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  1. Seattle businesses could ask voters to repeal head tax2018/05/18
    Seattle’s new head tax for homelessness services was bitterly opposed by many business owners. Now some say they will ask voters to repeal it in a ballot referendum.
  2. Eat. Pray. Truck. How a Northwest tribe brings salmon home2018/05/18
    The Puyallup Tribe welcomed the first salmon of the year back to the Puyallup River in Tacoma on Tuesday. Strangely, perhaps, that chinook's epic journey from mid-Pacific Ocean to a Puyallup fishing net begins with a sloshing tanker truck.
  3. PHOTOS: Rainier Beach students perform their own stories, not Broadway2018/05/18
    The end of the school year is a time for students to show off — debates, sports championships and performances abound. And for high schools around the state, it’s musical theater season.
  4. Nomi Prins condemns government, banks in 'Collusion'2018/05/18
    Author Nomi Prins used to be a Wall Street banker. Now she writes with a critical eye about how banks and economies work. One example: how in 2017, U.S. banks used 99 percent of their earnings to buy their own stocks and pay out dividends to their shareholders.
  5. Pluto, a (dwarf) planet that is alive, vibrant and waiting to be understood 2018/05/17
    Pluto has long been misunderstood. In 2006 it was declared 'not a planet.' A decision planetary scientist Dr. Alan Stern calls B.S. (bad science).
  6. Inside Seattle's approach to tent encampments2018/05/17
    On a sunny May morning, the Alaskan Way Viaduct throws long shadows over a line of tents. This cluster of tents is here illegally, one of about 400 unauthorized encampments in Seattle. It’s been cleared nine times this year, according to the city, including once this week.
  7. Should barriers be lowered to get the homeless housed?2018/05/17
    One big question people have asked in the conversation about homelessness and affordability is: can we trust the city to spend this money effectively?
  8. The Record: Thursday, May 17, 20182018/05/17
    Opponents of Seattle's new employee head tax are not giving up - they're trying to get the tax repealed. KUOW's Amy Radil sat down with Bill Radke to break down their arguments.
  9. SIFF film 'Always' captures director's journey after losing a child2018/05/17
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  10. China doesn't want our recycling, but one simple change might help2018/05/17
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  11. How a military healthcare overhaul could have killed patients in Washington2018/05/17
    Andy Hurst talks with Politico editor Arthur Allen about a new report from the Pentagon that found massive problems with the U.S. military's effort to modernize health records.
  12. The Record: Wednesday, May 16th, 20182018/05/16
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  13. Wham! Bam! Pow! Sikh Captain American takes on prejudice in a turban2018/05/16
    After 9/11, Vishavjit Singh experienced an uptick in discrimination. "Al Qaeda," people hissed as he passed them on the street. "Terrorist." "Go back to your country."
  14. Does Seattle need to build upward?2018/05/16
    Bill Radke looks at the debate over changing Seattle's zoning laws to allow for more apartments, condos and town homes, and fewer single-family houses. We're joined by Susanna Lin, a board member of Seattle Fair Growth , and Roger Valdez, director of Seattle For Growth .
  15. Robinson Cano is the latest example of baseball's relationship with PEDs2018/05/16
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  16. Homeless people also want to know where Seattle's money is going2018/05/16
    With Seattle adding tens of millions of dollars to fight homelessness, people around the city want to know: Is that money being spent effectively? Valerie Nagle is one of them. She lives in her van.
  17. Tech companies are committing 'crimes against logic,' says former Greek finance minister2018/05/15
    'If you can't explain the economy in a language young people can understand, you are clueless yourself.' So says former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, whose book "Talking to My Daugher About the Economy" is a testament to his own mastery of the subject.
  18. The Record: Tuesday, May 15, 20182018/05/15
    Seattle's head tax is the law of the municipal land now. What do local businesses think? Bill Radke and KUOW reporter Carolyn Adolph sat down with Todd Biesold, owner and CFO of Merlino Foods, for a perspective.
  19. A Seattle ironworker fell eight floors and survived. Here’s why2018/05/15
    Around Seattle, you might think more workers are getting hurt given that construction is booming.
  20. How a massive motel raid in Tukwila changed one business owner's life2018/05/15
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