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Social Media Business

  1. Social Media Mentoring via Zoom2022/01/10
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  2. 4 Status Updates for Social Media Engagement on Facebook and Twitter2013/04/17
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  3. Corporate Owned Media vs Social Earned Media2013/04/10
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  4. Democracry is Dead Long Live Social Media2012/02/27
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  5. Social Media Panel with Shel Israel - SMB 132012/01/21

    We talk about Facebook and the cruise ship sinking, Wikipedia blackout and SOPA/PIPA and how local government is doing social media. Guest is Shel Israel this week , along with Stephen Johnson (@huxley) Lee Hopkins (@leehopkins) Teå (@tealou) & me. Laurel Papworth @SilkCharm

  6. Mary Poppins - Social Media Business Ep 012 VIDEO2011/08/25

    Chatting with Leah Howard who plays Mrs Corrie in Mary Poppins - and is the Mary Poppins community manager (Facebook and Twitter)

  7. Funny and Tagging Fans in Facebook Pages- Social Media Business Rp 011 VIDEO2011/06/08

    Social Media Q and A - what's the funniest thing I've seen in an online community (fr FullCirc) and how Admins can tag fans in photos in Facebook Fanpages (from communitycrew.com/forum)

  8. Dealing With Negative Comments - Social Media Business Ep 010 VIDEO2011/06/02

    Different ways to deal with negative comments in online communities. Which would you choose?

  9. 8 Steps to Building an Online Community - Social Media Business Ep 009 VIDEO2011/05/14

    I am speaking at Augmented Reality Event (a conference in Santa Clara on May 17-18 2011). The 8 steps outlined here cover creating and maintaining communities online that are critical to growing business around many online services such as Augmented Reality Mobile Social Networks.

  10. When a Con Artist Comes Calling - Social Media Business EP 008 VIDEO2011/04/15

    Trust is earned in an online community, but what happens when a trusted member steals from other members? How can companies that host social networks heal the damage caused?

  11. Police and Social Media News - Social Media Business EP 007 VIDEO2011/04/11

    The South Australian Police have opened up a social media news site they call an online newspaper. Government and online community management. Building distributed communities online in Facebook and Twitter social media newsrooms.

  12. Online Community Manager 1 - Social Media Business Ep 006 VIDEO2011/04/06

    Social Media Revenue for Etsy.com, World of Warcraft Customer Service, Keeping young members in online communities safe online - Junior Masterchef, Who controls your community - Facebook Personal Profile to Business Page Migration, Q&A forum April 6th 2011

  13. Media140 - Social Media Business Ep 005 VIDEO2009/11/16
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  14. Freemium - Social Media Business Ep 004 VIDEO2009/11/16
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  15. API Widget Economy - Social Media Business Ep 003 VIDEO2009/11/01
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  16. Donations and Online Communities - Social Media Business Ep 002 VIDEO2009/10/22
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  17. Experiential Economy - Social Media Business Ep 001 VIDEO2009/10/12
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