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21st Century Professional Development

  1. Lean Drives Engagement and Engagement Drives Retail Sales2011/01/21
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  2. Lean Retailing: Driving Indelible Impressions on the Sales Floor2011/01/14
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  3. Lean Retailing: A Total Focus on the Customer2011/01/07
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  4. Lean Drives Focus and Focus Drives Retail Sales2010/12/20
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  5. Using Lean to Create Indelible Impressions that Wow Customers2010/12/14
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  6. The Power of Indelible Impressions: Lean Thinking and Customer Service2010/12/06
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  7. More Job Interview Tips2010/11/22
    This podcast covers three different types of interviews - panel, serial, and telephone - and some general etiquette for interview situations.
  8. Informal Networking2010/11/13
    You need to be prepared to meet people singly and in groups at any time, so working a room is an important networking skill that you will carry into the rest of your career. It will help you to feel more comfortable in any unstructured social situation, so the benefits go beyond just business relationships.
  9. Managing Stress: How to Cope With Change2010/11/05
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  10. Top Ten Beliefs for Business and Career Success2010/10/29
    The fact is there are many roads to success, but underlying them all is that successful people share certain beliefs about themselves, their colleagues, and their customers.
  11. What We Don't Know About Generational Diversity2010/10/22
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  12. Rebound Strategy2010/10/15
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  13. KWMU Discussion on the State of the St. Louis Workforce2010/09/10
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  14. 2010 State of the St. Louis Workforce KMOX Interview with Rod Nunn2010/08/19
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  15. Are You Paying Attention?2010/07/02
    As a service provider, your main task is to pay attention to the customer and their needs. The goal of businesses every day is to create more value for the customer in hopes of getting and holding on to their business. Doing this is simply stated: create more value, get more money. The job of every employee, directly or indirectly, is about serving customers.
  16. The Value of Your Employees2010/06/25
    The way to develop a powerful workforce that is passionate about their work is to create an environment where people feel cared about, where people feel valued, where their personal growth is encouraged and nourished, and where every effort is made to build self-esteem and self-worth. Cultivate the inner relationship with your employees.
  17. Love Your Customers2010/06/18
    In today's environment, it's critical to create and maintain a quality customer experience. Attitude and actions demonstrate to the customer their value to your organization. Here's how to make the customer feel you have all the time for them.
  18. Go Ahead, Make My Day!2010/05/24
    It's nice to have "satisfied" customers, but it's the "enthusiastic" customer that really counts. Go beyond the Golden Rule of Customer Service to develop customers who stick with you.
  19. A Workforce Development Perspective on the Recession2010/04/16
    Rod Nunn, Vice-Chancellor for Workforce and Community Development, shares his view on what to expect about the post-recession economy, workforce trends that will significantly impact the St. Louis area, and the need to use retraining investments to address skills gaps.
  20. Lean Work Processes and the Health Care Crisis2010/04/09
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  21. The Future Ain't What It Used to Be2010/04/01
    Today's worker encounters a longer workday and more on-the-job stress than ever before. In this podcast learn to identify and cope with common workplace stressors.
  22. Red Flags in Your Job Search2010/03/26
    Helps listeners recognize (and deal with) the symptoms of depression and lowered self esteem that can result from a prolonged job search.
  23. Seven Tips for Successful Job Interviews2010/03/22
    This insightful discussion helps job hunters prepare for the all-important interview. In addition to general tips and trends, listeners will learn about the increasingly common behavioral interview techniques and how to best respond to behavioral interview questions.
  24. Looking for a Job While Still Working2010/03/12
    Is it really easier to find a job when you already have one? Discover the pros and cons of searching while you're still on the job.
  25. Preparing Your Family for Hard Times2010/03/05
    Both sole breadwinner and dual career families are encouraged to be prepared for the possibility of job loss by developing a family plan for dealing with tough economic times.
  26. Out of Work - Out of Control2010/02/26
    Those faced with a job loss often feel as if they have also lost the ability to control their own destiny. While those feelings are understandable, this discussion presents a common-sense approach to understanding (and coming to terms with) those things that can - and cannot - be controlled.
  27. Easing Family Stress During a Job Search2010/02/19
    When you're out of a job, you're not the only one who's under stress. Your family is also stressed, and you need to be sensitive to that. Stress has many symptoms in adults and children, and you need to be aware of them. Good communication is one of the keys to controlling family stress. This podcast provides some tips on how to ease family stress during a job search.
  28. How to Implement Lean Work Processes2010/02/11
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  29. How Will Lean Make My Company More Competitive?2010/02/04
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  30. Why Should an Organization Not Implement Lean?2010/01/29
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  31. Two Basic Beliefs that Make Lean Succeed2010/01/22
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  32. Henry Ford: The Father of Lean2010/01/15
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  33. What is Lean Manufacturing?2010/01/11
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  34. Ten Tips For Business Networking2009/12/23
    In today's business environment, networking is more important than ever. Ten tips on how to be an effective networker are presented in this podcast, chief among them being that networking is about relationships - not using people. Here's how to make sure the right people get to know you. Learn how to set up a network meeting, agenda setting, location, follow up, and more.
  35. Preventing Employee Burnout2009/12/18
    Employee stress and burnout imperil individual employees and the health of a business. It's often the best employees that experience burnout first or most severely. Burnout can be prevented by some structural and cultural changes in the workplace. Employees can take responsibility for dealing with their own stress. Several approaches are presented on how to deal with stress and avoid burnout.
  36. Avoiding the Perils of Groupthink2009/12/11
    Working in teams has become the norm in global business. Teamwork often leads to better solutions and decisions, but not always. Groupthink is a danger when dissent is discouraged in groups. Certain group characteristics may lead to groupthink. There are simple ways of dealing with the risks of groupthink. Here's how to ensure that your team's decisions are well crafted and thoroughly vetted.
  37. Making Meetings More Productive2009/12/04
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  38. Making Teamwork Happen2009/11/25
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  39. Business is Personal2009/11/20
    Everyone brings personal needs to the workplace, and business leaders ignore these needs at the peril of the business' well-being. These needs are outlined in this podcast. Meeting people's personal needs often helps the practical business needs to be met. You can meet people's personal needs by changing the way you communicate with them - and in some cases, not much of a change is needed.
  40. Generational Diversity in the Workplace2009/11/14
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21st Century Professional Development
Workforce development leaders and experts discuss and provide commentary on some of the most interesting topics in training, team building, lean enterprise, assessment, job search, and talent acquisition and development.

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