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  1. Tuesday Reasonist 1/26/102010/01/26
    We'll be discussing Obama and the utter failure he has become. We'll also discuss Haiti, and what a bad year of movies we had. Bruce and JD will analyze how publicists spin bad news for celebrities. Saddle calls in and tries to explain how a check clears if purchasing a spouse.
  2. The Reasonist Thursday Night Podcast - 1/14/20102010/01/14
    Our first 2010 show...it will be a scorcher...
  3. Total Tuesday Reasonist Show2009/12/02
    Tonight we discuss Miss Argentina and her untimely death due to rear end surgery as well as young women's obsession with plastic surgey. Also talked abou the ridiculousness of camping and
  4. Reasonist Tuesday 11/17/092009/11/17
    Tonight on the Reasonist we're discussing the Swine Flu vaccine and the hysterical, Facebook breeding narcissm, our subservient position to China, enough with the vampire movies.
  5. Monday Night Reasonist with special guest Mishna Wolff2009/11/10
    Author and humorist, Mishna Wolff will be chatting with us Thursday, October 29th., at 8:00pm

    We'll be discussing her highly entertaining book "I'm Down - A Memoir" as well taking questions and comments on the air.
  6. Reasonist Tuesday 10/27/092009/10/27
    Tonight's topics: the study explaining the myth of date-rape drugs, Philadelphia-area woman offering sex for World Series tickets, the Northwest pilots who missed landing because of web surfing and pregnant women being wary of the swine flu shot...

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  7. Tumultuous Tuesday on the Reasonist 10/20/092009/10/21
    On tonight's show we discussed the creepy and strange treatment dissenters get on DailyKos. Also, our neverending concern about marathon runners, the hypocrisy of the Vatican regarding their embracement of Anglicans. We also talked about the Boy Scouts.
  8. Evening with The Reasonist - 10/13/20092009/10/14
    Tonight The Reasonist Discusses:
    - Pink Breast Awareness Month Fatigue
    - Charity runs and the people who want you to sponsor them
    - Is Obama becoming an empty suit?
    - The Reasonist officially endores Chris Daggett for Governor of NJ
  9. Wednesday Show - 10/7/20092009/10/07
    This show is to make up for yesterday's nightmare show. We're discussing the Dalai Lama, sexual offenders not being able to go to church and how science has justified my theory that metrosexual men ARE NOT part of the natural selection of procreation...
  10. Turret Tuesday - 10/6/20092009/10/06
    We had a few technical problems...THIS WAS A TERRIBLE SHOW...LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK..the show was free form chat with Bruce...discussed was how ineffective Obama is becoming and child spanking.
  11. Monday Night Reasonist - 10/5/20092009/10/06
    We'll chat how it's now open season on Obama on SNL...as well as Jon Gosselin, The Reasonist's guilty pleasure and his continuing saga with the press. We'll also discuss parenting, in particular, teenagers going on vacation with their boy/girlfriends...
  12. The Reasonist Thursday Night Podcast - 10/1/20092009/10/02
    Tonight we're discussing the media's unfair attack on reality tv star Jon Gosselin. We will also cover the disturbing expectations of Americans with exercise as well as parent's obsession with their children's activities.
  13. Tuesday Night with The Reasonist2009/09/30
    Tonight we're discussing former TV child star Kirk Cameron's campaign for Creationism to be taught to our children. We'll also talk about the ridiculous need for people to climb mountains and how they deserve what they get...
  14. Special Midnight Show of the Reasonist2009/09/25
    JD discusses John Travolta and his and irresponsible behavior regarding his late autistic son. He also discussing the IQ difference in children that receieve spanking, CEO pay differences in the US as opposed to the rest of the world and Papa John Phillips incestous relationship with his daughter Mackenzie Phillips.
  15. JD's Wednesday Rant on the Reasonist Podcast2009/09/24
    JD discusses the peril of feminism, nudist beaches, bad parents and America's bad manners regarding Khadafi (yes, it's an odd point of view)
  16. The Reasonist Starts the Week with a Rant2009/09/22
    The Reasonist discusses Cuba and Venezuela.
  17. A Chat with blogger SaddleSpur2009/09/18
    In our premiere Thursday night show we discuss healthcare.
  18. The Reasonist talks with Sam Seder2009/09/16

    This week filmmaker, author, actor and former Air America radio host Sam Seder comes on The Reasonist and chats with us about the current state of events on the political scene. Please call in if you'd like to talk to Sam Seder. This should be a good one!
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