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  1. African Americans and Autism, Falling through the Cracks2012/10/05
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  2. You Aut to Know - Models of Disability...Models for Autism2012/09/25
    Discussing autism and culture through the context of disability models.
  3. You Aut to Know Digest2012/09/06
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  4. You Aut to Know; Where to Put Your Guilt2012/08/30
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  5. You Aut to Know Radio2012/08/23
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  6. You Aut to Know Digest - Father's Day2011/06/19
    Happy Father's Day! Tonight join me as I discuss, raising children on the autism spectrum from a man's point of view, my husband. Call in with your insights or share them in the chat.
  7. Lisa Alexander from A Voice for Neli, Part 22011/06/12
    Last week we did not finish our conversation with Lisa, please join us again for Part 2.
  8. Lisa Alexander from A Voice for Neli/Fight Against Autism 2011/06/05
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  9. You Aut to Know Digest - To walk a mile in a person's shoes2011/05/29
    After taking a nine month hiatus, I am ready to get back to broadcasting and blogging. New perspective, new views and new guest to follow. Join me this Sunday May 29 @ 6:30 PM EST, LIVE (assuming we are all still here!!!!) only on YOU AUT TO KNOW!!

    ***After Show Note***
    Thanks to Erin for stopping by, check out her website - http://ihaveaspergers.webs.com/
  10. Adelaide Zinder from Home Office Mommy, only on You Aut To Know!2010/08/29
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  11. You Aut to Know Digest - Episode 2.8 - Finding Peace and Balance with your Child's Diagnosis2010/08/22
    Join Nicole for discussion about how to find balance in your family. As always autism news, views and resources. Also will be discussing upcoming guest show format and time changes. Show time - 45 minutes.
  12. You Aut to Know Digest - Episode 2.7 - Does my child have autism? What do I do next?2010/08/01
    Join Nicole, as she describes the process of identification, evaluation of autism and other disabilities and what to do next. How to obtain special education services and other things you may need to know. Call in with questions or join me in the chat.
  13. Examining the Influences of Autism with Dr. Cathie Lippman2010/07/25
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  14. Solutions for Challenging Autism Behaviors with Dr. Stephanie Mihalas only on You Aut to Know!2010/07/11
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  15. Lisa Alexander from A Voice for Neli/Fight Against Autism and Police Injustice, on You Aut to Know!2010/06/20
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  16. Can my child with Autism benefit from a Therapeutic Movement Program?2010/06/13
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  17. Debra Ginsberg joins Nicole only on You Aut to Know!2010/05/30
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  18. Jeff Schettler founder of Georgia K9 Service Dog Foundation, talks w/ Nicole on You Aut to Know!2010/05/23
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  19. Tony Lyons and Ken Siri authors of Cutting-Edge Therapies for Autism, join Nicole on You Aut to Know2010/05/16
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  20. Inspired by Autism author Claudreen Jackson, joins Nicole only on You Aut to Know!2010/04/25
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  21. You Aut to Know Digest - Episode 2.5 - How to improve Social Skills2010/04/18
    Today I talk about social skills, and some techniques to improve them for yourself and/or your child or adolescent on the autism spectrum. As always, news views and resources.
  22. Re-broadcast of Overlooking the Obvious, Sensory Designing for Autism2010/04/11
    Great episode from last season. How to sensory design for autism

    Will be back next week with brand new shows. Thanks for understanding.
  23. Re-broadcast of Susan Rzucidlo is Nicole's guest on You Aut to Know!2010/04/04
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  24. You Aut to Know Digest - Episode 2.4 - The Dirty Show2010/03/28
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  25. Mark Albertson in Nicole's guest on You Aut to Know!2010/03/21
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  26. You Aut to Know Digest - Episode 2.32010/03/14
    This episode Nicole will discuss how to set up a autism support system for your children and family. Autism news, views and resources.
  27. Psychic, Karen L. Garvey from The Answer's Unlimited is back on You Aut to Know!2010/03/07
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  28. Susan Rzucidlo is Nicole's guest on You Aut to Know!2010/03/01
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  29. Lindsey Nebeker is back! Insights from the Autism Spectrum2010/02/21
    Join Nicole as she welcomes back Lindsey Nebeker to continue their discussion from a few months back about autism, relationships and sex from the point of view of a a woman living with high functioning autism(HFA).
  30. You Aut to Know Digest - Episode 2.22010/02/14
    This week Nicole will be discussing - Continuing Education for parents, an overview of treatments, therapies and educational approaches you "aut" to know about. Questions and comments always welcome.
  31. You Aut to Know Digest - Episode 2.12010/02/07
    I'm back with more autism news and views to start of the new year!
    Join Nicole Flamer, mother of 3 on the spectrum as she gives her take on the news while sharing pertinent resources for families with autism. Don't be shy - call in or add your two cents to the live chat.
  32. Intro to Autism Advocacy2009/12/20
    Nicole will share her experience advocating for her children and others. Also will provide some beginning tips for parents who are tired of being timid and want to see their child get an appropriate education. Please call in with questions and scenarios.
  33. Autism and Reading with Dr Vicki Parker and Tanya Mitchell from Learning Rx2009/12/13
    Dr. Vicki Parker from Learning Rx in Charlotte NC and Tanya Mitchell from Learning Rx in Colorado Springs, CO join Nicole to discuss Autism and Reading. Please call in with your questions and comments.
  34. Can Educational Therapy Help My Child With Autism?2009/12/06
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  35. Bridget Lane, founder of One Mom on a Mission and Helping Hands Bakery talks to You Aut to Know!2009/11/22
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  36. How do I discipline my autistic child....& other challenges when you are parenting on the spectrum2009/11/15
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  37. Overlooking the Obvious, Sensory Designing for Autism2009/11/08
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  38. Jack E. George is Nicole's Special Guest on You Aut to Know!2009/11/01
    Join Nicole as she interviews Jack E. George author of The Autism Handbook. This book is an introduction to families and those newly learning about the disability. It also includes six case studies of students Jack taught in Special Education classes. Tune in and call in!
  39. Terri Jay, Intuitive Messenger will be Nicole's special guest on You Aut to Know!2009/10/25
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  40. Karen L. Garvey from The Answer's Unlimited will be Nicole's special guest on You Aut to Know!2009/10/18
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  41. Sex, Love and....Autism? Lindsey Nebeker on dating and relationships on the Autism Spectrum2009/10/11
    Lindsey Nebeker is a 27-year-old young woman diagnosed with HFA(high functioning autism). Join us, as we discuss her unique experience on the spectrum, her boyfriend Dave of 4 years, who also happens to be HFA as well and the challenges and success Lindsey faces as she creates her life.

    Check out this clip from Lindsey and Dave's appearance on Good Morning America
  42. You Aut to Know Digest - Crisis to Crisis2009/10/04
    Are you moving from one crisis to to the next crisis? Do you secretly like it?
    Nicole talks about the news and her views on the adrenaline rush of crisis living. Premiere new 30 minute format. (In other words, back up plan when there is no guest!)
  43. You Aut to Know Update2009/09/30
    Update from Sept 27 show, upcoming guest and information
  44. Dr. Vicki Parker of Learning Rx will be Nicole's guest on You Aut to Know!2009/09/20
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  45. Cindy Schneider of Acting Antics is Nicole's special guest on You Aut to Know2009/09/13
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  46. Do YOU have a life outside of your child's autism?2009/08/23
    Is autism your life or is your life all about autism? Is that okay? Nicole will discuss how to start living your own life while still being a great parent to your child who just happens to be on the autism spectrum. Upcoming Guest, Harmony Festival 2009 and news.
  47. What Are You Talking About?!2009/08/16
    Premiere Show. Welcome to You Aut to Know! Not your "typical" news and entertainment podcast about what's going on in the autism community.
    Hosted by Nicole
    Mother of 3 on the Autism Spectrum, Writer and Advocate
    A brief introduction to the host, format and purpose of this new weekly podcast.
You Aut to Know!
How does one raise three children diagnosed with autism? What kind of support to you need? Where do you go for help? Host Nicole Flamer is taking it to the next level sharing her unique story and balancing loving and living through the context of chaos, challenge and change.

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