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  1. POV - Neurotypical. Filmmaker Interview | PBS2013/07/22
    Filmmaker Adam Larsen discusses his feature film 'Neurotypical' and autism.
  2. POV - High Tech, Low Life. Filmmaker Interview | PBS2013/07/22
    Filmmaker Stephen Maing discusses his feature film 'High Tech, Low Life' and censorship in China.
  3. POV - xoxosms. Filmmaker Interview | PBS2013/07/19
    Filmmaker Nancy Schwartzman discusses the short documentary xoxosms, which follows two complete strangers meeting online and falling in love.
  4. POV - Only the Young . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2013/07/08
    The filmmakers discuss the making of their film which follows three teens through their senior year of high school.
  5. POV - Herman's House . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2013/06/21
    Filmmaker Angad Bhalla discusses difficulties of making a film about a man in solitary confinement.
  6. POV - Special Flight . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2013/06/21
    Director Fernand Melgar discusses the immigration system in Switzerland for those seeking refugee status.
  7. POV - Homegoings . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2013/06/21
    Christine Turner talks abour her film that takes a look into African-American funeral traditions.
  8. POV - Girl Model . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2013/03/25
    The filmmakers discuss making their film that looks inside the modeling industry.
  9. POV - Reportero . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2013/01/07
    The filmmaker discusses the journalists at the center of his riveting documentary.
  10. POV - Sun Kissed . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2012/10/17
    The filmmakers discuss making a deeply personal documentary on the Navajo reservation.
  11. POV - Give Up Tomorrow . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2012/10/03
    Collins and Syjuco discuss making a film about an injustice that affects an extended family member.
  12. POV - El Velador . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2012/09/26
    Natalia Almada describes the creative process behind her visually striking and powerful film.
  13. POV - I'm Carolyn Parker . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2012/08/19
    Jonathan Demme talks about his portrait documentary of a woman from the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans.
  14. POV - Wattstax. Filmmaker Interview | PBS2012/08/13
    Mel Stuart, director of 'Wattstax,' discusses his 1973 concert doc and cult film about the so-called "black Woodstock."
  15. POV - The Barber of Birmingham. Filmmaker Interview | PBS2012/08/10
    Robin Fryday discusses collaborating with Gail Dolgin and overcoming challenges while filmmaking.
  16. POV - Sin País. Filmmaker Interview | PBS2012/08/10
    Theo Rigby discusses the impact of immigrant policy in the United States, and how his photography background influences his filmmaking aesthetic.
  17. POV - Up Heartbreak Hill. Filmmaker Interview | PBS2012/07/26
    Erica Scharf discusses how she immersed herself in the Navajo community, and how the process of filmmaking was both challenging and rewarding.
  18. POV - The Light in Her Eyes. Filmmaker Interview | PBS2012/07/19
    Julia Meltzer and Laura Nix talk about overcoming assumptions and embracing contradictions while filming The Light in Her Eyes.
  19. POV - Guilty Pleasures. Filmmaker Interview | PBS2012/07/12
    Filmmaker Julie Moggan discusses the stereotypes surrounding romance novels and the importance of treating subjects with affection.
  20. POV - The City Dark. Filmmaker Interview | PBS2012/07/05
    Ian Cheney talks about how making The City Dark was a labor of love, and how he bridges art and activism.
  21. POV - Granito. Filmmaker Interview | PBS2012/06/28
    The filmmakers of Granito: How to Nail a Dictator talk about what it was like to have their film used in a genocide case.
  22. POV - My Reincarnation. Filmmaker Interview | PBS2012/06/28
    Jennifer Fox talks about filming a documentary over the period of 20 years, and the challenges of making spirituality a visual experience.
  23. POV - Where Soldiers Come From . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2011/11/15
    Filmmaker Heather Courtney discusses the logistics of filming in Afghanistan and describes Hancock, Michigan, the community the soldiers in her film call home. (20 minutes)
  24. POV - Last Train Home . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2011/11/15
    Filmmaker Lixin Fan describes the inspiration behind making Last Train Home. He describes the family that is at the center of the film, and the challenges he faced while filming them. (20 minutes)
  25. POV - The Learning . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2011/11/15
    Filmmaker Ramona Diaz sits down with POV to discuss her new film The Learning. Following the live of four Filipina women as they immigrate to teach in the Baltimore public school system, Diaz hopes her film raises questions about the social costs and culture shock experienced by many immigrants. (23 minutes)
  26. POV - If a Tree Falls . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2011/11/15
    Filmmaker Marshall Curry investigated the Earth Liberation Front arsons for his documentary If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front. In this exclusive interview, Curry discusses gaining the trust of his subjects, his filmmaking process, and ethical concerns for documentary filmmakers. (21 minutes)
  27. POV - Better This World . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2011/11/15
    The directors of Better This World sit down with POV to discuss the subjects of their film. They describe FBI informant use in post-9/11 America, the media's role in court cases relating to national security, and the two men who are the focal point of their striking documentary. (15 minutes)
  28. POV - Armadillo . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2011/11/15
    Janus Metz, the filmmaker behind the Danish war documentary 'Armadillo,' talks about filming his documentary on the front lines of the war in Afghanistan. He describes the psychological effects of war on the people who experience it firsthand, and addresses the controversial incident which has garnered plenty of attention for the film. (26 minutes)
  29. POV - Mugabe and the White African . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2011/07/25
    Filmmaker Lucy Bailey talks with Geoffrey Smith about her powerful film Mugabe and the White African. Bailey addresses the risks and dangers of filming in Zimbabwe, as well as ethical concerns for documentary filmmakers. (18 minutes)
  30. POV - Enemies of the People . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2011/07/11
    Geoffrey Smith, director of The English Surgeon (POV 2009) and producer of Presumed Guilty (POV 2010) interviews Rob Lemkin about his film Enemies of the People. (19 minutes)
  31. POV - Sweetgrass . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2011/07/04
    Filmmakers Ilisa Barbash and Lucien Castaing-Taylor talk about why they decided to make Sweetgrass, the danger of grizzly bears and what they hope audiences will get out of their observational style of filmmaking. (15 minutes)
  32. POV - My Perestroika . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2011/06/27
    Filmmaker Robin Hessman talks about what it was like to live in Russia for the majority of the 1990s and why she decided to make My Perestroika. (18 minutes)
  33. POV - Kings of Pastry . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2011/06/20
    Acclaimed filmmakers Chris Hegedus and D A Pennebaker talk about what it was like to film the best French pastry chefs at work, whether they got to eat any of the pastries and the amount of work it takes to create pastry at the MOF level. (16 minutes)
  34. POV - The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2010/09/30
    Filmmakers Judith Ehrlich and Rick Goldsmith talk about the making of "The Most Dangerous Man in America," parallels between the Vietnam War and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the importance of the press and more. (14 minutes)
  35. POV - The Oath . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2010/09/27
    Filmmaker Laura Poitras talks about the making of "The Oath," how she met Abu Jandal, how she handled filming such a complex and slippery character, her views on the American response to 9/11 and much more. (24 minutes)
  36. POV - In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2010/09/27
    Filmmaker Deann Borshay Liem talks about the making of "In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee," being haunted by an identity that was never hers, walking in someone else's shoes and whether the Cha Jung Hee that she finds is the "real" Cha Jung Hee. (8 minutes)
  37. POV - Off and Running . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2010/09/27
    Filmmaker Nicole Opper and producer Sharese Bullock talk about the making of "Off and Running," how they met Avery, how they gained the trust of her family and what advice they would give to potential adoptive parents. (11 minutes)
  38. POV - Wo Ai Ni (I Love You) Mommy . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2010/09/27
    Filmmaker Stephanie Wang-Breal talks about making "Wo Ai Ni (I Love You) Mommy," explains what wo ai ni means, talks about what inspired her to make the film and takes a look back at the difficult moments in Faith's transition. (12 minutes)
  39. POV - The Edge of Dreaming . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2010/09/27
    Filmmaker Amy Hardie talks about the making of "The Edge of Dreaming" and reveals more about her family's reaction to her dream, her shamanic journey and the link between science and art. (9 minutes)
  40. POV - Presumed Guilty . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2010/07/28
    Roberto Hernandez and Layda Negrete, the filmmakers of "Presumed Guilty," explain how they met their subject Tono, what turned them into "lawyers with cameras" and what their hopes are for the Mexican justice system. (12 minutes)
  41. POV - El General . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2010/07/15
    Filmmaker Natalia Almada talks about "El General," her poetic meditation on history, memory and family. The film combines audio recordings of her great grandfather, former Mexican President Plutarco Elias Calles with images of present-day Mexico. (10 minutes)
  42. POV - Good Fortune . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2010/07/12
    Filmmakers Landon Van Soest and Jeremy Landon talks about their film "Good Fortune," a provocative exploration of how massive international efforts to alleviate poverty in Africa may be undermining the very communities they aim to benefit. (9 minutes)
  43. POV - Promised Land . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2010/07/01
    Filmmaker Yoruba Richen talks about "Promised Land," which looks at two black communities trying to reclaim land in South Africa. (10 minutes)
  44. POV - The Beaches of Agnes . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2010/06/24
    Filmmaker Agnes Varda talks about making "The Beaches of Agnes" and what it was like to act in her own film. (9 minutes)
  45. POV - William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe . Filmmaker Interview | PBS2010/06/17
    Filmmakers Emily and Sarah Kunstler talk about making a film about their father, radical attorney William Kunstler. "William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe" airs on POV June 22, 2010. (28 minutes)
  46. POV 2010 Season Preview | PBS2010/06/16
    Preview the 2010 POV season, broadcasting on PBS on Tuesday nights starting 6/22. (5 minutes)
  47. POV - Patti Smith: Dream of Life . Steven Sebring and Patti Smith Interview . Podcast | PBS2010/01/07
    Filmmaker Steven Sebring and Patti Smith talk to music writer Anthony DeCurtis about how they met, their friendship and the 12-year process of making "Patti Smith: Dream of Life." (61 minutes)
  48. POV - The Way We Get By . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2009/11/10
    Filmmaker Aron Gaudet and producer Gita Pullapilly talk about their film, "The Way We Get By," which takes an intimate look at three elderly troop greeters in Maine, one of whom is Gaudet's mother Joan. (8 minutes)
  49. POV - Bronx Princess . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2009/09/22
    Filmmakers Yoni Brook and Musa Syeed talk about their film, "Bronx Princess," which follows Rocky Otoo, the sassy teenage daughter of Ghanaian parents. After Rocky rebels against her mother's rule in the Bronx, she fleds to her father, a chief in Ghana. (5 minutes)
  50. POV - So the Wind Won't Blow It All Away . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2009/09/22
    Filmmaker Annie P. Waldman talks about her short film, "So the Wind Won't Blow It All Away," which tells the story of a determined group of teenagers living alone in New Orleans two years after Hurricane Katrina. (4 minutes)
  51. POV - The Principal Story . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2009/09/15
    Filmmakers Tod Lending and David Mrazek talk about their film, "The Principal Story," which follows two public school principals over the course of a year as they make a difference in the lives of their students. (7 minutes)
  52. POV - The English Surgeon . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2009/09/10
    Filmmaker Geoffrey Smith talks about his film, "The English Surgeon," which follows Dr. Henry Marsh, a neurosurgeon who is committed to relieving suffering and bringing hope to a desperate people in the Ukraine. (8 minutes)
  53. POV - Ella Es El Matador (She is the Matador) . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2009/09/01
    Filmmakers Gemma Cubero and Celeste Carrasco talk about their film, "Ella Es El Matador (She is the Matador)," which follows two female matadors who are gender pioneers due to their passion for bullfighting. (6 minutes)
  54. POV - This Way Up . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2009/08/26
    Filmmaker Georgi Lazarevski talks about his film, "This Way Up," which features the fesity, fascinating residents of a nursing home in the West Bank that has been isolated by the security barrier being constructed by Israel. (8 minutes)
  55. POV - City of Cranes . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2009/08/24
    Filmmaker Eva Weber talks about her short documentary, "City of Cranes," which takes the viewer into the poetic, mesmerizing world of cranes. Watch the entire film online. (4 minutes)
  56. POV - Nutkin's Last Stand . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2009/08/24
    Filmmaker Nicholas Berger talks about his short documentary, "Nutkin's Last Stand," about the battle between the English red squirrel and the North American grey squirrel. Watch the entire film . (5 minutes)
  57. POV - 34x25x36 . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2009/08/24
    Filmmaker Jesse Epstein talks about her short documentary, "34x35x36," which examines issues of body image by heading to a mannequin factory. Watch the entire film online. (4 minutes)
  58. POV - Utopia Part 3: The World's Largest Shopping Mall . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2009/08/24
    Filmmaker Sam Green talks about his short documentary, "Utopia Part 3: The World's Largest Shopping Mall," which takes a look at an empty mall in China. Watch the entire film online. (4 minutes)
  59. POV - Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2009/07/29
    Filmmaker Kim Longinotto talks about the making of "Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go," an unblinking look at Oxford's Mulberry Bush School for emotionally disturbed children. (5 minutes)
  60. POV - The Betrayal (Nerakhoon) . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2009/07/23
    Filmmakers Ellen Kuras and Thavisouk Phrasavath talk about "The Betrayal," their Academy Award-nominated documentary about the Phrasavath family's escape from Laos after the Vietnam War. In America, they find a different kind of war. (5 minutes)
  61. POV - The Reckoning . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2009/07/15
    Filmmakers Pamela Yates, Paco de Onis and Peter Kinoy talk about their film, "The Reckoning: The Battle for the International Criminal Court." The film follows the court as it tries to prosecute the perpetrators of genocide. (8 minutes)
  62. POV - Life. Support. Music. . Filmmaker Eric Daniel Metzgar . Podcast | PBS2009/07/07
    Filmmaker Eric Daniel Metzgar talks about the making of "Life. Support. Music.," which follows guitarist Jason Crigler, who suffers a brain hemorrhage on stage, and his astonishing journey to recovery. (5 minutes)
  63. POV - Beyond Hatred . Filmmaker Olivier Meyrou . Podcast | PBS2009/06/29
    Filmmaker Olivier Meyrou talks about "Beyond Hatred," the story of a family's struggle to seek justice for their murdered son while trying to transcend hatred and the desire for revenge. (5 minutes)
  64. POV - New Muslim Cool . Filmmaker Jennifer Maytorena Taylor . Podcast | PBS2009/06/23
    Filmmaker Jennifer Maytorena Taylor talks about her film, "New Muslim Cool," which follows Puerto Rican-American rapper Hamza Perez, who pulled himself out of street life 12 years ago and became a Muslim. (10 minutes)
  65. POV - Critical Condition . Health Care Reform: Clinton's Defeat, Obama's Hope . Podcast | PBS2009/03/19
    NPR reporter Joanne Silberner talked to Obama adviser Ezekiel Emanuel and Families USA executive director Ron Pollack about why there's hope on the horizon for those who want to improve American health care. (38 minutes)
  66. POV - Soldiers of Conscience . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2008/10/15
    Filmmakers Catherine Ryan and Gary Weimberg talk about "Soldiers of Conscience," which profiles 8 American soldiers, including four who decide not to kill, and four who believe in their duty to kill if necessary. (18 minutes)
  67. POV - Up the Yangtze . Filmmaker Rounndtable . Podcast | PBS2008/10/06
    Filmmakers Yung Chang ("Up the Yangtze"), Ellen Perry ("Great Wall Across the Yangtze") and David Redmon ("Mardi Gras: Made in China") talk about the challenges and rewards of making documentaries in contemporary China. (44 minutes)
  68. POV - Critical Condition . Health Care in the U.S. and Abroad . Podcast | PBS2008/09/30
    WNYC's Political Director Andrea Bernstein interviews Princeton economist Uwe Reinhardt and filmmaker Roger Weisberg about the candidates' health care plans and the economics of health care in the U.S. and abroad. (23 minutes)
  69. POV - In the Family . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2008/09/26
    When Chicago filmmaker Joanna Rudnick tested positive for the "breast cancer gene" at age 27, she knew the information could save her life. Joanna talks about her film, "In the Family," which documents her journey. (23 minutes)
  70. POV - Critical Condition . Health Care Debate . Podcast | PBS2008/09/24
    How would John McCain and Barack Obama reform America's health care system? KCBS reporter Doug Sovern moderated a debate held in Sept 2008 to learn how each candidate would approach this looming issue. (65 minutes)
  71. POV - Critical Condition . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2008/09/15
    "Critical Condition" asks what happens if you fall sick and are one of 47 million people in American without health insurance, and follows four critically ill, uninsured Americans. Filmmaker Roger Weisberg talks to POV. (17 minutes)
  72. POV - Calavera Highway . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2008/09/12
    Renee Tajima-Pena and Evangeline Griego talk about "Calavera Highway," which follows Armando and Carlos Pena, who carry their mother's ashes to Texas in a roadtrip that turns into a quest for answers about their family history. (20 minutes)
  73. POV - Johnny Cash . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2008/08/05
    Filmmaker Robert Elfstrom talks about capturing the Man in Black in his 1969 film, "Johnny Cash: The Man, His World, His Music." (16 minutes)
  74. POV - Campaign . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2008/07/24
    Filmmaker Kazuhiro Soda talks about his film "Campaign," which provides a startling insider's view of Japanese democracy through its portrait of a man plucked from obscurity by the ruling party to run for a critical city council seat. (17 minutes)
  75. POV - The Ballad of Esequiel Hernandez . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2008/07/03
    Filmmaker Kieran Fitzgerald talks about his film, "The Ballad of Esequiel Hernandez," which chronicles the shooting of an American citizen at the U.S./Mexico Border by the U.S. Marines. (19 minutes)
  76. POV - Election Day . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2008/06/25
    "Election Day," shot over the course of November 2, 2004, documents the street-level experience of voters in today's America. Filmmaker Katy Chevigny talks about the process of making the film. (17 minutes)
  77. POV - Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2008/06/20
    In "Traces of the Trade", filmmaker Katrina Browne discovers that her New England ancestors were the largest slave-trading family in U.S. History. Katrina talks about her journey and her film. (19 minutes)
  78. POV - Wrestling with Angels: Playwright Tony Kushner . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2007/12/06
    Filmmaker Freida Lee Mock talks about how she became interested in the subject of her film, "Wrestling with Angels: Playwright Tony Kushner," how she pursued him and why she thinks he is an inspirational figure. (12 minutes)
  79. POV - 49 Up . Filmmaker Interview . Podcast | PBS2007/10/03
    Filmmaker Michael Apted talks about the drama of ordinary life in his film "49 Up," the seventh installment of the Up Series, one of documentary cinema's most remarkable enterprises, and according to Apted, "the most important work" that he's ever done. (34 minutes)
  80. POV - Lumo . A Conversation with Eve Ensler . Podcast | PBS2007/09/18
    Eve Ensler, author of "The Vagina Monologues" talks to journalist Michele Kort of Ms. Magazine about the horrors of sexual violence and its aftermath in the Congo. Podcast released in conjunction with the POV broadcast of the film "Lumo." (16 minutes)
  81. POV - Revolution '67 . New Jersey Historical Society Panel Discussion . Podcast | PBS2007/07/11
    Listen to a special panel of historians and activists discuss the 1967 Newark riots and their aftermath. Recorded at the New Jersey Historical Society's special screening of "Revolution '67." (21 minutes)
  82. POV - My Country, My Country . A Conversation with George Packer . Podcast | PBS2006/10/13
    George Packer, author of "The Assassins' Gate," joins filmmaker Laura Poitras and Maria Hinojosa from PBS's NOW for a special conversation about the war in Iraq and "My Country, My Country," a film about the January 2005 elections in Iraq.
  83. POV - Waging a Living . Barbara Ehrenreich . Podcast | PBS2006/08/29
    In conjunction with the POV broadcast of "Waging a Living" on August 29th, journalist David Brancaccio hosts a special podcast conversation with Barbara Ehrenreich on the state of American workers and wages today.
  84. POV - Waging a Living . Beyond the Living Wage . Podcast | PBS2006/08/29
    In conjunction with the POV broadcast of "Waging a Living" on August 29th, this podcast features Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman talking to experts about the nation-wide struggle for a living wage, and the future of the living wage movement.
  85. POV - Waging a Living . Howard Zinn and Amy Goodman . Podcast | PBS2006/08/25
    In conjunction with the POV broadcast of "Waging a Living" on August 29th, this podcast features historian Howard Zinn talking with Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman about the history of workers' movements in the United States.
  86. POV - Waging a Living . New York City Poverty . Podcast | PBS2006/08/25
    In conjunction with the POV broadcast of "Waging a Living" on August 29th, this podcast features Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman talking with experts about poverty in New York City and the struggle toward a living wage.
  87. POV - Waging a Living . Chicago's Big Box Ordinance . Podcast | PBS2006/08/18
    In conjunction with the broadcast of "Waging a Living", Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman talks with experts about the passage of the Big Box Ordinance in Chicago, which requirs large retailers to pay their workers $10 an hour with $3 in benefits by 2010.
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