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  1. Politics across the state and in our schools2018/08/15
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  2. Six months after the Parkland shooting, local student activists reflect2018/08/15
    Bill Radke talks to two local student activists about how they were inspired to organize. We talk to Justin Velasco, who helped found the Seattle chapter of Students Demand Action, and Sophie Poole, who helped organize a student walkout at Mercer Island High School.
  3. Part 5: Desperate for help, far from home2018/08/15
    Hospital stays are usually short: days, weeks, sometimes months. But when the state of Washington sent 16 patients with brain injuries to a rehabilitation hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, some of them ended up staying for years.
  4. Part 4: Desperate for help, far from home2018/08/15
    More than $12 million dollars. That’s what the state of Washington spent to send 16 patients with serious brain injuries to a rehabilitation facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  5. Part 3: Desperate for help, far from home2018/08/15
    Between 2014 and 2017, the state of Washington sent 16 patients with brain injuries to a rehabilitation hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  6. Part 2: Desperate for help, far from home2018/08/15
    Sometimes people with severe brain injuries develop behavioral issues that are hard to manage. This can make it difficult to find them a place to live.
  7. Her rapist was convicted because of a rape kit. So why are so many kits untested?2018/08/15
    Liz Garcia was at home, checking out her hair in the bathroom mirror. She saw the door open, and thought it was her mom or dad who just popped by.
  8. Flying a turboprop out of Sea-Tac is tricky for a novice in a flight simulator2018/08/15
    The man who stole a plane from Sea-Tac Airport Friday didn't have a pilot's license. How could he have learned to fly? I went to flight school to find out.
  9. To prevent huge wildfires, stop putting out smaller ones2018/08/15
    Kim Malcolm talks with University of Washington research ecologist Jessica Halofsky about why changing forest management practices could help prevent massive wildfires in the Northwest.
  10. Should you still read 'Little House on the Prairie?' 2018/08/15
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  11. Back to school in the age of school shootings2018/08/15
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  12. Quick: show us your feminist card2018/08/14
    Beyonce is a feminist - she made that clear by dancing in front of a giant set of letters spelling out the word. Or did she? Not clear enough for bell hooks, or Megyn Kelly, or a host of others who have questioned her feminist street cred over the years.
  13. Cano is back in the Mariners lineup2018/08/14
    Bill Radke talks to Seattle Times columnist Matt Calkins about Robinson Cano, who's back in the Mariners lineup after a 80 game suspension. We look ahead to see what might be in store for the Mariners and also, what's going on with the lease deal for Safeco Field?
  14. Fire echoes through the West and onto the prairie2018/08/14
    Sunny skies have been marred by smoke, as fires from British Columbia send us their haze from the north. Is this the new normal? Sim Larken is research meteorologist for the US Forest Service AirFire Team; Erik Saganic is from the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. We asked them where the smoke was coming from and whether it was realistic to put all the blame on climate change. (Tl;dr - yes.)
  15. Are smoky skies in Seattle the new summer norm?2018/08/14
    The smoky skies over Seattle may be the new summer normal, according to Sim Larken, a research meteorologist for the U.S. Forest Service.
  16. Security added at Sea-Tac after plane theft2018/08/14
    One in a million: That’s how Port of Seattle Commissioner Courtney Gregoire described the bizarre and tragic events on Friday night when a Horizon Air employee stole an empty Q400 turboprop at Sea-Tac Airport and crashed it on a small island in the Puget Sound.
  17. From an old church parking lot springs affordable housing2018/08/14
    A lot of churches in Seattle have more land than they need. With shrinking congregations, many no longer need their large parking lots. A growing number of congregations are asking: Could this land serve a higher purpose?
  18. 'Save the Showbox' effort successful, for now2018/08/14
    Pearl Jam, Death Cab for Cutie, Tacocat: All these bands have called on Seattle officials to "Save the Showbox." Monday, that's what the Seattle City Council did.
  19. Northgate Mall may rip the roof off and build a city inside2018/08/14
    Would you live at the mall, if you could? Light rail is coming to Northgate in three years, and it'll result in a whole new mall experience there.
  20. LISTEN: Plane theft incident should be a 'wake up call' for airports2018/08/14
    Kim Malcolm talks with aviation security consultant Jeff Price about steps that Sea-Tac Airport and airlines can take to improve security, following Friday's theft of an airplane and subsequent crash. Price is owner of Leading Edge Strategies , based in Colorado.
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