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PRI: Echoes Interviews

  1. Echoes Podcast: Liminal Drifter - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/09/06
    Liminal Drifter phases into the Echoes Podcast. Dr. Simon Order to create an electronic music that is often born of nightmares. The Australian-based artist sees it as a kind of therapy.
  2. Echoes Podcast: The Nightcrawlers & Chuck Van Zyl - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/08/30
    The Nightcrawlers and Chuck Van Zyl take us to Philadelphia’s 1980s electronic scene. These children of German Space music talk about finding their own, Philalectric Sound in Echoes Podcast.
  3. Echoes Podcast: Adam Werner’s Windham Hill Dreams - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/08/23
    Guitarist Adam Werner is a child of Windham Hill Records. He’s a former heavy metal guitarist who fell in love with Windham Hill Records. Hear his story in the Echoes Podcast.
  4. Echoes Podcast: Interview With John McLaughlin - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/08/16
    Guitarist John McLaughlin talks about the psychedelic 60s, spirit transformations and returning to the music of the Mahavishnu Orchestra with Jimmy Herring in Echoes Podcast.
  5. Michelle Qureshi in Echoes Podcast - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/08/09
    Michelle Qureshi is a classically trained guitarist but she’s gone beyond that in her ambient landscapes that mix multiple instruments and electronics. She talks about it in Echoes Podcast.
  6. Echoes Podcast: Sherry Finzer, Majestica and Tom Moore - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/08/03
    In Echoes Podcast, flutist Sherry Finzer and her New Age circle including Cass Anawaty from Majestica and multi-instrumentalist and ambient meditation composer Tom Moore.
  7. Echoes Podcast: FLOW & The Moody Blues - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/07/26
    Flow & Moody Blues in Echoes Podcast
  8. Echoes Podcast: Lisa Gerrard and The Bulgarian Voices - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/07/19
    Dead Can Dance Singer Lisa Gerrard recorded an album with The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices called Boocheemish. We talk to her and the album's producers in the Echoes Podcast.
  9. Echoes Podcast: Best of 2018, So Far - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/07/12
    Take a dive into 5 albums from The Best of Echoes 2018, So Far in the Echoes Podcast including albums by Talitha Rise, Khruangbin, Ian Boddy and Erik Wøllo, Klaus Schulze and Solomon Grey.
  10. Talitha Rise in Echoes Podcast - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/06/29
    Imagine the sound of pre-pop Genesis with a dash of Fleetwood Mac and a singer of folk-like purity and you've got the sound of Shriekback with singer Jo Beth Young. Hear her story on Echoes.
  11. Echoes Podcast: Loreena McKennitt’s Lost Souls - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/06/29
    On the Echoes Podcast, John Diliberto finds Loreena McKennitt's Lost Souls.
  12. Echoes Podcast: All India Radio tunes-in a world fusion - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/06/14
    On the Echoes Podcast, we go back eight years to talk with Martin Kennedy of All India Radio.
  13. Echoes Podcast: Khruangbin’s trans-global psychedelic sound - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/06/07
    On the Echoes Podcast, Khruangbin talks about their sound, which mixes Thai pop, gospel, acid rock and krautrock.
  14. Echoes Podcast: Loreena McKennitt’s Lost and Found - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/05/31
    On the Echoes Podcast, Loreena McKennitt talks about Lost Souls, a new collection of old songs.
  15. Echoes Podcast: Jeff Greinke’s Ambient Arizona - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/05/24
    On the Echoes Podcast, a pioneer of ambient chamber music, Jeff Greinke. He has a new album called Before Sunrise that uses the night skies of southern Arizona as an inspiration.
  16. Echoes Podcast: Brian Eno at 70 - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/05/17
    Brian Eno's 70th Birthday is celebrated in the Echoes podcast with four interview features with Eno and associates like Robert Fripp, David Sylvian, Loop Guru and more.
  17. Podcast Special: Glenn Branca R.I.P. - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/05/15
    Composer Glenn Branca died on May 13. His “guitar armies” created a wall of distorted overtone layers with multiple guitars. We go back to an early interview in Echoes Podcast.
  18. Echoes Podcast: Paul Horn’s Inside at 50 - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/05/10
    On the Echoes Podcast, a Flashback 50 to one of the seminal albums of the New Age, Paul Horn’s Inside. Recorded inside the Taj Mahal, it was a landmark release when it came out in 1968.
  19. Echoes Podcast: Chuck Van Zyl of Star’s End - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/05/03
    Electronic artist Chuck Van Zyl is a child of German electronic sounds of the 70s, He's keeping that alive on his Stars End Radio and in his own music. He talks about it in Echoes Podcast.
  20. Echoes Podcast: Holger Czukay - Interview Podcast – Echoes2018/04/26
    Holger Czukay, a founding member of iconoclastic rock band Can and a master of sound collage, the proto-typical sample artist. Learn about him in the Echoes Podcast.
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