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DJ Northern Monkey Podcast

  1. Episode 32: Turning Point2013/02/20

    This is my first mix for a while. It's a deep and dubby mix that bounces it's way through the darker side of life! www.twitter.com/_NorthernMonkey
  2. Episode 31: Impression2012/08/21

    Another deep and dreamy progressive house mix put together for those times when you're watching the sun go down. www.twitter.com/_NorthernMonkey

  3. Episode 30: Inner State2012/04/27

    A deep and dreamy progressive house mix along the same lines as Guilty Pleasures and Introspective... Laid back and uplifting. Put your feet up, close your eyes and let your mind wander. www.twitter.com/_NorthernMonkey
  4. Episode 29: Introspective2012/03/22

    Another progressive house mix that was recently broadcast on the mighty frisky radio to over 5000 people. If you know their style then all I really need to ask is... Are you feelin' frisky?
  5. Episode 28: Guilty Pleasures2012/02/11
    This one is a deep and dreamy uplifting progressive house mix that was picked up by the mighty Frisky Radio and aired to approx 5000 people! It's one not to be missed so kick back, relax and enjoy the uplifting vibe of a storming little mix! http://www.facebook.com/djnorthernmonkey
  6. Episode 27: No Turning Back2011/11/27

    This one is a deep and bouncy prog/tech house mix that is best served with a large slice of Vodka and Coke.

  7. Episode 26: Happiness Is...2011/09/01
    A laid back prog/tech house mix with a funky twist. Check out the Northern Monkey on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/djnorthernmonkey
  8. Episode 25: Moving Forward2011/06/16

    Another progressive Monkey mix that starts uplifting and builds to a deep proggy finish. Check out the Northern Monkey on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/djnorthernmonkey

  9. Episode 24: Missing Pieces2011/05/08
    An uplifting prog / tech house mix with an old skool ending to top things off and stir those distant memories. http://www.facebook.com/djnorthernmonkey
  10. Episode 23: The Long Road2011/03/21
    An uplifting progressive house mix from the Northern Monkey this time. Put together with the thoughts of one man and his impending battle with the London Marathon in my mind. Steady beats to help one foot get in front of the other. http://www.djnorthernmonkey.com
  11. Episode 22: What's Knocking?2011/02/10
    A mixture of Monkey favourites. Some hot off the press and others not so! That aside... It's deep & uplfiting yet lively and relaxing so give it a whirl. What do you think? Let me know... http://facebook.com/djnorthernmonkey
  12. Episode 21: All Funk'd Up2011/01/15
    An uplifting tech house mix with a funky undercurrent. Check out the Monkey on Facebook for more info. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Northern-Monkey/24533232505
  13. Episode 20: Last Man Standing2010/12/02
    Starting off deep and proggy it builds to a bit of dirty techno. If you like to go through the gears a little this one is for you. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Northern-Monkey/24533232505
  14. Episode 19: Long Way Home2010/10/27
    A progressive house mix that shifts through the gears on route to a deep, dark and dirty finish - get your dancing shoes on. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Northern-Monkey/24533232505
  15. Episode 18: Serve Chilled2010/10/01
    Something a little different from me this time. A chilled out House mix for one of those days when you feel like doing absolutely nothing. http://www.djnorthernmonkey.com/
  16. Episode 17: Out Of Space2010/09/18
    As usual its a mix that shifts through the different styles along the way. This one is mainly progressive and it will take you on an uplfiting journey from start to end.

  17. Episode 16: Two Men Burning2010/08/25
    Burning Man is on the horizon. Starting off housey and ending up with a deep and dirty techno sound there is a bit of everything along the way. Burn bright! http://www.djnorthernmonkey.com/
  18. Episode 15: Incognito2010/05/21
    A deep chugger of a mix that has tech house, tribal, minimal and techno sounding tunes along the way. You can catch the Northern Monkey live every Sunday at 7.00pm (uk time) on www.transmissionfm.com There is also a simultaneous video brodacast on UStream! Get your dancing feet on and get involved... (",)
  19. Episode 14: A Frisky Inspiration2010/04/23
    A second Monkey mix thats been pulled from the back catalouge. This one is an old one but dont let that put you off! It shifts through the styles and is definatly one for a Friday night so get your dancing shoes on and away you go. This was played on Frisky Radio to over 1000 listeners when it was first put together. http://www.djnorthernmonkey.com/
  20. Episode 13: Northern Lights2010/03/25
    A deepish house / tech house mix with a few female vocals. Please click the following link and join my facebook page if you subscribe so I can say thanks! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Northern-Monkey/24533232505
  21. Episode 12: Kick Back!2010/03/02
    An uplifting progressive house mix filled with some well known laid back tracks. Kick back, relax and enjoy a trip through the more mellow side of life! http://www.djnorthernmonkey.com
  22. Episode 11: Reflection2010/02/23
    A super sized progressive Monkey mix. Deep and techy at times it shifts nicely through the gears as things progress. http://www.djnorthernmonkey.com
  23. Episode 10: Late Arrival2010/02/04
    A light house mix that shifts through a number of different styles whilst offering a little bit of energy as it goes. http://www.djnorthernmonkey.com
  24. Episode 09: Realisation2009/12/23
    An uplifting progressive house mix that turns towards a dark and deep 'Fat Boy' twist come the end. Happy Christmas to all subscribers and cheers for your ears! http://www.djnorthernmonkey.com/
  25. Episode 08: Function!2009/12/07
    A progressive mix with a definate funky / jazzy twist early doors. Shifts through the styles a little as it builds. http://www.djnorthernmonkey.com
  26. Episode 07: Elevate2009/11/19
    This mix has an uplifting feel to it. Progressive with a twist of trance, a slice of tech and a dash of minimal... there is a bit in here for everybody's tastebuds! http://www.djnorthernmonkey.com
  27. Episode 06: Enclosure2009/10/21
    A deep and chuggy mix of tech, tribal, minimal and techno beats! If you like things dark and moody this one's for you! http://www.djnorthernmonkey.com
  28. Episode 05: The Deep End 2009/09/08
    A deep, techy, minimal, tribal and techno mix that builds to an uplifting finish. A live recording of my recent web radio broadcast. http://www.djnorthernmonkey.com
  29. Episode 04: Northern Departure2009/08/08
    A Monkey mix from the back catalouge. A deep, progressive and vocal house mix made for the old motorway jaunts up North! http://www.djnorthernmonkey.com
  30. Episode 03: Allegation2009/07/24
    A house mix fuelled by the summer sun. Something to kick back and relax to while consuming the odd alcoholic beverage or three! http://www.djnorthernmonkey.com/
  31. Episode 02: Changing Faces2009/07/23
    Another Monkey mix that builds from light to dark. There's a few different style's chucked in to the mix and its something that ends nowhere near the start! http://www.djnorthernmonkey.com/
  32. Episode 01: All About House Music2009/07/20
    A finely crafted house mix that shifts and builds through a number of different styles before reaching a very surprise ending! http://www.djnorthernmonkey.com
DJ Northern Monkey Podcast
DJ mixes for your listening pleasure! Mixes that range through House, Tech House, Prog, Tribal, Minimal and Techno sounding beats

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