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Good People Better Rise Up! Podcasts

  1. Turkey Tailfeathers (Funky Breaks)2015/11/26
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  2. Candybox of Pretty Views (Downtempo)2015/11/22
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  3. The Deep End of the Sky2015/11/19
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  4. Advice From A Caterpillar (Downtempo)2015/11/15
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  5. Reunion (Progressive House)2015/10/30
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  6. Live Like You Are Falling Down (Progressive)2015/07/17
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  7. Dreaming of Undelivered Justice (Drum & Bass)2014/12/06
    This one take a much darker direction than the last few sessions, and
    includes tracks from Ed Rush, Krot, Tantrum Desire, Taku, DJ Samurai, Blu
    Mar Ten, and others.
  8. Dreaming of Times Forgotten (Drum & Bass)2014/11/28
    As promised, the third in a series of four drum + bass podcasts. This
    episode heads back in the proggy direction, and includes tracks from LM1,
    Blue Motion, Technimatic, Kove, Blu Mar Ten, and others.
  9. Dreaming of Sand and Sun (Drum & Bass)2014/11/21
    A bit of a different take on drum + bass from me this time, with loads of
    different influences from the Caribbean and Latin America. Must be the
    change in the weather!
  10. Dreaming Of Big Skies (Drum & Bass)2014/11/11
    A new and extremely proggy drum+bass podcast for you this time
    out. Includes tracks from Technimatic, LM1, Blue Motion, Seba, Metrik,
    Queensway, Kove, Nelver, and more...
  11. From the Vaults: Dagobah2014/10/31
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  12. From The Vaults: Tatooine (Ambient)2014/07/31
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  13. Looking For My Older Podcast Episodes?2014/07/19

    When I migrated my site to this new space, I only brought along the 10 latest podcast episodes. An additional 50+ episodes dating all the way back to 2007 can still be found at my old blog .
  14. El Cap (Progressive)2014/06/13
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  15. Glacier Point (Progressive)2014/06/13
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  16. Mariposa Grove (Progressive)2014/06/13
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  17. Alpine Touring (Drum + Bass)2014/01/03
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  18. Bring It On Back (Breaks)2013/12/23
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  19. Cow Bombie (Progressive Breaks)2013/06/03
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  20. My Version of House (Progressive House)2013/05/27
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  21. Beyond the Technicolor Rainbow (Soundtracks & Scores)2013/05/10
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  22. The Art of the Open, The KQ'ed Edition (Tech / Progressive House)2013/04/26
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Good People Better Rise Up! - Alex Whalen
Good People Better Rise Up! is a podcast from Alex Whalen, a 20+ year veteran of the dance music industry who has rocked dancefloors across the Americas and Europe. Over his career, Alex has, among other things: held down residencies with legendary clubs like DC’s Buzz, SF’s Spundae, and Boston’s Avalon; managed Deep Dish's Yoshitoshi Shop and Yoshitoshi.com; appeared on numerous syndicated dance music radio shows, including John Digweed's show in the UK and Thump Radio here in the US; toured extensively with his long-time studio mate Dave Ralph, and, well... you get the idea. Having taken a break from the scene in 2008 so that he could complete a PhD in political science (and how many DJs do you know that could say that?), Alex is back in 2014 with a new energy, adding drum + bass to an arsenal that already included an impressive array of both current and future downtempo, progressive house, and techno classics. Look for new shows roughly every two weeks featuring whatever tracks happen to be grabbing his attention at the moment. For more info, check out alexwhalen.com. See you on the dancefloor!

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