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  1. Tomas Young’s War – Mark Wilkerson2016/03/24
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  2. Jen Senko-Brainwashing My Dad2016/03/17
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  3. Ray McGovern – Ukraine Policy on the Tell Somebody Countdown2016/03/10
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  4. David Barsamian-Just Back from Lebanon & on the Phone with Tell Somebody2016/03/03
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  5. Richard Tripp and Friends2016/02/11
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  6. Robert McChesney on the Phone for the Last Pledge Drive with Tell Somebody2016/02/04
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  7. Elizabeth Murray - From CIA to Anti-Nuclear2016/01/21
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  8. Apology to a Whale: Words to Mend a World2016/01/14
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  9. Mel Goodman on Robert White (and More)2016/01/07
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  10. The Ambassador's Daughter-Remembering the Murders2015/12/31
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  11. Delegation to El Salvador2015/12/24
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  12. Lindsay Wise Talks About “Irradiated” 2015/12/17
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  13. Sister Helen's Kansas City Speech2015/11/12
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  14. Dead Man Walking – The Journey Continues in Missouri2015/11/05
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  15. Rocky Flats Cold War Horse2015/10/29
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  16. Ray McGovern on Obama, Putin & Syria2015/10/14
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  17. Economist Richard D. Wolff2015/09/24
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  18. Richard Rhodes on Nagasaki, 70 Years On2015/08/20
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  19. Joe McGovern- The Other Side Documentary2015/08/13
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  20. Richard Rhodes - Remembering Kansas City - Remembering Nagasaki2015/07/30
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  21. Maurice Copeland on Kansas City Plant Cleanup & Help for Sick Workers2015/07/16
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  22. Unsubstantiated, Contradicted, or Non-Existent-Ray McGovern on Iraq Lies2015/05/28
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  23. CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou & Peace Activist Brian Terrell2015/05/21
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  24. Good Jobs and $15 For All Rally and March2015/04/30
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  25. Free Health Clinic in Kansas City2015/04/16
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  26. Former FCC Commissioner Michael Copps2015/04/09
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  27. April 15 Good Jobs & $15 for All March, Tomas Young, The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction, Cont’d.2015/04/02
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  28. Remembering Danny Schechter the News Dissector 2015/03/26
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  29. Anne Frank and Rachel Corrie Anniversaries, Ferguson, MO Stats, plus The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction, Cont’d.2015/03/19
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  30. Todd O’Boyle on Net Neutrality & Helen Caldicott on Nuclear Extinction2015/03/12
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  31. Relentless Reformer-Robyn Muncy’s Biography of Josephine Roche 2015/03/05
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  32. Israel - Palestine – If Americans Knew2015/02/26
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  33. McChesney – Blowing the Roof Off the 21st Century2015/01/29
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  34. Chris Mitchell on Community Broadband2015/01/22
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  35. Stephanie Kelton takes US Senate Post, MLK Birthday, Climate Change Radio2015/01/15
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  36. A Look Back at 2014 on Tell Somebody2015/01/08
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  37. Stephanie Kelton – New Minority Chief Economist for Senate Budget Committee on Angry Birds Approach to Understanding Money, Debt and Deficits 2015/01/01
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  38. Marjorie Cohn – Grand Jury Manipulation, Kelly & Walker on Killer Drones  2014/12/25
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  39. Kathy Kelly’s Conviction & Ray McGovern’s Confrontation2014/12/18
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  40. Body of War-Phil Donahue & Ellen Spiro - $15 & a Union – The Good Germans2014/12/11
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  41. Drones! Marjorie Cohn & Georgia Walker 2014/12/04
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  42. Terrance Wise on Fast Food Workers & Kathy Kelly on Military & Economic Warfare2014/11/27
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  43. Joe McGovern’s Travels with Charlie- Looking for the Other Side2014/11/07
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  44. Maurice Copeland – Kansas City Plant Workers Compensation2014/10/29
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  45. Corporations are not People & Labeling Food is COOL2014/10/23
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  46. David Barsamian in Kansas City and Ray McGovern Thinking of Kansas2014/10/16
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  47. The Blotch on Holder’s Legacy as Attorney General…& the Other Blotch…& the Other Blotch…&…2014/10/02
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  48. The Economy - Does More Government Help or Hurt? 2014/09/25
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  49. Coleen Rowley in Kansas City and What’s Different About Independent Media2014/09/18
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  50. Coleen Rowley on Truth Telling-David Cobb on Senate Citizens United Amendment Vote-2014/09/11
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  51. Jeremy Alderson Protests Fracking, Question for the Energy Secretary, Conde Nast Working for Monsanto?2014/09/04
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  52. New Nuclear Weapons Parts Plant is Dedicated in Kansas City 2014/08/28
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  53. Public Citizen’s Craig Holman on Citizens United Vote, New Climate Change Radio Show, Fracking Update & More2014/08/21
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  54. Palast on the Vulture and Parry on Putin & MH172014/08/14
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  55. Ray McGovern - NSA Illegal Surveillance, Compliant Media, Congressional Overlook2014/07/24
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  56. Ray McGovern on Iraq Then and Now2014/07/17
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  57. Ray McGovern on the New Cold War2014/07/10
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  58. A Conversation with Coleen Rowley2014/07/03
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  59. Net Neutrality 2014 and Media Reform 20032014/06/26
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  60. Green Party Candidate Jill Stein & Council Votes on Food Sharing Ordinance2014/06/19
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  61. Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Kathy Kelly & Protest Against Kansas City Food Sharing Ordinance2014/06/17
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  62. Mary Lindsay & David Cobb on Move To Amend & Supporting KKFI2014/06/05
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  63. Independent Journalist Paul Street on Obama 2014/05/29
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  64. Trifecta Resista & Looking Back on Obama2014/05/22
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  65. John Nichols - Dollarocracy 2014/05/15
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  66. Consumer Advocate Christine Hines on Mandatory Arbitration Clauses 2014/05/01
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  67. Cow Dung, Drones, BS & B2’s: Vandana Shiva, Brian Terrell & Ray McGovern2014/04/24
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  68. David Cobb and Move To Amend Coming to Kansas City2014/04/10
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  69. Vandana Shiva on her upcoming KC trip2014/04/03
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  70. Ray McGovern’s Missouri Tour2014/03/27
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  71. Richard Tripp - 2014 Spring Break for the Homeless2014/03/20
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  72. Matt Wood on Comcast/Time Warner Merger2014/03/06
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  73. KXL & TPP2014/02/27
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  74. McCutcheon v FEC, plus McGovern BOLO, Bannister CAP, & Snowden on Manning2014/02/20
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  75. The Cable Lobby vs Community Broadband2014/02/13
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  76. Dr. Ed Weisbart of PNHP MO on Single Payer Healthcare 2014/01/02
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  77. NSA: No Such Amendment? – Ray McGovern on Edward Snowden, Michael Hayden and More2013/12/26
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  78. Danny Schechter Talks About Madiba: A to Z – The Many Faces of Nelson Mandela2013/12/19
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  79. New Report Calls for Attention to Abrupt Impacts From Climate Change2013/12/12
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  80. Public Citizen’s Peter Maybarduk on TPP Revelations2013/12/05
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  81. Looking Back to 2005- Saving a Little Iraqi Girl’s Eyesight2013/11/28
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  82. Danny Schechter the News Dissector2013/11/24
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  83. Jay Coghlan of NukeWatch.org - Will Feds Wiggle Out of Billion Dollar Cleanup of Nuclear Weapons Site?2013/11/24
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  84. FBI Whistleblower Coleen Rowley Goes to Russia2013/11/07
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  85. Nuke Watch Director Jay Coghlan on Nuclear Weapons Parts Production in Kansas City2013/10/31
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  86. "Money for Nothing" Panel Discussion2013/10/30
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  87. Survival 13 for the Homeless with Richard Tripp & Duane Skjervem2013/10/24
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  88. IPCC Lead Author Michael J. Prather on the AR5 on Climate Change2013/10/17
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  89. Hank van den Berg on the Government Shut-down2013/10/03
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  90. Progress Michigan and Yale Project on Climate Change Communication2013/09/26
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  91. Worse Than Citizens United? McCutcheon v FEC2013/09/19
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  92. Ray McGovern on Syria2013/09/12
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  93. David Barsamian on Syria2013/09/05
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  94. Greg Palast on Larry Summers and the Secret "End-Game" Memo2013/08/29
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  95. CIA Admits 1953 Iran Coup, Chelsea Manning Sentenced to 35 Years, Looming Community Radio Deadline2013/08/22
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  96. Moji Agha: Mossadegh Awareness Tour2013/08/15
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  97. Robert McChesney on Dollarocracy2013/08/08
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  98. Dr. Stephanie Kelton on the State of the US Economy and What to Do About It2013/07/29
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  99. Connecting for Good: Google Fiber & the Digital Divide2013/07/23
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  100. Protestors Arrested at Local Nuclear Weapons Parts Plant.2013/07/16
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  101. Ray McGovern on Sam Adams Award for Edward Snowden & Nathan Fuller on Bradley Manning2013/07/09
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  102. Alicia Dressman on Nuclear LEP's & Disarmament plus Kansas City Plant, Bank of America & bit of Glenn Greenwald2013/07/02
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  103. Coleen Rowley on Whistleblowing and the Edward Snowden Case2013/06/25
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  104. NNSA's Kansas City Plant Disposition (and a little on the NSA)2013/06/18
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  105. Economic Bloggers Coffee House2013/06/17
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  106. Bill Black on Economics, Regulation, Austerity and Community Radio2013/06/11
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  107. Mike Caddell and Radio Free Kansas2013/06/04
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  108. March Against Monsanto2013/05/28
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  109. Devil's Tango - Cecile Pineda on Fukushima2013/05/21
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  110. RALLY for Independence from Corporations!!2013/05/14
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  111. Arun Gupta on Professor David Petraeus & Iraq2013/05/07
  112. Ray McGovern on Independent Media & Understanding the Post 9/11 World2013/04/30
  113. KC-based Inergy Fracking a Finger Lake & Remembering Bob Edgar2013/04/25
  114. #NCMR13 Pt 2 - Bob McChesney Craig Aaron Proj. Censored2013/04/16
  115. Marjorie Cohn, Michael Copps, Bob McChesney, & Craig Aaron at NCMR132013/04/09
  116. Anniversaries - Baghdad, Petrograd, Gaza, Sadr City, Tomas Young & Rachel Corrie2013/03/21
  117. Richard Tripp & Greg Palast2013/03/15
  118. Gershon Baskin on Palestinian-Israeli Peace2013/02/19
  119. Bob McChesney on the Need to Support Independent Media2013/02/12
  120. City Manager Schulte Reneges on Transit Funding Obligation2013/02/05
  121. Kansas City Nuclear Weapons Involvement Ballot Initiative and Former KC Nuke Weapons Worker Willie Jackson.2013/01/29
  122. Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford & Cold War Soldier's Wayne Knox2013/01/22
  123. Economics and Law Professor William Black on Austerity, Greece, and How the Platinum Coin Would Have Worked2013/01/15
  124. Look Back at a Mock Wedding on Second Anniversary of Citizens United as the Third Approaches2013/01/08
  125. Tell Somebody New Years Day 20132013/01/01
  126. Tell Somebody Christmas Edition and Collateral Murder2012/12/25
  127. NNSA Withdraws LOI for KC Nuke Plant Environmental Impact Statement2012/12/22
  128. Ray McGovern on Why Susan Rice Should Not Be Secretary of State2012/12/11
  129. FCC - Good News and Bad News2012/12/04
  130. Josh Stearns on FCC's Big Media Giveaway2012/11/27
  131. Michael Copps on Dark Money, Media and the 2012 Campaign 2012/11/20
  132. Michael Copps on FCC Plans - Richard Tripp on Feeding the Homeless2012/11/13
  133. Amy Goodman on the Road and France Fox Piven2012/10/30
  134. New Report: Bullies at the Ballot Box, plus Remembering George McGovern2012/10/23
  135. The Stamp Mobile Moves to Amend & US Imperialism in Honduras2012/10/16
  136. Greg Palast - Billionaires & Ballot Bandits2012/10/09
  137. Radio Unnameable- Bob Fass and the Rise of Free Expression on the Airwaves2012/10/02
  138. Ramsey Clark, Ann Wright, Kathy Kelly & Bill Quigley against drones and in support of Ron Faust and Brian Terrell2012/09/11
  139. Cooking Alphabet Soup at the Bannister Federal Complex2012/09/04
  140. Problems with Private Contractor for MO Vocational Rehabilitation - Workers Call on IWW2012/08/28
  141. From the Archives - The Last Battle2012/08/21
  142. Town Hall for Sick & Dying KC Nuclear Weapons Plant Workers2012/08/14
  143. Hiroshima/Nagasaki Remembrance & Grass Roots Radio Closing Plenary2012/08/07
  144. Grass Roots Radio Conference 2012- A Taste2012/07/31
  145. Greg Palast on Banksters vs Billionaire Vultures2012/07/27
  146. Veterans for Peace President Leah Bolger2012/07/17
  147. Collaborative Public Media: Free Press' Josh Stearns2012/07/12
  148. Dr. Margaret Flowers on Single Payer & SCOTUS Decision2012/07/06
  149. Broadcast Blues' Sue Wilson 2012/06/26
  150. Bombs vs. Budgets with William Hartung & Mark Hays of Public Citizen on Citizens United2012/06/19
  151. Journalist Robert Parry on Lessons From Wisconsin, Maurice Copeland's Plea & KC City Council on Move to Amend2012/06/12
  152. KC Members of Honduras Delegation Report Their Findings2012/06/05
  153. Right to Heal2012/05/29
  154. PFC LaVena Johnson - Murdered in Iraq2012/05/22
  155. Remarks at Bradley Manning Rally and Howard Zinn on Tell Somebody in 20082012/05/15
  156. Common Cause CEO Bob Edgar on ALEC & persons can be corporations, but individuals can only be real persons?2012/05/08
  157. A Plea for Justice - Maurice Copeland goes to the GSA2012/05/01
  158. Feeding the Homeless In Kansas City2012/04/24
  159. Atty David Lane on Supreme Court & Brian Terrell on US Drone Strikes, Protest, & Empire2012/04/17
  160. Ann Wright & Kathy Kelly on Trifecta Resista plus Corporate FM2012/04/10
  161. Feeding the Homeless, GSA Boss Quits, Trifecta Resista, & Tapping Cheney on the Shoulder2012/04/03
  162. Prometheus' Brandy Doyle on Historic Opportunity for New Community Radio Stations2012/03/27
  163. Burt Madison - B-24 Ball Turret Gunner2012/03/20
  164. Spring Break for the Homeless, International Women's Day & Reproductive Health Care2012/03/13
  165. Ray McGovern on Donald Rumsfeld's Truman Library Prevarications2012/03/06
  166. Rumsfeld Mic-Checked & Kansas City Nuclear Weapons Debate at City Hall2012/02/28
  167. Executive Reorganization Order No. 41-Kansas Advocates Don't Like It - & Col. Ann Wright Q&A2012/02/21
  168. John Nichols: Uprising: How Wisconsin Renewed the Politics of Protest, from Madison to Wall Street2012/02/15
  169. Robert McChesney on why you need to support KKFI2012/02/07
  170. Break Up Bank of America and Citizen Inundated 2012/02/03
  171. SOA Watch, MLK Holiday and Black Box Voting2012/01/17
  172. Independent Media, the Journalism Crisis and the Occupy Movement2012/01/10
  173. David Cobb on Occupy the Courts2012/01/10
  174. Occupy KC Funeral March2012/01/03
  175. A look back at 2011 on Tell Somebody 2011/12/27
  176. Ray McGovern on the NDAA & Kevin Zeese on Bradley Manning hearing2011/12/20
  177. Greg Palast on Vultures' Picnic & Kathy Kelly Speaks in Kansas City2011/12/13
  178. FBI Whistleblower Coleen Rowley - 2008 Interview2011/12/06
  179. Reporter Russ Ptacek on his Investigations Into Sick and Dead Workers at the Bannister Federal Complex2011/11/29
  180. Kivalina- A Climate Change Story, Media Cross-Ownership Rules, & Bradley Manning Press Conference.2011/11/22
  181. Ralph Nader & Bill Moyers Speeches & Richard Tripp on Kansas City Homeless Event2011/11/15
  182. Citizens United v FEC - a Refresher2011/11/08
  183. Voices of Occupy KC - Voices of Occupy Wall Street2011/11/01
  184. Amy Goodman at Occupy KC and Kalle Lasn of Adbusters2011/10/25
  185. The Great Nuclear Debate: Nuclear Weapons-Making in Kansas City2011/10/18
  186. Robert McChesney on the Death & Life of American Journalism2011/10/11
  187. Occupy KC - Occupy Wall Street2011/10/04
  188. David Barsamian - Deported From "World's Largest Democracy"2011/09/27
  189. KKFI's "Educational and Cultural" programs pay off big, Troy Davis Denied Clemency, Classic Amy Goodman2011/09/20
  190. From the Archive - Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Peter Arnett2011/09/13
  191. Sierra Club's Scott Dye on Bannister Federal Complex Avoiding Superfund National Priority List2011/09/06
  192. Kansas City Anti-Nuclear Bomb Initiative & Prometheus Radio Explains LPFM2011/08/30
  193. Grass Roots Radio Conference in Kansas City2011/08/23
  194. Maria Armoudian on the media's role in the fate of the world, and on coming to the GRC2011/08/16
  195. Dr. Lloyd Jeff Dumas - Maximizing Job Creation - An Analysis of Alternatives for the Transformation of the Kansas City Plant2011/08/09
  196. Ray McGovern on "Common Sense: It's the War Economy, Stupid!"2011/08/02
  197. Investigative Journalist Russ Baker on the Bush "Family of Secrets" and More2011/07/27
  198. Brandy Doyle of Prometheus Radio Project2011/07/19
  200. FCM goes to the Free Press Media Conference in Boston2011/06/21
  201. Independent Media & the Journalism Crisis2011/05/24
  202. Friends of Community Media2011/02/05
  203. Citizens United Anniversary, FCC v AT&T, and Honeywell's Anti-Union Stance at Nuclear Weapons Plant2011/01/25
  204. Sue Wilson's Broadcast Blues, The Homelessness Marathon on KKFI, and Nuclear Weapons Plant CAP2011/01/18
  205. Barbara Rice, Maurice Copeland, and Sick Bannister Fed Complex Workers Town Hall2011/01/11
  206. 2010 on Tell Somebody - Part 22011/01/04
  207. 2010 on Tell Somebody - Part 12010/12/28
  208. Ray McGovern - arrested at the White House2010/12/21
  209. Robert Parry of Consortium News talks to Tell Somebody2010/12/14
  210. What We Need to Know - Bill Moyers speaking at 2008 National Media Reform Conference2010/12/07
  211. Survival 10 Homelessness Event - plus Bill Douglas' 2012 The Awakening2010/11/30
  212. Survival 10 - Care of Poor People2010/11/23
  213. David Cobb in Kansas City for the Move To Amend the Constitution2010/11/16
  214. IG Blasts GSA Agency for Misleading Info & Sierra Club on Bannister Federal Complex Polllution2010/11/09
  215. Cold War Soldiers' Donna Hand Explains Nuke Plant Workers Claims2010/11/02
  216. Will the Supreme Court Ban Class Actions? and EEOICPA Town Hall for Nuclear Weapons Plant Workers2010/10/26
  217. Active Duty & Veteran Women's Mini-Retreat & Stand-down, and FBI Harrassment in Minneapolis2010/10/19
  218. Collective Progression, remembering Karen McCarthy, and more Economic Development Corporation2010/10/12
  219. Corporate Community Panel, Faux Supreme Court Justices, and Richard Tripp Helps the Homeless2010/10/05
  220. KKFI Pledge Edition- Coleen Rowley on FBI Raids/Robert Parry on Journalism2010/09/28
  221. Corporate Personhood-Style Non-Disclosure2010/09/21
  222. Tell Somebody goes to a nuclear weapons plant groundbreaking ceremony2010/09/14
  223. David Barsamian of Alternative Radio2010/09/07
  224. FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley on Wikileaks & whistleblowing - plus Father Joseph Phillipe on Haiti2010/08/31
  225. Sick and dying Kansas City WMD Plant and GSA workers - public meeting and Jason Klumb interview2010/08/24
  226. Target Kansas City-nuclear weapons protestors from across the country join Kansas Citians at new nuke plant site2010/08/17
  227. Josh Silver on the end of the internet as we know it, and a move to amend2010/08/10
  228. The March of the Monahans to Overturn Corporate Personhood2010/08/03
  229. Ray McGovern returns, and Michelle Obama addresses the NAACP Convention2010/07/29
  230. Maurice Copeland and Ann Suellentrop on the Kansas City Nuclear Weapons Plant2010/07/20
  231. The Death of Innocents - Sister Helen Prejean2010/07/06
  232. Jay Coghlan on Kansas City and the Nuclear Weapons Complex2010/06/29
  233. Helen Caldicott on Nuclear Weapons and the Kansas City Plant2010/06/23
  234. Jason Klumb - Regional Administrator, General Services Administration2010/06/16
  235. Exposed to radioactive promethium - Ivory Mae Thomas2010/06/01
  236. Dr. Helen Caldicott - Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Power, & Kansas City2010/05/25
  237. Free Press' Tim Karr - FCC's Ominous Intentions?2010/05/18
  238. Coleen Rowley, Ray McGovern, Mignon Clyburn2010/05/11
  239. Antonia Juhasz - The Tyranny of Oil2010/05/10
  240. Puppy Mills, Oil Spills, & the Prince Who Crawled From the Sewer2010/05/05
  241. Sick and Dead Workers from Toxic Exposure at Kansas City Plant - Wayne Knox2010/04/27
  242. Kansas City & Nuclear Weapons Policy - Alicia Dressman2010/04/20
  243. Public Citizen- Supreme Court on Binding Arbitration -& Spring Break for Homeless2010/04/06
  244. Healthcare Legislation - A Step in the Right Direction?2010/03/30
  245. Lewis Diuguid, Kansas City Star editorial board member, on the state of journalism2010/03/23
  246. Care of Poor People Spring Break and DART House Nightmare2010/03/16
  247. John Nichols - Betting on our Better Angels2010/03/09
  248. Robert McChesney on Saving Journalism2010/02/16
  249. The Bob & Ray Show2010/02/09
  250. Remembering Howard Zinn & Payday Loan Reform Proposed2010/02/03
  251. David Barsamian-back from Nepal & India plus SCOTUS activism and unilateral foolishness2010/01/28
  252. Web Exclusive - Public Citizen Phone Press Conference on Supreme Court Decision2010/01/21
  253. Richard Tripp On Homelessness, David Pakman on MA Senate Race, Kansas City WMD Plant 2010/01/19
  254. Nukewatch Director Jay Coghlan2010/01/13
  255. Breaking the Silence in KCK, & News From Iran2010/01/06
  256. Tell Somebody Looks Back at 20092009/12/29
  257. Prof. Marjorie Cohn on Iraq Pregnancy Policy-Gregg Lombardi on Renters Foreclosure Evictions2009/12/23
  258. Will the Supreme Court Sell Out Democracy + KC WMD Plant Town Hall2009/12/15
  259. Big River/King Corn producer Curt Ellis plus classic Bill Moyers2009/12/08
  260. King Corn interview with Curt Ellis from 20082009/12/07
  261. Iraq Vet Tomas Young & Dnow's Denis Moynihan2009/12/02
  262. Richard Tripp on Survival 09 & Ray McGovern on KSM NY Trial & Afghanistan2009/11/24
  263. Kansas City WMD Plant Advances Through PIEA - City Council Next2009/11/17
  264. 1937, Pullman Porters-Up From the Rails, Weapons of Mass Destruction2009/11/10
  265. Peace in the Middle East & The Good Soldier2009/11/03
  266. Worshipping the Myths of World War II2009/11/02
  267. Native Spirit Radio's Rhonda LeValdo2009/10/28
  268. DART House Nightmare on Every Woman Show2009/10/27
  269. Crosby Kemper - Out of Control Tax Abatement2009/10/20
  270. PSR co-founder Dr. Victor Sidel & Ed Asner2009/10/13
  271. Waterboard Torture Memo, Nuke Proposition One, & The Recipe for Self-Destruction2009/10/06
  272. Andrew "I Am Not A War Criminal" Card, Swiftboating The Bill of Rights, & Other Breathless Accounts of Things That Aren't True 2009/09/29
  273. Broadcast Blues film maker Sue Wilson2009/09/22
  274. David Swanson - Undoing the Imperial Presidency, Mad As Hell Doctors & Mary Lindsay's TIF Delay2009/09/15
  275. The Future of Journalism - Glenn Beck or Bill Moyers?2009/09/08
  276. Contagious Love Experiment, Senators Hide in Children's Hospital, & the Real Death Panels2009/09/02
  277. Honduras, KC Tax Abatement, & Healthcare Town Hall Mtg2009/08/26
  278. Sen. Claire McCaskill (D, MO) Healthcare Townhall Meeting2009/08/25
  279. Ray McGovern - Why Are Downing St. Memos Still Important (and how single payer saved his life twice)2009/08/18
  280. Need Long Term Care Info? Kansas Advocates Can Help2009/08/11
  281. Dr. Margaret Flowers on Single-Payer Healthcare & KC WMD Mercury Dump2009/08/04
  282. U.S.M.C. SSgt. Bryce Lockwood - U.S.S. Liberty - June, 1967. 2009/07/30
  283. Attack on the Liberty2009/07/28
  284. FAIR on media mis-coverage of healthcare reform, & more on KC WMD2009/07/21
  285. David Barsamian 2009/07/15
  286. Nilufar Movahedi & 'Pedestrian' on Iran election2009/07/07
  287. Who Sits at the Health-Reform Table?2009/06/30
  288. Local Single Payer Healthcare Action & Kansas City WMD Gets Rubberstamped Again2009/06/24
  289. National Broadband Policy & Remembering a Courageous House Vote2009/06/16
  290. 62% of Personal Bankruptcies Related to Medical Bills - Single Payer is the Only Cure2009/06/09
  291. Antonia Juhasz on 'Chevwrong' and Jennifer L Pozner on the terrorists who aren't in the news2009/06/02
  292. Ray McGovern on torture, Colin Powell and Dick Cheney2009/05/27
  293. Free Press' Craig Aaron and FCC's Michael Copps on Changing Media2009/05/25
  294. Julia's Voice on Mothers Day, and exclusive Ra'ed Jarrar interview2009/05/06
  295. Craig & Cindy Corrie, Tent State UMKC, Nukes, & Russian Revolution Part VII2009/04/15
  296. Prof. Robert McChesney On Saving Journalism2009/04/07
  297. Democracy Now's Amy Goodman & Russian Revolution Part VI2009/03/31
  298. Critical Condition - U.S. Healthcare2009/03/24
  299. I Want My Democracy Now, a musical interlude2009/03/22
  300. Vandana Shiva - Soil, Not Oil2009/03/18
  301. Breaking Bread, Local Media Activism, and Russian Revolution Pt. 32009/03/11
  302. The Rachel Corrie Story, and Eyewitness to Revolution, pt. 22009/03/04
  303. Eyewitness to Russian Revolution, Nuclear Disarmament, FCC2009/02/24
  304. Native American Journalism & Homelessness Marathon2009/02/18
  305. R. Crosby Kemper III and the KCMO Library System2009/02/10
  306. WWII radio story, KKFI history,Guantanamo lawyer2009/02/03
  307. Ludlow Massacre, FCC, & Single Payer Healthcare2009/01/27
  308. Mohammed Atwa on Gaza2009/01/21
  309. Ray McGovern Discusses Gaza Crisis2009/01/14
  310. Retired CIA Analyst Ray McGovern on Leon Panetta as nominee to head CIA2009/01/07
  311. Intel Veteran Ray McGovern on Leon Panetta as CIA Chief2009/01/06
  312. Judy Ancel on Employee Free Choice & ex CIA Analyst Ray McGovern on Torture2008/12/12
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