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We The People Stories

  1. Can the Trump Administration End DACA?2019/11/14
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  2. Conversations with RBG2019/11/07
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  3. Is Brexit a British Constitutional Crisis?2019/10/31
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  4. What Does the Constitution Say About Impeachment?2019/10/24
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  5. Can Employees Be Fired for Being LGTBQ?2019/10/17
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  6. Two Federal Judges on How They Interpret the Constitution2019/10/10
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  7. We the People Live: Supreme Court 2019 Term Preview2019/10/03
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  8. The Battle for the Constitution: Live at The Atlantic Festival2019/09/26
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  9. Justice Neil Gorsuch, Live at America’s Town Hall2019/09/19
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  10. Madison vs. Mason2019/09/12
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  11. When Should Judges Issue Nationwide Injunctions? 2019/09/05
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  12. The Next Big Second Amendment Case?2019/08/29
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  13. The Lincoln-Douglas Debates2019/08/22
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  14. Live at America's Town Hall: George F. Will2019/08/15
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  15. The Federalists vs. the Anti-Federalists2019/08/08
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  16. When does Twitter-blocking violate the First Amendment?2019/08/01
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  17. The Constitutional Legacy of Seneca Falls2019/07/25
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  18. Remembering Justice John Paul Stevens2019/07/18
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  19. What Happened After the Burr/Hamilton Duel?2019/07/11
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  20. Supreme Court 2018-19 Term Recap2019/07/04
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  21. Live at America's Town Hall: The Human Side of Judging2019/06/27
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  22. The Declaration of Independence and its Influence on the Constitution2019/06/20
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  23. Should Big Tech be Broken Up?2019/06/13
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  24. The Constitutional Stakes of the 2020 Election2019/06/06
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  25. A Fetal Right to Life?: Abortion and the Constitution Part 2 2019/05/30
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  26. Will Roe be Overturned?: Abortion and the Constitution Part 12019/05/23
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  27. Are we in a Constitutional Crisis?2019/05/16
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  28. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Live at America’s Town Hall2019/05/09
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  29. Is Asking About Citizenship on the Census Unconstitutional?2019/05/02
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  30. A Constitutional Recap of the Mueller Report 2019/04/25
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  31. The Julian Assange Indictment and the First Amendment2019/04/18
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  32. Kisor v. Wilkie: A Case to Watch2019/04/11
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  33. The Future of the Affordable Care Act2019/04/04
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  34. Will the Supreme Court End Partisan Gerrymandering? 2019/03/28
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  35. When Can the President Claim Executive Privilege?2019/03/21
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  36. The Death Penalty at the Supreme Court2019/03/14
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  37. Should the Government Regulate Speech on Campus?2019/03/07
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  38. The Future of Abortion Laws at the Supreme Court2019/02/28
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  39. Is the Presidency Too Powerful?2019/02/21
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  40. The Tennessee Wine Case and the 21st Amendment2019/02/14
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  41. Can the Equal Rights Amendment be Revived?2019/02/07
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  42. Football, Faith, and the First Amendment 2019/01/31
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  43. MLK's Constitutional Legacy2019/01/24
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  44. Is the Second Amendment a “Second Class Right”?2019/01/17
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  45. Can the President Declare a National Emergency to Build the Wall?2019/01/10
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  46. Best of 2018: ‘Madison, the Media, and the Mob’ Live at America’s Town Hall2019/01/03
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  47. Best of 2018: Doris Kearns Goodwin, Live at America’s Town Hall2018/12/27
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  48. 2018: A Constitutional Year in Review2018/12/20
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  49. Cohen, Trump, and Campaign Finance Law2018/12/13
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  50. Is the Act Protecting the Special Counsel Unconstitutional?2018/12/06
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  51. LIVE AT AMERICA’S TOWN HALL: Senator Chris Coons (D-DE)2018/12/06
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  52. The Bladensburg Peace Cross Case2018/11/29
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  53. Free Speech and Press Cases in the Courts2018/11/21
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  54. The Attorney General, the President, and Congressional Oversight2018/11/15
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  55. Does the Constitution Require Birthright Citizenship?2018/11/08
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  56. Voting Rights, Election Law, and the Midterms2018/11/01
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  57. Key Congressional Elections in History2018/10/25
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  58. Is There a Supreme Court Legitimacy Crisis?2018/10/18
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  59. Libel, the Media, and Constitutional Legitimacy2018/10/11
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  60. Senators Flake and Coons: The Future of the Senate and the Supreme Court2018/10/04
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  61. Supreme Court Term Preview2018/09/27
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  62. Should Chevron Be Overturned?2018/09/20
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  63. Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings Recap2018/09/13
    Nina Totenberg and Neal Katyal join host Jeffrey Rosen to unpack Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings and evaluate his testimony. Totenberg and Katyal recap what we learned about Kavanaugh’s judicial philosophy and his views on everything from the role of precedent to presidential power, and forecast how Kavanaugh, if confirmed, might shape the Supreme Court in years to come.
  64. The History of Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings2018/09/06
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  65. What Constitutes an Impeachable Offense?2018/08/30
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  66. Robert Smalls: Escaping Slavery and Fighting Injustice2018/08/24
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  67. Harriet Scott: The Woman Behind Dred Scott v. Sanford 2018/08/23
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  68. Callie House: Reparations Advocate and Trailblazer 2018/08/16
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  69. John Bingham: Father of the 14th Amendment2018/08/09
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  70. The life and legacy of Frederick Douglass2018/08/02
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  71. What is Treason? 2018/07/26
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  72. The New Supreme Court2018/07/19
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  73. Happy 150th Birthday, 14th Amendment2018/07/12
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  74. The Legacy of Justice Anthony Kennedy 2018/07/05
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  75. The Supreme Court now: Decisions, deciders and what’s next2018/06/28
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  76. The Golden State Killer and Genetic Privacy 2018/06/21
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  77. Jeffrey Rosen Answers Questions about Self-Pardons, the Fourth Amendment, and James Madison2018/06/14
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  78. The Supreme Court’s current term2018/06/07
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  79. Ken Burns: Telling Constitutional Stories2018/05/31
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  80. George Will on Madisonian Government2018/05/24
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  81. The Iran nuclear deal under Trump2018/05/17
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  82. Social Media and Digital Disinformation2018/05/11
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  83. Eric Holder on the 14th Amendment today2018/05/03
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  84. The Supreme Court considers the travel ban case2018/04/26
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  85. Facebook and the Future of Democracy2018/04/19
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  86. Justice Breyer on the First Amendment2018/04/12
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  87. President Trump and the Federal Judiciary2018/04/05
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  88. Hamilton: The Constitutional clashes that shaped a nation2018/03/29
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  89. William Howard Taft and the Constitution2018/03/22
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  90. Trump, Tariffs, and Trade2018/03/15
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  91. Workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation2018/03/08
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  92. The United States v. Microsoft2018/03/01
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  93. Mandatory union fees and the First Amendment2018/02/22
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  94. A conversation with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg2018/02/15
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  95. Jeffrey Rosen answers your constitutional questions2018/02/07
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  96. History of Impeachment: From Andrew Johnson to Today2018/02/01
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  97. The Constitution in Year One of the Trump administration2018/01/25
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  98. Federalism under President Trump2018/01/18
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  99. Undocumented teens and abortion2018/01/11
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  100. Gerrymandering and American democracy 2018/01/04
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  101. The existential threat of big tech2017/12/27
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  102. Sexual Harassment Law Under the Constitution2017/12/21
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  103. The Constitution and the Mueller investigation2017/12/14
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  104. Net neutrality at a legal crossroads2017/12/07
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  105. The Masterpiece Cakeshop case2017/11/30
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  106. The future of digital privacy2017/11/22
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  107. Tax reform and the Constitution2017/11/16
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  108. Is the fight against ISIS legal?2017/11/10
    Bruce Ackerman and Chris Fonzone join National Constitution Center president and CEO Jeffrey Rosen to discuss a lawsuit challenging several congressional actions used to authorize United States military actions against ISIS and other terror groups.
  109. Deconstructing the administrative state2017/11/02
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  110. The Emoluments Clause in court2017/10/26
    Josh Blackman and Jed Shugerman join the National Constitution Center’s Jeffrey Rosen to discuss President Trump’s alleged violation of the Foreign and Domestic Emoluments Clauses.
  111. The evolution of voting rights2017/10/20
  112. The state of the Second Amendment2017/10/12
  113. The future of gerrymandering2017/10/07
  114. The First Amendment and hate speech2017/09/28
  115. The Supreme Court’s next term2017/09/21
  116. What would Madison think today?2017/09/14
  117. Presidential pardons and the rule of law2017/09/07
  118. Charlottesville and free assembly2017/08/31
  119. War powers and national security2017/08/25
  120. Trump, Twitter and the First Amendment2017/08/17
  121. Civil Rights And Constitutional Change2017/08/10
  122. George Washington’s warning to future generations2017/08/03
  123. Jeffrey Rosen at the Chautauqua Institution 2017/07/27
  124. The debate over President Trump's election commission2017/07/20
  125. Should the 17th Amendment be repealed?2017/07/13
  126. The future of digital free speech2017/07/06
  127. What just happened at the Supreme Court?2017/06/29
  128. EXTRA: A celebration of Lyle Denniston2017/06/28
  129. Government leaks and the Espionage Act at 1002017/06/22
  130. Loving v. Virginia at 502017/06/15
  131. The soul of the First Amendment2017/06/08
  132. EXTRA: Trump, Comey and obstruction of justice2017/06/05
  133. Your constitutional questions, answered2017/06/01
  134. The life and legacy of John Marshall2017/05/25
  135. Will the President's travel ban hold up in court?2017/05/18
  136. Exploring the debate over 'sanctuary cities'2017/05/11
  137. EXTRA: Is the firing of James Comey a constitutional crisis?2017/05/11
  138. James Wilson and the creation of the Constitution2017/05/04
  139. The Madisonian Constitution and the future of freedom2017/04/27
  140. Religious liberty at the Supreme Court2017/04/20
  141. Article I and the role of Congress2017/04/13
  142. The history and constitutionality of the filibuster2017/04/06
  143. Privacy, equality, and transgender students2017/03/30
  144. The Gorsuch hearings and the future of the Constitution2017/03/23
  145. Property rights at the Supreme Court2017/03/16
  146. The constitutional legacy of Prohibition2017/03/09
  147. The future of federalism2017/03/02
  148. Jeffrey Rosen answers your constitutional questions2017/02/23
  149. Presidential succession and the 25th Amendment at 502017/02/16
  150. Should Neil Gorsuch be confirmed to the Supreme Court?2017/02/09
  151. President Trump's immigration order: Is it legal?2017/02/02
  152. Has President Trump violated the Emoluments Clause?2017/01/26
  153. Offensive speech and trademarks at the Supreme Court2017/01/19
  154. The future of the regulatory state2017/01/12
  155. A new look at America's founding2017/01/05
  156. President Obama's constitutional legacy2016/12/30
  157. Akhil Reed Amar on the Bill of Rights2016/12/22
  158. The Bill of Rights at 2252016/12/15
  159. Is this the end of partisan gerrymandering?2016/12/08
  160. Should we abolish the Electoral College?2016/12/01
  161. The state of campus free speech2016/11/24
  162. Donald Trump and the Supreme Court2016/11/17
  163. Looking ahead to the Trump presidency2016/11/10
  164. The Fourteenth Amendment and equality under the law2016/11/03
  165. The Fourth Amendment and civil liberties2016/10/27
  166. The Second Amendment and gun rights2016/10/20
  167. The First Amendment and the freedom of expression2016/10/13
  168. Article III and the future of the Supreme Court2016/10/06
  169. What to expect at the Supreme Court this year2016/09/29
  170. Article V and constitutional change2016/09/22
  171. Article II and the powers of the President2016/09/15
  172. The Constitution at Guantánamo Bay2016/09/08
  173. America's biggest constitutional crises2016/09/01
  174. Jeffrey Rosen answers your questions about constitutional interpretation2016/08/25
  175. The history and meaning of the 19th Amendment2016/08/18
  176. Voting rights in the courts2016/08/11
  177. The presidency of George Washington2016/08/04
  178. A constitutional history of the Democratic Party2016/07/28
  179. A constitutional history of the Republican Party2016/07/21
  180. Political parties and the Constitution2016/07/14
  181. A 'deep dive' on the Supreme Court2016/07/07
  182. Making sense of an unpredictable year at the Supreme Court2016/06/30
  183. The Orlando shooting and the Constitution2016/06/23
  184. Gawker, Hulk Hogan, and the First Amendment2016/06/16
  185. Hamilton, the man and the musical2016/06/09
  186. The life and legacy of Justice Louis Brandeis2016/06/02
  187. Jeffrey Rosen answers your questions about the Constitution2016/05/26
  188. Felons and the right to vote2016/05/19
  189. Marijuana and the Constitution2016/05/12
  190. Debating the laws regulating bathroom use and gender2016/05/05
  191. Bob McDonnell, public corruption, and the Supreme Court2016/04/28
  192. Is President Obama's immigration policy against the law?2016/04/21
  193. The future of free speech at the Supreme Court2016/04/14
  194. Does the Senate have a duty to hold hearings for Supreme Court nominees?2016/04/07
  195. Religious liberty and the Obamacare contraceptive mandate2016/03/31
  196. Celebrating the appointment of Chief Justice John Marshall2016/03/24
  197. The constitutional and political impact of Citizens United2016/03/17
  198. In Apple v. FBI, who should win?2016/03/11
  199. The Texas abortion case at the Supreme Court2016/03/03
  200. The 14th Amendment and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund2016/02/25
  201. The life and legacy of Justice Antonin Scalia2016/02/18
  202. Constitutional Minute: Women and the draft2016/02/11
  203. The Constitution in the 2016 presidential primaries2016/02/11
  204. The 15th Amendment and the right to vote2016/02/04
  205. Jeffrey Rosen answers your constitutional questions2016/01/28
  206. What’s next for free speech?2016/01/21
  207. Public unions and free speech at the Supreme Court2016/01/13
  208. Constitutional Minute: Natural-born citizenship2016/01/13
  209. Have we lost our First Amendment rights of assembly and petition?2016/01/07
  210. Dissent and the Supreme Court2015/12/31
  211. The life and legacy of President George H.W. Bush2015/12/24
  212. The history and meaning of the Establishment Clause2015/12/16
  213. The 150th anniversary of the 13th Amendment2015/12/10
  214. Affirmative action returns to the Supreme Court2015/12/03
  215. Does the Second Amendment protect the right to own and carry a gun?2015/11/24
  216. The First Amendment speech debate on college campuses2015/11/20
  217. The meaning of “one person, one vote”2015/11/12
  218. Is the death penalty unconstitutional?2015/11/04
  219. The first 10 years of the Roberts Court2015/10/29
  220. A reasoned debate about the Second Amendment2015/10/22
  221. Is the Constitution color-blind?2015/10/13
  222. The Constitution and the world2015/10/08
  223. What’s next at the Supreme Court?2015/09/30
  224. When religious liberty conflicts with LGBT rights, who wins?2015/09/23
  225. Explore the new Interactive Constitution2015/09/15
  226. Obamacare, Kim Davis, and religious exemptions2015/09/10
  227. The Constitution on the 2016 campaign trail2015/09/03
  228. Texas H.B. 2 and the right to an abortion2015/08/27
  229. The 14th Amendment and birthright citizenship2015/08/19
  230. Why the Innocent Plead Guilty2015/08/12
  231. The history and legacy of the 13th Amendment2015/08/06
  232. Is the Iran nuclear deal constitutional?2015/07/30
  233. Voting rights on trial in North Carolina2015/07/22
  234. Everything You Need to Know About The Constitution in Two Amendments2015/07/16
  235. Perspectives on a historic Supreme Court term2015/07/09
  236. The Supreme Court decisions on same-sex marriages, redistricting2015/07/02
  237. Analyzing the Obamacare Supreme Court decision2015/06/25
  238. Supreme Court rules on license plates, church signs and visas2015/06/18
  239. Zivotofsky: Which branch controls foreign affairs?2015/06/09
  240. Reviewing the Supreme Court’s first week of June2015/06/04
  241. Donor disclosure and anonymous speech2015/05/28
  242. Jeffrey Rosen answers questions about the Supreme Court2015/05/21
  243. The Courts, The Constitution and Phone Metadata2015/05/15
  244. Capital punishment returns to the Supreme Court2015/05/06
  245. Debating the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage arguments2015/04/29
  246. The Fourth Amendment and police dog searches2015/04/23
  247. The fight for freedom in the 21st century2015/04/16
  248. The constitutional debate over state RFRA laws2015/04/02
  249. The Confederate license plate debate2015/03/27
  250. The First Amendment and racist speech on college campuses2015/03/19
  251. The President, Congress, Iran and the Constitution2015/03/12
  252. Experts analyze the Supreme Court case about Obamacare2015/03/05
  253. Who holds the redistricting power?2015/02/25
  254. Obama’s Immigration policy at a legal crossroads2015/02/19
  255. Presidential powers and the Constitution2015/02/13
  256. Learn about our new bipartisan effort to promote constitutional awareness2015/02/04
  257. Jeff Rosen answers your constitutional questions2015/01/29
  258. Should elected judges be allowed to ask for donations?2015/01/22
  259. Charlie Hebdo and the freedom of speech2015/01/14
  260. Judicial rulings and the evaluation of laws2015/01/07
  261. The Constitution and the CIA interrogation report2014/12/19
  262. The aftermath of Ferguson for the legal system2014/12/10
  263. Free speech, Facebook and the Supreme Court2014/12/04
  264. Experts analyze President Obama’s immigration actions and the Constitution2014/11/21
  265. The Supreme Court considers racial gerrymandering2014/11/13
  266. The discussion over the Supreme Court, passports and Israel2014/11/05
  267. Jeffrey Rosen answers your Bill of Rights questions2014/10/24
  268. The real scoop on “The Roosevelts”2014/10/10
  269. The Supreme Court tackles prison beards and religious liberty2014/10/10
  270. Eastman and Hasen on the Voting Rights debate2014/10/03
  271. How our federal judicial system was born2014/09/24
  272. John Yoo and Ilya Somin discuss Obama and the War Powers Resolution2014/09/16
  273. Online privacy for public figures in the social media age2014/09/05
  274. Ask Jeff Rosen, Episode 2: Congress and the Constitution2014/08/15
We the People

A weekly show of constitutional debate hosted by National Constitution Center President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen where listeners can hear the best arguments on all sides of the constitutional issues at the center of American life.

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