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  1. 267: PAX Prime 2015 Review! 2015/09/02
    The complete crew is here in the studio discussing PAX Prime 2015 in Seattle, WA! Cameron, Jon, Joe and Chase!
  2. 266: PAX Prime 2015 Preview! 2015/08/24
    The show is back - yes again.... new name and album art....same fun! We chat about PAX Prime 2015, Windows 10 gaming and much more!
  3. 265: New Name Same Great Taste 2014/10/14
    The show is back, new name and album art....same fun! With Special Guest: Lloyd Hannesson from VGPodcasts.com
  4. 264: PAX Prime 2014 Recap! 2014/09/07
    Tired and dragging, we chat about the PAX Prime 2014 show, what we saw, what we wanted to do and also tangent off to chat about how important graphics are in games!
  5. 263: PAX Prime 2014 Preview 2014/08/25
    This week we chat about the 2014 Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, the future name of this show, how we should give away PAX Passes and much more!
  6. 262: Mario Kart 8 2014/06/30
    This week, the crew of Geek Gamer Weekly play the latest from Nintendo, Mario Kart 8!
  7. 261: June Minecraft Survival Games! 2014/06/23
    To bring you a taste of some gaming, we play some Minecraft - Survival Games on this edition of Geek Gamer Weekly!
  8. 260: E3 2014 Wrap Up! 2014/06/16
    The big Electronic Entertainment Expo was this past week and today we cover and summarize the best and meh of the big event!
  9. 259: WTF WWDC 2014 2014/06/02
    This week we see what is Apple up to at the WWDC 2014 in San Francisco, CA!
  10. 258: YouTube is buying Twitch? 2014/05/19
    Shocking news dropped today on a possible sale of Twitch to YouTube! We chat about the ramifications of that deal!
  11. 257: Network Neutrality 2014/05/12
    Today on the show, we talk about the latest in Network Neutrality, one of the most important things to know about currently.
  12. 256: GGW: The Return of the Show 2014/05/05
    May the 4th be with you! Geek Gamer Weekly is back and we discuss Star Wars and the future of NVidia gaming! With special guest Chris Fisher from Jupiter Broadcasting!
  13. 255: Last Call 2014/01/28
    Coming at you from Tug Boat Annies in Olympia, WA - Discussing some of the top gaming stories of the week and playing a mini-game show with the fans! Giving away some awesome RIG headsets thanks to Plantronics Gaming!
  14. 254: CES 2014 Recap! 2014/01/20
    Fresh off of our quarantine from CES, we give you a recap of what we loved from visiting Las Vegas for the CES 2014 Show! P.S. It wasn't all about In and Out! We also chat about our LIVE remote happening next week!
  15. GGW #253: CES 2014 Preview! 2014/01/06
    Las Vegas is upon us and on this episode of GGW, we chat about all that is in store for us at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, NV!
  16. GGW #252: 2013 Year End Review 2013/12/30
    2013 was a very big year in both the Technology and Gaming circles! This week, we chat about the ones that topped the charts and the ones that really sucked!
  17. GGW #251: The BF4 Christmas 2013/12/23
    This time its the shareholders who are pissed off at EA, we discuss the potential fallout. Also cover the Apple iOS 7.0 Jailbreak, more Steam Box news and our ideas for cool gift for Christmas!
  18. GGW #250: YouTube Content ID 2013/12/16
    This week we chat about all the video game related YouTube channels and how they were hit with massive claims involving ContentID. We also look into Valve pushing the Steam Box out to their small group of beta testers. A world record attempt at CES in Las Vegas and much much more!
  19. GGW #249: The Battlefield 4 Controversy 2013/12/09
    Electronic Arts stock price is crashing....just like BF4. We chat about EA is doing to try to turn around the falling stock. We also chat about the Video Game Awards (VGX) and a poor kid getting duped for an XBOX One on eBay. All this and much more!
  20. GGW #248: Amazon Prime Air 2013/12/02
    This week, Amazon announced a new service that they hope to launch in the future called "Amazon Prime Air", we also chat about Microsoft, PlayStation, WiiU and our favorite games for this holiday season!
  21. GGW #247: The New Consoles 2013/11/25
    We are BACK!!! With a new look and a twisted format! This week we welcome Lloyd Hannesson from VGPodcasts.com to chat about the big console launch from Sony and Microsoft! We also chat about our Black Friday plans and much more!
  22. Special: Wirecast 5 2013/11/20
    On our first Geek Gamer Weekly Special we chat with Paul Hindt from Telestream to talk about about Wirecast 5.
  23. GGW #246: Hiroshi Yamauchi 2013/09/24
    This week we talk about the passing of Nintendo's Hiroshi Yamauchi, Apple 5S, Apple 5C, GTA 5 and much more!
  24. GGW #245: 2013 PAX Prime Preview Show! 2013/08/26
    Getting ready for one of the biggest gaming and geek get-togethers! ITS PAX PRIME! We break down some of what we plan on covering and how you will be able to get it!
  25. GGW #244: Making Deer Chili 2013/08/19
    We make our predictions of Apple's next major event, Google's Dotless Domains, XBOX One withOUT Kinect and much much more! All the last Geek and Gaming News, right here on Geek Gamer Weekly
  26. GGW #243: Microsoft Has Surfaced 2013/08/05
    This week we focus in on Microsoft's Surface vs. Nexus 7, FBI listening in on your conversations with Malware, the iPhone/iPad import ban and much much more! And....we have our picks of the week!
  27. GGW #242: French Toast Sandwich 2013/07/30
    This week on the big show, we chat about the Google Chromecast, the big Twitter blowup over Fez 2, WOW, EVE, COD and much much more!
  28. GGW #241: The Last Of Us 2013/07/15
    Playing of the best games of the year for the PS3, in this edition of Geek Gamer Retro, we have Jon play "The Last of Us" for the very first time and we give our initial impressions of a stunning game!
  29. GGW #240: NuTech or NewTek 2013/07/02
    Our first ever global Q&A with questions sent in from all over the interwebs! We also welcome special guest Jase Rossi from NuTech.TV to join in on the discussion!
  30. GGW #239: XBOX One Goes 180 2013/06/24
    On this edition of Geek Gamer Review, we chat about the latest news coming out of E3 and Apple's WWDC! Also with our Picks of the Week!
  31. GGW #238: Tri-Ball Multiball! 2013/06/18
    On this edition of Geek Gamer Pinball, we chat with Bowen Kerins and Greg Dunlap about the latest of pinball news!
  32. GGW #237: GGW Plays: GTA IV 2013/06/04
    This week we sit back and relax and watch GGW Play: GTA IV!
  33. GGW #235: A Soft Plunge 2013/04/22
    On this edition of Geek Gamer Pinball we chat with Mark Steinman and Bowen Kerins about three new pinball machines, PAPA Circuit Finals, Pinburgh 2013 and a Kickstarter project!
  34. GGW #234: Just Scratching the Surface 2013/04/01
    We welcome Alex Gumpel from the awesome TWiT Network to chat about the latest in Technology and Gaming!
  35. GGW #233: Cease and Desist 2013/03/25
    This week we are completely freestyling it! We chat casually about the top geek, gaming news, PAX East 2013, Movies, Star Trek, Star Wars and MORE! :)
  36. GGW #232: DRMCity 2013/03/18
    Happy St. Patricks Day! It's time to touch one of the biggest gaming stories of the year so far, SimCity! Also this week, we chat about the Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Reader going away and the lackluster Wii U sales for February.
  37. GGW #231: Hey, it’s only Pinball! 2013/03/12
    On this episode, it's wall-to-wall pinball as we discuss the state of pinball, machines, tournaments, everything you can think of and more with some of the all-stars in the pinball world!
  38. GGW #230: It’s all about the Tri-Force 2013/03/05
    We welcome the very talented, uber geek, cosplayer, and awesome gal, Raychul Moore to the show! We chat about shady app development, Hulu, Sony Vita, PS4, Gamefly, Steam and MUCH MUCH Moore!!! Get it? lol.
  39. GGW #229: PS4 and 31 Flavours of Android 2013/02/25
    Sony announces their next big console, just in time for the holiday season! But.....where is it?!?! We also chat about NVidia Tegra 4, Google's new Chromebook, a possible Apple Watch, and more PS4 news then you can muster! :)
  40. GGW #228: A Steamy Compile of Linux 2013/02/18
    Welcome to the new age, and the new age is HD and Linux!
  41. GGW #227: Beta Bugs Bite! 2013/01/23
    Info (Show/Hide)
  42. GGW #226: It’s Sub Prime 2013/01/14
    On this episode of Geek Gamer Weekly, we wrap up what happened at CES 2013, the CNET/CES situation, Eve Online and Dust 514, bumpy tablets, the Pebble, talk about NVidia's new hardware announcement and much much more! Including our Picks of the Week!
  43. GGW #225: CES 2013 Preview! 2013/01/07
    First show of the new year and we kick it off with covering of the CES 2013 show in Las Vegas, NV! We also talk about Google redirecting traffic on Windows Phone, a small town in Connecticut wanting to pull violent video games off the street, our picks of the week and much much more!
  44. GGW #224: Google, Google, Google 2012/12/18
    This week we welcome Mr. Andrew Zarian from GFQ Network to chat about the latest news from the worlds of Gaming and Geek to include Google making changes and Valve introducing a new console possibly in 2013? All this and more on Episode 224 of Geek Gamer Weekly!
  45. GGW #223: Bum with a Podcast 2012/12/10
    Finally moved into the new studio! We discuss the top geeky and gaming news of the week!
  46. GGW #222: Black Friday 2012 2012/11/26
    This week we chat Geek, Gaming and the fall out from this years Black Friday! All this and more!
  47. GGW #221: Medal of Honor: Warfighter (it really sucks) 2012/11/12
    This week we chat Geek, Gaming and why Joe thinks that Medal of Honor: Warfighter sucks! All this and more!
  48. GGW #220: Windows 8 is Enough 2012/10/30
    We are back to put the final button on the Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface launch! Also chat about the recent Apple product announcements and more!
  49. GGW #219: The Fate of Windows 8 2012/10/22
    This week Microsoft releases Windows 8.  One of the most biggest things to happen with Microsoft since moving from Windows 98 to Windows XP. The panel discusses also the upcoming Apple and Google events as well.
  50. GGW #218: Balls of Steel – Felix Baumgartner 2012/10/15
    Info (Show/Hide)
  51. GGW #217: The Breast Show Ever! 2012/10/08
    Sony is suing Mr. Kevin Butler!! Do you know Kevin? Also, according to Nielsen, Men watch more TV is there is a console, Zynga is in trouble, price gouging of the Nintendo WiiU in auctions and gamers demanding bigger breasts in video games! All this and much much more!
  52. GGW #216: What is Blackberry 10? 2012/10/01
    When we thought we couldn't get away from the iPhone iOS Maps issue, Tim Cook CEO of Apple gave us a little more to talk about! Also we chatted about Blackberry 10, iOS 6 battery life, Minecraft creator talking about Windows 8, 3DTV, Electrics Cars, Harmony Touch and much much more!
  53. GGW #215: Mapping out iOS 6 2012/09/24
    With iPhone 5 still in the spotlight, we tighten our focus on iOS 6 features, namely the much commented new Maps. With additional gaming and geeks topics abound!
  54. GGW #214: WiiU buy an iPhone 5? 2012/09/17
    Big news this week in the world of technology and gaming when we got announcements on both the iPhone 5 and the Nintendo WiiU! We chat about the impact of those devices hitting the market! We also touch on Valve's newest beta "Big Picture", Microsoft and Yahoo employee's getting new gadgets to play with and much much more!
  55. GGW #213: Shwoodzarian! 2012/09/10
    Not just one, but two special guests! We welcome Brian Brushwood and Andrew Zarian on this show this week to discuss the latest geek and gaming topics!
  56. GGW #212: The PAX 2012 Roundup! 2012/09/04
    What happens when you get five guys in the studio, add a little adult beverage and then sprinkle in some PAX Prime 2012 coverage? You get a very epic edition of Geek Gamer Weekly!
  57. GGW #211: Off or OnLive? 2012/08/20
    What killed the OnLive gaming service? Will it ever make it's return in the future? We analyze that and more!
  58. GGW #210: The password is: Ju$tducky 2012/08/13
    Google to include gMail in search results and moving search results down, passwords failing with social engineering, Jet Set Radio is making a comeback, WiiU could be delayed internationally, Will Ouya be the next big console? The next Xbox and MORE!
  59. GGW #209: Windows 8: Doom Edition 2012/08/06
    This week we chat about the impact Windows 8 will have on the hardcore gaming community. We also highlight the top geek and gaming news to include, the mars landing, google street view surveying the Kennedy Space Center, Doom being re-released and much much more! Thanks to Josh Coleman from the T4Show for joining the show this week!
  60. GGW #208: Gold Medal Mowing 2012/07/30
    The Olympics are here and it's time to introduce an all star show with not one, but two special guests! We have Michael Manna from the T4Show and Chris Fisher from Jupiter Broadcasting to discuss Mountain Lion, AT&T possibly charging for Facetime over 3G, Olympic streaming and apps, and much much more!
  61. GGW #207: A Touch of Canada 2012/07/16
    The future of telvision could be upon us as Viacom and Directv squabble over money, Apple comes back to EPEAT, RIM has lost another lawsuit and Microsoft is coming out with a super cool looking XBOX 360 console for Halo 4! All this and more geek and gaming topics on this edition of Geek Gamer Weekly!
  62. GGW #206: The Next Big Thing! 2012/07/09
    Always looking for the next big thing and maybe Amazon has it with a new phone they might be building?!? Also talking about how cell companies stiffle innovation, is the PS3 getting smaller and will game consoles go all digital in the future? Josh Coleman from T4show.com joins us to chat about these topics and more!
  63. GGW #205: Google I/O Wrap N’ More! 2012/07/02
    John (Sunkast) from Tech News Weekly of the GFQ Network jumps on to pinch hit to discuss the latest from Google I/O conference, RIM, Apple, Video Games, Nintendo Wii and More!
  64. GGW #204: Rants, Raves and Rimjobs 2012/06/25
    This week we are happy to welcome Andrew Zarian from GFQ Network to chat and rant about podcasting, Microsoft, RIM, Video Games, Geek Topics and much much more!
  65. GGW #203: The boys are back in town! 2012/06/18
    Following a heavy couple of weeks covering the NW Pinball Championships, E3 2012 and the NW Pinball and Arcade Show, finally the fellas are back to discuss the top technology and gaming news that happened in the weeks that were!
  66. GGW #202: The Flowmaster of TWiT 2012/05/21
    We welcome one of engineers from TWiT to the show, he is the "Flowmaster", but we call him Alex Gumpel.
  67. GGW #201: Sci-Fi, Space and Baseball 2012/05/14
    To space and beyond! The crew discuss the upcoming E3 Trip, Space, Sci-Fi, Baseball, Video Games and MUCH MUCH More!
  68. GGW #200: It’s 200 Baby! 2012/04/30
    Info (Show/Hide)
  69. GGW #199: Elmo does exist! 2012/04/16
    Joe is back from PAX East to discuss.....well you will have to find out! We also chat about Facebook aquiring Instagram for a cool billion, Apple price fixing books, EA making movies, Wii U release date, NAB, Google +, Valve hardware and much much more!
  70. GGW #198: Make it so! 2012/04/09
    Cameron Atchley "Maloch" our awesome admin from the Minecraft Me Pub Server (and great friend) joins us this week to chat about Google's plan for a new tablet, RIAA coming back with another SOPA bill, Apple creating a 7 inch tablet, Epic Games and their PC "Exclusive" release, our Picks of the Week, and much much more!
  71. GGW #197: Hello Kitty, Twilight Princess 2012/03/26
    Mr. Michael Manna from the T4Show stops by the big show to chat about the Apple Dividends, Facebook Passwords, EVE Gaming, Angry Birds and much much more! Don't forget, our picks of the week!
  72. GGW #196: One More Thing… 2012/03/19
    On this episode, Andrew Zarian stops by to give us his thoughts on the New Apple iPad and TV. Also talking about the new six strike RIAA plan for ISP's and YOU! Plus we chat about the impending Diablo III release, iPad games and much much more!
  73. GGW #195: I like Pi! 2012/03/12
    Is AT&T, EA, Apple being too evil when it comes to business practices? Is one day DLC the devil of gaming? Is the XBOX 360 losing a disc drive? Are you excited for the iPad and Apple TV? All this and more on Geek Gamer Weekly!
  74. GGW #194: I’ll take the fifth and drink it too! 2012/02/27
    Covering the full legal gamut! Chatting about how the court upholds the Fifth Amendment when it comes to encrypted data, a person suing AT&T and WINNING, OSX Mountain Lion and much much more! AND Don't forget gaming topics too!
  75. GGW #193: Friends don’t let Friends upgrade! 2012/02/13
    Attention! This video has sync issues and is known! It has been repaired for the next episode. If this bothers you, please download the audio version! In the episode we cover from Apple to Zelda and from Geek to Gaming! Thanks for joining us!
  76. GGW #CXCII: The Super Geek Bowl CXCII 2012/02/06
    This is the SUPER GEEK BOWL EDITION! Action packed with Geek and Gaming Stories!
  77. GGW #191: Rimvitawiiu 2012/01/30
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  78. GGW #190: The SOPA Soap Opera 2012/01/24
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  79. GGW #189: CES 2012 Preview 2012/01/10
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  80. GGW #188: 2011 Year in Review 2012/01/03
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  81. GGW #187: Joe comes home for the Holidays! 2011/12/19
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  82. GGW #186: Video Game Awards 2011 2011/12/12
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  83. GGW #185: CS: GO AWAY 2011/12/05
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  84. GGW #184: No More Ducky? 2011/11/21
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  85. GGW #183: GameOn/GameOff 2011/11/14
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  86. GGW #182: Call of Duty: Me 2011/11/07
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  87. GGW #181: Thurrottless in Seattle 2011/10/31
    Info (Show/Hide)
  88. GGW #180: The Great BF3 Debate! 2011/10/24
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  89. GGW #179: Thurrott Edition 2011/10/17
    Info (Show/Hide)
  90. GGW #178: Kindle iPhone 5 Fire 2011/10/04
    Info (Show/Hide)
  91. GGW #177: Forza Fourway 2011/09/26
    Info (Show/Hide)
  92. GGW #176: Steaming Origins 2011/09/12
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  93. GGW #175: Live from AFK Tavern 2011/09/06
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  94. GGW #174: The HP Touchpad 2011/08/22
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  95. GGW #173: Batter Up! 2011/08/15
    Info (Show/Hide)
  96. GGW #172: Unlimitless 2011/08/08
    Info (Show/Hide)
  97. GGW #171: 90 Degrees and Rising! 2011/08/01
    Info (Show/Hide)
  98. GGW #170: That 170 Show! 2011/07/18
    Info (Show/Hide)
  99. GGW #169: Six Strikes 2011/07/11
    Info (Show/Hide)
  100. GGW #168: Happy Birthday America 2011/07/05
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  101. GGW #167: E3/WWDC Roundup! 2011/06/13
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  102. GGW #166: Northwest Pinball Show 2011/06/06
    Info (Show/Hide)
  103. GGW #165: @VWKenny 2011/05/31
    Info (Show/Hide)
  104. GGW #164: Fresh and Clean 2011/05/16
    Info (Show/Hide)
  105. GGW #163: Penetration Tester 2011/05/10
    Info (Show/Hide)
  106. GGW #162: WiiStream 2011/05/02
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  107. GGW #161: iPhone Tracking 2011/04/25
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  108. GGW #160: Jon’s Nook 2011/04/18
    Info (Show/Hide)
  109. GGW #159: Uranus 2011/04/11
    Info (Show/Hide)
  110. GGW #158: Morgan Freeman 2011/04/04
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  111. GGW #157: Brought to you by Carls Jr. 2011/03/28
  112. GGW #156: MAVAG 2011/03/21
  113. GGW #155: Is that Bruce Campbell? 2011/03/15
  114. GGW #154: Winning 2011/03/07
  115. GGW #153: Cleavage 2011/02/28
  116. GGW #152: The Three Way 2011/02/21
  117. GGW #151: Joe Is A D*** 2011/02/14
  118. GGW #150: The Internet Kill Switch 2011/01/31
  119. GGW #149: Happy Birthday 2011/01/24
  120. GGW #148: Good Bye 2011/01/18
  121. GGW #147B: Computer America Interview 2011/01/13
  122. GGW #147: CES 2011 2011/01/10
  123. GGW #146: Just Ducky! 2011/01/04
  124. GGW #145: Metalocalypse 2010/12/27
  125. GGW #144: Short and Sweet! 2010/12/21
  126. GGW #143: Youtubin! 2010/12/14
  127. GGW #142: My Favorite Things! 2010/12/07
  128. GGW #141: LIVE from AFK! 2010/11/30
  129. GGW #140: Uhhhhhh… 2010/11/22
  130. GGW #139: It’s on like Donkey Kong! 2010/11/16
  131. GGW #138 – Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! 2010/11/09
  132. GGW #137 – Minespace Trek 2010/11/02
  133. GGW #136.5 – GGW is on TPN Weekly #77 2010/10/29
  134. GGW #136 – Do the Dew! 2010/10/25
  135. GGW #135 – No Plugs! 2010/10/18
  136. GGW #134 – 1010101010 2010/10/11
  137. GGW #133 – 90 + 43 = 133 2010/10/04
  138. GGW #042 – The Answer To Everything! 2010/09/27
  139. GGW #041 – TROGLODYTE! 2010/09/20
  140. GGW #040 – Nobody Listens 2010/09/13
  141. GGW #039 – My Name is Tyrel! 2010/08/30
  142. GGW #037 – 1 out of 5 2010/08/16
  143. GGW #036 – Torchlight Express 2010/08/09
  144. GGW #035 – Chris Cashman of 1 vs. 100! 2010/08/02
  145. GGR #034 – Antennagate! 2010/07/26
  146. GGR #033 – Just the three of us! 2010/07/12
  147. GGR #032 – lol u suck! 2010/06/28
  148. GGR #030 – Chase needs monitor badly! 2010/06/14
  149. GGR #031 – E3 2010 2010/06/08
  150. GGR #029 – The funny thing is… 2010/06/07
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