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Mom's Halo Podcast

  1. #11: Norma's Story - Mom's Halo Podcast2015/11/04
    Norma, daughter of Gladys, shares her story and how she's sought out support through a local meet-up group. Listen in as Norma describes the tragic loss of her mother. Her strength and openness provides insight into her grief journey, something most all of us who have lost their mother can relate to.

  2. #10: Jaymee Chanen, author of "Ruby Slippers" - Mom's Halo Podcast2010/12/22
    This episode features an interview with Jaymee Chanen, author of "Ruby Slippers, Finding Your Way Home From Emotional Abuse." Jaymee talks about her mom and what it was like to grow up from a teenagr to an adult without her mom by her side. She also shares insights on how she used journaling to help her heal from a marriage that was tainted by years of emotional abuse.

  3. #9: Alexis Nelson, H.E.R. Day - Mom's Halo Podcast2010/08/14
    This episode features an interview with Alexis Nelson, founder of H.E.R. Day. Learn about this fabulous organization and hear how HER Day Founder, Alexis Nelson, has coped with the loss of her mother, Lois Nelson.

  4. #8: Children, Teens and Grief -Mom's Halo Podcast2010/08/01
    This episode features an interview with Andrea McClimon, one of the first campers at Camp Paz a grief camp for kids offered through Stepping Stones of Hope, a Phoenix, Arizona based organization. Information about grief for teens and children is also provided with some suggested resources.

  5. #7: Stepping Stones of Hope Grief Programs for Children and Families -Mom's Halo Podcast2010/06/26
    This episode features an interview with Diane Raden from Stepping Stones of Hope, a Phoenix, Arizona based organization that offers grief camps and programs for children and families.

  6. #6: Seven Tips for Getting Thru the Holidays when Grieving -Mom's Halo Podcast2009/12/15
    Jami offers her top seven (7) tips for getting through the holiday season when you are grieving the loss of a loved one.

  7. #5: Getting Help -Mom's Halo Podcast2009/09/05
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  8. #4: Regina Franklin-Basye Interview; "My Mom has died. What do I do now?" -Mom's Halo Podcast2009/08/03
    In this episode Jami talks with Regina Franklin-Basye, the founder of Remembering Mom: The Barbara Franklin Foundation. Regina talks about the foundation, her personal grief journey and offers advice on how to work through early grief. The assignment this month is using the tips from Regina to work through your grief.

  9. #3: Understand a Father's Grief -Mom's Halo Podcast2009/06/20
    In this episode Jami talks with her dad about his grief. We also learn about how her dad and mom met and what made their relationship so strong. You will also get an assignment or exercise to help you work on healing your grief.

  10. #2b: Remembering Mom Luncheon; Jami Dennis on Life Lessons from Mom -Mom's Halo Podcast2009/05/10
    After a long hiatus since the first episode, I've started podcasting again. This episode is a recording of the speech I gave at the 2009 Remembergin Mom Luncheon in Dallas Texas. The title is "Life Lessons from Mom, continuing the journey of growth"

  11. #2a: Remembering Mom Luncheon Presentation (video)2009/05/10
    The video podcast version of episode #2. This is the slideshow that goes along with the recorded speech from the Remembering Mom luncheon on May 9, 2009. The title is "Life Lessons from Mom, continuing the journey of growth"

  12. #1: About Mom's Halo - podcast2007/03/17
    Welcome to the first episode of the Mom's Halo Podcast. In tihs first episode I'll tell you a little bit about my background, about my Mom and about Mom's Halo. I'll also give you your first assignment.

Mom's Halo Podcast
Support for motherloss - The Mom's Halo podcast offers support, ideas for helping you work through your grief. Many episodes feature interviews with care-givers, counselors and others who are also grieving the loss of a loved one. Some offer professional tips and guidance for working through your grief and others share lessons they have learned during their personal grief journey. A thoughtful, helpful podcast for those who have lost their mother. The pratical lessons and discussions can also be helpful to anyone suffering the loss of a loved one.

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