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Greendays Gardening Panel Podcast

  1. Trade fighting could take a bite out of Washington's apple industry2018/06/05
    U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum went into effect Friday for Canada, the European Union, and Mexico. That decision by the Trump Administration could now hurt one of Washington state's signature exports: apples.
  2. 'The worst of humanity': UW researchers investigate new clues to El Salvador's civil war2018/06/05
    Kim Malcolm talks with University of Washington professor Angelina Godoy about the settlement of a lawsuit against the CIA . The UW's Center for Human Rights has been seeking information about U.S. involvement in the civil war in El Salvador during the 1980's.
  3. Weekend recap: Should Seattle drop its overdue book fees?2018/06/04
    Bill Radke talks to our panel about the trademark fight over using the word 'cocky' in a romance novel title and the kickoff of pride month. We also ask, should the Seattle Public Library drop its overdue book fines for everyone? The library collected more than $1 million in overdue fees and fines in 2017. It currently offers a one-time amnesty, " Fresh Start " program for teens.
  4. Open source no more, as GitHub falls to Microsoft2018/06/04
    Today, Microsoft announced that it's buying GitHub. The open source platform has been a gathering place for coders: not only a repository, but a way to show off their code to the community. Many coders now are leaving the platform. Todd Bishop from Geekwire stopped by to explain.
  5. We photographed Ericka when she was a sex worker. This is her life now2018/06/04
    In 2015, photographer Mike Kane met Ericka, a sex worker on Aurora Avenue North in Seattle. Ericka was selling sex to support her heroin and meth addiction, and she was so weak she believed she could be dead within a year. She was estranged from her three young daughters and spent many nights on the street.
  6. The week reviewed on Bainbridge Island 2018/06/01
    This week the Week In Review crew took the ferry across Puget Sound to record the show in front of a live audience at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. We talked about the region's growing pains and whether Jeff Bezos' idea to colonize space is a good one or not (spoiler, the crowd thought not). Also, how effective will Starbuck's racial bias training be and what the end of Roseanne means?
  7. Does Seattle need a harassment watchdog? These employees say yes2018/06/01
    Spurred on by a group of anti-harassment activists, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan says she will consider hiring an ombudsperson to handle discrimination and sexual harassment complaints by city staff.
  8. WA court slams down Uber and Lyft 'trade secrets'... for now2018/06/01
    If you want to do business on the public’s streets, it's going to be hard to keep your data private. That’s the message from Washington’s Supreme Court to Uber and Lyft. In a 5-4 ruling , justices told the companies that "trade secrets" don't prevent rideshare data from being released under the state’s public records law.
  9. From pooing in public to the Seattle Superman: Ignite Seattle aims to surprise2018/06/01
    Ignite Seattle is an unusual event. The organizers like to surprise the audience when they can — like that time a couple got married on stage. Thrills like that aside, there’s something thoughtful and genuine in every talk. More often than not, we learn something new.
  10. Puget Sound inspired new music by Neko Case2018/06/01
    Neko Case is out with her 7th solo album today, the latest milestone in a career that's spanned more than two decades. Case hails from Tacoma, as sung on the 18-year-old track “Trice All American.” The song starts off with the lyrics: I want to tell you about my hometown
  11. Does the Mormon process beat the Seattle process for homelessness?2018/06/01
    The number of chronically homeless people in King County is up 28 percent this year, according to the latest look at the homeless population, which was released today. Compare that to the experience in Utah, which slashed chronic homelessness over a 10-year period. "I think Seattle could do the same thing, if that was a priority," said Joe Camacho, who lives in a shelter near the Space Needle.
  12. Can psychedelics treat anxiety and depression? 2018/05/31
    Bill Radke talks to journalist Michael Pollan about his new book 'How to Change Your Mind,' a look into the world of research on psychedelics used to help patients deal with dying, addiction, anxiety, depression and more.
  13. How this terrible procrastinator led Seattle’s March for Our Lives2018/05/31
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  14. Homelessness is up, police are getting new management. Here's Mayor Durkan's plan2018/05/31
    Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan joined Bill Radke by phone to discuss her policy on homelessness following the annual one-night count, which showed another increase in the number of people who are unsheltered. She's also under fire about the controversial decision not to advance interim police chief Carmen Best into the group of finalists for the permanent job.
  15. Mayor Durkan says Seattle's approach to homelessness is 'not working well enough, fast enough' 2018/05/31
    Bill Radke talks to Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan about the annual report out today showing a 4 percent increase in the number of homeless people in King County.
  16. The Record: Wednesday, May 30, 20182018/05/31
    Today the mayor made an announcement: Seattle will expand the number of shelter beds available to the homeless. KUOW's Kate Walters was briefed on this, and she joined Bill Radke in studio to explain.
  17. 6 pictures that show what homelessness looks like in 20182018/05/31
    On a single night in January, more than 12,000 people were counted as homeless throughout Seattle and King County.
  18. If Highway 99 can change, anywhere can change2018/05/30
    Over the past few months, a team of KUOW reporters has explored the impact of growth along Highway 99 from North Seattle down to Tukwila. Reporter Joshua McNichols told Kim Malcolm why they followed this road and what they learned along the way.
  19. Merriam-Webster's Dictionary is watching the term "thirst trap"2018/05/30
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  20. Washington tribes vow to fight Canadian pipeline with 'brothers and sisters in the north'2018/05/30
    Tribal leaders on both sides of the border said Canada's purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline would not weaken their opposition to the pipeline's planned expansion. The project would triple the amount of oil flowing from Alberta tar sands through British Columbia and increase oil tanker traffic to refineries on Puget Sound.
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