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60 Second Idea to Improve the World

  1. Give up shoes and go barefoot2016/02/29
    Antony Gormley instructs us all to give up shoes and go barefoot. At a time of global warming, with naked feet you can actually feel it. He has gone barefoot for a year and says that if you dispense with shoes you can appreciate distinctions and negotiate your environment in a totally different way.

    Photo: Footprints in sand (BBC)
  2. Fast for one day a week!2016/02/29
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  3. Women to talk first2016/02/29
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  4. Replace schoolbooks with objects2016/02/29
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  5. Turn off the lights2016/02/29
    There should be one day a year when everyone switches off all lights on earth to create complete darkness, suggests astronomer Anna Frebel. This would allow us to marvel at the wonder of the universe, appreciate the stars and the full splendour of the Milky Way.

    Illustration: Shan Pillay
  6. Sleep Vertically!2016/02/26
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