle. That and more.
  40. Show #181 Listener Question & Answer2015/08/10
    On today's show I answer 2 different listener requests. The first one is about if sports trading cards is heading towards another collapse based on the overproduction that is still occurring. Second, I give some more detailed tips on COMC and some strategies I've been using.
  41. Show #180 Interview With @SportsCardNews From 2015 NSCC2015/07/31
    We have an epic FIVE HOUR PODCAST today. We cover all kinds of topics with the "Jerry Rice of this business" @SportsCardNews live from the 2015 National Sports Collectors Convention. Find out if you're "too dumb to know you're dumb" and get some insight from the #1 documented sports card source in the business!!
  42. Show #179 7 Years + Panini's "RIP" Party + More2015/07/15
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  43. Show #179 7 Years + Panini's "RIP" Party + More2015/07/15
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  44. Show #178 Off-Season Pickups + 5 Must Have NFL Cards2015/06/18
    I've been out of the modern card loop the last month, but have been in a buying mood. I talk about how I've flipped cards on COMC to help buy 2 cards I wanted. Then I have 5 NFL cards that I think should be in any collection.
  45. Show #177 Interview With Val From Nascardradio.com + More2015/05/08
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  46. Show #176 Panini's Latest Rip Off Set + 4 Vintage Basketball Cards To Buy + More2015/04/13
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  47. Show #175 Tribute Recall + Getting Off ebay + More2015/03/31
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  48. Show #174 2015 Las Vegas Industry Summit @SportsCardNews Interview2015/03/15
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  49. Show #173 Panini Trying To Buy Upper Deck + Vintage Talk2015/03/05
    On today's show, I talk about the rumors that Panini is interested in buying Upper Deck. Talk briefly about exclusive licenses. We also discuss two NFL rookie running backs I have my eye on. Finally we close with some vintage basketball and condition discussion.
  50. Show #172 Twitter Beef + Grade & Flip + Selling Entire Collection2015/02/02
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  51. Show #171 Press Pass Goes Under + New Years Resolutions2015/01/06
    On today's show I discuss Press Pass going out of business and give my new years resolutions for the hobby.
  52. Show #170 Topps Doing Group Breaks + Fake Diamonds + More2014/12/28
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  53. 2014 Panini Flawless Football Scam (Explicit)2014/11/21
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  54. Show #168 Flaws In Flawless? Panini News & Business ... Again2014/11/18
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  55. Show #167 Just Another Week In The Hobby2014/11/10
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  56. Show #166 Champions ... Again + Panini Making Moves + More2014/11/04
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  57. Show #165 News & Views From Around The Hobby2014/10/20
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  58. Show #164 More Listener Q&A + Topps Underwater? + Webmaster Tips2014/10/11
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  59. Show #163 Listener Q&A + Employee Theft + More2014/09/23
    On today's show we talk about the recently published The Modern Baseball Card Investor book. We also field questions from listeners and more.
  60. Show #162 2014 NSCC Recap + NFLPA Fallout + More2014/08/04
    On today's show, we recap the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention. I talk about the "crickets" pavilion. We discuss if company booth size was in relation to financial stability. We talk about the NFLPA - and what you need to know about the deal. Lastly - we have a listener question & stock tips.
  61. Show #161 @SportsCardNews Interview From 2014 NSCC2014/08/01
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  62. Show #160 6 Years + NSCC Preview + Listener Q's + NBA Draft2014/07/29
    Today's show is a long one! We cover on the 1st part of the the show a preview of the 2014 NSCC In Cleveland, OH which starts this week. Then I go over one listener question we got from our contest we announced on show #159. Finally, I talk about the NBA draft and the top 10 picks.
  63. Show #159 Rumor Has It Panini Is Exclusive + VIP + Daily Fantasy2014/07/22
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  64. Show #158 @CardFatherX Interview Recap Show2014/07/12
    We recap the Josh Cade @CardFatherX interview. I'm still confused about Josh "being a boy or being a girl" ... or "what seems like and what is are two different things" but I try to clear up some things listeners may have missed since Josh Cade didn't seem so open to discuss what really goes on his webcam each night.
  65. Show #157 Josh Cade @CardFatherX Group Break Razz + Filler Interview2014/07/11
    Josh Cade conducts Raffles, Razzes, "Fillers" and breaks on his webcam. He invited me to lunch at the National .... I declined, mainly because at the world's largest card show, meeting a male webcammer isn't high on my list. He asked to call me on the phone. I said sure, but we would have to record it. He agreed. Enjoy.
  66. Show #156 Group Breaker Crystal Ball + Topps Hires + More2014/07/02
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  67. Show #155 Interview With @PastimeDialogue @MartynH852014/06/28
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  68. Show #154 El Samba + Cover Your QR + Topps Call + More2014/06/18
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  69. Show #153 Panini Rewarded + New Product + More2014/06/12
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  70. Show #152 Quick Takes + Topps Is Hiring + 2014 MLB Draft2014/06/05
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  71. Show #151 Collector Interview With Matt + NBA & More2014/05/27
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  72. Show #150 Collector Interview With @BaseballCard_JS + Buy - Sell - Hold NFL Draft2014/05/12
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  73. Show #149 2014 Las Vegas Industry Summit Recap Show2014/04/07
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  74. Show #148 @SportsCardNews Interview + COMC Challenge2014/03/08
    On today's show we are joined by @SportsCardNews from Las Vegas where we talk about the upcoming 2014 Industry Summit, Upper Deck's exclusive NHL Hockey license, Dealernet, and more.
  75. Show #147 @LittleKingRadio Interview + Risk Factor Rant2014/02/13
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  76. Show #146 Desperate Times For Industry Summit + Getting Rid of Base + Raffles are Illegal2014/02/03
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  77. Show #145 Collector Interview With @thatDanRoe2014/01/13
    On today's show we interview @thatDanRoe who has recently gotten me involved in a series of conference calls with Topps about their MLS products. We also talk about hockey cards and more. In the beginning of the show I cover 2 topics that were sent to me via e-mail.
  78. Show #144 Just My Opinion Card Manufactures + Beckett + Leaf + Hit Parades2013/12/20
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  79. Show #143 Collector Interview With @StevieNixx762013/12/10
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  80. Show #142 Checking Out COMC Office2013/12/05
    This week I had the pleasure of going to the COMC headquarters in Washington State. I saw some really cool stuff going on and if I needed a job, it might be a cool place to work. They are growing pretty rapidly and it's all coming from internal growth. I talk about some of the things I saw and how you can learn from some of the things they do in your own business.
  81. Show #141 The Rookies Suck So We Talk About Card Shops & Business2013/11/20
    As many accurately predicted, this years football and basketball look like big time wasters this year. I think you should wait a while before you buy this stuff, because they'll have promotions & sell-offs once next years juicy rookie crops come rolling in.
  82. Show #140 Panini's $1,500 Set + NFL Stuff2013/10/05
    Been a while, and I won't have a podcast for another few weeks ... but wanted to talk about Panini's $1,500 set and some NFL stuff through week 5. We'll be back next month before the NBA season starts. Until then, good luck with your collections.
  83. Show #139 Seat At The Roundtable + UD Presses On2013/08/22
    This week Panini announced that they were going to invite select hobby stores to a "Prestigious Roundtable" to discuss things with a "Product Manager" .... Upper Deck issued some fun press releases this week so we discuss those as well.
  84. Show #138 Getting Hired At Topps + Series 1 + 2 + 3 and So On2013/08/16
    Today we hold solutions sessions for Topps and Panini. Listen up fellas.
  85. Show #137 2013 NFL Rookies + Single RC Classes + Quotes2013/08/11
    Might be a rough year for sellers this year ... when it comes to making a profit. Compared to the last few seasons, this years NFL and NBA rookie classes look weak.
  86. Show #136 Soul To Squeeze (Out) At Nationals - Recap2013/08/06
    There's 1 business in the Sports Card food chain that just takes money off the top without adding any real value. Those businesses should get squeezed out of this hobby. @SportsCardNews joins us again to recap the 2013 National.
  87. Show #135 It's All For Sale At The National - Day 22013/08/02
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  88. Show #134 Grumpy Old Men At The National - Day 1 (Explicit)2013/08/01
    Please don't listen to this podcast if you are sensitive to foul language - my Brother @SportsCardNews goes OFF during Day #1 at the National.
  89. Show #133 2013 NSCC Preview + New PreSales + More2013/07/28
    On today's show, we preview the extensive Autograph signing guests at the upcoming 2013 National Sports Collectors Convention . We talk about a few sets that have come up for Pre-Order over the last 2 weeks, including 2 Panini Prizm sets. Plus we discuss some of the NFL injuries that have happened during the first few days of training camp.
  90. Show #132 Bustin' The Box Breakers + Topps Is For Sale2013/07/18
    One last show where I take my cracks at the stupid box breakers who thought is was a good idea to run paid raffles. Just about anyone with any kind of intelligence got my point in grade school, but I feel I needed 1 more show to hammer it home to these idiots. Lastly, Topps is for sale - and no is buying ... and I'm not surprised.
  91. Show #131 You'll Thank Me Later2013/07/11
    Guys, You'll thank me later for this one.
  92. Show #130 5 Years - Ripping On Razzers - E-Mail Bag + More2013/07/10
    It's our 5th year anniversary show. We don't hold anything back on sellers ripping collectors off with "razz spots" We also discuss duplicate Bowman Cards, have e-mails from listeners and much more.
  93. Show #129 NBA Draft Recap Show + More2013/07/05
    On today's show we talk mainly about the NBA draft and some of the recent moves in the NBA. We discuss 3 football products that were added to pre-order listings the last two weeks, and we also talk about murder was the case in the NFL.
  94. Show #128 Redemption E-Mail Bag + EPN + PSA Scam2013/06/21
    On today's program we talk about some of the new releases that were announced for pre-order this week. I got 11 e-mails from collectors this week alone all regarding Topps redemptions. There was a really big scam in the PSA/Graded card world that was uncovered. Plus EPN finally realizing they don't have to pay as much for traffic they would get already.
  95. Show #127 MLB Blowing Up + Topps Redemption Dump + More2013/06/05
    Today on the podcast we talk about the MLB players "Blowing Up" due to Steroids. Yasiel Puig just turned into a household name. Jason Kidd Retired and the NBA Finals are about to begin. Topps also now is dumping Gary Carter autograph cards onto the market for redemption replacements. We also discuss promoting your website & More. Full show notes & more here .
  96. Show #126 New Baseball Sets + Buying Hot + COMC2013/05/30
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  97. Show #125 New 2013 Football Cards Are Here + More2013/05/23
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  98. Show #124 Just My Opinon On NFL Draft + Pylons + Topps Sinking Ship + More2013/04/26
    On today's show all I really do is give my opinion on a few different topics in the sports card world. We discuss the NFL Draft, Card Shows, Risk of box breaking, Panini Pylon Promotion, Mark Sapir leaving Topps and why Gold & Bonds are not even as safe as Mickey Mantle's.
  99. Show #123 Las Vegas Industry Summit Recap Interview With @SportsCardNews2013/03/20
    Today was the last day of the Industry Summit & @SportsCardNews - Unfiltered at times, Ryan takes us through the last days in Vegas.
  100. Show #122 Las Vegas Industry Summit Day #2 Interview With @SportsCardNews2013/03/18
    We are joined again on the program by @SportsCardNews who had an eventful day at the 2013 Las Vegas Industry Summit.
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