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The Pump Fake Podcast

  1. 09/29/09 The Pump Fake Podcast2009/09/29
    NFL and College injury breakdown, the effect of the Tebow injury. Nfl breakdown of the week that Farve took the headdlines again. Highlights and congrats to the guys for picking Iowa over Penn State, and we announce our upsets for this week.
  2. 09/23/09 The Pump Fake Podcast2009/09/23
    College football breakdown of all the big losses from the weekend. Updates and predictions of the upcoming games in College Football, Plaxico Buress going to jail, Kiffen vs. Myer talk. Nfl breakdown of the games and preview of the upcoming week. MLB wildcard talka and more
  3. 09/15/09 The Pumo Fake Podcast2009/09/15
    College football week 2 recap, predictions on upcoming games. The exciting week that was in the NFL. Recap of all the recent NFL games.
  4. 9/09/09 The Pump Fake Podcast2009/09/09
    College football breakdown of previous weeks games and the games upcoming this weekend. Small football news on the happenings in the NFL. Baseabll wildcard updates and ending on the ocho skip debate!
  5. NFL Fantacular2009/09/08
    The Pump Fake guys break down the NFL season as we know it. They roll through all the divisions and pick all the winners.
  6. 9/03/09 The Pump Fake Edisode 22009/09/03
    College Football Show as we break down every top 25 team, predict losses. Also talk about wild card and whats a show without a little Vick talk!
  7. The Pump Fake 8/26/092009/08/26
    First Episode, Buress, Vick, Farve, MLB Wildcard talk and various other sports talk.
The Pump Fake Podcast
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