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  1. Magic Roundabout/Blast from the Past OldSkool Mix2009/09/17

    Dublin Dance Classics all the way ,
    Its a mix i done a long time ago Live at a gig using the old but sturdy Technics :)

    Hope you all Enjoy it and as always feedback welcome
  2. TripWire Mix2009/09/07
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  3. Summerland dj set2009/06/04

    some of the funkiest and dirtiest tunes you'll hear all summer all in one place on my summerland podcast , i really enjoyed doing this set and have got some really good feedback on it so have a listen and let me know what you think
  4. SPRINKLING MIX2009/04/06

    What can i say its Filthy just enjoy it and please give feedback i can only get better if i get opinions
  5. ger's crash fm promo mix2008/12/02

    a mix i done for a radio station electro techy trancey house
djgerconway's Podcast

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