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  1. MER 9-3-14: Gaming Top Tens2014/09/03
    New episode of MER where Zach is joined by friend Justin to discuss whats on their mind in the video game world and guess VG Chartz top tens from last week. Direct DownloadiTunes SubscriptionRSS Subscription Discussion Topics -EA Access -Digital Media Woes -Quake Live -VG Chartz Top Ten Guesses
  2. MER 8-15-14: Pride, Paul George, Pacers2014/08/15
    With the recent injury to Pacers star and All-NBA player Paul George Zach talks with his friend Cameron on how to deal with the devastating news and the ending of the season before it began. Direct DownloadiTunes SubscriptionRSS Subscription Discussion Topics -Paul George Injury -How do the Pacers Recover -Hibbert?http://moseisleyradio.com/?p=2334&preview=true Email us: moseisleyradio@gmail.com
  3. MER 7-30-14: Xbox One + EA = Win?2014/08/01
    Recently Zach purchased an Xbox One as his console of choice for next gen. He has his friend (and cousin) on who heavily influenced his decision. They discuss the latest EA and Xbox One news and conclude by picking the best 3 co-op titles for the console releasing this fall. Direct DownloadiTunes SubscriptionRSS Subscription Discussion […]
  4. MER 7-18-14: Star Wars LCG2014/07/18
    Zach discusses Star Wars: LCG with Jarrett McBride of Top Tier Gaming getting caught up on what he has missed in the past year. Top Tier Gaming is also hosting a tournament during GenCon. More info can be found here. Direct DownloadiTunes SubscriptionRSS Subscription Discussion Topics -Jarrett from Top Tier Gaming joins us to discuss […]
  5. MER 7-14-14: Next Gen Grinds Our Gears2014/07/15
    MER is back! After taking a month to move Zach is back with a new episode. Justin returns to discuss next gen gaming concerns and we guess this weeks VG Chartz top tens. Direct DownloadiTunes SubscriptionRSS Subscription Discussion Topics – Cloud saving and funky animations – Shovel Knight – Adventure Gaming Comeback – Guess Top […]
  6. MER 6-13-14: E3 Recap2014/06/13
    Zach is joined by his friend Justin Lowe (creator of Darth Hater) and they recap E3, Star Citizen and sales. Direct DownloadiTunes SubscriptionRSS Subscription Discussion Topics – E3 Recap – Star Citizen – Video Game Sales
  7. MER Episode 100: The Only Part2014/05/22
    Well, this is it! Not as grand and ostentatious as I would have liked, but it’s here! The guys still cover the latest news on the Star Wars gaming scene, but as you have probably already noticed, the times they are a-changing. Stick around, though. Good times will be had by all. Direct DownloadiTunes SubscriptionRSS […]
  8. MER: 5-20-14 Revamp2014/05/21
    Hello fellow podcast listeners! This is a special episode of MER showing off some upcoming changes to the show. Zach (MER Creator and former host) returns have a two year hiatus with the website. In this episode he discuss some of the changes with the website which are about to take place and gives you […]
  9. MER Episode 99: Podcasters of Adumar2014/03/31
    Slowly, but surely, we are nearing the 100th episode of MER! This episode catches up with all the news on SWTOR’s next expansion, lots of X-Wing minis news, some Age of Rebellion discussion, and we take time to remember one of our favorite authors who we lost last month. Direct DownloadiTunes SubscriptionRSS Subscription Discussion Topics […]
  10. MER Episode 98: Careful, Spoilers2014/01/27
    Looks like we did come in at about three months, after all… Leo and Evan are back yet again after surviving months of recording difficulties involving work, holidays, and the end of times in snow form. Not much game news, but the Disney era of Star Wars continues to evolve as they look at the […]
  11. MER Episode 97: Back From Hibernation2013/10/23
    After months in carbonite, Evan and Leo thaw out just in time to bring you their thoughts on SWTOR’s upcoming PvP Space Combat, Wave 3 of the X-Wing minis, new decks for the LCG, and even touch on the Age of Rebellion RPG. You’ll find all that and more in this long-overdue return to your […]
  12. MER Episode 96: Livin’ On The Edge (Of The Empire)2013/07/17
    Leo and Evan bounce right back after some technical difficulties to discuss more Star Wars gaming news than you can imagine! New SWTOR news, Living Card Game news, and a quick review of the newly released Edge of the Empire role-playing game! Discuss all these topics and more over at our forums! Make some friends, […]
  13. MER Episode 95: A Boring Conversation Anyway2013/07/05
    We’re not dead yet! We’re still alive and we have a surprising large amount of Star Wars to discuss with you, including new SWTOR and Living Card Game developments. Unfortunately, technical difficulties (which have been solved!) got in the way, but that just means another episode won’t be far behind. If you want to get […]
  14. MER Episode 94: Keep Calm and Fly Casual2013/05/20
    As promised, Leo and Evan make a quick return to bring you the big news coming out of the Star Wars Game Experience: X-Wing wave 3! Before they break down what’s known and speculate on what’s not on the new ships, they address specific concerns over EA, SWTOR, and the future of Star Wars videogames. […]
  15. MER Episode 93: Lookin’ For Luke2013/05/12
    Following their adventure at C2E2, Leo and Evan return to share all the Star Wars gaming news of the past several weeks, and there was a LOT! EA gets Star Wars, the Hutt Cartel settles in, the Force Packs keep coming… Oh, yeah, and there are new X-Wing minis, too! You know, the only way […]
  16. MER Episode 92: Return of the Jedi2013/04/20
    And what can this be?! Is this… possible?! Why, yes, it IS a new episode of MER! The guys make some excuses for their long absence, then continue to prattle on about SWTOR news, take a look at the first LCG Force Pack, and share some X-Wing Miniatures stories, including one who is a regional […]
  17. MER Episode 91: SUPER VII2013/02/01
    Another huge event in the continually evolving story of Episode VII! This was recorded just as the rumors had broken, but before the official announcement of J.J. Abrams (Alias, Fringe, Super 8) taking the helm for the first of the new trilogy of Star Wars sequels. But Leo and Evan still make time for Edge […]
  18. MER Episode 90: Back To School Special2013/01/09
    After a nice long holiday break, class is back in session! Yes, with the slow news week, we decided it was time for Ossus Academy to return and actually make its debut as a segment here on MER. Leo schools us on the various named pilots you’ll find in the X-Wing miniatures game, but we […]
  19. MER Episode 89: Twelve Parsecs Or Less2012/12/27
    Happy Life Day! Sure we may have missed Christmas by a day, but if I’m not too mistaken Wookiee Life Day is December 26th! Yeah, I just made that up… To repay your patience, we have a great new MER for you, full of SWTOR news, some LCG news, and a whole lot of the […]
  20. MER Episode 88: So Long And Thanks For All The Coins2012/12/07
    After finally awakening from their turkey-induced comas, Leo and Evan return with all the gaming news and commentary you didn’t even realize you’d been missing! Of course, the biggest news since last episode was the launch of The Old Republic’s free-to-play model and the community’s reaction to it. Also, Leo will enthrall the listeners with […]
  21. MER Episode 87: A Great Disturbance In The Force2012/11/09
    Last week the MER crew assembled for an emergency session to discuss the dramatic events surrounding the acquisition of Lucasfilm Ltd. by the Disney Corporation. Evan will act as your moderator and referee as JD, Zach, and Leo go back and forth on the last thirty years, last week’s announcement, and the future of our […]
  22. MER Episode 86: Speeders, Lasers, Armor Sets2012/10/29
    The MER crew is finally back for more action this week and they definitely came back with plenty to talk about! Leo and Evan welcome back Scott, aka, Tassadar, to give us his thoughts on the recently released Terror From Beyond Operation. They also catch you up on the changes made in the last three […]
  23. MER Episode 85: Mass Affections2012/10/10
    We certainly hope you’re in the mood for a long nearly all-SWTOR episode, ’cause that’s what this 2-hour monster turned out to be! Leo and Evan welcome back JD for more of JD’s Crafting Corner and he brings us the nuts n’ bolts on how companion affection aids your crafting. Even with all the crafting […]
  24. MER Episode 84: Everyone in the Dice Pool2012/09/26
    The delay on getting this episode out really couldn’t be helped, but it is ironic to note that some obligations got in the way because Obligation is one of the most unique features of the new Fantasy Flight RPG Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. Leo and Evan take you on a walk-through of the […]
  25. MER Episode 83: My Life For Alderaan2012/09/10
    Leo and Evan return to bring you the latest and greatest Star Wars book, TV, and gaming news, including the Living Card Game and updated info on the Edge of the Empire RPG beta! Also, they’re happy to bring you a new segment featuring another guest contributor from the MER forums: Scott, aka, Tassedar! He’ll […]
  26. MER Episode 82: Weekend Errata2012/08/30
    First off, apologies to the listeners. This episode was recorded a week prior to publishing, but events prevented the editing from getting done. However, the conversation is great, the topics are timely, and we can almost guarantee you will enjoy this episode! If you’re excited for Fantasy Flight’s new tabletop Star Wars games, this ep […]
  27. MER Episode 81: Arts & Crafts2012/08/20
    We are back with another great episode filled with enough news to fill a space freighter! Aside from the news, we’ve got a special new segment on the fine art of crafting in SWTOR, with lessons being given by long-time friend of the show JD. Leo, Evan, and JD then spend the rest of the […]
  28. MER Episode 80: A New Hope2012/08/05
    Welcome back everyone to the first mostly new, relatively different episode of MER! At first, Leo and Evan weren’t sure what big news to talk about, but BioWare certainly delivered. The hosts tackle the big elephant in the room that landed last Tuesday, but they also have the latest news from the rest of the […]
  29. MER Episode 79: All Good Things…2012/07/20
    I wasn’t sure which season/series finale title would be most appropriate for this episode, but I think this one works. As you may have heard or read by now, this episode marks the final Mos Eisley Radio episode to be hosted by the last remaining founder, Zach Brown. Also, the master of the MER guild […]
  30. MER Episode 78: Casting Call2012/05/16
    Zach and Evan take a break from news and pontification, and are joined by JD and Sunny to have some fun. A long time ago, Zach and Brooks had an episode in which our heroes re-casted the entire Star Wars saga. It was another one of those episodes that had listeners yelling at their iPods […]
  31. MER Episode 77: The Numbers Games2012/05/09
    Now that we’re past that most “wonderful” part of the school year, the crew is back and ready to give their two credits on the hottest topics. Of course, the biggest news right now is the population drop. Does it matter? What does it mean for the future? Will some servers be sacrificed?! This episode […]
  32. MER Episode 76: DEV 1.22012/04/19
    On this special episode, Zach sits down for a post-1.2 chat with BioWar Austin’s former Lead Writer and now Lead Game Designer, Daniel Erickson. Zach had the chance to dig a little deeper into the elements of Game Update 1.2 along with the design philosophy behind the Legacy system and what we can look forward […]
  33. MER Episode 75: Twice The Texas2012/04/10
    After a little break, the team is back in action and the boys are graced by the presence of Corellian Run Radio’s own Carla! The panel spends plenty of time on the big topics coming out of PAX East, including the much-tweeted release date of Game Update 1.2. They also share some Stories from the […]
  34. Companion Madness2012/03/29
    Welcome to the third annual March Madness tournament for Star Wars: The Old Republic! If you’re new to MER, you should feel free to go back and listen to the last two years’ editions of this special event, wherein the hosts matched up classic Star Wars characters to each of SWTOR’s Classes and debated the […]
  35. MER Episode 74: Countdown To Legacy2012/03/28
    The other title of this ep was going to be “The AlanOssusDinerRadio-Cast” because we have a jam-packed episode of fun with Sunny Ravencourt, Guild Master Alan, Evan of Ossus, and fearless leader Zach. The gang hits everything from what they’ve been up to in game, more videos on the upcoming Legacy Patch 1.2, and spend […]
  36. MER Episode 73: Guild Summit Recap2012/03/11
    Welcome to another episode of MER and we have quite the special one for you this week. Alan joins us fresh off his trip from Austin where he attended the most recent Bioware Guild Summit. We are also once again joined by friend of the show JD as we recap on all the latest information […]
  37. MER Episode 72: PvP Madness2012/03/04
    Do you like SWTOR? Do you like PVP? Do you like Sunny’s Diner and Darth Hater? If you said yes to any combination of the three you will enjoy this episode. Sunny of Sunny’s Diner and Justin of Darth Hater join us in this episode as we discuss what we love and loath of the […]
  38. MER Episode 71: So Long And Thanks For All The Sith2012/02/23
    It’s a full house on this episode as Alan and Leo join Zach and Evan to wrangle all the past week’s SWTOR info. Another Q&A session from BioWare delivers confirmation on some highly requested additions, the crew shares game stories from the last week of play, then tackle more listener questions. Also, MER wants to […]
  39. MER Episode 70: Gang’s Back Together2012/02/15
    At long last, the MER crew has re-assembled and they certainly have a lot to talk about. They start with personal stories from the game, cover some recent tweeks, dissect the BioWare Q&A session from last weekend, and wrap up with a new segment. Also, the crew tackles some interesting listener questions. As always, thank […]
  40. MER Episode 69: Fresh Perspective2012/02/09
    MER is back and we have a unique episode in store for you. Zach is joined once again by one of his best friends JD (last appeared in episode 15). JD recently started playing SWTOR and this is his first MMO experience. They sit down and talk about what its like to play the game […]
  41. MER Episode 68: Voice of Vette2012/01/31
    In this episode of MER, we are excited to introduce a special guest joining us from sunny California for a time of Q&A. The wonderful & talented Catherine Taber was kind enough to come on our show & explain what it was like to be a part of the recording process of Star Wars: The […]
  42. MER Episode 67: State Of SWTOR2012/01/25
    In this episode Zach is joined by Carla of Corellian Run Radio, Larry of Massively and Dover of Darth Hater. The four of us look at SWTOR in it’s current state and discuss what we like and dislike about it. Want to give us your thoughts? Jump over to our forums and join in on […]
  43. MER Episode 66: Execute2012/01/18
    Don’t worry, all you Jedi Knights and Consulars: the Troopers won’t attack you, but that does not make this episode any less exciting! SWTOR gets its first major content update with patch 1.1, “Rise of the Rakghouls.” Alan, Evan, and Zach tackle all the tweaks and changes the game will see once the patch hits […]
  44. MER Episode 65: The Flashpoint2012/01/11
    We may call them Flashpoints these days, but we’ll always remember our first instance. With that, MER welcomes back, after a too-long absence, Mr. Scott Johnson of Frog Pants Studios, host of The Instance: TOR Edition! Scott and the crew share some of their stories from playing SWTOR over the past several weeks, they tackle […]
  45. MER Episode 64: See Your Recruiter2012/01/04
    With SWTOR in full swing, we are joined by Bill from Ask A Jedi to discuss the latest post-launch updates. Is Bioware working on a Mac compatible version? What other platforms are they considering? How is the latest patch affecting your income? What changes might we see forthcoming in the current test server’s 1.0.2 patch? […]
  46. MER Episode 63: Fully Armed and Operational2011/12/28
    The first official week of The Old Republic is in the books and the MER crew has gathered to see how it’s going and look ahead to upcoming patches. Besides the recent patch 1.0.1, they also take a look at James Ohlen’s developer preview of the first big patch of 2012. Alan, Leo, Zach, and […]
  47. MER Episode 62: Twas The Night Before Launch2011/12/20
    Happy SWTOR launch eve! With the servers down in preparation for the big day, MER was still at work, taking a look at the past week’s Early Game Access and mulling over what changes the community is likely to see after the hard launch. Zach, Alan, and Evan welcome back the long-absent Dover of Darth […]
  48. MER Episode 61: Almost There…2011/12/13
    Remember what Old Republic news and the community were like a year ago? The times have certainly changed! With Early Access about to launch, Zach, Alan, and Evan sit down to take a look back at all the developments from December 2010 till today. Before they get to that, however, the crew tackle the details […]
  49. MER Community Discussion 1: Showing Grace2011/12/10
    Community Discussions are back! One of the things that makes MER so special is the awesome group of listeners that is apart of our community. We want you guys to be a part of our podcast. After listening to this weeks community discussion topic head over to our forums and join in on the conversation. […]
  50. MER Episode 60: Revan Reborn2011/12/06
    It’s a big one, folks! Sunny and Alan join Zach, Leo, and Evan to quickly go over the last week’s news and then tackle the recently released Old Republic novel Revan by Drew Karpyshyn, author of the Darth Bane Trilogy. Included is the final recap of the original Knights of the Old Republic video game, […]
  51. MER Episode 59.5: Digital Revan Giveaway2011/12/04
    Since we are about to have our discussion / review or the recent SWTOR Novel “Revan” we are having a little contest. We want to give away a digital copy of Revan through iTunes. Listen to this very short podcast to figure out how to enter. After that head on over to the forums to […]
  52. MER Episode 59: Waiting In Queue2011/11/29
    In tonight’s episode, Zach, Leo, and Evan do not make you wait to hear their thoughts on waiting to play over the very full beta holiday weekend. Server stats, final guild deployment, and the fashion sense, or lack thereof, of the Jedi Consular are just a few of tonight’s topics. Also, the KOTOR roundtable returns […]
  53. MER Episode 58: Full Disclosure2011/11/24
    Zach and Evan return to form joined this week by not one, but two special guests! Sunny and Radicool from Sunny’s Diner join the fray for this landmark episode where the crew can finally break their silence on beta impressions. With the NDA having dropped, they mull over their initial reactions, gush, nitpick, and also […]
  54. MER Episode 57: Fansite Summit 22011/11/18
    Fearless leader Zach returns after a long, hard weekend at the BioWare Austin offices. Guild Master Alan also joins the fray to share with Evan all the happenings at the second SWTOR Fansite Summit. Although this event was not meant to be so much about new game material, they sure came back with a lot […]
  55. MER Episode 56: Visceral Combat2011/11/01
    Mos Eisley Radio is very pleased and honored to have joining us today Mr. David Bass, Senior Community Coordinator at BioWare Austin. This is a much shorter podcast than usual, but Zach and Evan make the most of their time with David, always trying to get that little bit of special info to share with […]
  56. MER Episode 55: Lost Suns2011/10/28
    On tonight’s exciting episode, we have a full house for our latest roundtable in which we discuss the recently-concluded TOR comic book series, The Lost Suns. Zach, Leo, Alan, and Evan give their varying impressions on the entire story arc, along with what we might be seeing in future Old Republic comics. A slow news […]
  57. MER Episode 54: That Other Comic-Con2011/10/20
    Comic-Con came and gone but was there any news? Kathy and Roxanne from Corellian Run Radio were at the event and join us this week to inform us on what we missed. We also manage to respond to some of your questions too. Head on over to the forums to discuss tonight’s exciting episode! Music […]
  58. MER Episode 53: V For Veronica2011/10/07
    Zach, Evan, and Alan are honored to bring you a very special interview with web celeb Veronica Belmont from Sword and Laser, Tekzilla, and PSN’s digital talk magazine Qore. As a founding member of one of the biggest MMO guilds in the world, she brings a unique perspective to the discussion of what the MER […]
  59. MER Episode 52: Save The Date2011/09/29
    On this week’s episode, Zach and Evan welcome back MER forum guru and guild master Alan of Alan Shot First and Larry from Gamebreaker TV’s The Republic and Massively.com. Coming off a week of updates that seemingly came out of nowhere, this episode has enough news to fill a space freighter! They talk guilds, companions, […]
  60. MER Episode 51: An Even More Boring Planet2011/09/17
    After a week of battling “real life,” MER returns with a four-man battle royale of SWTOR beatdowns! In this episode, our heroes, Zach and Evan, are joined once again by Leo as they welcome the new PvP expert of MER, Trevor McCool from McCool News. They cover the Beta Weekend longer than it actually lasted, […]
  61. MER Episode 50: Over The Dune2011/08/31
    Another PAX has come and gone, but we are still here! MER dings at 50 with Josh “Mr. Crayon Eater” returning to the show to share, along with Zach, some thoughts, impressions, and contagion fears after the con. Evan asks them about TOR news, some Warzone and Operation questions, and then we hear about EVERYTHING […]
  62. MER Episode 49: KHAAAAAN SEASON2011/08/23
    Its that time of the week to listen to your favorite podcast for SWTOR news and goofiness. Evan has returned and is back on the podcast this week. MER writer Leo Andrie also joins us as well. We recap all of the big news from Gamescom and the swtor website. We also discuss the KOTOR […]
  63. MER Episode 48: A Lesson In Roleplaying2011/08/16
    MER is back in action this week and once again we are joined by two special guests from over at Torsyndicate, Lord Hammer and Baraslan. We get a lesson in what it means to RP, speculate on upcoming conventions and talk about what we would like to see in the game (that hasn’t been revealed). […]
  64. MER Episode 47: Crayon Eater2011/08/09
    After taking a brief week off of podcast we are back this week to discuss the latest buzz with SWTOR. In this episode Steiny makes his return to the show as well as another good friend Josh. We discuss a lot of things revolving around Operations and Flashpoints. We also talk about how excited we […]
  65. MER Episode 46: Pre-Order Madness2011/07/27
    San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend brought out SWTOR in full force. In this episode we are joined by Bill (Lethality) from Ask A Jedi as we recap Pre-orders, box sets and much more news from this past weekend. In fact, there is so much news we devote an entire episode to News From The […]
  66. MER Episode 45: SDCC Pregame2011/07/21
    We are joined by the ladies of Corellian Run Radio this week as we talk about this upcoming San Diego Comic Con. In this episode we discuss the latest news revolving around SWTOR and answer your questions as well. We even squeeze in time to do another entertaining MMO Loser segment. As always you can […]
  67. MER Episode 44: Two Years And Running2011/07/12
    We are joined by fan favorite from the forums Alan on the this episode of MER. In it we discuss a number of things ranging from the Bounty Hunter progression video to TOR being free to play, similar to the new systems used in MMO games like Warhammer and WoW. We also introduce a new […]
  68. MER Episode 43: The Butcher2011/06/27
    This week we are joined by a SWTOR community fan favorite, Musco. As you may recall recently he departed from his gig over at Torocast, so in this episode we catch up with Musco to see how he is doing. In addition we talk about all the latest news from The Old Republic. We even […]
  69. MER Episode 42: Sith Lawyer2011/06/20
    It is time for another episode of MER and this week we are joined by Dover from Darth Hater. We recap his adventures at E3 and take a few minutes to speculate (oh ok…. at least a half hour) on what is to come. In addition, we answer your email questions and debate on whether […]
  70. MER Episode 41: Operations2011/06/15
    E3 has come and gone but we have plenty of recap, discussion and good times for you on this episode of MER. We have two guests on this episode for you. First off joining us from Massively and The Republic we have Larry Everett. We recap everything from E3 and speculate every chance we get. […]
  71. MER Episode 40: Deceived2011/06/02
    Hey guys and gals, we have kind of a special episode for you today. We are joined by Alan of our forums to discuss the latest Star Wars novel Deceived. Deceived takes place during the TOR time period and focus on three key characters, one of which is Darth Malgus. There are a lot of […]
  72. MER Episode 39: Pile of Dead Gungans2011/05/25
    Lots of news and other updates to talk about on this episode. Big topic of this week? Lightning! We discuss the latest Sith Inquisitor video in detail and speculate on the class story. We also talk about what we would like to see Bioware reveal at the upcoming E3 this summer. In addition we answer […]
  73. MER Episode 38: The Summit Part 22011/05/06
    PvP details are here! In this episode we discuss, at length, what we experienced during our second day at BioWare Austin’s FanSite Summit last week. We were able to participate in several rounds of the Alderaan Warzone in SW:TOR and we’ll give you every gory and tantalizing detail. Also, we discuss the latest breaking information […]
  74. MER Episode 37: The Summit2011/04/30
    Recently Bioware invited several fansites to participate in day dedicated to playing SWTOR. If you have been hearing about #SWTOUR…..well….this was that event. During this time we were able to get several of the fansites together to record an episode of MER. Also because we lacked the audio equipment needed to record this podcast the […]
  75. MER Episode 36: Bracket Buster2011/04/16
    Everyone say hello to Evan Lewis and give him a warm welcome. Evan joins us this week as the new co-host for MER. If you haven’t heard the latest news by now, Brooks was recently hired by BioWare and is unable to continue being a part of the website. You can read all about that […]
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