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  1. Episode 344 Cultdom Review Dr. Who 'The Woman Who Fell to Earth'2018/10/07
    Cultdam reviews Doctor Who Series 11 Episode 1 'The Woman Who Fell to Earth' with Jodie Whittaker in her first adventure as the 13th Doctor
  2. Episode 344 News, Doctor Who Series 11 Trailer & series speculation2018/09/30
    Just a week before Doctor Who is back on our TV screens the Collective gather together on TalkShoe for a News round-up, The Doctor Who Series 11 Trailer & our Series 11 speculation!
  3. Episode 343 Cultdom August 2018 Monthly Meeting - in September!2018/09/02
    Headset issues prevented us going ahead recording last Sunday, so one week late it's our August 2018 Monthly Meeting
  4. Episode 342 - 9 Fantastic Years of Cultdom!2018/07/29
  5. EPISODE341 - Cultdom May 2018 Meetup inc. Movies, TV Series & Awards2018/05/27
    Cultdom May 2018 Meetup talking about and including Movies, TV Series & Awards
  6. EPISODE340 - Review 'Lost in Space' & then our Tribute to Stephen Hawking2018/04/22
    Firstly a short review of 'Lost in Space' (with spoilers) then 40 minutes in our tribute to Stephen Hawking helped by our very own Perry G. talking about the man himself & his contributions to theoretical physics & his sense of humour
  7. EPISODE339 - Doctor Who 'The Steven Moffat Era' Review2018/03/25
    After a general news roundup we review Doctor Who 'The Steven Moffat Era' - from 'The Eleventh Hour' April 2010 to 'Twice Upon at Time in December 2017
  8. EPISODE338 - Doctor Who 'The Capaldi Years' Our Review2018/02/25
    The Cultdom topic this month is 'The Capaldi Years' as we look back and review Peter's time as The Doctor
  9. EPISODE337 - Cultdom January 2018 Meetup inc. Star Trek Discovery chat2018/01/28
    News, Awards Season chat, plus The Orville, Black Mirror's 'USS Callister' & Star Trek Discovery discussed too! Next month's topic will be 'The Capaldi Years' - as we look back at Peter's time as The Doctor
  10. EPISODE336 - Review of the 2017 Dr. Who Christmas Special2018/01/07
    Maybe a little news to start but today is mainly for our live review of the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas Special 'Twice Upon a Time'
  11. Commentary: Doctor Who - The Return of Doctor Mysterio2017/12/23
    Ian, Mike and Dave are have been busy helping Santa this year get ready for Christmas and have noticed that you have all been good boys and girls, so we have slipped a little something extra in your stocking, it a Christmas Commentary: Doctor Who - The Return of Doctor Mysterio
  12. EPISODE335 Star Wars Mini Review & talking Dr Who Xmas Special2017/12/17
    Star Wars Mini Review (Spoiler Free) then we talk about the upcoming 2017 Xmas Special & also the 13th Doctor, that outfit and possible changes to Who in general.
  13. Commentary: Doctor Who - The Husbands of River Song2017/12/13
    Mike, Dave and Ian are hard at work on Mince Pies, Mulled Wine (if Dave would stop "Tasting" it) and wrapping presents to put under the Cultdom Tree. So it seems like the perfect time for a Christmas Commentary: Doctor Who - The Husbands of River Song
  14. EPISODE334 - Cultdom October 2017 Meetup2017/10/29
    Cultdom October 2017 Meetup! Major Doctor Who casting news to discuss plus TV & SciFi in the news (hopefully spoiler free) shows such as 'Stranger Things' S2 & 'Star Trek: Discovery' and others.
  15. EPISODE333 - September Monthly Meetup (2017)2017/09/24
    Our monthly live meetup for September 2017 where we catch up with recent cultdom news on TV shows & movies plus a look back at the 69th Emmys results.
  16. Commentary: Better Call Saul - Gloves Off2017/09/03
    Mike and Ian are all set for the show but Dave lags behind, what has he been up to? We don't like to speculate and put a DENT in his reputation, whatever it is that has made him SCRAPE in at the last minute we hope it doesn't affect his work on this weeks Commentary: Better Call Saul - Gloves Off (S2 E4)
  17. EPISODE332 - Sun, Black Sky & Zombies2017/08/27
    Sun, Black Sky & Zombies - its a Total Eclipse of the Dark! As America gets a Total Eclipse, there's lots of great TV! Orphan Black, the light-hearted iZombies, the Black Sky of The Defenders & Game of Thrones. Add in Summer movies & DVD content there's lots to talk about - but which we discuss depends members present. Yes, it's our August 2017 Meetup (mostly Spoiler free)
  18. EPISODE331 - The 13th Doctor Announced!2017/07/16
    After the BBC Live announcement of the 'actor' to play The 13th Doctor has been made the Collective gather to discuss that actor and what we think it all means for the future of TV's 'Doctor Who'
  19. EPISODE330 - Doctor Who Series 10 Review2017/07/09
    News updates followed by the Cultdom Collective live review of Doctor Who Series 10 (with Spoilers!)
  20. Commentary: Doctor Who - The Doctor Falls2017/07/07
    Ian, Mike and Dave finally hit episode 600 and Perry stops by to help the boys celebrate..... well he's actually been here since episode 500, he won't leave! So we put him to work again on this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Doctor Falls
  21. EPISODE329 - Doctor Who 'The Doctor Falls' Review2017/07/02
    News, then our Live Review of - Doctor Who 'The Doctor Falls' S10 E12 (with Spoilers!)
  22. Commentary: Doctor Who - World Enough and Time2017/06/29
    Dave, Mike and Ian are searching the studio high and low for more Popcorn after last weeks raid by Jeff & Perry when Dave discovers that time is moving much faster in the Kitchen...... at last Mike and Ian know where they can hang out when Dave does his wrap up on this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - World Enough and Time
  23. EPISODE328 - Doctor Who 'World Enough and Time' Review2017/06/25
    News, followed by our Doctor Who 'World Enough and Time' S10 E11 Live Review (with Spoilers!)
  24. Commentary: Doctor Who - The Eaters of Light2017/06/22
    That's the trouble with Popcorn, as soon as you Pop it everyone shows up at the Cultdom Studio! Mike, Dave and Ian are just pouring on the butter when Jeff and Perry press their noses on the window.. so we throw another bag in the microwave for this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Eaters of Light
  25. EPISODE327 - Doctor Who 'The Eaters of Light' Review2017/06/18
    News, followed by our live review of Doctor Who 'The Eaters of Light' S10 E10 (with Spoilers!)
  26. Commentary: Doctor Who - The Empress of Mars2017/06/17
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  27. EPISODE326 - Doctor Who 'Empress of Mars' Review2017/06/11
    News followed by our Doctor Who 'Empress of Mars' Review (with Spoilers!) Series 10 Episode 9
  28. Commentary: Doctor Who - The Lie Of The Land2017/06/08
    Dave, Mike and Ian are keeping busy trying to hide Dave's wine stash, Mikes video games and Ian's Collectors Edition Joke books out of the clutches of the Monks this week... pausing for a rest to get the word out to the rest of the population via this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Lie Of The Land (Series 10 Episode 8)
  29. EPISODE325 - Doctor Who 'The Lie of the Land' Review2017/06/04
    News first then Cultdom reviews the Doctor Who story 'The Lie of the Land' Series 10 Episode 8 (with Spoilers!)
  30. Commentary: Doctor Who - 'The Pyramid at the End of the World'2017/06/01
    Ian & Mike with some help from Perry search the Cultdom Studio looking for Dave without any success.... all the can find is a huge mound of empty wine bottles. With time running out Perry steps up to the plate to join the lads on this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Pyramid at the End of the World' (S10 E7)
  31. EPISODE324 - Doctor Who 'The Pyramid at the End of the World' Review2017/05/28
    Cultdom reviews the Doctor Who story 'The Pyramid at the End of the World' - Series 10 Episode 7 (with spoilers)
  32. Commentary: Doctor Who - Extremis2017/05/25
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  33. EPISODE323 - Doctor Who 'Extremis' Review (Spoilers!)2017/05/21
    Cultdom reviews the Doctor Who story 'Extremis' - Series 10 Episode 6 (with spoilers) The second of two live Doctor Who review episodes recorded back-to-back on May 21st 2017
  34. EPISODE322 - Doctor Who 'Oxygen' Review (Spoilers!)2017/05/21
    Cultdom reviews the Doctor Who story 'Oxygen' - Series 10 Episode 5 (with spoilers) The first of two live Doctor Who review episodes recorded back-to-back on May 21st 2017
  35. Commentary: Doctor Who - Oxygen2017/05/18
    Ian & Mike have lots of fun taking turns with Dave's support air canister but complain when they realize it doesn't contain laughing gas! With fun over they get onto the serious business of this weeks recording (with special guest Kyle) Commentary: Doctor Who 'Oxygen' (Series 10 Episode 5)
  36. Commentary: Doctor Who - Knock Knock2017/05/10
    Dave, Mike and Jeff have their work cut out as they must scour the Cultdom Studio making sure all of Ian's ancient Knock Knock Joke books are removed before anyone suffers and before they can start this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Knock Knock
  37. EPISODE321 - Doctor Who 'Knock, Knock' Review (Spoilers!)2017/05/07
    Cultdom reviews the Doctor Who story 'Knock, Knock' - Series 10 Episode 4 (with spoilers)
  38. Commentary: Doctor Who - Thin Ice2017/05/04
    Ian has the daunting task of auditioning new acts for the Frost Fair... Mike, Dave and some lad called Peregrine fancy their chances as entertainers and decide to audition live on this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Thin Ice
  39. EPISODE320 - Doctor Who 'Thin Ice' Review (Spoilers!)2017/04/30
    Cultdom reviews the Doctor Who story 'Thin Ice' - Series 10 Episode 3 (with no news section on the call this week)
  40. Commentary: Doctor Who - Smile2017/04/26
    Mike & Ian enlist the help of Kyle from Discussing Who to sort out Dave's IM issues as he continues to have problems understanding Emojis. To celebrate Dave's fantastic usage of the Poop Emoji the boys fire up this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Smile
  41. EPISODE319 - Doctor Who 'Smile' Review (Spoilers!)2017/04/23
    News, followed by a full two hour live review of the Doctor Who episode 'Smile' - Series 10 Episode 2
  42. Commentary: Doctor Who - The Pilot2017/04/19
    Mike, Dave and Ian go back to University to brush up on the science stuffs for the next series of Doctor Who, only to find out the have a substitute Professor in the form of PerryG. But he's a good sub as he warms the class up by joining the lads on this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Pilot
  43. EPISODE318 - Doctor Who 'The Pilot' Review (Spoilers!)2017/04/16
    Doctor Who is back on our TV screens! Today we review Doctor Who 'The Pilot' Series 10 Episode 1 will contain spoilers!
  44. EPISODE317 - Big News Roundup & Dr Who Series 10 Speculation2017/03/26
    General news roundup, a chat on general cult show viewing, a mini 'Rogue One' review from Ian. We finish with our speculation on Doctor Who Series 10 which returns April 15th
  45. EPISODE316 - Cultdom Reviews Rogue One - Spoilers!2017/02/05
    Darth Skeptical leads the discussion on today's live Cultdom Collective podcast as we review the latest Chapter in the Star Wars saga - 'Rogue One' (with spoilers!)
  46. EPISODE315 - News & tributes to Mary Tyler Moore & John Hurt2017/01/29
    News, Award updates, followed by two tributes - to Mary Tyler Moore & John Hurt
  47. Commentary: Better Call Saul - Amarillo2017/01/21
    Dave, Mike and Ian are back with another installment which I guess almost needs it's own accountant, but the boys put money matters aside for the sake of this weeks Commentary: Better Call Saul - Amarillo
  48. EPISODE314 - Review of Dr Who 2016 Christmas Special (Spoilers!)2017/01/08
    Review of the Doctor Who 2016 Christmas Special 'The Return of Doctor Mysterio' with Spoilers!
  49. EPISODE313 - 2016 News Review & 'Who at Christmas'2016/12/18
    2016 News wrap-up & Review plus 'Who at Christmas' Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Doctor_Who_Christmas_specials
  50. Cultdom Timewarp: Fab Cafe Mini-Report May 20092016/11/16
    From Cultdom a bonus 'Timewarp' mini-report recently re-discovered. A short report by Dave AC originally for Podshock Feedback covering the first Doctor Who Event at Fab Cafe Manchester (way back in May 2009)
  51. Commentary: Better Call Saul - Cobbler2016/11/13
    Mike, Dave and Ian gather at the Cultdom Studio to discuss baking recipes, or so we think. We just keep hearing excited mentions of Pie flavors.... So goodness knows what it has to do with this weeks Commentary: Better Call Saul - Season 2 - Cobbler
  52. Commentary: Better Call Saul - Switch2016/10/11
    The Boys are back at Last! Dave, Mike and Ian dust the cobwebs off the studio (and Dave) and get down to business, which means another Commentary: Better Call Saul - Season 2 - Switch
  53. EPISODE312 - August Monthly Meetup2016/08/28
    News, updates & part 2 of our Comic-Con 2016 Trailers discussion.
  54. EPISODE311 - 7 Years and still itching ...2016/07/24
    7 Years and still itching ... for year 8! Today we celebrate seven years of the podcast. News updates & Comic-Con 2016 Trailers
  55. EPISODE310 - May Monthly Meet-up2016/05/29
    May 2016 meet-up. With no single topic (barring breaking news) this live episode will cover general updates & news roundup.
  56. EPISODE309 - Announcing Who?2016/04/24
    Today we cover recent news items prior to discussing the big Doctor Who announcement that actress Pearl Mackie has been chosen to play 'Bill' the new companion.
  57. EPISODE308 - News Roundup & Superhero Actors2016/04/03
    News roundup followed by a discussion on Superheroes and the actors choosen to portray them.
  58. Cultdom - Our Mary Tamm Memories (Show Extract)2016/03/22
    Cultdom - Our Mary Tamm Memories. This is an extract from Cultdom Episode 161 which was recorded on the 29th July 2012 just three days after the actress had sadly died. Today would have been her 66th Birthday
  59. EPISODE307 - Cultdom Leaps into News2016/02/28
    February Cultdom Live meeting with dog lead intro :-) Will be covering recent news & events. The Oscars Best Film spectulation plus discussion of new & recent TV Series that members are enjoying or looking forward to enjoying.
  60. EPISODE306 - Who Goes There?2016/01/31
    General news round-up followed by 'Who Goes There?' Talking about Doctor Who going into 2016/2017 & beyond. A new companion to be selected. New show-runner 'in waiting' Chris Chibnall and what may possibly turn out to be Peter Capaldi's last series (Series 10)
  61. EPISODE305 - The Past, Present & Future of Cult Media2016/01/03
    The Past, Present & Future of Cult Media is the Cultdom Collective Podcast's Strap-line. Today it is appropriate to use for our 2015 look back, our current interests and what's to come in 2016
  62. EPISODE304 - Dr Who 'The Husbands of River Song' Review2015/12/27
    Doctor Who Christmas Special Review - 'The Husbands of River Song' (Spoilers!)
  63. Cultdom Studio Review - Star Wars: The Force Awakens2015/12/22
    Ian, PerryG and DarthSkeptical get together for a Star Wars Holiday Special, our review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Please note this episode is full of SPOILERS! You have been warned :) Happy Life Day! :)
  64. EPISODE303 General Star Wars Chat (No Spoilers)2015/12/21
    Here is a 'pre-show' chat started by Ken on Star Wars and our attitudes to Spoilers. With permission we are posting this informal chat (contains no spoilers for latest Star Wars movie) Main show topic did not go ahead.
  65. Commentary: Doctor Who - Hell Bent2015/12/07
    Darth, Dave and Ian decide to try out a themed Diner in the middle of nowhere, the boys find a nice booth but Dave spoils the afternoon by leaving his wallet at home meaning the boys have to find another way to pay for their meal. Lucky for them that the Diner was willing to be paid by the boys performing this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Hell Bent
  66. EPISODE302 - Doctor Who 'Hell Bent' Review2015/12/06
    The Cultdom Collective Review: Doctor Who 'Hell Bent' with Spoilers! (Series 9 Episode 12)
  67. Commentary: Doctor Who - Heaven Sent2015/11/30
    Dave, Ian and Darth gather around the Confession Dial trying to pry it open to reveal the big secrets behind this weeks episode of Doctor Who, unfortunately they have to take the long way round and sit down and do this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Heaven Sent
  68. EPISODE301 - Doctor Who 'Heaven Sent' Review2015/11/29
    The Cultdom Collective Review: Doctor Who 'Heaven Sent' with Spoilers! (Series 9 Episode 11)
  69. Commentary: Doctor Who - Face The Raven2015/11/23
    Darth, Ian and Dave go out to celebrate Dave's Birthday but Darth and Ian realize too late that Dave has taken them to his poetry reading! It's A Trap! Many verses later the lads try to recover from the experience with this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Face The Raven
  70. EPISODE300 - Doctor Who 'Face the Raven' Review2015/11/22
    The Cultdom Collective Review: Doctor Who 'Face the Raven' with Spoilers! (Series 9 Episode 10)
  71. Commentary: Doctor Who - Sleep No More2015/11/16
    Dave and Ian try desperately to get Jeff out of the Morpheus cabinet only to find that he has regenerated into..... Darth Skeptical! But the show must go on so it's down to business and this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Sleep No More
  72. EPISODE299 - Dr Who 'Sleep No More' Review2015/11/15
    The Cultdom Collective Review: Doctor Who 'Sleep No More' with Spoilers! (Series 9 Episode 9)
  73. Commentary: Doctor Who - The Zygon Inversion2015/11/10
    Whilst Dave tries to figure out how to get to his wine Ian & Jeff play spot the Zygon before all getting together to record this week's Commentary: Doctor Who - The Zygon Inversion
  74. EPISODE298 - Dr Who 'The Zygon Inversion' Review2015/11/08
    The Cultdom Collective Review: Doctor Who 'The Zygon Inversion' with Spoilers! (Series 9 Episode 8)
  75. Commentary: Doctor Who - The Zygon Invasion2015/11/02
    Ian & Dave are join this week by the newly regenerated form of Jeff The 7th Doctor, and the boys put him through his paces with an obstacle course, a yodeling competition and the most dangerous activity there is.... this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Zygon Invasion
  76. EPISODE297 - Dr Who 'The Zygon Invasion' Review2015/11/01
    The Cultdom Collective Review: Doctor Who 'The Zygon Invasion' with Spoilers! (Series 9 Episode 7)
  77. Commentary: Doctor Who - The Woman Who Lived2015/10/26
    Dave, Ian and Perry decide to do some work in Perry's lab by running experiments on Ian's Joke Book, all of a sudden a volatile knock-knock Joke explodes sending Perry flying across the room..... Luckily this all happened after we recorded this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Woman Who Lived
  78. EPISODE296 - Dr Who 'The Woman Who Lived' Review2015/10/25
    The Cultdom Collective Review: Doctor Who 'The Woman Who Lived' (Series 9 Episode 6)
  79. Commentary: Doctor Who - The Girl Who Died2015/10/20
    Dave and Ian seem to be having bad luck with their co-host as he keeps regenerating willy-nilly, this week taking on the guise of PerryG and and joining the lads for this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Girl Who Died
  80. EPISODE295 - Dr Who 'The Girl Who Died' Review2015/10/18
    The Cultdom Collective Review: Doctor Who 'The Girl Who Died' (Series 9 Episode 5) contains Spoilers!
  81. Commentary: Doctor Who - Before the Flood2015/10/14
    After talking all over this week's Commentary: Doctor Who - Before the Flood - we had believed Kyle nipped off for a quick bath, only later to be told he had been washed away by a giant wave and near to death was heard mumbling in a rather different voice 'I think the fries are done'
  82. EPISODE294 - Dr Who 'Before the Flood' Review2015/10/11
    The Cultdom Collective Review: Doctor Who 'Before the Flood' (Series 9 Episode 4) contains Spoilers!
  83. Commentary: Doctor Who - Under the Lake2015/10/07
    Well Podshock me! Co-Host Lee Shackleford has regenerated into Kyle Jones and joins Ian & Dave talking all over the top of another new episode of Doctor Who, this week's Commentary: Doctor Who - Under the Lake.
  84. EPISODE293 - Dr Who 'Under the Lake' Review2015/10/04
    The Cultdom Collective Review: Doctor Who 'Under the Lake' (Series 9 Episode 3) contains Spoilers!
  85. Commentary: Doctor Who - The Witch's Familiar2015/09/29
    Ian and Dave get familiar with Podshock Co-Host Lee Shackleford - as we talking all over the top of another new episode of Doctor Who, this week's Commentary: Doctor Who - The Witch's Familiar.
  86. EPISODE292 - Dr Who 'The Witch's Familiar' Review2015/09/27
    The Cultdom Collective Review: Doctor Who 'The Witch's Familiar' (Series 9 Episode 2) contains Spoilers!
  87. Commentary: Doctor Who - The Two Doctors (Epi. 3)2015/09/25
    With still no sign of Mike, Ian & Dave decide on a light repass at a local hostelry. Horderves, four main courses, crepe suzette & generous cheese board later - all washed down with fine wine - they seek out the Snug to record this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Two Doctors (Episode 3)
  88. Commentary: Doctor Who - The Magician's Apprentice2015/09/23
    Ian and Dave are joined by our own 'Cultdom's Apprentice' Podshock Co-Host Lee Shackleford - here for both parts of a two-part story - starting with this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Magician's Apprentice (S9 E1)
  89. EPISODE291 - Dr Who 'The Magician's Apprentice' Review2015/09/20
    The Cultdom Collective Review: Doctor Who 'The Magician's Apprentice' (Series 9 Episode 1) contains Spoilers!
  90. Commentary: Doctor Who - The Two Doctors (Epi. 2)2015/09/18
    Ian and Dave search the Basement looking for Mike but to no avail, the search includes many many bottles of wine (you cant be to careful you know), so the boys drunkenly collapse in the corner and try to sober up with this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Two Doctors (Episode 2)
  91. EPISODE290 - News Catch Up & Greatest SciFi Shows List2015/08/30
    News & then onto a List Show! Esquire's 'The 50 Greatest Sci-Fi TV Shows Ever' http://www.esquire.com/entertainment/tv/g2091/the-50-greatest-sci-fi-tv-shows/?slide=1
  92. Commentary: Doctor Who - The Two Doctors (Epi. 1)2015/08/28
    Ian and Mike surprise Dave with a trip to his Wine Mecca of Rioja! Unfortunately when the boys arrive in Spain the Cultdom bus breaks down just outside of Seville and they must take shelter in an abandoned Villa. Just as well they bought along this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Two Doctors (Episode 1)
  93. Commentary: Doctor Who - The Three Doctors (Epi. 3 & 4)2015/08/19
    Ian, Mike and Dave find an odd cave this week and decide to explore yet all they find are little bubbles on the wall and a very familiar TV Screen embedded in the rock so the boys make themselves at home for this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Three Doctors (Episodes 3 & 4)
  94. Commentary: Doctor Who - The Three Doctors (Epi. 1 & 2)2015/08/12
    Dave, Mike and Ian decide to take another seaside holiday after the success of their last one, but this time the boys check out Cromer, things are going well when out of nowhere a water cooler appears, next they find a blue box with a very old TV in it but it's good enough for this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Three Doctors (Episodes 1 & 2)
  95. Commentary: Doctor Who - Timelash (Episode 2)2015/08/02
    Mike, Dave and Ian continue their hunt for the elusive Monster of the Loch, but instead find an organic spaceship... Mike and Dave get into an argument about who it belongs to but in the end agree to let Zygons be zygons and get down to the matter at hand - This weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Timelash - Episode 2
  96. EPISODE289 - Cultdom: 6 Years of Insanity2015/07/26
    On the very weekend that The Cultdom Collective Podcast turns six we have our July monthly news roundup meeting and then we take time out to reminisce on our journey so far.
  97. Commentary: Doctor Who - Timelash - Episode 12015/07/16
    Dave, Ian and Mike make a trip to Loch Ness to search for the Lake Monster, while setting up at the lake side cabin Dave Mike discovers a Ouija board. The boys try their hand at it only to have the following spelled out "Get on with this weeks Commentary' Doctor Who - Timelash (Episode 1)
  98. Commentary: Doctor Who - Carnival of Monsters (Epi. 3 & 4)2015/07/07
    The Author decides to pick up his pen and resume work on Dave, Mike and Ian's adventures. Just in time too as the boys stumble across a miniscope and decide to use it for this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Carnival of Monsters (Episodes 3 & 4)
  99. EPISODE288 - News Round-up & Sad Losses2015/06/28
    On our monthly meeting for June 2015 we have a general news round-up and a number of sad losses to report & acknowledge. Actors Christopher Lee, Ron Moody, Patrick McNee & Film Composer James Horner
  100. Commentary: Doctor Who - Carnival of Monsters (Epi. 1 & 2)2015/06/24
    Ian, Mike and Dave board the SS Bernice for a nice cruise on the open sea, things are going well and the lads are having a good time until the writer runs out of ideas of how to sneak in this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Carnival of Monsters (Episodes 1 & 2)
  101. Commentary: Dr Who - The Horror of Fang Rock (Epi. 3 & 4)2015/06/18
    Dave, Mike and Ian stick around through the fog and bad weather to bring you part 2 of their Commentary: Dr Who - The Horror of Fang Rock (Episodes 3 & 4)
  102. Commentary: Dr Who - The Horror of Fang Rock (Epi. 1 & 2)2015/06/10
    Ian, Mike and Dave are having a bit of a holiday at the seaside when a storm rolls in, Ian has the idea to shelter in a Lighthouse till the storm passes... to pass the time Mike turns the light into a projector and uses the fog bank to project this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Horror of Fang Rock (episodes 1 & 2)
  103. EPISODE287 - News, TV 'New Series' updates & BCS Mini Review2015/05/31
    News roundup & TV Series updates - Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Daredevil, Gotham & Outlander. Then with all 10 commentaries Better Call Saul Season 1 done we will do our own mini review of this great spin-off TV Series
  104. Commentary: Better Call Saul - Marco2015/05/28
    Mike, Ian and Dave check out the local bar scene again and run into a couple of interesting guys with some amazing bar tricks to show the lads, unfortunately this leave the boys broke and so they must sing for their supper by doing a Commentary: Better Call Saul - Marco
  105. Commentary: Better Call Saul - Pimento2015/05/21
    Dave, Mike and Ian are waiting around in a parking garage for a secret meeting. Unfortunately someone scheduled it for lunchtime so the only thing to eat is Mikes sandwich. Finally their contact arrives with this weeks Commentary: Better Call Saul - Pimento (Season 1 Episode 9)
  106. Commentary: Better Call Saul - RICO2015/05/15
    Following a noisy and upsetting scene after certain prank goes wrong, the guys seek out a sound-proof room to record this weeks commentary: Better Call Saul 'RICO' (Season 1 Episode 8)
  107. Commentary: Better Call Saul - Bingo2015/05/06
    Dave, Mike and Ian decide to try their luck at Bingo this week, so with daubers in hand the boys head down to the local Bingo hall... unfortunately it's not long before they are thrown out for talking... about this weeks Commentary: Better Call Saul - Bingo (Season 1 Episode 7)
  108. Commentary: Better Call Saul - Five-O2015/04/28
    Mike, Dave and Ian decide to head on down to the pub for a little light refreshment, but Dave is being watched by the local Police... what is Dave's big Secret??? Try to figure it out while you listen to this weeks Commentary: Better Call Saul - Five-O (Season 1 Episode 6)
  109. EPISODE286 - News, SciFi & Cult TV Roundup2015/04/26
    Today our April 2015 monthly meetup with catchup news followed by roundup of the best SciFi and Cult TV on our screens & cinema too
  110. Commentary: Better Call Saul - Alpine Shepherd Boy2015/04/18
    Ian, Mike and Dave tour some senior centers on the pretext of finding a place for Dave, but really they are there for the Jello and to see if there TV room would be good for this weeks Commentary: Better Call Saul - Alpine Shepherd Boy (Season 1 Episode 5)
  111. Commentary: Better Call Saul - Hero2015/04/07
  112. EPISODE285 - From the Mind of ... Remembering Terry Pratchett2015/03/29
  113. Commentary: Better Call Saul - Nacho2015/03/26
  114. EPISODE284 - Leonard Nimoy Remembered2015/03/08
  115. Commentary: Star Trek TOS - This Side of Paradise2015/03/03
  116. Cultdom Collective Invite: Leonard Nimoy2015/03/02
  117. Commentary: Better Call Saul - Mijo2015/02/24
  118. Commentary: Better Call Saul - Uno2015/02/17
  119. EPISODE283 - The Cultdom Collective 20152015/01/25
  120. Commentary: Doctor Who - Last Christmas2015/01/22
  121. EPISODE282 - Favorite Dr Who Christmas Special?2015/01/04
  122. EPISODE281 - Doctor Who 'Last Christmas' Review (Spoilers!)2014/12/28
  123. Commentary: Doctor Who - Survival2014/12/20
  124. EPISODE280 - Doctor Who Series 8 Review2014/12/07
  125. Commentary: Doctor Who - Death In Heaven2014/11/29
  126. EPISODE279 - Doctor Who 'Death in Heaven' Review2014/11/09
  127. Commentary: Doctor Who - Dark Water2014/11/04
  128. EPISODE278 - Doctor Who 'Dark Water' Review2014/11/02
  129. EPISODE277 - Doctor Who 'In the Forest of the Night' Review2014/10/26
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