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  1. Don’t Worry2018/06/24
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  2. Hidden Gems in Scripture2018/06/03

    66 Books but one unified message. The Bible is not a random collection of myths but a skillfully designed message from our Creator. This sermon will take you through just one of many gems that will strengthen your confidence in God’s Word.

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  3. Mission Reports2018/05/28

    Listen as we share a couple of updates from some recent mission activity.

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  4. Nuggets of Truth2018/05/21

    Listen as Moose Keller shares some nuggets of truth from his many years of walking with the Lord.

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  5. Waiting on the Lord: A Mother’s Story2018/05/13

    Hannah was barren for many years until God heard her cry out to Him. He answered her prayers, and Hannah gave birth to one of the greatest prophets Israel ever had. Like Hannah, we should pray without ceasing with confidence that He will hear our prayers.

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  6. The Two Greatest Commandments2018/05/06
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  7. Our Redeeming God and His New Covenant2018/04/29

    Starting with the fall of Adam and Eve, we see clearly the sobering consequences of sin. To know the truth is to know that our God is unchanging about sin. He is holy and righteous, and our sins cannot be overlooked. But God has provided a way for us to be saved from our sins. […]

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  8. Our Faithful God of Covenants2018/04/22
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  9. Our Unchanging God of Righteousness2018/04/15

    In order to understand our need of freedom from sin, we must first understand our God. Many know He is a God of love, but He is also a God of righteousness, and our knowledge of these two qualities must be kept in balance. Listen as we take a look at what Scripture tells us […]

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  10. The Resurrection Changes Everything2018/04/01
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  11. The Body of Christ2018/03/25
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  12. What Happens When the Church Prays?2018/03/18
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  13. Are You Winning the Spiritual Battle?2018/03/11
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  14. Are You a Debt Collector?2018/03/04
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  15. Are You Really Depending on God?2018/02/25
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  16. Is God’s Will Your Will?2018/02/18

    The next time you see a toddler throwing a tantrum because he doesn’t want to obey his parents, just remember that we all come into the world demanding our own way. None of us really want to submit to anyone else. We sometimes even try to get God to agree to our plans rather than […]

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  17. Our God of Restoration2018/02/11
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  18. Whose Kingdom Are You Building?2018/02/04
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  19. Do You Know Who You’re Talking To?2018/01/28

    How do you come to God in prayer? Do you see Him as a distant being who probably has little or no personal interest in you, or perhaps as a stern boss you are reluctant to approach? The opening line of the Lord’s Prayer teaches us the correct view we must have of God. He […]

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  20. Living in View of God’s Love2018/01/14

    Life is short and the world is filled with trouble as a result of man’s sin, and we all feel the impact of that. Is there somewhere we can turn to find true, lasting love and satisfaction that can actually make us rejoice and be glad regardless of what is going on around us? The […]

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  21. Living in View of Eternity2018/01/07

    The Bible tells us repeatedly that our lives are very short, and it urges us to live out our brief days wisely. In view of that reality, the looming question is, what are we doing to guarantee that our time on this earth will matter for all eternity? We begin this new year by looking […]

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  22. The Thorns of Life2017/12/31

    God gave Paul a thorn in the flesh to keep him humble and to teach him valuable truths that he would never otherwise have learned. When Paul accepted this hardship, God used it in powerful ways. God also allows trials to come into our lives to stretch our faith, to deepen our love for Him, […]

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  23. How Christmas Changes Your Future2017/12/17
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  24. How Christmas Changes Your Present2017/12/10
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  25. How Christmas Changes Your Past2017/12/03
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  26. Giving Thanks for God’s Goodness2017/11/26
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  27. Life Goes On…2017/11/12
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  28. Remembering God’s Deliverance2017/11/05

    We humans are very good at forgetting things, and the more time that passes, the easier it is for old memories to fade away. This is why God told His people constantly to stop and remember what He had done for them, and to pass those memories on to future generations. When is the last […]

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  29. When God Turns the Tables2017/10/29

    On the very day that Haman had planned the destruction of the Jews, the tables were turned and the Jews gained victory over their enemies. In much the same way, Satan plotted and planned the destruction of the Son of God, and all hell celebrated when He hung dying on the cross. But on that […]

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  30. The Joy That Only God Can Bring2017/10/22
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