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  1. 'Something is really wrong with our ecosystem' author on Orca calf's death2018/07/27
    This week our local Orca pod, the J pod, had something to celebrate. A new Orca was born on Tuesday. For these endangered southern-resident whales every birth is critical.
  2. Is this the end of the Showbox?2018/07/26
    The outcry yesterday was immediate, after new documents showed a developer is planning on bulldozing the concert venue and replacing it with a 44-story, $100 million dollar apartment building.
  3. Love and mourning in our evolving relationship with orcas2018/07/26
    Today is the deadline for the Trump administration to finish reunifying families it separated at the border. Meghan Casey of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project is an advocate whose client has not yet been reunited with her child, and has been tracking the numbers of families impacted in Washington State.
  4. A tale of an artist, a pot grower, and Seattle's wild real estate market2018/07/26
    When Washington voters legalized recreational pot five years ago, they paved the way for a new industry that includes everything from retail shops to big grow operations.
  5. The Bechdel test is over 30 years old: time for an update?2018/07/26
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  6. Is agriculture bailout 'corporate welfare' for Washington wheat farmers?2018/07/25
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  7. Facebook to stop ad discrimination in Washington state2018/07/25
    Bill Radke talks to Sam Machkovech, tech and culture editor at Ars Technica, about Attorney General Bob Ferguson's investigation into Facebook and the resulting agreement the social media behemoth has signed to stop letting advertisers exclude minority groups from seeing their ads. The attorney general says the changes will be legally binding in Washington state but take place nationwide.
  8. The media you can see, and the Facebook ads that you can't2018/07/25
    The government is moving into the welfare business... but not in the way you might think. In the face of an escalating trade war with China, the Trump administration has unveiled a $12 billion bailout for agriculture. Are farmers heaving a sigh of relief, or still troubled?
  9. You got the job! So why do you feel like a loser?2018/07/25
    Ever felt unqualified for a job — even after you were hired? Are you convinced one day everyone at work will discover you know NOTHING? Take a breath. And listen:
  10. So, you know, young women are totally at the forefront of creativity in language2018/07/25
    So, like, does it bother you the way some people speak? Some of us use what are called "discourse markers" in conversation. A linguistics professor at Seattle Pacific University says discourse markers have been part of our language for years.
  11. A $200 million price tag, and the streetcars might not even fit2018/07/25
    The true cost of the Seattle streetcar's Center City Connector project may be well over $200 million. That's the latest from Mayor Jenny Durkan's office.
  12. When to call someone a Nazi. And when to not 2018/07/25
    Since the 2016 election, President Trump, some of his supporters and some of his policies have been compared to Nazi Germany.
  13. How can we reduce drunk driving deaths in Washington?2018/07/24
    Bill Radke talks to State Senator Mike Padden and State Representative Roger Goodman about what they believe are the best solutions to reducing drunk driving deaths. Senator Padden supports toughening the laws, by making three DUI convictions, rather than four, equal a felony. Representative Goodman supports roadside checkpoints and technology-based solutions like ignition interlock devices.
  14. Seattle businesses get answers on streetcar expansion2018/07/24
    Bill Radke talks to KUOW Reporter Carolyn Adolph about the meeting between local businesses and the city of Seattle this afternoon, to discuss the stalled streetcar expansion.
  15. Feeling like an imposter? Us too2018/07/24
    80% of us have experienced imposter syndrome at some point... which is cold comfort when you're the one on the spot, wondering why on earth you were ever hired and when they're going to find out you're a fraud. KUOW podcast Battle Tactics for Your Sexist Workplace to the rescue! This week's episode includes tactics about how to counter your brain's fear of being exposed as unqualified.
  16. Feeling like a fraud at work? At least you're not in charge of the streetcar2018/07/24
    If you, like many Seattle merchants, desire a streetcar, you might be out of luck - at least for now. KUOW's Carolyn Adolph joined Bill Radke to discuss the cost overruns and commerce discontent that plague the transit option.
  17. Seattle man turns 100, goes skydiving2018/07/24
    Skydiving is a once in a lifetime experience for most people, but not for Seattleite Stuart Williamson. He jumped last year for the first time, on his birthday, at Harvey Field in Snohomish. Williamson took another jump yesterday, again on his birthday — his 100th birthday.
  18. The Seattle International District summer pig roast is a labor of love and community2018/07/23
    Food often brings a community together, but when there’s a pig roast, it takes a lot of hands working together. Over the weekend, volunteers in Seattle’s Chinatown International District worked in shifts turning a whole pig, mounted onto a spit, over hot coals.
  19. While Seattle considers regulating dockless bikes, Dallas deals with the consequences2018/07/23
    Bill Radke talks to Robert Wilonsky, city columnist and reporter for the Dallas Morning News, and David Gutman, transportation reporter for the Seattle Times, about the Seattle city council's vote to decide whether to regulate dockless bikes in the city. Dallas recently voted to require dockless bike companies to buy an $800 permit and pay about $20 per bike, per year.
  20. If you could change your child's genes, would you?2018/07/23
    Bill Radke talks to our panel about the stories that caught our attention over the weekend, including Hayat Norimine's piece, " Stranger genes: How Seattle scientists are advancing gene editing ." We also talk about the reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with an African American actress, and how to drop your crab pots without being a jerk.
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