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  1. First Year Study Method2016/02/11
    Episode 104: Dr. Dan answers a listener question about how to scramble up an effective study approach during the first semester of medical school. Getting Board Certified Hi, this is Dr. Dan here with both the Medical School Podcast. I am sorry, it has been awhile since I have issued a podcast. I finished residency […]
  2. Neurology lecture2014/10/21
    Episode 103: Brain trauma, intracranial tumors, birth defects and infections – all in the head.
  3. USMLE Nutrition and Eating Disorder2014/10/14
    Episode 102: This is a sample of the Master the USMLE audio program online at MMC.works NUTRITION I. Eating disorders – includes obesity, anorexia, bulimia Difference between anorexia and bulimia? A. Anorexia Distorted body image; women with anorexia can have distorted image; control issue; they have lost control of everything in their life, and the […]
  4. USMLE Lecture Notes and Scribes2014/10/07
    Episode 101: Note packets and syllabi usually have scribble notes all over them, but how can you judge, in a moment, whether you have high yield USMLE Step 1 notes in your hand? Listen to the podcast and find out how. USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes (click) While most are electronic now, beware. There is evidence […]
  5. Medical Mentorship in High Definition – MMC Mobile2014/10/01
    Episode 100: This special edition podcast highlights the conversion of MMC Mobile, with on-demand medical mentorship from any mobile device. www.MMC.works MMC Mobile – mentorship in High Definition Welcome to the Medical Mastermind Community, episode 100. This special edition is all about the mobile version and how you can go to the new mmc.works. That’s […]
  6. Osteopathic Residencies and D.O. Match Statistics2014/09/27
    Episode 99: Learn the 5 pathways possible for osteopathic physicians and their chances of matching into a residency. Osteopathic Residency Match and Scramble: Residency options: 5 pathways Board certification Malignant residency programs D.O. match and scramble rates NRMP Match and Scramble Course Further reading D.O’s or the Doctor of Osteopathic is a fully licensed physician […]
  7. The Seven Stage Clinical Career – Gone Mobile2014/09/15
    Episode 98: Learn about the coming MOBILE version of the MMC, plus Dr. Dan outlines the 7 Stages of a Medical Career in Development. Seven Career Stages and MMC Mobile updates TRANSCRIPT This episode is about the Seven Career Stages being in the palm of your hand. That’s right whether you’re listening to this on your […]
  8. Test Anxiety and Burnout – part 22014/04/01
    Episode 97: This concludes the discussion of the core research that went into the MMC anxiety intervention. Get anxious before tests? Good. A certain amount is what motivates you and is healthy. But what about when it becomes counterproductive? Listen to this podcast to hear how to tell the difference between normal anxiety in USMLE […]
  9. Test Anxiety and Burnout – part 12014/03/25
    Episode 96: Learn the facts about stress during USMLE Step 1 preparation. Download Slide Set: MS2 Lecture- Preventing Burnout While Preparing for USMLE Step 1 Burnout in Medical Students In this episode, you’ll learn the statistics behind the 5-30% prevalence of suicidal ideation among medical students. Depression is more common in residents than the general population. […]
  10. Choosing a Mentor in Medicine2014/03/18
    Episode 95: Learn what to look for in a mentor and how they can help you accomplish your goals. Download transcript: Choosing a Mentor Melinials Want Mentorship in Medicine In today’s episode, I’m going to be talking about how Millenials want even more mentorship, at least supposedly, than their predecessors. Specifically, I’m looking at an […]
  11. How to Deal with Critical Attendings2014/03/11
    Episode 95: Whether it’s inadequate note taking, or if something is missing here or there or mistake, or some kind of habit, let’s face it. Not all doctors are very good, at coaching mentoring, or teaching some of them are very [abrought 00:01:07] in some cultures and specialties. They pride themselves in being mean to […]
  12. What Residency Programs Are Looking For2014/03/04
    Episode 94: Learn what programs are looking for in an ERAS application. What draws people to psychiatry?  Interest in serving patients with chronic, severe mental illness. Enjoying psychotic patients can be a big determinant.  Fascination with neuroscience.  Strong interpersonal skills. Ability to engage and successfully navigate almost any typeof person.  Introspective […]
  13. Unveiling MMC Finances – Global Outreach Needs Your Help2014/02/25
    Episode 93: Doctor Dan reveals where the finances have gone and his best-kept secret all these years… I want to reveal my best kept secret. I say I want to. I’ve really hesitated, for the past 2 years, I’ve kept something from you. It’s been more than that, actually. Pretty much the whole time I’ve […]
  14. Oncology Lecture 3 – Cross-Synaptic Learning for the USMLE2014/02/18
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  15. The Incredible Shrinking Residency Crisis2014/02/11
    Episode 91: There aren’t enough residency positions for graduating medical students? It depends on the state; the forecast is grim. Download transcript: Stop Cutting Residency Positions More Medical Students Than Residency Positions As you may know and have probably heard there is becoming an increasing discrepancy between the number of graduating medical students and the […]
  16. USMLE changes in 2014 and beyond2014/02/04
    Episode 90: USMLE Step 3 is changing in 2014 and the rest will follow suit. Learn about the changes and new structure in this episode of the Medical School Podcast. Download transcript: USMLE Changes in 2014 and Beyond View image of changes: USMLE changes Dr. Dan: Welcome to the Medical School Podcast. I’m your host, Dr. […]
  17. How to Boost your USMLE Score and Lower Health Care Costs2014/01/25
    Episode 89: Tips for saving money in health care. And, calling all 2nd year medical students! It’s your time for a USMLE score boost! Download transcript: How to boost your USMLE Step 1 score and save health care costs The Dark Side of Medicine Today I’m going to be talking about the unveiling of the dark […]
  18. The Kiss of Death2014/01/06
    Episode 88: It’s a kiss because it’s something nice that you can frame and hang on your wall. It’s death because you’ll never be able to work as a doctor. Download Transcript: Kiss of Death Today’s episode is all about the kiss of death when it comes to a residency training. You never heard of […]
  19. Last Call – Hang in there2013/12/31
    Episode 87: Doctor Dan shouts the triumphant praises of one who is done with overnight call…forever. Hi, It’s Doctor Dan. I just wanted to record this brief special episode about my last call shift ever. Call is of course variable depending on where you work whether it’s night float system or twenty-four hour call in […]
  20. Cross-Synaptic Learning for USMLE: Shock, Swanz Ganz Catheters, and pH Derrangements2013/12/31
    Episode 86: Four categories of shock intuitively with respiratory and metabolic acidoses. Shock A. Causes of hypovolemic shock Diarrhea, blood loss, cholera, sweating, not DI (b/c losing pure water, and not losing Na, total body Na is NORMAL! Losing water from ICF; no signs of dehydration; when you lose salt, show signs of dehydration). Cross-Synaptic […]
  21. Cross-Synaptic Learning: A New Approach to USMLE Step 1 (Endocrinology example)2013/11/06
    Episode 85: This begins the audio series with the Cross-Synaptic learning approach. USMLE topics are taught while universal principles are pointed out that refer to other topics or physiologic processes. These lectures will be saved online in the MMC and are expected to be completed in 2014. Cross-Synaptic Learning approach for the USMLE Step 1 […]
  22. How to decrease stress during exam week2012/06/23
    Episode 84: You aren’t going to believe how simple it can be to decrease stress during exam week. Seriously, you’re not going to want to hear this. Be Prepared For Tests Despite all you may have heard about how to decrease stress during exam weeks, I have a theory. See, I believe that if you’re […]
  23. USMLE Pharmacology of Antipsychotics2012/03/03
    Episode 83: This is the second in our series of Gold Standard USMLE Audio Reviews covering the antipsychotic medications. Let me know if your medical school uses a systems-based curriculum; if so we’ll organize the DVD-ROMs according to your block schedule if you’re interested. History of Schizophrenia [ad#300×250] I. Brief History Kahlbaum ———Catatonia Hecker ————-Hebephrenia […]
  24. USMLE Pharmacology of Asthma2012/02/18
    Episode 82: Sample the Gold Standard USMLE Audio Reviews in this episode – decide for yourself if you like this Pharmacology of Asthma sample from a professional audiobook. If you do, we have an entire collection for every USMLE and medical school you take! Listen to the podcast here… I. A-a gradient – know how […]
  25. How the NRMP Match Day Algorithm Works2012/02/04
    Episode 81: Match Day is around the corner and your certified rank order list is almost due. Do you put every program you interviewed on your list? What happens if you don’t get your first choice? Should you put a very competitive place as number 1? At the time I published this podcast (Feb. 3, […]
  26. How To Study Best On Clinical Rotations2011/10/10
    Episode 80: Learn how to maximize your clinical experience for test day. In this episode you’ll learn one of only two study goals during residency. Also, discover which phase of the exam cycle people are neglecting and a new resource that will help you maximize your clinical experience for test day. “Research shows that only […]
  27. Surviving The First Month Of Medical School2011/09/25
    Episode 79: Experience second-hand what it’s like to go through the first month of medical school. This podcast hits the highlights of a live teleconference of our Mastermind Community. Listen in… In September, 2011, two Mastermind members that are First Year Medical Students that took time on a Saturday morning to share their early experiences […]
  28. Medical Ethics 1022011/08/01
    Episode 78: Did you know that without a Right of Sepulcher a gay/lesbian partner can be excluded from end-of-life care decisions and even funerals? Medical Ethics for Gay and Lesbian Couples Wills Parental rights Gay/lesbian/unmarried legal issues in time of incapacitation or death
  29. Medical Ethics 1012011/07/01
    Episode 77: Discover sage advice you can use to counsel your patients with difficult family circumstances, end-of-life issues, and non-traditional “families”. Medical Ethics Welcome to Part 1 of this 2-part series of interviews with Attorney Dara Strickland. Advanced directives Medical power of attorney End of life issues release of body at time of death
  30. What to do in the Summer Before Medical School?2011/06/01
    Episode 76: Learn from two medicine insiders the best and worst things to do before medical school starts. Discussion Points: Stories about what we did after college before med school -recognize non-traditional students and paths Did we read anything medical related? -did we feel prepared -what did we wish we did -what was useful or […]
  31. Unions for Medical Students and Residents2011/05/03
    Episode 75: Did you know that resident unions have been forming in recent years? And with success? House Officer Unions Successful Dr. Sklar and colleagues published a report on the first 3 years of progress of a resident union at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. There were definite gains in physician professionalism and […]
  32. Do Caribbean Medical Schools Suck? part 22011/03/24
    Episode 74: This is where I ask him the big question – you don’t want to miss his answer and the reason he gives for it! Caribbean Medical Schools This is the final reveal! Take a listen and see exactly why people complain about the quality of medical students coming from “some” Caribbean medical schools. […]
  33. Do Caribbean Medical Schools Suck?2011/03/19
    Episode 73: Yes, you read that right! You won’t believe your ears on this one… The opinions expressed by this eye witness do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Premedical Solutions, LLC or the Medical Mastermind Community and affiliates. Our hope is simply to encourage communication and an open dialogue about what is happening in […]
  34. Top 5 Time Management Tips2011/03/03
    Episode 72: Learn about time inventories, respecting deadlines, goal setting, audio notes and more… Time Management Strategies For Medical School Do a time inventory and schedule time inventories every 3 weeks. Set goals. Set specific tasks with time frames Use an organizational system (use David Allen’s 2-minute rule) Physical fitness Use peak performance times Clean […]
  35. Physicians Need Help Too: An Interview…2011/02/28
    Episode 71: Listen to this live Mastermind Webinar with rural physician, Dr. David Yale. Learn, first-hand, what it takes to practice rural medicine in the 21st Century. In this episode we are going to meet a rural physician. He is the real deal. He practices rural primary care. And when I say rural, I […]
  36. Your Fatigue Prescription2011/02/17
    Episode 70: How tired can YOU get in medical school? Find out what to do about it and how to prevent it in this episode of the Medical School Podcast. Medical School Fatigue is a Serious Problem Dr. Linda Clever will tell you what you can do about it in this episode of the Medical […]
  37. Gold Standard USMLE Step 1 Samples2011/01/14
    Episode 69: Doctor Dan landed an exclusive interview with the ONLY licensed distributor of Gold Standard USMLE and USMLE Help. Listen here… Want all 200 hours of USMLE Step 1 through Step 3? When you enroll in the Basic Science Years membership, you get instant access to the USMLE Help Step 1 Biochemistry audio program, […]
  38. How to Ace an Exam in Medical School: A medical student interview.2010/12/24
    Episode 68: Larry Johnston from Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine tells us exactly what he did to ace his medical school Histology and Biochemistry exams. You don’t want to miss this one… Medical School Genius About 1 in 3,000 people can be considered genius. But what if genius were defined as the assimilation […]
  39. Live Webinars2010/12/23
    The live, interactive Webinars are one of the staples of the Medical Mastermind Community. All members have experienced the Webinars, either live with Doctor Dan or by watching a video tutorial created from the Live Webinar recordings. “The MMC is loaded with recorded Webinars.” On a given Webinar, we have people at all levels of […]
  40. Fourth-Time Applicant, Five Acceptances: What happened?2010/12/17
    Episode 67: Heather De Anda got accepted to her number 1 medical school yesterday and granted us an interview. She shares her “classic mistakes” in previous application years and provides great advice to the struggling premeds, though these principles can be applied to all of us – at any level! Classic Mistakes in Medical School […]
  41. A 5th Step on a Podcast? The truth about the U.T. Houston Emergency Medicine Residency Program2010/11/04
    Episode 66: Discover the dark side of medicine with this insightful podcast. Learn a useful tool to help you make decisions when you’re burned out. And learn how to find out where Dr. Dan will be interviewing so you can meet him when he’s in town! The “5th Step” comes from the 12-Step community and […]
  42. Atrophy, hypertrophy, hyperplasia, metaplasia, and dysplasia2010/10/05
    Episode 65: This episode covers atrophy, hypertrophy, metaplasia, dysplasia, and hyperplasia. Listen to the podcast here… Adaptations to environmental stress: Growth alterations A. Atrophy: Diagnosis: the decrease in tissue mass and the cell decreases in size. The cell has just enough organelles to survive, ie less mitochondria then normal cells, therefore, just trying to ‘eek’ […]
  43. Contract Negotiations for Physicians2010/09/21
    Episode 64: Doctor Dan interviews Kasey Gahler, an independent financial adviser with experience in physicians’ financial concerns. Learn how contacts can possibly affect your financial planning decisions in the future. Contract Reviews For Physicians Disclaimer: this is NOT legal advice; always review contracts for legal aspects with your lawyer. Physician Salary Is the offer competitive […]
  44. Interview Skills2010/08/13
    Episode 63: Learn how to ace your interviews for medical school and residency program admissions. Doctor Dan speaks from a lot of experience to bring you this concise volume. From saving money and resting to practicing your Success Stories and being up on current events, your mind will be fully armed to take on the […]
  45. Integrative Medicine2010/08/10
    Episode 62: What is the evidence for acupuncture, Yoga, and vitamin therapy? Doctor Dan interviews Dr. Ronald Stram, founder of the Center for Integrative Health and Healing. Integrative Medicine Training After becoming board certified in Emergency Medicine, Dr. Stram did a fellowship at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. Evidenced-Based Holistic Medicine Here are two […]
  46. Motherhood In Medicine2010/07/27
    Episode 61: Doctor Dan interviews co-founder of MommyMDGuides.com, Jennifer Reich. Learn how women physicians balance motherhood with medical practice. Pregnant Physicians It is estimated that some 20,000 women have a child at some point in their medical education and as many as 50,00 men and women become parents during this process. Parenthood is clearly an […]
  47. Cancer Part 2: USMLE Step 1 Prep2010/07/20
    Episode 60: This is Part 2 of the very long Cancer Podcast. Dr. Dan covers Grade versus Stage, paraneoplastic syndromes, and a high-yield list of the most common causes of the various cancers. Cancers and Associated Diseases – Part II Xeroderma pigmentosa – sun exposed areas, auto recessive, can cause all skin cancers (BCC, SCC, […]
  48. Plastic Surgery Specialty Options2010/07/13
    Episode 59: Doctor Dan interviews Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour, a Cosmetic Surgeon. Dr. Fardad is a Board-Certified surgeon and one of only three physicians authorized to run his own Surgical Fellowship in Southern California. He has trained surgeons from all over the world. Dr. Fardad is also the inventor of the Umbilical Locator which was designed […]
  49. Mind-Body Medicine and Alternative Health Approaches2010/07/06
    Episode 58: Doctor Dan interviews Oleg Reznik, M.D., author of The Secrets of Medical Decision Making. He is an expert in Mind-Body medicine and is currently faculty at The American Institute for Mental Imagery. Medical Decision Making When we seek medical advice we’re hoping that a physician will always offer us what is in our […]
  50. Edema2010/06/29
    Episode 57: In this episode, Doctor Dan discusses types and causes of edema, Starlings forces of oncotic and hydrostatic pressure, and gives relevant clinical examples that demonstrate each type. Listen to the podcast here… Fluid and Hemodynamics I. Edema – excess fluid in the interstitial space, which is extracellular fluid (ECF); this is outside the […]
  51. U.T. Houston Medical School – Work Life Program2010/06/22
    Episode 56: Doctor Dan interviewed Sam Hester from the Work-Life Program at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. Work Life Balance in Medical School VISIT THE UT WORK LIFE WEB SITE WorkLife Balance Free, confidential articles (3,000) and resources to assist employees with balance in their work and personal lives. Relocation Counseling Cross-country […]
  52. How to Share Your Faith in Medical Practice2010/06/15
    Episode 55: Doctor Dan was interviewed by the head of the Christian Medical and Dental Association, a strong organization that hosts meetings on most medical school campuses. CMDA’s Life Support Podcast I originally invited them to our podcast and they decided to air it on their own podcast series called Life Support. We talk about […]
  53. Cell membrane defects, cell cycle, and cancer drugs2010/06/08
    Episode 54: Learn about the spectrin defect causing spherocytosis, the ubiquitination of damages intracellular constituents, different types of cells, regulation of the cell cycle, and cancer drugs. Listen to the full podcast here… I. Cell Membrane Defects A. RBC membrane defect: Spherocytosis is a defect in spectrin within RBC cell membrane; if you can’t see […]
  54. Interview with a Transplant Patient2010/06/01
    Episode 53: Meet Mark Black: double organ transplant recipient, marathon runner turned motivational speaker. Boy, does he ever have some insight directed towards medical students. Congenital Heart Defect Podcast Cardiac Surgeries His surgeries started at one day old for a congenital heart defect. Ventricular Arrhythmias By the age of 21 he had frequent ventricular tachycardia […]
  55. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fybromyalgia2010/05/25
    Episode 52: In this episode, Doctor Dan interviews Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, a physician who got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a result of a viral infection while in medical school. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: CFS can result from a variety of causes and is most commonly idiopathic. The condition can be devastating, as Dr. Teitelbaum describes in […]
  56. Tissue Repair from Cellular Injury2010/05/18
    Episode 51: Doctor Dan covers tissue repair and cellular response to injury in the kidney, lungs and nervous system. Also, get a quick review of inflammation in general to keep your memory fresh. Listen to the podcast here… I. Tissue Repair Scar tissue (b/c its permanent tissue); scar tissue (fibrous tissue) does not contract; therefore, […]
  57. Strategies for USMLE Exam Day2010/05/11
    Episode 50: This is the first guest series lecture targeted for residents, but these “Test Day” strategies apply for the USMLE, MCAT, and every shelf exam you’ll ever take. Test Taking Strategies For The Boards The United States Medical Licensing Examinations, ABIM, and ABFM focus their content for the general, undifferentiated medical practitioner (GUMP). Board […]
  58. Inflammation2010/05/04
    Episode 49: The original recording is very long for this topic because it covers, inflammatory mediators, phagocytosis and opsonization, complement and arachadonic acid, and cluster designations. Listen to the podcast here… I. Acute Inflammation A. Cardinal signs of inflammation In the scenario with a bee sting: you will see redness (Tubor). The king of vasodilators […]
  59. Interview with Napoleon Hill Foundation educator Judy Williamson2010/04/27
    Bonus Episode: Learn about Mastermind Groups from the Education Director for the Napoleon Hill Foundation World Learning Center. Napoleon Hill Foundation Podcast Judy Williamson – World Learning Center I’m very grateful that she donated some time and guidance to our Medical Mastermind Community. After all, I organized our community as a Mastermind organization after reading […]
  60. The Health Care Reform Bill (H.R. 3590)2010/04/26
    Bonus Episode: Learn exactly what is in the Health Care bill. In this video, Dr. Dan explains exactly how he will unveil the full contents of the Health Care bill so that you don’t have to read it yourself. Unbiased Actually bipartisan (is that still possible?) Register for the conference: Page 183 Establishment of Community […]
  61. Apoptosis, Necrosis and Calcification – USMLE Step 1 MP3’s Notes2010/04/20
    Episode 48: In this episode, you’ll learn about cell death, types of necrosis and lots of examples of pathophysiologic states that exemplify each condition. Listen to the podcast here… Apoptosis – Programmed cell death Normal functions of apoptotic genes – “programmed to die” (theory). (1) embryo – small bowel got lumens from apoptosis. (2) King […]
  62. Princeton Review for the USMLE Step 12010/04/13
    Episode 47: This week I interviewed Carvell Nguyen, MD, PhD from Princeton Review. He is a Master Trainer for the USMLE. Listen here for the full podcast… For 15 years, Dr. Nguyen has been teaching for Princeton Review – ever since he took his MCAT! Now, he travels the globe training Princeton Review’s trainers and […]
  63. Free Radicals – USMLE Step 1 MP3’s and Lecture Notes2010/04/06
    Episode 46: Learn all about bronchopulmonary dysplasia’s pathophysiology, tylenol overdoses and treatment, and hydroxyl free radicals. Listen to the podcast here… Free Radicals The liver’s brownish pigment is lipofuscin (seen on gross pic; can also be hemosiderin, bilirubin, etc; therefore need to have a case with the gross pic); end products of free radical damage […]
  64. Preventive Medicine for the USMLE2010/04/01
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  65. Dr. Goljan – Inspired MP3’s – lesson on hypoxia2010/03/30
    Episode 44: Welcome to this bi-weekly series of Goljan-inspired USMLE review MP3’s. I’ll go through my personal notes that I used to prepare for Step 1 first, then Step 2 Clinical Knowledge. My style is more direct, no stories or shame on you if you’re not studying enough. Get access to all of the MP3’s […]
  66. Osteopathic Residency Match Statistics and Career Options2010/03/29
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  67. The Scramble: Filling Unfilled Residency Slots After The NRMP Match2010/03/28
    Episode 42: Learn how to get insider access to the FULL version of this Match and Scramble Course. Doctor Dan unveils intimate parts of his medical education journey and gives Mastermind members exclusive access to behind-the-scenes video tutorials on the Scramble and Electronic Residency Application Service. Watch the full video podcast here… Every year there […]
  68. International Medical Graduate Requirements For US Residencies2010/03/27
    Episode 41: In this video podcast Doctor Dan unveils hidden residency program requirements that affect previous graduates and those that attended medical schools outside the United States. Also, there is a 4-step process for how to apply to U.S. Residencies if you don’t have U.S. citizenship or a green card. Watch the full video podcast […]
  69. USMLE Competition for Residency and Specialty Fill Rates2010/03/26
    Episode 40: Every year there are empty residency positions left over after Match Day. In this video podcast, learn the average USMLE scores for matched and unmatched NRMP applicants, as well as how competitive different residencies are. Watch the full video podcast here… In the last 18 years, competition has been rising: –1,100 new residency […]
  70. How To Rank Your US Medical Residency Choices For The Match2010/03/25
    Episode 39: Choosing your favorite residencies can be a very tough decision. Everyone has different priorities, but most of them revolve around a handful of central themes. Learn how to make sure that your deliberation isn’t wasted as Doctor Dan shows you how to certify your rank order list. Watch the full video podcast here… […]
  71. Medical Residency Program Admission Requirements2010/03/24
    Episode 38: This video podcast discusses hidden residency program requirements which cause many thousands of wasted fees to be spent by International Medical Graduates every year. These can even apply to U.S. Nationals that go to Caribbean medical schools or those that have non-traditional residency pathways. Watch the full video podcast here… So far in […]
  72. Time-Sensitive Announcement2010/03/23
    Have you registered for the 3rd Annual Medical School Conference in Dallas, this Memorial Day? May 29-30th at the Wyndham Hotel at Dallas Love Field. We have a lot of Sponsors for the event and registration is an optional $35 if you you want the Printed Handouts. REGISTER HERE See you there, Doctor Dan
  73. To how many residencies should you apply?2010/03/23
    Episode 37: This video podcast will explain how many residency programs you should apply to based on your categorical background (allopath, osteopath, Caribbean, IMG, etc.) Based on the match rates of each category, general guidelines have emerged on the optimal number of applications needed to give you a statistical advantage to match to one program. […]
  74. Match Day and Scramble Week – will you be ready?2010/03/22
    Episode 36: Did you know you find out if you’ve matched 2 days before Match Day? Learn all the ins-and-outs of the National Residency Match Program (NRMP) schedule so you don’t succumb to the common pitfalls that students and graduates get into every year. Watch the entire video podcast here… Every year about 13% either […]
  75. What are your chances of matching to a U.S. Medical Residency?2010/03/21
    Episode 35: Learn the your chance of matching based on your background: allopathic, osteopathic, Caribbean, International Medical Graduates. No opinions here – only data released by the NRMP, AOA, and ACGME about the match rates of residency applicants. Watch the entire video podcast here… Here’s an overview the match rates for medical school graduates from […]
  76. Who is your competition for the Residency Match?2010/03/20
    Episode 34: Did you know that 23% of physicians in the United States graduated from foreign medical schools? Furthermore, over half of the increase in residency applicants contributing to increased competition in the last 18 years are coming from outside the U.S. Learn all about the Match Applicant Pool in this video podcast. Watch the […]
  77. The MCAT Elite use Verbal Virtuoso!2010/03/19
    Episode 33: Doctor Dan interviews Tanvir Kabir from the MCAT Elite course and Verbal Virtuoso, both successful programs guaranteed to raise your MCAT score. Hear his insider techniques that he uses to teach these successful programs. Plus be entertained by his gauntlet challenge to other MCAT teachers! Listen to the podcast here… Tanvir Kabir put […]
  78. How to successfully match to a U.S. medical residency2010/03/18
    Episode 32: Learn about the three categories of medical graduates from all over the world applying for the match: first are the US graduates, second are US Nationals that go to International Medical Schools, and lastly Non-US immigrants coming from one of the 2,161 schools. The question is how you can successfully apply for the […]
  79. Princeton Review Test-Taking Skills2010/03/18
    Episode 31: Princeton Review author Chris Manuel explains how to approach tests DURING the exam. He has written content for Princeton Review MCAT and developed 2 in-house Prep Courses, called Ultimate MCAT and Holiday Hell. Listen to the podcast here… Chris Manuel has taught 1,800 students and now trains MCAT teachers at the Princeton Review. […]
  80. Renal Physiology USMLE Step 1 MP3’s for Members Only2010/03/17
    Bonus Episode: What do you think of these new USMLE Podcasts? Doctor Dan teaches pathophysiology and physiologic responses of the kidney to various disease states, including primary aldosteronism, DKA, SIADH and diabetes insipidus as examples. Listen to the podcast here… Renal Physiology A. ECF/ICF ECF (1/3) = extracellular fluid of two compartments – vascular (1/3) […]
  81. Study Techniques DURING Your Exam2010/03/16
    Episode 30: Learn study techniques to use DURING an exam. This is a nice adjunct to the CD of the Month Club’s Comprehensive Study Techniques, because that CD focuses on techniques to manage a semester or test cycle – not really a single exam! Listen to the 16 minute podcast here… When the test starts: […]
  82. Spirituality In Medicine2010/03/10
    Episode 29: Learn how to help your patients’ healing by acknowledging their spiritual beliefs, staying emotionally vulnerable, and even being open to a spiritual journey of your own. Listen to the podcast here… In the last podcast, we discussed the contrast between out perfectionist, type-A personality and the objective information overload that exists in medical […]
  83. Perfectionism versus the Imposter Phenomenon2010/03/03
    Episode 28: I’ve heard of perfectionism, but is the Imposter Phenomenon like being abducted by aliens? No, most medical students do it early in the first year of medical school and Pre-Meds usually live that way! Listen to the podcast here… If a physician is honest with herself, she will have to admit that sometimes […]
  84. Anatomy of a Bad Residency Program2010/02/24
    Episode 27: In this episode, Doctor Dan pours out his heart in order to save heartache for hundreds of medical residents and students every year. This passionate topic is very controversial, so he uses statistics and the scientific method to make an argument for the existence of malignant residencies. Listen to the 12 minute podcast […]
  85. MedFools.com – more than just scut sheets!2010/02/17
    Episode 26: Dr. Dan interviews Dr. Ken Lin from MedFools.com. This is a great Mastermind community Spirit because he helped students coming up behind him all the way from medical school and even now as a practicing physician. Listen to the 30 minute podcast here… Dr. Ken Lin has been devoting countless hours to helping […]
  86. Residency Match and Scramble Course2010/02/10
    Bonus Episode: In this unscheduled episode, Doctor Dan outlines his entire 12-part video series detailing everything you need to know about getting a medical residency in the United States. Learn all about match statistics, Caribbean versus International Medical Graduate comparisons, and USMLE competition. There’s simply too much to describe in words. Listen to this podcast […]
  87. Medical School Exams2010/02/10
    Episode 25: There’s nothing like block exams, with 2-4 weeks straight of tests. How do you cope? Learn where to get real exam questions to use for practice so that you can adjust your study techniques ahead of time and predict how well you’ll do on the real exam. Listen to the 23 minute podcast […]
  88. You Asked, I Answered2010/02/03
    Episode 24: The Medical-Mastermind-Community.com survey results are in! In this episode, Doctor Dan answers listener questions and directs you to resources that will further help you in your medical education journey. Do you have a question for Doctor Dan? If so, please submit your questions on the new “Request Topics” link, below in the show […]
  89. Time-Sensitive Announcements2010/02/02
    3rd Annual Medical School LIFE Conference will be May 29-30, 2010. The first one was a weekend series for the American Medical Student Association chapter at the University of Houston. Out of those conferences, the Pre-Med DVD Course was build as a sort of basic training. The following year charter members of the Medical Mastermind […]
  90. How I learned To Study For Medical School2010/01/27
    Episode 23: Doctor Dan gives away secrets about his preparation for medical school, integration of speed reading techniques, and his major tenant of goal setting for EACH reading session. These show notes also reveal key insights into discovering your own, innate learning style. Listen to this 33 minute podcast here… Where did you get your […]
  91. Medical Mastermind Groups2010/01/19
    Episode 22: Experience the instant refreshment of sharing your everyday experience with peers – of all levels of training! You can have a scientific literature presentation on any topic you choose. Doctor Dan explains the concept of these groups and how he’s merged another genre into what he now calls the Medical Mastermind Group. Listen […]
  92. 20+ USMLE / COMLEX Books Online – for the price of 12010/01/13
    Episode 21: What USMLE book should you buy? How about all of them! In this interview with Kiran Bellubbi, I unveil a new collaboration project for the USMLE and COMLEX. You can now get online access to multiple publishers’ titles for less than the cost of one book!! Listen to this 30 minute podcast here… […]
  93. How To Study Medicine2010/01/06
    Episode 20: Learn your innate learning style, 14 study techniques, 6 types of material you encounter in medical school and premed courses, 5-Step Study Method, and a cheat sheet that integrates all of these tools into one printable checklist to staple to the front of your notes for a particular test. Listen to the 39 […]
  94. Tutoring On The Internet: grad students rule!2010/01/05
    Episode 19: Ever wish you had the T.A. in your pocket? Well, now you can. In this interview with Liam Martin, we discuss a revolutionary new tutoring program for Pre-Med prerequisites that is completely over the internet and telephone. Now you can have a grad student coaching you on study techniques, high yield facts, and […]
  95. Physician Work-Life Balance: Phase 5 is reemerging priorities2010/01/05
    Episode 18: Dr. Dan explains how you can avoid being among the majority of physicians dissatisfied in their work. By looking at the literature and physician surveys you can avoid mistakes that thousands of doctors are making in their career decisions and goals. Listen to the 33 minute podcast here… This podcast is all about […]
  96. Malignant Residency Programs2009/12/31
    Episode 17: Discover the best-kept secrets of Interview Day. Here Dr. Dan explains what things to keep in mind when choosing a medical school and residency – by learning what the scientific literature says our challenges are. Listen to the 48 minute podcast here… From disappointment with yourself, peers and program directors to the U.S. […]
  97. How To Survive Medical School2009/12/24
    Episode 16: Learn the research that shows what it takes to separate successful medical students from those who fail. This is Phase 3 (Assimilati0n) in the Evolution of a Physician In Training, part of Dr. Dan’s Physician Wellness Initiative. Do you pass the test? Listen to the 17 minute podcast here… No amount of preparation […]
  98. Adapting To The Overwhelm: Med School Life 1012009/12/17
    Episode 15: Drinking water from a fire hydrant? Learn what the scientific literature says about the medical school experience. Everyone gets overwhelmed, but what separates those that are successful from those who fail? Listen to this 37 minute podcast as Dr. Dan outlines this important phase in the development of the future physician. The first […]
  99. Don’t Wait To Be Happy2009/12/10
    Episode 14: Are you a perpetual people pleaser? Did it start as a Pre-Med? Dr. Dan reviews a recent article published by The New Physician in which the reasons for premed student unhappiness are exposed. “Basically, you just need to do what makes you happy – and stop worrying about what some admissions committee is […]
  100. Writing Essays For Your Application2009/10/01
    Episode 13: Learn the 10 steps to creating a clear, compelling essay for your application to residency or medical school. There are 5 things that you MUST do and 5 things you must NEVER do. Do you know what they are? Why is the personal essay the most important thing to start with after you’ve […]
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