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The AuctionWally Show

  1. EPISODE94 - Collectible Autographs w Theo Chen2011/03/06
    Theo Chen has worked for Upper Deck Sports cards co. designing autographed products, Beckett publications and Junior Baseball Magazine.
    Hear what he has to say about buying and selling collectible autographs.
  2. ep93 w/ Fast Eddie Fargnoli2010/06/13
    It's been awhile since my last episode, but I hope you'll consider the wait worthwhile!

    At the May 2010 Brimfield Show, I interviewed Fast Eddie Fargnoli, you've got to listen to how this dealer does Brimfield!
  3. ep92 - With Picker Brad2010/03/27
    We're back... with an American Picker, Brad Tyrell
  4. ep91 - The Vintage Village2010/01/24
    I've reviewed the VintageVillage.com, explain some antiques prices realized with a slide show companion, and do an on the air appraisal.
  5. ep90 Marketplace Predictions & On Air Appraisal2010/01/01
    On this episode you can check my last year market place prediction, and hear the ones I made for 2010.
    There are also site reviews and on the air antiques appraisals.
    Show note are at http://auctionwally.com/show
  6. ep89 - on air appraisals, Civil War auction and more2009/12/19
    On ep89 I conduct on the air antiques appraisals for items which listeners sent in, review a couple of neat antiques sites, and an upcoming Civil War memorabilia auction.
  7. ep88- Examiner Round-Table episode2009/12/01
    This will be a special round table episode with Examiners: Phaedra Stockstill now the National Bonanzle Examiner, and Susan Leak, the Birmingham Music Examiner. We'll be discussing ...the benefits of being an Examiner.
  8. ep87 On air antiques appraisals2009/11/13
    On this episode I conduct several on the air antiques appraisals which include a companion slide show at http://auctiony.com/show
  9. ep86- w Terry Kovel2009/11/06
    There is probably no person more knowledgeable about antiques than Terry Kovel.
    I'm happy to have had her on the show as guest for a second time.
    I think you'll enjoy this one.
  10. ep85 The Queen of Halloween2009/10/29
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  11. ep84 Paranormal Activity in an Antique Shop2009/10/27
    Michelle Staley has had 5 Paranormal Investigation teams out to her antique shop, My Granny's Attic. All 5 have reported paranormal activity. Episode 84 is a fascinating show!
  12. ep83- Antiques appraised on air2009/10/10
    On this episode you can hear appraisals on the air, auction news and more.
  13. ep82 iCollector2009/09/29
    This week, an interview with Thorsten Bonn, CEO of iCollector.com a fascinating Online aggregate of live auctions.
  14. ep81 Sept. Brimfield Show2009/09/20
    This episode is a report on the September 09 Brimfield Show.
    Show notes will be posted soon at http://www.auctionwally.com/show where you can see the slide show and movie trailer mentioned in the episode.
  15. Selling Your Valuables Promo2009/09/19
    My eBook Selling Your Valuables in Tough Times is now free. I just wanted to let you know.
  16. ep80- The AuctionWally Show - Ruby Lane the Online Antique Shop2009/09/12
    On this episode, I interviewed Palmer Pekarek, the Director of Communications and New Business Development at www.RubyLane.com
  17. ep79- Why you should attend Brimfield2009/09/03
    The theme for this show is why you should attend the Brimfield MA antiques show.

    There is a companion slide show for this episode at http://auctionwally.com/show
  18. ep78 with Antiquarian Book Expert2009/08/25
    On episode 78 of the AuctionWally Show, I had a wonderful interview with longtime Antiquarian book dealer, Roger Hjulstrom of www.booksbelow.com

    Roger teaches a course on evaluating collectible books at Virginia Tech, and was full of great information which he freely shared.
  19. ep77 - Fishing Gear Collectibles The AuctionWally Show2009/08/18
    For this episode, I interviewed Steve Ellis of http://www.fishermensspot.com who is also a Worthologist
  20. ep76 - The AuctionWally Show - Online Estate Liquidation Services2009/08/11
    Martin Codina of Fine Estates Liquidation was a guest on the show for a 2nd time.

    This time he brings information about his very useful "Estates Services Directory"

    Show notes will be at http://www.auctionwally.com
  21. ep75 - The AuctionWally Show - antique lamps2009/08/04
    You can find the show notes for this episode at:
  22. ep74 - The AuctionWally Show - Old Newspapers a visual explanation2009/07/28
    Hey, there.
    On tonight's episode we'll re-visit a topic collectibles topic, I'm asked about more than any other: old newspapers.

    Tonight, I'll have a slide show to show you exactly what I'm talking about.

    It's at: http://www.auctionwally.com/show
  23. ep73- The AuctionWally Show- Antiques, appraisals and auctions,.. oh my2009/07/21
    On this episode, we'll cover 3 of my favorite subjects, antiques appraisals and auctions.
  24. ep72 - The AuctionWally Show - Brimfield, Serves and more2009/07/14
    In this episode, I'll talk about the Brimfield MA July show today, do an on the air appraisal of a Serves Urn and tie up some loose ends.
  25. ep71 - The AuctionWally Show - Antiques RoadShow ala AuctionWally2009/07/07
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  26. ep70 - The AuctionWally Show - iTaggit.com2009/06/30
    I'm excited to have on this week's AuctionWally Show
    Amanda McGuckin Hager, CeM
    Director of Marketing at
    iTaggit.com is one of those rare websites that's extremely useful no matter what platform you're selling on.
    Get a front row seat for this one!
  27. EP69- The AuctionWally Show - eBayandBeyond2009/06/23
    For this episode of The AuctionWally Show, we'll be talking with Dave White from eBayandBeyond.
    Dave is a veteran podcaster and auctioneer, so we'll have plenty to talk about!
    We hope to cover the latest moves in the brick and mortar area of the auction business as well as the latest with online auctions.
  28. ep68 AWS The Collectibles Museum2009/06/16
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  29. ep67 - The AuctionWally Show - Selling via Video2009/06/09
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  30. ep66 - The AuctionWally Show - New Online Auction2009/06/02
    I'll be reporting on my new online auction adventures with the new Video streaming live auction website DealitLive.com website.

    I'll also have an interview with the founder of Dealitlive.com Sunny Melamed.
  31. ep65 The AuctionWally Show - Comic Book Expert2009/05/26
    On this episode, I'll have comic book expert Matt Baum on the show.
    Matt is a Worthologist at Worthpoint.com and writes a weekly column, "This Week in Geek" there.
  32. ep64 - The AuctionWally Show - Online Tool Review2009/05/19
    On this episode of The AuctionWally Show, I'll review some of my favorite online tools, tips and tricks on them.
    We'll look at some new web-sites and take questions in the chat room.
  33. ep63 - The AuctionWally Show - w/ Native Americana expert2009/05/12
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  34. ep62 - The AuctionWally Show - Militaria Expert2009/05/05
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  35. ep-61 The AuctionWally Show w/ Antiques Generalist Christopher Kent2009/04/28
    This week I'll have antiques generalist and worthologist Christopher Kent on the show to answer questions.
  36. ep60 - The AuctionWally Show - Open Forum2009/04/21
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  37. ep59 - The AuctionWally Show -http://www.collectiblescornertv.com/2009/04/14
    Producer of http://www.collectiblescornertv.com/

    Tammy Kahn Fennell, will be my guest on this evening's episode of the AuctionWally Show.

    See how Tammy is bringing informative and fun information to the collectibles world via online video!
  38. ep58 - The AuctionWally Show - Auctionzip.com2009/04/07
    My guest on tonight's live show will be Steve Johnson from www.auctionzip.com, the #1 leading online Auction Directory for live auctions.
    Auctionzip is an invaluable resource whether or not you even attend auctions!
  39. ep57 - The AuctionWally Show - iAntiqueonline2009/03/31
    ep57 of The AuctionWally Show is a special recorded interview with Diane Zwieg, the editor of iAntiqueonline a kind of Facebook for antiques & auction people.
    Diane is also an author of several collectibles books and much good information was exchanged!
  40. ep56 - The AuctionWally Show - Marketing Guru John Wall2009/03/24
    On this episode, I'll be interviewing Interenet marketing expert John Wall host of Marketing Over Coffee and the M Show.
    John a fellow podcaster is a master at SEO techniques, landing page conversion and optimization and public speaker. Get your notebook out for this one.
  41. 3 Jerks & a Lady a Podcaster's roundtable2009/03/20
    This is a special episode of a podcast with 4 of the leading podcasters in ecommerce.
  42. ep55 - The AuctionWally Show- Roy Burdick the singing auctioneer2009/03/17
    Roy Burdick, Singing Auctioneer is my mentor, my friend and my next guest on the AuctionWally Show. I can't wait!

    This is one your going to want to hear live!
    If you want to call in for this one, Roy is a great person to call in and ask anything at all about the auction business.
  43. ep54 - The AuctionWally Show - Antique American Paintings2009/03/10
    This week I'll have on the show again, Daryle Lambert from http://31corp.com who will be talking about how to identify, find, buy and sell American Antique & Collectible Paintings
  44. ep53 AuctionWally Show - eBid.net #2 online auction site2009/03/03
    This is a special recorded episode with Mark Wilinson, co-founder of the #2 online auction site, eBid.net
  45. AVCOSA PROMO2009/02/25
    Antiques, Vintage and Collectibles Sellers Association. Find out how to gain strength through numbers.
  46. ep51 - The AuctionWally Show - w/ Randy Smythe2009/02/24
    From http://myblogutopia.com we'll have Randy Smythe as a guest to cover the state of ecommerce, how he sees it and where he thinks it's going.
  47. ep50 - The AuctionWally Show - Dave White2009/02/17
    For this show, Mitzi and I will be interviewing Dave White from eBayandBeyond - The theme will be how to mash up your brick and mortar business with your Web presence.
  48. EP49 - The AuctionWally Show - w Ephemera Expert Cliff Aliperti2009/02/10
    For this episode, Mitzi and I will pick the brain of ephemera expert Cliff Aliperti from http://vintagemeld.com/

    And http://thingsandotherstuff.com
  49. EP48 - The AuctionWally Show - w Terry Kovel2009/02/03
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  50. EP47- The AuctionWally Show - A new online antiques network2009/01/27
    On this episode, my co-host Mitzi and I will be talking with Julie Law, President of AVCOSA, Antiques Vintage Online Collectibles Sellers Association.

    I'm anxious to hear what plans Julie has to help online sellers of collectibles consolidate their efforts.
  51. EP46 - The AuctionWally Show - Exclusive eBay Senior Manager Interview2009/01/22
    Don't miss this special episode of The AuctionWally Show.
    I'll be conducting a live interview with eBay Senior Manager of Corporate Communication, Usher Lieberman.
    I know you'll have a lot of questions, so sign into the chat room early!
  52. EP45 The AuctionWally Show - How to sell Vintage Clothing2009/01/20
    This is a recorded episode on which I interview Malie Raef.
    Webmaster at the the Vintageshopping Guide.com
    Malie talks about what to look for in vintage clothing when buying and selling, as well as how and where to sell.
    She live in NYC and has published the NYC vintage shopping guide map and Making Money from the things in your closet.
  53. EP44 - The AuctionWally Show - How to Liquidate an Estate2009/01/13
    This episode was pre-recorded with Estate Liquidator, Martin Codina.

    Martin shares just about every important thing there is to know about how to liquidate an estate.
    Show notes and links are at http://auctionwally.com/spout
    We'll see you next week as the show goes out live again on Tuesday Eve, 8PM EST
  54. EP43 - The AuctionWally Show - interview w vintage newspaper expert2009/01/06
    This show will feature an interview with William Smith a vintage newspaper expert.
  55. EP 41B - The AuctionWally Show - Interview w CEO of SeeAuctions.com2008/12/23
    There's a new kid in auction town. After visiting Seeauctions.com I was so impressed with the site, I requested an interview with CEO Mike Kranz Sr, which he kindly granted.
    Mike has 30 years in the antiques business, and wasn't afraid to answer all the questions I threw at him.
    Learn why I'm excited to get started on this online auction platform.
  56. EP41 - The AuctionWally Show - Interview w restoration expert2008/12/23
    This episode will feature a live interview with antique restoration expert Alexandra Reid from Squirrels Nest Antiques (SquirrelsNestAntiques.com), Sanford, NC.
  57. EPISODE40 - The AuctionWally Show -State of the Market report2008/12/11
    Mitzi and I give a report on the state of the antiques and collectibles market, with details, strategies and prices.
    The short of it? There's no other business I'd rather be in right now! Lots of people selling, just as many looking to invest in something tangible.
  58. EPISODE39 - The AuctionWally Show - Collectibles as gifts2008/12/11
    Why not give something that will last as as gift.
    This week Mitzi and I talk about antiques and collectibles that are inexpensive and make great gifts.
  59. EPISODE38 - The AuctionWally Show - Vintage Jewelry2008/12/11
    How to identify, buy and sell antique and vintage jewelry
  60. EPISODE37 - The AuctionWally Show-books and shipping2008/12/11
    We love collectible books, and that's what this episode is all about. Oh, and Mitzi and I go over online merchant shipping tips and policies.
  61. EPISODE36 - The AuctionWally Show - Holiday Selling2008/12/11
    Mitizi and I go over strategies for selling online during the Holidays.
  62. EPISODE35 - The AuctionWally Show - Bonanzle CEO interview2008/12/11
    Special Halloween edition OK, ANOTHER special Halloween edition w/ Bonanzle CEO Bill Harding
  63. EPISODE34 - The AuctionWally Show - Daryle Lambert interview#22008/12/11
    I had such a good time with guest Daryle Lambert (an antiques expert) in the first interview with him, that I decided to have him back on the show.
  64. EPISODE33B - The AuctionWally Show - AW chats w Halloween Queen2008/12/11
    You've GOT to hear this interview with Pamela Apkarian aka the Halloween Queen. She has written a dozen books, has a Halloween museum and is an absolute delight!
    Find here at http://castlehalloween.com
  65. EPISODE33 - The AuctionWally Show - Halloween Collectibles2008/12/11
    Mitzi and I talk about Halloween collectibles.
  66. EPISODE32 - The AuctionWally Show - Antiques Auction Price Report2008/12/11
    I go over some antique items prices at a live auction I conducted in Groton MA in Octoboer 08
  67. EPISODE31 - The AuctionWally Show - Retro Rnovation2008/12/11
    We have a retro renovation expert on this episode which features tips on how to get your home retro stylie!
  68. EPISODE30 - The AuctionWally Show - collectible paper items2008/12/11
    All about antique and vintage paper collectibles, from postcards to posters.
  69. EPISODE29 - The AuctionWally Show - collectible glassware2008/12/11
    Mitzi and I talk about antique and vintage glassware, from Heisey to Pyrex and in between.
  70. EPISODE28 - The AuctionWally Show - Interview w Worthpoint CEO2008/12/11
    This ep features an interview with Worthpoint CEO Will Seippel.
  71. EPISODE27a - The AuctionWally Show - Interview w antiques movie producer2008/12/11
    This is an interview I did with indie movie producer Chris McCallion, maker of Mothballs.
    A full length film about the antiques business, filmed in Brimfield, MA.
  72. EPISODE27 - The AuctionWally Show - Auctionbytes Ina Steiner2008/12/11
    For this show we've interviewed Ina Steiner head of the #1 online Auction Magazine Auctionbytes.com
  73. EPISODE26 - The AuctionWally Show - Finding Stock2008/12/11
    We go over the best strategies to find stock to re-sell.
  74. EPISODE25 - The AuctionWally Show - Free eBay listings?2008/12/11
    Mitzi and I discuss the free eBay listings rumor. I guess that one never came to fruition.
  75. EPISODE24 - The AuctionWally Show2008/12/11
    How to organize your home office as an emerchant.
  76. EPISODE23 - The AuctionWally Show Build your business by blogging2008/12/11
    Mitzi and I cover all the ways that blogging can help your business.
  77. EPISODE22 - The AuctionWally Show - Mystery Show2008/12/11
    You'll just have to click on the play button if you want to see what this episode of The AuctionWally Show is all about.
  78. EPISODE21 - The AuctionWally Show -Gas saving tips for dealers2008/12/11
    Mitzi and I cover the best gas saving tips for antiques and collectibles dealers, pickers and merchants of all types.
  79. EPISODE20 - The AuctionWally Show - Brimfield & iContact2008/12/11
    I talk about the Brimfield MA antiques show which I cover every season.
    It's the largest in the country which is 45 minutes away from me.
    I also talk about the importance of having and maintaining a house list of email contacts.
  80. EPISODE19 - The AuctionWally Show -Beyond eBay2008/12/11
    This is all about selling on places other than eBay. Bonanzle was not founded yet.
  81. EPISODE18 - The AuctionWally Show - Coins and precious metals2008/12/11
    Just as the title says, we talk coins and precious metals for this episode.
    I think it's important that every dealer know at least something in this field as it's been a staple in the industry forever.
  82. EPISODE17 - The AuctionWally Show - w Antiques Expert2008/12/11
    For this episode I interview antiques expert Daryle Lambert from 31corp.com
  83. EPISODE16 - The AuctionWally Show - Selling in Tough Times2008/12/11
    I get down and dirty with the most effective methods for selling fast when your strapped for cash!
  84. EPISODE15 - The AuctionWally Show - Vintage Indie2008/12/11
    Web publisher and Vintage expert from the
    Vintagepulse.com agrees to an interview with AuctionWally.
    She may live to regret it!
  85. EPISODE14 - The AuctionWally Show - Depression glass, roll top desks2008/12/11
    I go a bit niche on subjects with Depression glass and roll top desks.
  86. EPISODE13 - The AuctionWally Show - Interview with Russell Burt2008/12/11
    Russell L Burt is a scaremaster. He's a horror fiction author and I interviewed him as I'm a fan, and because he has great insight on how to gain an audience. I wanted to tap his knowledge of viral marketing.
  87. EPISODE12 - The AuctionWally Show - Web tools for sellers2008/12/11
    In this episode I cover the useful web tools and apps for emerchants.
  88. EPISODE11 - The AuctionWally Show - Value Added First Marketing2008/12/11
    In this episode, I talk about giving something to your potential customers BEFORE they consider buying from you.
    I call it value added first marketing, or trust marketing.
    It's a great way to get a loyal customer base.
  89. EPISODE 9 - The AuctionWally Show w the Auctionrebel2008/12/11
    For this episode I interviewed long time antiques and collectibles expert Gary Hendrickson from the Auctionrebel.com
  90. EPISODE 10 - The AuctionWally Show -Vintage Goodness2008/12/11
    This is the first episode I had Mitzi Swisher from Vintage Goodness on.
    I was so impressed with this retro expert I asked her to by my co-host. Now we do the show together.
  91. EPISODE 8 - The AuctionWally Show - eBay expert Danna Crawford2008/12/11
    For this episode I interview eBay selling coach Danna Crawford
  92. EPISODE6 - The AuctionWally Show - w Powerselling Mom2008/12/11
    This episode I chat with friend Danna Crawford aka The Powerselling Mom
  93. EPISODE 7 - The AuctionWally Show - Willie the Picker on Books2008/12/11
    For this episode guest Willie the Picker talks books.
  94. EPISODE5 - The AuctionWally Show - Buying estate contents in bulk2008/12/11
    In this episode I discuss how to buy big estate lots as an antiques/ used item dealer.
  95. EPISODE4 - The AuctionWally Show - About live auctions2008/12/11
    General auction information, how to know what's going on at a live auction.
  96. EPISODE3 - The AuctionWally Show - Willie the Picker on Stoneware jugs2008/12/11
    For this episode special guest Willie the picker talks about antique stoneware.
  97. EPISODE2 - The AuctionWally Show - identifying case furniture2008/12/11
    In this episode I explain how to identify and authenticate antique case furniture
  98. EPISODE1 - The AuctionWally Show- Hire an Aucitoneer2008/12/03
    This is the first episode of the AuctionWally show.
    It's theme is how to hire an auctioneer.
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