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BubbaTanicals: Hobby Farming. Soap Making, Beekeeping, and more

  1. BubbaCast # 932015/05/12
    Getting pulled over with Nucs, retrieving swarm traps, and getting rear-ended.
  2. BubbaCast # 922014/12/12
    Driving home from the Farm Bureau conference talking about honeybees and pesticides
  3. BubbaCast # 912014/08/03
    General updates, and about 40 minutes of ranting about what the EPA is trying to do - and what you can do to protect your rights.
  4. BubbaCast # 902014/04/17
    A new scheme for making some bling, goat updates, thoughts on the Bundy Ranch stand off, and bitter farmer updates
  5. BubbaCast # 892014/03/19
    Getting back in gear with some quick updates on bees and homeschooling
  6. Podcast Holiday Discount Code2013/12/10
    Holiday Discount Code
  7. BubbaCast # 882013/08/28
    Back from Boston with some updates, listener feedback, and looking for self sufficiency in an urban environment.
  8. BubbaCast # 872013/07/05
    Little bit of bees, wells, and misc nonsense
  9. BubbaCast # 862013/05/31
    Bee Ass and Essential Oils. Gardner’s Apiary Find us on: Stitcher | 13 Skills | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | Farm-Dreams | Zello Be part of the show! Call the Farm Phone: 740-5-MYFARM (740-569-3276) Music from Brother Love Subscribe in a reader
  10. BubbaCast # 852013/03/26
    Shiny economic distractions, and springtime bee keeping.
  11. BubbaCast # 842013/01/29
    We go through Obama's recent executive actions and talk about some of the larger impacts of seemingly 'common sense' gun legislation.
  12. BubbaCast # 832012/12/13
    We take some listener feedback and get political
  13. BubbaCast # 822012/09/18
    All about so-called solar generators. Find us on: Stitcher | Prepper Podcast Radio Network | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | Farm-Dreams | Zello Be part of the show! Call the Farm Phone: 740-5-MYFARM (740-569-3276) Music from the Free Music Archive Subscribe in a reader
  14. BubbaCast # 812012/08/24
    Practical tools and tips to protect your online data. Resources from the show: Tor Project JonDo Hide My Ass Security Kiss CyberGhost web-sniffer.net (View Browser Headers) HTTPS Everywhere Ad Blocker Ghostery No Script WOT (Web of Trust) Better Privacy Do Not Track Plus Last Pass Startpage Duck Duck Go Private Sky Enlocked PGP Truecrypt Diskryptor [Continue]
  15. BubbaCast # 802012/08/06
    Where Chick-Fil-A meets goat worming
  16. BubbaCast # 792012/07/01
    Clearing land for farming or livestock.
  17. BubbaCast # 782012/06/21
    PV Solar Systems
  18. BubbaCast # 772012/05/31
    Raw Milk will destroy us all!!
  19. BubbaCast # 762012/05/24
    We talk about Integrated Pest Management and ask for help naming one of our goat kids.
  20. BubbaCast # 752012/05/16
    We discuss swarms and options for swarm management.
  21. BubbaCast # 742012/05/09
    We offer some critical thoughts on the so-called Survival Seed Banks
  22. BubbaCast # 732012/05/03
    Like anything else, farming and homesteading can burn you out if we let it. Here's how to fight farmer burnout!
  23. BubbaCast # 722012/04/24
    The common ground between prepping and farming
  24. BubbaCast # 712012/04/11
    We talk about goats and kidding.
  25. BubbaCast # 702012/04/03
    Farming on the front lines in America.
  26. BubbaCast # 692012/03/27
    We talk about some farmstead cures for seasonal allergies, take some feedback, and have a little fun with the news.
  27. BubbaCast # 682012/03/13
    Daylight savings time has me all tripped up. Moths get laid, I can't keep my time zones straight, and we talk about natural pest control methods.
  28. BubbaCast # 672012/03/06
    Mohair follicles and biosecurity.
  29. BubbaCast # 662012/02/26
    We take some great listener feedback and talk about buying rural farmland.
  30. BubbaCast # 652012/02/19
    “Bees won’t fight when they are in WTF mode.” Talking about splits and nucs. Find us on Stitcher! Now on the Prepper Podcast Radio Network! Tune in Tuesdays at 8:30 pm EST! Find us on Facebook! Watch us on Youtube! We’re on Farm-Dreams.com! Music: Kelly Brock Be part of the show! Call the Pollin Line: [Continue]
  31. BubbaCast # 642012/02/12
    "It's important to not shoot your self in the prostate with a .22." Richard and I spend the morning commute talking about firearms.
  32. BubbaCast # 632012/02/07
    A short but sweet show on swarm prevention.
  33. BubbaCast # 622012/01/30
    You can't make dogs into glue.
  34. BubbaCast # 612012/01/22
    Driving into work, we take some great feedback, lament how cold it is, and talkk about using chickens to supplement your income. Find us on Stitcher! Now on the Prepper Podcast Radio Network! Tune in Tuesdays at 8 pm! Find us on Facebook! Watch us on Youtube! Music: Sean Hayes Call the Pollin Line: 740-5-MYFARM [Continue]
  35. BubbaTube # 13 – Solar Air Heating2012/01/16
    A short video tour of our small solar air heater project. Links n’ Stuff: Snap Disc Control Switch (Grainger.com) Builditsolar.com SimplySolar Yahoo Group AdvancedSolar Yahoo Group Find us on Stitcher! Now on the Prepper Podcast Radio Network! Tune in Tuesdays at 8 pm! Find us on Facebook! Watch us on Youtube! Music: The Wyrd Sisters [Continue]
  36. BubbaCast # 602012/01/12
    Using goats to supplement your income.
  37. BubbaCast # 592011/12/14
    A short one while I try to get my voice back. We talk about making money from honeybees!
  38. BubbaCast # 582011/10/19
    Driving to work in the rain, we discuss the ins and outs of egg grading and egg candling.
  39. BubbaCast # 572011/09/22
    Fall is here!! Time for beekeeping preps!
  40. BubbaTube # 12 – Poultry Processing2011/09/14
    From feathers to fridge, we take you through the ins and outs of home poultry processing. Find us on Facebook! Watch us on Youtube! Music: William Saunders Call the Pollin Line: 740-5-MYFARM Subscribe in a reader Podcast Subscribe Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/bubbatanicals Some of the music provided by Mevio’s Music Alley. Check it out at ‘music.mevio.com‘
  41. BubbaCast # 562011/09/08
    We dive in and get all bubbly on the subject of aquaponics
  42. BubbaCast # 552011/08/12
    An update on the feed ceiling talks, more updates, and an example of how not to keep bees.
  43. BubbaTube # 11 – Honey Bee Extraction2011/07/29
    We extract a honey bee colony from the floor cavity of a second story bedroom. Find us on Facebook! Watch us on Youtube! Call the Pollin Line: 740-5-MYFARM Subscribe in a reader Podcast Subscribe Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/bubbatanicals
  44. BubbaCast # 542011/05/25
    Part 2 of 2 where Laura and I discuss the ins and outs of owning and caring for horses.
  45. BubbaCast # 532011/04/12
    Part 1 of 2 where Laura and I go through some long overdue updates, take some great feedback, answer some listener questions and talk at length about buying and owning horses.
  46. BubbaCast # 522011/03/19
    A rambling discussion on "duh! #winning! with honey bees" and my honey bee blood, goats, Japan, milking, disbudding, bees, springtime bee stuff, and some info on building swarm traps.
  47. BubbaCast # 512011/03/07
    Join me on my oh-so-slow afternoon commute where we take some outstanding feedback, and embark down the strange, socially-tumultuous road that is sustainable agriculture.
  48. BubbaCast # 502011/02/25
    Laura and I talk about new babies, gardening, and preparing for springtime.
  49. BubbaCast #492011/02/01
    Dead Bees, swollen goats, and sex-linked chicken breeding.
  50. BubbaCast # 482011/01/04
    A lengthy BubbaCast where we talk about Christmas, go through some updates, take some great feedback, and explore the ins and outs of owning a well.
  51. BubbaCast # 472010/12/11
    Another two parter where we take some great feedback and then talk about some things to consider when you decide to move to the country.
  52. BubbaCast # 462010/11/15
    Join me on my rainy commute as we take an in-depth look at soap making.
  53. BubbaCast #452010/11/05
    Back from the grave. We take some feedback, do some general updates, read some news, and partially segway into soap making.
  54. BubbaCast # 442010/09/29
    A wacky two-parter where we take some great feedback and discuss beekeeping on a budget.
  55. BubbaCast # 432010/09/16
    Recorded on the way down to Sumner, GA to pick up hay. Anathema gives us a "Mystery Jam" shoutout from the farmers market, we get a new truck, talk about fall preps on the farm, and take some great feedback.
  56. BubbaCast # 422010/08/30
    A follow up from last week's show, on this BubbaCast we discuss some of the more practical aspects of harvesting and processing honey for the hobbyist beekeeper.
  57. BubbaCast # 412010/08/17
    Listener feedback show with some swanky new bumper music!.
  58. BubbaCast # 402010/07/21
    Brian and Laura come back from vacation, take some feedback, talk about new critters, try to buy a truck, itch like the dickens, keep deer out of the garden, and do some irrigation.. redneck style.
  59. BubbaCast # 392010/07/07
    A long two-parter where we talk all about the ins and outs of selecting, preparing for, and participating in a local farmers market.
  60. BubbaCast # 382010/06/13
    The second in a series of honey bee pathogens. Today we talk about mites and beetles.
  61. BubbaCast # 372010/05/25
    Join me on my way down to Baxley to pick up some bees. The first in a series of shows where we focus entirely on bees and beekeeping. We go over some interesting breaking developments in beekeeping amd discuss some of the microbial pathogens that our bees have to deal with.
  62. BubbaCast # 362010/05/14
    We take some great feedback. Jams, jellies, marmalades, and preserves, oh my! Farmstead updates. Chicken Incest! And we talk some about some of the fundamental answers to the question why?
  63. BubbaCast # 352010/04/28
    Join us for spring updates, great feedback, possum adventures, raised beds, window boxes, and other small scale farming techniques.
  64. BubbaCast # 342010/04/13
    A really disjointed podcast this week as I try to cram in some content between trips to the bee yard. We talk about swarms and how to get geared up to be on the local swarm list or even to do a small cutout.
  65. BubbaCast # 332010/03/25
    Barreling down the road, we take some feedback, touch on healthcare deform, lament the cost and extent of repairing our house, and scare the hell out of you with a discussion on genetic modification in the food supply.
  66. BubbaCast # 322010/03/14

    Laura and I take some feedback, pontificate spring preps, talk about gardening, beekeeping, and other springtime activities. Laura would like to apologize for mistakenly referring to the Brandywine Tomato as a "Rutgers".
  67. BubbaCast # 312010/02/22

    This one goes out to our beekeeping friends. A full hour on springtime beekeeping practices and even a small taste of swarm management.
  68. Bubbacast # 302010/02/11
    I somehow talk Laura into doing another show where we throw out some updates on the dog, seed starting, and the bees. We take some great feedback, including an actual voicemail! We finally wrap the show up by reading some of the better ads out of the market bulletin.
  69. BubbaCast # 292010/01/24
    A real treat for you guys today. I get my beautiful wife and garden diva, Laura, in on the podcast action. We go through some updates, catch you up on the latest weimaraner suicide attempt, talk about a pending new addition to the farm, take some great feedback, and finally break the hour mark talking about seeds and gardening.
  70. BubbaCast # 282010/01/14

    Our first 100% listener feedback show. Wow!
  71. BubbaCast # 272009/12/23
    Guerrilla Podcasting again with my carpool buddy, Richard. A short one this time where we take some feedback, very nearly die on the road, and talk about tractors.
  72. BubbaCast # 262009/12/11
    Today we go through some quick updates and then geek out on setting up your farm website and blog!
  73. BubbaCast # 252009/12/04
    A short one today. I take some feedback, talk about big brother and how to deal with taxation on your hobby farm, and I even give you some politically correct holiday greetings.
  74. BubbaCast # 242009/11/27
    Join me as I drive down to Jekyll Island. We figure out how not to kill the dog, go through some updates, and then talk about what to do about finding a barn sitter.
  75. BubbaCast # 232009/11/11
    We take some feedback, talk about the bee-koozies, giggle a little about mustache wax, and discuss the perils, pitfalls, problems and preparations to do with shopping for your hobby farm.
  76. BubbaCast # 222009/11/04
    Join me again on my commute while I blither on about all manner of Halloween stuff, fox hunting, sump pumping, and lament over having to rebuild our well house.
  77. BubbaCast # 212009/10/26
    The Pre-Halloween BubbaCast! I try to give away my dog, talk about bonfires and drum circles, pimp out my drum teacher, rant about churches, and talk about air rifles.
  78. BubbaCast # 202009/10/19
    Man, it's cold! We take some feedback, I find a long time listener, talk about Fall Fling, install some gutters, make some Bee Koozies, and explore the many splendid aspects of mulch!
  79. BubbaCast # 192009/10/12
    Part 2 of 2 where we drive around, I talk about our neighbor's barn going up in flames, and finish up our discussion on goat breeds.
  80. BubbaCast #182009/10/05
    Part 1 of 2 - Time to talk about goat breeds. More UMs and Uhhhs than a convention of Buddhist monks and we finally get the stall finished.
  81. BubbaCast # 172009/09/30

    Guerrilla podcasting from the mobile studio today. Sorry folks. It was mobile or nothing this week. We give a recap on Inman Farm Heritage Days, finally get the horse on stall rest, pick a buttload of grapes, and talk about the agricultural side of dealing with flooding.
  82. BubbaCast # 162009/09/19

    Pressed for time this week. We get a great shoutout from Sean and Cim, talk about horses, curse the carpenter ants, and badmouth hicks that cannot tell the difference between a honeybee and a hornet.
  83. BubbaCast # 152009/09/12
    We take some great feedback, talk about setting up webcams, give some updates on the gore-cat, hint at muscadine wine, and talk far too long about hay.
  84. BubbaCast # 142009/08/27
    Uno, Dos, Tres, Catorce! For nearly an hour, show 14 finds me taking our inaugural voice mail, almost making it through the feedback without botching someone's name, bidding farewell to our rooster, looking forward to Inman Farm Heritage Days, skirting the law.. maybe, and pontificating on the idea of setting up an outyard. Thanks for listening!
  85. BubbaCast # 132009/08/20
    A short one this time. Still trying to get this car recording stuff ironed out - so the audio is kinda crappy. A short one. I prattle on about how I almost crushed myself with the tractor this week. Twice. Then we pontificate on the fad popularity of hobby farming.
  86. BubbaCast # 122009/08/12
    Join me again on my morning commute where I discuss some feedback, give you the wrong number for the call in line, pontificate on homesteading vs hobby farming, touch on gardening, and talk about sharpening a chainsaw.
  87. BubbaCast #112009/08/05
    I go mobile for this podcast and drag you along for my morning commute. We play catch up on some farm updates to do with bees and snakes, stumble through a few verbal blunders, rant about my experience trying to become a certified egg candler, decry the outrage otherwise known as HR 875, and even [Continue]
  88. BubbaCast # 102009/07/31
    The semi-long awaited 10th episode! On this BubbaCast I answer some feedback, apologize for completely messing up the feed while doing some housekeeping, go over some other webby stuff and talk about designing a rainwater catchment system. Yes, I did edit in a disclaimer around the 39 minute mark. I don’t normally edit much, but [Continue]
  89. BubbaCast # 92009/07/23
    In this pre-tenth BubbaCast I go mobile and cover some peachy product updates. I get a HUGE shout out from Sean Kennedy, accidentally drop the 'F-Bomb', try to adopt an immigrant worker, toss kittens around, and tell you just enough about electric fences to do some real damage.
  90. BubbaCast #82009/06/29
    On this BubbaCast we go over some tech-geeky stuff that you can do to help the political freedom fighters in Iran. We take some emails, talk about what's been going on, celebrate the launch of the new store front, and talk about basic cold-process soapmaking.
  91. BubbaCast # 72009/06/14
    I prattle on seemingly without end about the latest energy pyramid scheme, bee-talk, fencing, your emails, and finally about building a solar generator.
  92. BubbaCast #62009/05/30

    The long overdue 6th Bubbacast. A short one. We catch up on some mail, talk about some non-bubba projects, touch on coping with the heat and a little bit on some new fly control methods I'm trying out.
  93. BubbaCast # 52009/04/24
    I go over some email, give some updates and discuss the wonders of vermicomposting.
  94. BubbaCast # 42009/04/04
    We answer some emails and discuss raising a small flock of chickens.
  95. BubbaCast # 32009/03/23
    Horse for sale, another beekeeping podcast, and making splits.
  96. Bubbacast # 22009/02/19
    The second BubbaCast. A short one this time. I hurriedly discuss bees & queen-rearing, tractor tire gardening, goats, chickens & the like.
  97. BubbaCast # 12009/02/03
    This is our first stab at doing a podcast. I go through the basic intros and tell you a little bit about how we do things down on the farm.
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Hobby Farming, Soap Making, Beekeeping, and more

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