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  1. The future of the Left and the Right: what’s next?2018/12/22

    A Left-only panel and a Right-only panel debate the future in this special episode
  2. Mattis is out and we’re heading to a shutdown2018/12/21

    Secretary of Defense James “Maddog” Mattis resigns a day after Trump announces plans to withdraw military forces from Syria. Plus: can we afford a government shutdown?
  3. Proud to shut down2018/12/14

    President Trump says he’ll gladly take dire action if Congress won’t fund his border wall.
  4. What a weird week.2018/12/07

    Let’s review.
  5. Very legal? Very cool?2018/11/30

    President Trump says it was very legal and very cool to run his business and campaign simultaneously, but was it?
  6. Stand by your prince2018/11/22

    Outrage about President Trump’s allegiance to Saudi Arabia is coming from both sides.
  7. Why is it always Florida?2018/11/16

    We have a result in all but one of last week's Senate races and, of course, we're waiting on Florida.
  8. Sessions is adjourned2018/11/09

    Jeff Sessions is out as President Trump’s attorney general.
  9. The Left, Right & Center Midterms Special2018/11/07

    The results are in. Who’s happy? Who’s not?
  10. We're in the midterms home stretch2018/11/02

    Are we there yet? It's been a rough week.
  11. Not a hoax2018/10/26

    There has been an arrest in the attempted bombings of President Trump's opponents and critics: a 56-year-old resident of South Florida.
  12. The prince and the president2018/10/19

    ‘Rogue killers’ or a planned murder?
  13. LRC Live: Taxes, tech and Taylor Swift2018/10/12

    It’s a special live Left, Right & Center from San Francisco!
  14. Kavanaugh approaches the bench2018/10/05

    As we taped this show, it appears Judge Brett Kavanaugh will soon be Justice Kavanaugh
  15. Ford describes, Kavanaugh denies2018/09/28

    Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford bared their souls in a hearing that lasted almost all of Thursday.
  16. LRC Live: Kavanaugh Accused2018/09/21

    It's a special live show of Left, Right & Center!
  17. A Death-Denying Tweet2018/09/14

    Researchers say 3,000 people died because of Hurricane Maria, but President Trump says Democrats came up with that number to make him look bad.
  18. Questions about Kavanaugh2018/09/07

    The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and “Fear” inside the White House.
  19. Remembering John McCain2018/08/31

    Memories of John McCain from a close policy adviser and a reporter who covered his campaign.
  20. Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty...2018/08/24

    Two of President Trump’s close associates, eight felonies each.
  21. August is the month of stupid news2018/08/17

    But important things are happening too, so we're going to talk about them.
  22. Everything Trump Touches ...Leads to Narrow GOP Victories and SPACE FORCE2018/08/10

    In Tuesday’s elections, Republicans appear to have held onto an Ohio House seat by the skin of their teeth. It shouldn’t have been that hard.
  23. Should you be able to 3D-print your own gun?2018/08/03
    The Constitution says yes, but common sense says no — says the lawyer representing the 3D-printed gun blueprint maker
  24. Trading tariffs for warm embraces2018/07/27

    President Trump and Jean-Claude Juncker had very friendly meetings on trade and tariffs.
  25. Is there a positive despite the "double negative"?2018/07/20

    We've all seen the press conference between President Trump and Vladimir Putin. Is there more to it?
Left, Right & Center
Left, Right & Center is KCRW’s weekly civilized yet provocative confrontation over politics, policy and pop culture.

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