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  1. Martin Luther King Day Debates - Health Insurance Scandals2011/01/22
    Were schools right for using King Day as a make-up for snow days?

    How is health insurance the enemy?
  2. Gun Legislation2011/01/17
    Gun legislation will have a negative effect.

    Mark Twain gets censored.

    Bringing it on in Tuscon.
  3. Taking Back America 01/04/20112011/01/05
    Don't ask don't tell.
    7 year-old transvestite.
    Society doesn't seem to like to think anymore.

    News, music and more.
  4. It's Time to Take Action!2010/12/02
    We've just lost MORE of our freedom to our corrupted government! Word on the street about TSA. Our country is no longer a democracy.
  5. Freedom or Security?2010/11/15
    Are we sacrificing our freedom for security? Find out!

    Also: We're loosing our jobs to foreign countries, but now we're spending more of our money on them too!!!
  6. American Education2010/10/09
    One of the horses pulling the cart that's leading America to perdition is the education system. Listen to find out why.
  7. One Nation UNDER GOD!!!2010/08/28
    News, Talk & Music.

    Illegal immigration, what happened when the liberals took over. One Nation under God.
  8. Islam and the Obamination2010/08/05
    Obama's hidden agenda. The obvious is brought to light!
  9. Autism Awareness2010/07/23
    Join us as Kim Galanti and J-Man discuss life with different types of autism.
  10. Taking Back America: Why Obama Wants Offshore Drilling Ban2010/07/11
    Obama is trying to give the middle east complete control of our oil.
  11. Taking Back America: Gulf Oil Crisis2010/06/25
    Gulf oil crisis. Why is Obama angry? Weird news.
  12. Arizona Immigration Laws2010/05/14
    How political correctness is causing America's downfall. How Obama is ushering in the terrorists to destroy our country from within. Is Arizona really "bigoted" for their new immigration law? Here it the way it is WITHOUT the sugar coating! All this and more!!!

    OTR Episode of Strange Dr. Weird at the end.
  13. Fixing the Economy2010/04/09
    What might work? What's not working? Let's find out!!!
  14. Taking Back America - Interview with Don Crist2009/11/13
    Interview with author Don Crist about his new book, "What Can I Do?: After the TEA Party"

    More scandals you won't hear about in the mainstream media.

    The power of one man. That's you!!!

    How YOU can expose the governmental corruption!
  15. Taking Back America - Overseas Child Labor2009/11/07
    The U.S. is utilizing child labor in countries overseas.
  16. Taking Back America2009/11/03
    What's Obama secretly using to conquer America's people? Has he already used biological and chemical warfare against us?

    Why will the U.S. economy continue on a downward spiral?

    What damages will outsourcing labor to third-world countries do to us and children overseas?

    Special guest: Elvis Monroe
  17. Taking Back America2009/10/16
    Global Warming? I doubt it!

    Freedom of assembly? Freedom of speech? Listen to a group that lost theirs!

    What's the real reason Obama won the Nobel Peace Price? What's he gonna do for illegal immigrants?
  18. Taking Back America: Obama = Hitler2009/10/10
    Obama is using the same tactics as Hitler.
  19. Taking Back America2009/09/25
    News, Federal Reserve scandals, removal of corrupted politicians. Also, a conversation with President Obama!
  20. Corporate Deseptions2009/09/20
    How you are being ripped off!!!
  21. The Governmental Lies2009/09/13
    A closer look at the lies the U.S. Government is feeding you.
  22. Obama's Illegal Actions Exposed2009/09/11
    What Obama & the U.S. government are hiding from you!
  23. Taking Back America2009/08/27
    The next step in Obama's ploy is federal housing. Also, let's take a look at how the FCC is going to try silencing the majority of radio and TV stations.
  24. Second American Revolution!2009/08/12
    Get ready for America's second revolution! Get ready to do something our founding fathers have foreseen would be necessary in our country's future!
  25. American Healthcare System2009/08/03
    Listen as we discuss how crazy our health care system is and how Obama is not gonna make it any better! Special Guest: Elvis Monroe
  26. 25 Things About to Become Extinct in America2009/07/17
    Music, News, Politics
  27. What Men & Women Need To Know About Each Other2009/06/19
    Although it's impossible to figure out each other 100%, here's some information we definitely need to know to make relationships work and share a good deal of understanding.
  28. Spending Money We Don't Have2009/06/05
    Why do we as individuals and as a country do it?
  29. The Rights of the Criminal2009/05/29
    It seems as though the criminals have more rights than the honest hard working citizen!
  30. The Dangers of Sexting2009/05/15
    A message for parents and teens alike about the dangers of "sexting" and other issues that jeopardize the safety and well-being of today's youth.
  31. Allendale Elementary Online Reunion2009/04/25
    This is an online reunion for all alumni of Allendale Elementary School in West Seneca, NY. Listen to the music we used to hear in the cafeteria on Fridays as well as on WKBW!
  32. Public Schools Are Rewriting History2009/04/24
    We are now going to talk about how and why these government ran public schools are rewriting history.

    What was the Civil War really all about? Why is evolution all that's taught?
  33. Thursday Nite with the J-Man2009/04/17
    Music, news, politics.
  34. Star Wars Music and Home Made Audio Dramas!2009/04/13
    Listen to some Star Wars music along with some home made audio dramas!
  35. A Funeral for Common Sense2009/04/03
    Join me as we discuss the stupidity of society.
  36. Dreams & Visions2009/03/27
    Listen as we discuss different types of dreams and why we have them. We'll also talk about the differences of how our minds work when we are awake and when we're asleep. Prophetic dreams will also be discussed.
  37. Is America Going Communist?2009/03/19
    It's happening before our eyes and most people can hardly see it. The government has an unpleasant surprise for us!
  38. Sex, But No Sugar2009/03/14
    This is a discussion of how we censor the media by being "politically correct", we're so careful about not letting our children have too much sugar, yet we let them watch sexually suggestive material on cartoons and TV shows!

    We're always trying to avoid offending minorities yet we don't worry about sex on TV!
  39. Life With Asperger's Syndrome2009/03/08
    J-Man discusses life with the condition as well as personal experiences. We will also discuss ways to help remedy the symptoms of the disorder.
  40. Star Wars Songs & Audio Drama2009/02/28
    Listen to Star Wars Songs as well as home made audio drama!
  41. Rocketship FSR (kid show)2009/02/18
    Blast off into orbit with J-Man as he broadcasts from Rocketship FSR! Have fun as you explore space and go on fantastic cosmic adventures!
  42. Monday Night With The J-Man!2009/02/17
    An hour of music, humorous news, old-time radio and pure fun! Broadcast in the style of the old radio station WKBW!
  43. Protecting Our Rights from our Corrupt Government2009/02/07
    How close are we to loosing our constitutional rights? How is the government slowly taking them away from us? What have they done in the past to take away what's rightfully ours? What can we do to prevent it?
  44. Friday Night With The J-Man!!!!2009/01/31
    Remembering the good old rock-n-roll station WKBW!!!!
  45. Salute to Danny Neaverth of WKBW, Buffalo2009/01/28
    This is a salute to my all-time favorite disk-jocky Danny Neaverth. Dan is my inspiration when it comes to broadcasting. I listened to him from when I was a small child to my adult years.
  46. Racial Profiling - What Causes It?2009/01/22
    What causes racial profiling? Is it right? Is it wrong?
  47. The Future of Radio2009/01/20
    With digital TV and internet radio, what's going to happen to the airwaves as they are used less and less? There's a great deal that it can be used for. Come on in and let's talk about it!!!
  48. Space Patrol2009/01/19
    Join J-man as he broadcasts from his spaceship radio station! Listen as the Space Patrol battles the cosmic forces of evil!
  49. Childrens Variety Show Featuring "The Little Mermaid"2009/01/18
    Gather your children and listen to music just kids and some good clean fun! Also hear an episode of the old radio show "Let's Pretend", which features "The Little Mermaid"!
  50. Paper or Plastic2009/01/15
    Environment & Pollution
  51. Witching Hour2009/01/14
    The OTR Show "The Haunting Hour" during the 'Witching Hour'.
  52. First Time On Air2009/01/14
    Getting on air for first time.
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