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BWCACAST- High Definition Boundary Water Canoeing

  1. Winter Camping Mudro Lake - HD2015/03/02
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  2. Knife to Ottertrack - HD2014/02/04
    On a nice sunny day we leave our camp on Knife Lake traveling east along the boarder into Ottertrack Lake. We wind our way down this narrow lake with high cliffs on our northern flank. At our new camp we do a little swimming before cooking up some fish for dinner. What a great day in the Boundary Waters.
  3. Vera North Arm Knife - HD2014/01/15
    We continue our way North East from Vera portaging our way into Knife Lake. With crystal clear waters and a fresh breeze blowing in our face we work our way to the North Arm of Knife Lake where we camp for the night.
  4. Moose to Ensign - HD2013/12/27
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  5. Little Bass Lake_Summer - HD2012/09/05
    On a beautiful early April day with the ice freshly melted from the lakes Erin and I head into the BWCAW. Our destination for this trip is the easily accessible Little Bass Lake just one portage away from North Hegman Lake. The Sun shining through the trees made for a serene portage through the woods.
  6. Vermilion Sunrise - HD2012/04/28
    If you venture out around 5:00 AM near the end of April on Lake Vermilion you will find some exquisite sunrises. Here is one from April 27, 2012.
  7. Spring Snowset - HD2012/04/17
    After a foot of snow pounced on us out of nowhere we found ourselves on a calm lake with the sun setting in a winter wonderland. The mirror like lake made breathtaking views of the lake shore. Jim and I go for an evening paddle amidst our spring snowset.
  8. Skirting the Ice - A Spring Paddle - HD2012/03/27
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  9. Geb-e-on-e-quet to Lynx Lake - HD2012/02/28
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  10. Thin Ice Preparation with Glen Hooper - HD2012/01/10
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  11. Thumb Lake to Ge-be-on-e-quet Lake - HD2012/01/03
    After leaving behind the dead moose carcasse in Thumb Lake we paddle through fresh air under sunny skies. The wind always seems to follow us with a gental push from behind helping ease the day of paddling. We encounter a couple of beaver dams and a few mergansers as we paddle our way to Ge-be-on-e-quet Lake.
  12. Steep Lake to Thumb Lake - HD2011/11/29
    After a beautiful night camped out on Steep Lake we awake to sunny skies and a light breeze. Continuing our loop out of the Little Indian Sioux River we head North East working our way through Little Bear Track Lake, Bear Track Lake, and into Thumb Lake. Along the way we bump into a snake, a turtle, and what remained of a dead moose.
  13. Little Loon to Steep Lake - HD2011/09/20
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  14. Lower Pauness to Little Loon Lake - HD2011/08/25
    Continuing our trip we leave the Devils Cascade and Lower Pauness and work our way North West towards Loon Lake. We have a gentle tail wind pushing us across the lakes while the warm sun shined down upon us. The fresh air and clean water engulfed our senses. A great time in the Boundary Water Canoe Area.
  15. Little Indain Sioux Pauness - HD2011/07/15
    Our first paddling trip of 2011 we head into the Little Indian Sioux entry point on a 5 day trip. There is a steady wind blowing and the clouds are zipping by overhead. We paddle North along the river taking a beautiful portage along a small rapids. We catch a glimpse of a couple of mallard ducks and a bald eagle. The episode comes to a close as we portage from Upper Pauness into Lower Pauness.
  16. Johnson Falls - HD2011/07/06
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  17. Mountain Lake to Pine Lake - HD2011/06/08
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  18. HowTo - Campsite Selection - HD2011/05/25
    Campsites come in every shape size and location in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Some have stunning views over calm waters, some are tucked away beneath swaying pines. Selecting the perfect campsite can mean the difference between a restful night and one where you can't wait to find a new place to call home.
  19. North Fowl to Mountain Lake - HD2011/05/10
    With a nice tail wind we continue our way along the Voyagers Highway. Leaving North Fowl Lake we portage through thick vegetation and a few mosquitoes. Back on the water we come across a couple of loons swimming on the horizon. One puts on a bit of a show as it takes a bath. We finish up the day in Mountain lake enjoying a relaxing cup of tea and watching the sun disappear behind the trees.
  20. HowTo - Set up a Tent - HD2011/04/26
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  21. John Lake to North Fowl - HD2011/04/12
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  22. Wood Strip Kyak-HD2011/03/14
    Paddling back out of the Boundary Waters on the Nina Moose River we bump into Rick and a beautifully hand made wood strip kayak. We visit with Rick about building kayaks.
  23. Fishing in Never Fail Bay - HD2011/02/08
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  24. HOWTO - Setting Up A Tip-Up - HD2011/01/26
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  25. Stewart River - HD2010/09/27
    The Stewart River entry point starts you out with over a 400 rod portage. This will get your blood pumping just in time to start your paddle up the river. We are paddling under sunny skies with a nice breeze. Canoeing in the BWCA doesn't get much better.
  26. Crooked Lakes East End - HD2010/08/10
    Our July trip is coming to a close as we paddle towards the East end of Crooked lake. The narrow passageways make for a very scenic paddle catching glimpses of wood ducks, loons, eagles, and even a mink. The episode comes to a close with the magnificent cliffs that tower over the end of the lake.
  27. Trail Maitenance - HD2010/07/01
    Working our way across the 300 rod portage heading north out of Gun Lake we came across a group of people working for the Minnesota Conservation Corps. They were a trail maintenance crew out rebuilding the portage. If your looking for a great summer gig check them out at www.conservationcorps.org.
  28. Ramshead Winter Camping - HD2010/03/30
    The temps are in the upper 20s and the sun is shining. With a three day weekend we head into Ramshead Lake. We catch some nice fish and spend the weekend enjoying the great weather.
  29. HOWTO - SnowWalker Toboggan-HD2010/03/22
    We've teamed up with BlackRiverSleds.com to bring you our next HOWTO video. In this episode we'll take you through step by step in assembling a SnowWalker Toboggan. We are using a prepped blank sled bottom, but prepare the wooden cross pieces ourselves. If you are building one of these sled kits feel free to send questions to bwcacastfans@gmail.com.
  30. Boot Lake to Friday Bay - HD2010/01/25
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  31. HowTo - y-bones-HD2009/12/31
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  32. HowTo - SATPHONE-HD2009/12/31
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  33. HowTo - Latrine-HD2009/12/31
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  34. HowTo - Flint_and_Steel-HD2009/12/31
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  35. HowTo - Filtering Water-HD2009/12/31
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  36. HowTo - Dehydrating Hamburger-HD2009/12/31
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  37. HowTo - Canoe_Repair-HD2009/12/31
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  38. HowTo - Bent Shaft Paddle-HD2009/12/31
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  39. Mudro to Fourtown - HD2009/12/15
    We start our third trip of the summer into the Mudro Lake entry point. My parents have joined us for this trip making this a very special time for me to show off the BWCAW. You'll see some nice paddling and portaging along with my thoughts on the the DululthPack Northwoods pack. Join us on our journey.
  40. Ottertrack Lake to Ely - HD2009/12/01
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  41. Ottertrack Evening Paddle - HD2009/11/16
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  42. Horsetail Rapids to Otter Track Lake - HD2009/11/03
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  43. Gneiss to Horsetail Rapids - HD2009/10/20
    We awoke to a beautiful day. The sun was shining with puffs of white clouds scattered across the sky. We left our campsite in Gneiss and continued west towards Saganaga Lake. We encounter a rugged portage and some beautiful scenery at HorseTail Rapids.
  44. North Fowl to Gneiss-HD2009/09/14
    After a couple days of windy rainy weather we wake up to high overcast skies. We are thrilled to be paddling without the sound of rain drops falling on our rain gear. We paddle through North Fowl, Gunflint, the Granite River, and into Gneiss Lake. Along the way we encounter a beaver preparing for winter and a multitude of other wildlife. It was a great day to be out on the water.
  45. Rose Lake to North Fowl Lake - HD2009/09/01
    After a day of high winds and a steady rain we leave from Rosa Lake on our way west along the Voyagers Highway. The high bluffs along side the lakes makes for some beautiful scenery. We find a campsite on North Fowl Lake right across from a Loon nest. We get a nice glimpse of the egg as well as a chance to see the mother waddle her way up on to the nest.
  46. John Lake to Moose Lake - HD2009/08/18
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  47. 10 Year Anniversary - HD2009/08/04
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  48. Horse River - HD2009/07/21
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  49. Basswood Falls - HD2009/07/07
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  50. Half Dog Bay to Basswood Falls - HD2009/06/23
    After a tough day of paddling into the wind we were overjoyed to find calm waters when we emerged from out tents. We head from Half Dog bay through Back Bay, and PipeStone Bay on our way up to Basswood Falls. We encounter some neat bird activity along with some scenic portages. Join us as we continue our journey to Basswood Falls.
  51. Into the Wind - Moose to Basswood - HD2009/06/09
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  52. Canoe_Repair_HD2009/05/26
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  53. Finishing Winter Camping - HD2009/05/19
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  54. Winter Camping Hoist Bay - HD2009/05/05
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  55. Winter Camping - Getting Into Good Lake - HD2009/04/20
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  56. Duluth Pack Behind the Scenes - HD2009/04/08
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  57. Snowshoeing Into the Devils Cascade - HD2009/03/23
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  58. Snowshoeing on the Little Indian Sioux River - HD2009/03/10
    With temperatures hovering in the upper 20s Jesse and I head out to the Little Indian Sioux River. We had paddled this trip last summer and were excited to see how different things would look in the winter. We encountered a slough of wolf tracks right down the middle of the trail and expiernce some amazing views of open water on the river.
  59. Snowshoeing into Hegman - HD2009/02/24
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  60. Angleworm HIking Trail - HD2009/02/10
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  61. Lakes One, Two, Three, and Four - HD2009/01/27
    Late in the summer with a few warm sunny days hanging around we head down the Fernberg road to Lake 1. The sun was shining down on us as we talk a little bit about orienteering as we paddle through Lakes 1, 2, 3 and to the edge of 4 where we stop for lunch. It was a very nice day to be out on the water. Its a beautiful trip to take late in the year.
  62. Leaving Knife Lake - HD2009/01/13
    After spending the day exploring around Knifes Lower Arm we packed up our camp and headed out. We took a different rout on the way out that brought us over a portage scraped down by the glaciers during the ice age. We traveled through Ensign Lake where we show off a nice campsite. Jim talks about the effect the deer have one the area as they continue to push north.
  63. Exploring Knifes Lower Arm - HD2008/12/30
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  64. Getting Into Knife Lake - HD2008/12/16
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  65. Fishing on Lac Lacroix - HD2008/11/04
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  66. Portage Maintenance - HD2008/10/14
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  67. Lac La Croix Painted Rocks - HD2008/09/30
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  68. Curtain Falls - HD2008/09/16
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  69. Getting Into Lac La Croix - HD2008/08/28
    Continuing our trip on the Nina Moose River and making our way onto the Boulder River we encountered a couple of deer. They didn’t seem too concerned about our canoes gliding by in the water as they munched on the grass by the waters edge.
  70. Nina Moose River - HD2008/08/19
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  71. BWCA_Ranger - HD2008/08/12
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  72. Devils Cascade - HD2008/08/05
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  73. Finishing the Mudro Trip - HD2008/07/22
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  74. Leaving Crooked Lake - HD2008/07/15
    Our last day on Crooked Lake was a great one. We had beautiful weather and a nice little current helping us along our way. We were lucky enough to watch some mergansers take off and a couple loons doing what they do best… Fishing…
  75. Crooked Lake Pictographs - HD2008/07/08
    The pictographs on Crooked Lake are not quite as vivid as the ones on North Hegman lake, but the location is just breathtaking. The cliff face coming up out of the water containing the pictographs creates mirrored images off the water that can look like abstract paintings.
  76. Lower Basswood Falls - HD2008/07/01
    On day two of our June camping trip we spend the day exploring around Lower Basswood Falls. It was a beautiful day out with the sun shining. The falls had a large volume of water flowing over them which really made for a great trip.
  77. Mudro Lake to Wheelbarrow Falls - HD2008/06/27
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  78. Hegman Lake and Painted Rocks - HD2008/06/17
    Hegman Lake is a great little day trip out of Ely. It has historic pictographs believed to have been painted by ojibwa native americans. If your into canoeing it's a great episode to check out.
  79. Table Rock Falls - HD2008/05/06
    Our first show in the water!! We were able to find some open water amidst the slush and icy shoreline. Our destination... Table Rock Falls. We encounter flocks of ducks rafted up on the lake feeding the falls, and some pretty amazing shots of the raging water surrounded by a snowy setting.
  80. Dehydrated Burger - HD2008/04/30
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  81. Valdez Glacier and Small Boat Harbor - HD2008/04/18
    A little side trip from the BWCA. My wife and I spent a week with my parents up in Valdez, Alaska. We did a little flying, snowshoeing, and checked out some of the boats down in the small boat harbor. It was a nice time visiting family.
  82. BWCACAST - Online Entry Permits and Bake Packer - HD2008/03/12

    A very popular topic in the forum today we’ll show you how to use the Bake Packer. Jim Aune takes us through the steps to make some delicious blueberry muffins right at camp.

    This is something I’m sure you’ll be throwing in your pack on your next adventure. Its a great way to have some variety at meal time. Hope you enjoy the show.
BWCACAST- High Definition Boundary Water Canoeing
A weekly high definition trip into the Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness.

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