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  1. Pruitt is through with it2018/07/06

    Like Scott Pruitt's former landlord, it took President Trump a while to get rid of him.
  2. The ball is in Trump’s court2018/06/29

    Justice Anthony Kennedy announces his retirement from the Supreme Court. Who will be President Trump's second nominee to the bench?
  3. Do U care?2018/06/22

    There's more immigration news to discuss than just the First Lady's controversial jacket. Let's dig in.
  4. When Trump Met Kim2018/06/15

    President Trump feels good about the summit and the agreement he signed with Kim Jong-Un, but does it mean anything?
  5. Make the G7 the G8 Again2018/06/08

    President Trump says Russia should be invited back to the group of world leaders.
  6. Where are Josh and Ken?2018/06/06

    Subscribe to our new special series LRC Presents: All The President’s Lawyers and you’ll never miss a conversation about the president and all of his lawyers and legal troubles.
  7. Tariffs, a PR Disaster and Bad Blood2018/06/01

    On the eve of hurricane season, a study says the death toll in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria is 70 times higher than the official count.
  8. On-Again, Off-Again, On-Again...Maybe2018/05/25

    The Trump-Kim summit is canceled, but both Trump and Kim are expressing hope it will be un-canceled.
  9. Michael Cohen, Taxicabs and The Onion2018/05/23

    What does Michael Cohen, the president’s longtime personal lawyer, have to do with a guilty plea in Albany?
  10. Trump is saving jobs — in China?2018/05/18

    Meanwhile, the love-fest is over in the Korean peninsula.

  11. When Judges Yell...2018/05/16

    ...It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not on your side. “It’s just how they say hello,” says criminal defense attorney Ken White. Ken and Josh Barro talk through some of the legal news this week: Paul Manafort’s attempts to get his indictments thrown out by federal judges, Michael Avenatti’s Trump-like tactics and why it might not be winning him any friends in court.
  12. Iran Nuclear Deal? President Trump Says: No Deal, No More.2018/05/11

    Will other world powers go along with President Trump’s plan to put pressure on Iran?

  13. We Couldn’t Wait: Michael Cohen and the Russian Oligarch2018/05/09

    When the news broke that major companies including AT&T and Novartis — and a Russian oligarch — made payments to a company controlled by Michael Cohen, the president’s personal lawyer, that was also used to pay out hush money to porn actress Stormy Daniels.... well, we couldn’t wait to talk about it.
  14. "He'll Get His Facts Straight. He's a Great Guy."2018/05/04

    Stormy Daniels, Rudy Giuliani, Michael Cohen and all the president's lawyers.
  15. We Couldn't Wait2018/05/03

    There was just too much to talk about: Rudy Giuliani admits to Sean Hannity that President Donald Trump reimbursed his attorney for the $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet. Plus, more on those leaked questions Robert Mueller has for the president, and the scope of the investigation.
  16. North Korea Crosses a Line — This Time, it’s the Border2018/04/27

    Kim Jong-Un of North Korea and Moon Jae-In of South Korean had a historic meeting where they set big goals for peace and denuclearization. The meeting was big on drama and scant on details. Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron deepen their bromance during a state visit in Washington, and we need to talk about Kanye and dragon energy.
  17. Surprise! Mike Pompeo went to North Korea2018/04/20

    But will he be confirmed as the new secretary of state?
  18. We're Calling Our Lawyer2018/04/13

    And Paul Ryan announces his departure from Congress.
  19. Scott Pruitt in hot water for looking swamplike2018/04/06

    EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's job is to protect wetlands. Is that why he can't convince anyone he's draining the swamp?
  20. Another Week, Another White House Shakeup2018/03/30

    President Trump picks his own doctor to run the VA.
  21. Enter House of Bolton2018/03/23

    John Bolton- a hawk's hawk- becomes Trump's National Security Advisor.
  22. Fired In A Tweet2018/03/16

    The president uses social media to tell his secretary of state it's over.
  23. Little Rocket Man invites, Dotard accepts2018/03/09

    The two leaders move from taking Twitter shots to agreeing to an in-person summit.
  24. Guns, Tribes and Steel2018/03/02

    President Trump wants tariffs on steel, and softens his tone on gun restrictions after meeting with the NRA.
  25. Lisa on the Left, Homer on the Right, Maggie in the Center?2018/02/23

    Plus, the Left, Right & Center panel picks up the national debate on gun violence.
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