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Nature's Past: A Podcast of the Network in Canadian History and Environment

  1. Nature's Past - Episode One2008/12/18
    The environmental history of the Don River and web resources
  2. Nature's Past - Episode Two2009/01/19
    A discussion of resource development in BC including a look at hydro electric dam construction and an interview about the Stikine Plateau
  3. Nature's Past - Episode Three2009/02/16
    An extended interview with John Sandlos about wildlife conservation in the Canadian Northwest Territories
  4. Nature's Past - Episode Four2009/03/16
    Ken Cruikshank speaks about environmental justice and the history of Hamilton, Ontario's waterfront since 1955.
  5. Nature's Past - Episode Five2009/04/23
    Wolf Read discusses the history of windstorms in British Columbia's Lower Mainland
  6. Nature's Past - Episode Six2009/05/19
    A special episode on teaching environmental history
  7. Nature's Past - Episode Seven2009/06/14
    The E-Waste crisis and an interview with Giles Slade, author of Made to Break
  8. Nature's Past - Episode Eight2009/07/14
    The history of Aboriginal people and natural resource conflict in Canada
  9. Nature's Past - Episode Nine2009/09/21
    Environmental history graduate studies in Canada
  10. Nature's Past - Episode Ten2009/10/21
    Digital Technologies and Environmental History
  11. Nature's Past - Episode Eleven2009/11/22
    Animals, History, and the Environment
  12. Nature's Past - Episode Twelve2010/01/18
    Industrialization in subarctive environments
  13. Nature's Past - Episode Thirteen2010/03/03
    New Directions in Urban Environmental History
  14. Nature's Past - Episode Fourteen2010/04/19
    Management of the Newfoundland cod collapse.
  15. Nature's Past - Episode Fifteen2010/05/26
    The history of forestry education in Canada.
  16. Nature's Past - Episode Sixteen2010/09/28
    The industrialization of agriculture.
  17. Nature's Past - Episode Seventeen2010/10/29
    Virtual Field Trips, Automobiles, and Global Commodity Chains.
  18. Nature's Past - Episode Eighteen2010/11/21
    Local and Regional Parks.
  19. Nature's Past - Episode Nineteen2011/01/24
    Metropolitanism and Environmental History.
  20. Nature's Past - Episode Twenty2011/02/27
    The 1918-1919 Influenza Epidemic in Winnipeg.
  21. Nature's Past - Episode Twenty One2011/03/30
    Migratory Birds on the Pacific Flyway
  22. Nature's Past - Episode Twenty Two2011/05/15
    A Century of Parks Canada
  23. Nature's Past - Episode Twenty Three2011/05/25
    Writing the Next Chapter of Canadian Environmental History
  24. Nature's Past - Episode Twenty Four2011/09/21
    Draining the Wet Prairie
  25. Nature's Past - Episode Twenty Five2011/10/26
    National Parks Beyond the Nation
  26. Nature's Past - Episode Twenty Six2011/11/30
    Environmental History as Public History
  27. Nature's Past - Episode Twenty Seven2012/01/25
    Wildlife Histories
  28. Nature's Past - Episode Twenty-Eight2012/02/22
    Winnipeg Beach
  29. Nature's Past - Episode Twenty-Nine2012/03/21
    The Contributions of Environmental History
  30. Nature's Past - Episode Thirty2012/04/30
    Environmental Histories of Montreal
  31. Nature's Past: Histories of Canadian Environmental Issues Preview2012/09/17
    A preview of our special six-part series on Canadian environmental issues.
  32. Nature's Past: Histories of Canadian Environmental Issues, Part 1 - Global Warming2012/09/24
    An examination of the role of climate and climate change in Canadian history.
  33. Nature's Past: Histories of Canadian Environmental Issues, Part 2 - Health and Environmental Issues in Aboriginal History2012/10/29
    A round table discussion about health and environmental issues in Aboriginal history in Canada.
  34. Nature's Past: Histories of Canadian Environmental Issues, Part 3 - The Canadian Environmental Movement I2012/11/26
    An interview with Neil Forkey about his new book on the historical relationship between Canadians and the natural environment.
  35. Nature's Past: Histories of Canadian Environmental Issues, Part 4 - The Canadian Environmental Movement II2013/01/21
    A round table discussion with environmental historians about the Canadian environmental movement.
  36. Nature's Past: Histories of Canadian Environmental Issues, Part 5 - Fisheries, Regulation, and Science2013/02/27
    A round table discussion with environmental historians about the history of Canadian fisheries regulation.
  37. Nature's Past: Histories of Canadian Environmental Issues, Part 6 - Agri-Food Systems, I2013/03/31
    An interview with Margaret Derry about the history of chicken breeding in North America.
  38. Nature's Past: Histories of Canadian Environmental Issues, Part 7 - Agri-Food Systems, II2013/05/05
    A round table discussion on Canadian food history.
  39. Nature's Past: Histories of Canadian Environmental Issues, Part 8 - Tar Sands2013/05/29
    An exploration of the history of the Alberta tar sands.
  40. Nature's Past Episode 39: The Environmental History of Stanley Park2013/09/30
    An interview with Sean Kheraj about his new book, Inventing Stanley Park.
  41. Nature's Past Episode 40: Environmental History of Atlantic Canada2013/11/04
    A roundtable discussion about environmental history in Atlantic Canada.
  42. Nature's Past Episode 41: Closing Federal Libraries2014/02/02
    An interview with Andrew Nikiforuk and a round table discussion about the closure of federal libraries in Canada.
  43. Nature's Past Episode 42: The Right to a Healthy Environment2014/03/17
    An interview with David Boyd about Canadian environmental rights.
  44. Nature's Past Episode 43: Environmental Scholarship and Environmental Advocacy2014/07/02
    A round-table discussion about the relationship between environmental history and environmental advocacy.
  45. Nature's Past Episode 44: The Second World Congress for Environmental History2014/09/24
    A round-table discussion about the Second World Congress for Environmental History.
  46. Nature's Past Episode 45: The St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Project2014/10/29
    An interview with Daniel Macfarlane about the history of the St. Lawrence Seway.
  47. Nature's Past Episode 46: Historical GIS Research in Canada2015/01/25
    A round table discussion about the use of HGIS in environmental history research in Canada.
  48. Nature's Past Episode 47: Pollution Probe and the History of Environmental Activism in Ontario2015/04/20
    An interview with Ryan O'Connor about his new book on the history of Pollution Probe and enviornmental activism in Ontario.
  49. Nature's Past Episode 48: Ecotones and Saskatchewan History2015/05/25
    An interview with Merle Massie about her new book about the forest-prairie edge.
  50. Nature's Past Episode 49: Wildlife Conservation in Quebec2015/09/21
    An interview with Darcy Ingram about his book on the history of wildlife conservation in Quebec from 1840 to 1914.
  51. Nature's Past Episode 50: Canadian Energy History2015/11/23
    A round-table discussion on Canadian energy history with Steve Penfold, Ruth Sandwell, and Andrew Watson.
  52. Nature's Past Episode 51: Has Environmental History Lost Its Way?2016/01/25
    A round-table discussion about the state of environmental history.
  53. Nature's Past Episode 52: Hydro-Power and War2016/03/22
    A discussion with Matthew Evenden about the mobilization of hydro-power during Canada's Second World War.
  54. Nature's Past Episode 53: The Social and Environmental History of Hamilton Harbour2016/05/26
    An interview with Nancy Bouchier and Ken Cruikshank about the social and environmental history of Hamilton Harbour.
  55. Nature's Past Episode 54: Reclaiming the Don, From Dissertation to Book2016/09/28
    A conversation with Jennifer Bonnell about making her dissertation on the environmental history of the Don River into an award-winning book.
  56. Nature's Past Episode 55: Asbestos Mining and Environmental Health2016/11/29
    An interview with Jessica van Horssen about her new book on the town of Asbestos.
  57. Nature's Past Episode 56: Animal Metropolis2017/05/29
    A panel on the history of animals in Canadian urban environments.
  58. Nature's Past Episode 57: Why Study Canada?2017/09/12
    A discussion about why scholars abroad study Canadian environmental history.
  59. Nature's Past Episode 58: The Past and Future of Canadian Environmental History2017/11/29
    A round-table panel about the state of Canadian environmental history from CHA 2017.
  60. Nature's Past Episode 59: Introducing Papers in Canadian History and Environment2018/02/19
    Find out more about NiCHE's new peer-reviewed publication.
  61. Nature's Past Episode 59b: Introducing Papers in Canadian History and Environment2018/02/21
    New post to correct earlier feed error. Apologies for the mistake and the re-download.
  62. Nature's Past Episode 60: New Research in Canadian Environmental History2018/04/08
    A review and discussion of new articles and books chapters.
  63. Nature's Past Episode 61: Why Graduate Students Study Environmental History2018/05/23
    Four amazing stories about four impressive graduate students in environmental history.
  64. Nature's Past Episode 62: Carbon Democracy and Canadian History2018/09/26
    A discussion of the Timothy Mitchell's Carbon Democracy and its utility for Canadian history.
Nature's Past: A Podcast of the Network in Canadian History and Environment
A monthly discussion about the environmental history community and research in Canada.

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