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  1. Join Your Host Paul Jaeb with Returning Guest Alan Goodman as They Discuss Current Happenings, Opportunities, and Pitfalls Related to Investigative Work in the Wake of a Disaster2017/12/08
    Paul Jaeb is back after a brief hiatus. Alan Goodman from the “Rocky Coast of Maine” joins Paul to discuss current happenings, including opportunities and pitfalls related to investigative work in the wake of a disaster. Next month Paul welcomes Steve Crane, President and Owner, of ASC Professional Investigations in Michigan. Steve shares his story […]
  2. Join Your Host Paul Jaeb as He Interviews Author and PI David Watts Whose New Book “The Accidental PI” is a Fascinating Look into a Very “Accidental” Career2016/07/15
    This is a can’t miss show as Paul interviews author and PI David Watts. His new book The Accidental PI is a fascinating look into a very “accidental” career. David reads an excerpt from the book that will keep you riveted. Peter and Alan join Paul to discuss two new disappointing news stories and to […]
  3. Join Your Host Paul Jaeb with Returning Guest Alan Goodman as They Talk About What’s New in the Industry and Discuss the “PI Mythology” From the New Book Legendary Detective2016/05/11
    Paul Jaeb is back after a brief hiatus. Alan Goodman, the podcast’s right hand man, and Paul discuss what’s new in the industry, discuss the “PI mythology” from the new book Legendary Detective, and catch up on their professional lives. Next month Paul welcomes another American PI – continuing the show’s mission of sharing ideas […]
  4. Join Your Host Paul Jaeb with Guests Kevin McClain, Jimmie Mesis and Returning Guest Alan Goodman2015/11/15
    Veteran PI Kevin McClain comes on the show to talk about his new service offering that is based on a smart phone app. Cutting edge stuff. Jimmie Mesis and Paul talk about the latest issue of PI Magazine and the upcoming World Investigators Conference. Alan Goodman is back ranting about something – but we finish […]
  5. Join Your Host Paul Jaeb With Guests Alan Goodman, Ed Spicer, and Peter Psarouthakis2015/10/15
    After a few months off Paul is back with his crew. Alan Goodman leads a surveillance discussion with well-known PI Ed Spicer of Ocean States Investigative Group. Peter Psarouthakis and Paul discuss current legislative issues and talk about the importance of having a robust network of international investigators. Paul shares a life-changing event and discusses […]
  6. Join API Host Paul Jaeb with Guests Alan Goodman, Jimmie Mesis, and Scott Wilson.2015/08/12
    Alan Goodman, Jimmie Mesis, and Scott Wilson share with Paul their insights on the new app that is shaking the industry. Listen for Jimmie’s huge announcement and enjoy Alan’s take on the state of the industry. Please support our generous sponsors, including our friends at IRB. Next month Paul welcomes Brian King, the godfather of […]
  7. Join Your Host Paul Jaeb With Guests Ron Rugen and Returning Guest Alan Goodman.2015/07/02
    Paul interviews Ron Rugen of Rugen Team Investigations in Kansas City, MO. Ron and Paul talk about his practice and an interesting project that Ron worked on for ESPN. Alan Goodman is back from the Rocky Coast of Maine and he and Paul discuss undercover operations. Next month the podcast welcomes back Jimmie Mesis of […]
  8. Join API Host Paul Jaeb with Guests John Hoda, Scott Wilson, and Alan Goodman.2015/06/13
    Your host Paul Jaeb is excited to welcome back John Hoda of Elm City Detectives back on the program. John has appeared several times in the past and he and Paul continue their discussion about John’s career. Scott Wilson from IRB updates listeners on several new things, including IRBfocus Express, a new Relatives and Neighbors […]
  9. Join Paul Jaeb for the May Podcast.2015/05/14
    Paul Jaeb runs solo this month and talks about what PI’s can do to ensure their longevity. He recaps the main points from his successful webinar, “The Three Biggest Mistakes that PI’s Make That Hinder Their Agencies Growth.” His incredible customer retention segment is packed with time-tested tips and philosophies. This is one show you […]
  10. Join API Host Paul Jaeb with Guests Tim O’Rourke CPS, Alan Goodman and Peter Psarouthakis2015/04/14
    Paul Jaeb chats with Tim O’Rourke CPS about the upcoming FALI conference in Cocoa Beach. Tim shares his insights on whether or not we’re in a “Golden Age” for private investigators. Alan throws in his two cents in the Goodman Monologue and joins Paul in their check-in with Peter Psaurothakis, the Executive Director of Intellenet. […]
  11. Join Paul Jaeb with Guests Phil Becnel, Jimmie Mesis, and Scott Wilson2015/03/15
    Paul Jaeb chats with three heavyweights in this month’s edition of The American Private Investigator. Long time regular contributor Phil Becnel, a highly regarded Washington, DC – based investigator, talks about the recent University of Virginia/Rolling Stone fabricated rape case and how PI’s should approach college campus sex assault cases. PI Magazine Editor-in-Chief Jimmie Mesis […]
  12. Join Paul Jaeb with Guests Scott Fulmer, Dave Pelligrinelli, Scott Wilson, and Alan Goodman2015/02/11
    Scott Fulmer, The Utah Gumshoe, is Paul’s special guest for the February 2015 show. Scott and Paul talk about his strategy for success and his acclaimed podcast. Recurring guests Dave Pelligrinelli and Scott Wilson are back and talk with Paul about pricing strategy and new happenings at IRB. Alan Goodman and Paul talk about the […]
  13. Join Paul Jaeb With Guests Steve Hoeft and Alan Goodman2015/01/11
    Sales consultant and trainer Steve Hoeft joins Paul Jaeb to talk about how to sell consulting services. Alan Goodman and Paul discuss the importance of resilience and reminisce about The Rockford Files, in light of the recent passing of James Garner. Next month Paul is joined by Scott Wilson of IRB and recurring guest Dave […]
  14. Join you host Paul Jaeb for the annual industry roundtable with guest Tim O’Rourke, Scott Wilson and Alan Goodman.2014/11/14
    It’s time for the Annual Industry Roundtable, as Paul is joined by Tim O’Rourke, President of FALI; Scott Wilson, Director of Sales at IRB Search; and Alan Goodman. Enjoy their wide-ranging discussion on the state of the industry. The Goodman Monologue focuses on how our egos can get in the way of effective leadership. Paul […]
  15. Join Paul Jaeb for the 5th Anniversary of the American Private Investigator Podcast.2014/10/05
    The show opens with Paul Jaeb and Phil Becnel talking about managing employment investigations and avoiding the common pitfalls associated with these types of cases. For years John Hoda, one of Paul’s closest professional colleagues, has shared his experiences with listeners. Paul and John reflect on the key things that have led to their current […]
  16. Join Paul Jaeb with guests Steve Koenig, Wayne Edwards and Tom Herder for the Annual Surveillance Roundtable2014/09/10
    Paul Jaeb welcomes Steve Koenig, Wayne Edwards, and Tom Herder to the annual Surveillance Roundtable. Alan Goodman and Peter Psarouthakis share their deep concerns over the use of drone technology in our industry. Finally, Scott Wilson from IRB Search announces the new IRB Connections program. Next month Paul is having his good friend John Hoda […]
  17. Join Paul Jaeb with August guests Brian Willingham, Barry Nixon, Dave Pelligrinelli, and returning guest Alan Goodman.2014/08/10
    Paul Jaeb hosts Brian Willingham of Diligentia, Barry Nixon of preemploymentdirectory.com, Dave Pelligrinelli of AFX, and regular guest Alan Goodman on the August podcast. This 90 minute show, the podcast’s longest program in its history, is full of great intel. Brian shares his insights about his awesome agency, Barry updates us on the pitfalls of conducting […]
  18. Paul Jaeb welcomes Mike Tuminaro, Brian Davidson, and Kevin Connolly to participate in the first “Rookie Roundtable”.2014/07/07
    Paul Jaeb welcomes Mike Tuminaro, Brian Davidson, and Kevin Connolly to participate in the first “Rookie Roundtable”. Each of them has been licensed for less than three years, but they bring a tremendous amount of valuable experience to the discussion. Their stories are inspiring and will provide insights even to the most experienced PI’s. Scott […]
  19. Join your host Paul Jaeb with guests Phil Becnel, Ian Withers, Scott Wilson, and regulars Alan Goodman and Peter Psarouthakis.2014/06/06
    The June podcast of the American Private Investigator is loaded with outstanding contributors. Phil Becnel is back for his quarterly Practical Intelligence segment – this time on ethics. Ian Withers, a very well established and respected PI from Northern Ireland discusses international investigations. The show’s newest sponsor, IRB Search, is introduced to us by Scott […]
  20. Join your host Paul Jaeb with returning guests Nicole Bocra, Alan Goodman and Peter Psarouthakis.2014/05/16
    Paul Jaeb welcomes back Nicole Bocra to the podcast. Nicole is an accomplished private investigator who operates in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. She shares the lessons she has learned over the past 10 years that have made her successful. A lot has changed for Nicole since her first appearance in 2010. Peter Psarouthakis returns […]
  21. Join API Host Paul Jaeb with Guests Kevin McClain and Alan Goodman.2014/04/14
    Paul Jaeb welcomes Kevin McClain, an exceptional private investigator from St. Louis, to discuss the practices that have made him a successful businessman. Kevin’s commitment to the profession is impressive – from involvement in national and local associations to consulting with other professionals. Paul welcomes many new members to the API Nation and continues his […]
  22. Join API Host Paul Jaeb with Returning Guests Rich Robertson, Phil Becnel, and Alan Goodman.2014/03/06
    Be the first to download the new and improved American Private Investigator© podcast. Reformatted, redesigned, and now with full social media access, the show will certainly continue its mission of helping private investigators grow and prosper. Host Paul Jaeb welcomes Rich Robertson of R3 Investigations to talk about how he succeeded in building an exceptional […]
  23. Join Your API Host Paul Jaeb With Guest Alan Goodman2014/02/03
    Paul Jaeb and Alan Goodman reflect on their 50th show together and share the exciting new changes taking place at America’s leading private investigator podcast. Make sure to take the survey to help us make some critical decisions about your show. If you want to connect with Paul you can email him at pjaeb@heartlandinfo.com. Thank […]
  24. Join API Host Paul Jaeb with Roundtable Guests Ed Spicer, Paul Dank and Bill Pellerin and Returning Guests Alan Goodman and Peter Psarouthakis2014/01/15
    The January podcast of the American Private Investigator includes the annual surveillance roundtable with Bill Pellerin, Paul Dank, and Ed Spicer sharing their insights on the past year. Regular contributors Alan Goodman and Peter Psarouthakis share their thoughts on conferences and legislative issues. Tune in for exciting news from Host Paul Jaeb and Producer Mike […]
  25. Join API Host Paul Jaeb with Gary Dunn, Bill Clutter, David Camm, Wayne Edwards and Returning Guests Alan Goodman and Peter Psarouthakis2013/12/10
    Paul Jaeb opens the December 2013 podcast with a riveting interview with David Camm, who was recently exonerated on the triple murders on his wife and two children. Playing an integral role were David’s private investigative team, led by Gary Dunn and under the auspices of Investigating Innocence – a new non-profit started by Bill […]
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