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Clarity Advantage's Sales Thoughts

  1. To the Highest Standards2016/08/29
    In which we consider that companies generate more client loyalty and more sales if they’ve developed and managed their sales teams to specific client experience standards.

  2. Trusted Advisor2016/08/15
    In which we are reminded that advising, earning trust, and generating value beyond our products involves looking beyond the needs our products address.

  3. Assessing Buyer Appetites for Risk2016/06/20
    In which we are encouraged to explore the bigger picture of what our clients seek to maximize or minimize in purchasing our services.

  4. I've Got a Guy Who...2016/05/11
    Want to be the "go to" person for your clients when they need something? Watch for some tips from Nick Miller, president of the bank sales training and consulting firm, Clarity Advantage. http://www.clarityadvantage.com

  5. Keep an Eye Out2016/05/09
    In which we are reminded: Look up, from time to time, and engage with the people around us. No telling who we will meet.

  6. Daily Measures2016/05/02
    In which we are encouraged to plan, then track and manage, our sales activities to boost our chances of hitting goals.

  7. Niche or Get Smoked2016/04/25
    In which we are reminded: Find a niche and specialize… or get smoked.

  8. Hot Rods2016/04/18
    In which we are reminded that buyers have so many choices that, no matter how much work we invest in differentiating the details of our products, they remember only one or two IF they distinctly stand out.

  9. Forget Me Not2016/04/11
    In which we are reminded to “follow the check list” as we’re closing sales or finishing projects.

  10. The Best Parts First2016/04/04
    In which we are reminded to tell the best parts of our story (i.e. our results, our value) first in three (or fewer) simple sentences.

  11. Why do you ask?2016/03/21
    In which we are reminded that very few questions come from idle curiosity. We need to know why.

  12. A Fool's Plan2016/03/14
    In which we are reminded…again… that sustaining training is critical to long term capabilities and performance.

  13. Seeing Beyond the Obvious2016/03/07
    In which we are reminded that every client personal detail reveals choices and avenues to insight.

  14. Ask Before You Pitch2016/02/15
    Ask questions to understand what prospects are thinking before you start pitching ideas.

  15. Recalculating Route2016/02/15
    In which we are reminded that “winging it” in sales calls without maps of the bigger picture frequently ends in our getting lost.. and losing opportunity.

  16. Bread on the Table2016/02/08
    In which we are reminded that even short call plans help us produce better results than no plans at all.

  17. Slow Turners2016/02/01
    In which we are reminded that some people need more time to decide, and we should engage with others while they do.

  18. Focused Too Tight?2016/01/18
    In which we are reminded not to limit our explorations with clients and prospects to those issues in which they express interest or which they purchase.

  19. Ask First2016/01/11
    Yet one more time… In which we are reminded to clarify before we pitch

  20. Maintaining a Wide View2015/12/14
    In which we are reminded that, if we want our clients to embrace us as advisors, it helps to maintain a wide view of what’s happening the in the business world.

  21. When the Baby's Ugly2015/12/07
    In which we are reminded not to call another person’s baby ugly… even if....

  22. Layers of Flavor2015/11/30
    In which we are challenged to communicate the experiential aspects of our products to distinguish them and stimulate client hunger for them.

  23. Are You Good Enough They'll Call You?2015/11/16
    In which we are reminded that our network reputation for a specific expertise earns us introductions to the people who most need us.

  24. Engage New Friends2015/11/16
    n which we are reminded that people “out there” are reading what we write on line…. Really!

  25. Old Wounds2015/11/02
    In which we are reminded to take care of “injuries” in our client relationships lest they come back to cripple us later.

  26. Eat! Eat Some More!2015/10/26
    In which we are encouraged to understand context before we pitch recommendations.

  27. Bridges in the Moment2015/10/19
    In which we are reminded we can leverage ‘what’s happening in the moment’ to start conversations with prospects during networking or group events

  28. The Changing Game2015/10/12
    In which we are encouraged to practice our conversation and sales skills in everyday life so they’re sharp when we need them in sales calls.

  29. Not Thirsty2015/10/05
    In which we are reminded that, even if we provide water, horses won’t drink if they’re not already thirsty or if we can’t convince them that drinking now would be a really good idea.

  30. Competitor Links2015/09/28
    In which we are reminded to keep our competitors clearly in view and to distance and differentiate ourselves.

  31. Don't Give a Hoot2015/09/14
    In which we are reminded that dollarizing our value, is an INCREASINGLY essential sales discipline.

  32. Before the Fall2015/09/08
    In which we are reminded to look at each of our clients’ situations uniquely, being wary of “ready generalizations” based on experience.

  33. Playing Clean2015/08/31
    In which we are encouraged to break down our sales conversations and work out the sloppy spots.

  34. Pantry View2015/08/24
    In which we are reminded that one of the main purposes of our client “discovery” conversations is to help them take a fresh look at how they’re managing their operations.

  35. I Forgot2015/08/17
    In which we are reminded that clients forget stuff, too, even really important stuff. Our sales jobs include reminding them.

  36. Ruthless2015/08/10
    In which we are reminded that we can open up space and boost our productivity by purging “sentimental favorite” clients that provide little value so we can focus on the ones we can grow.

  37. Getting Out for a Look Around2015/08/03
    In which we are reminded that mapping an account – major players, points of view, obstacles, etc. – can save us from being blindsided and losing a sale.

  38. Hermione2015/07/20
    In which we are reminded that maintaining account records and information are critical to the seller’s craft.

  39. Social Selling2015/07/13
    In which we are reminded that the value we post on line - our social selling and personal marketing – can take us to markets and people far beyond the local market we serve. THAT’s why we do it.

  40. Sales Strategies: Developing Centers of Influence2015/07/09
    Successful salespeople know that referrals are one of the most effective ways to attract new prospects and clients. Generating referrals comes easier when you've developed a relationship with a referral source or center of influence. Get some tips on initiating relationships with centers of influence from Clarity Advantage President Nick Miller. http://www.clarityadvantage.com

  41. Being Social: Attracting Attention2015/06/29
    In which we gain some insight into the workings of the Web and social selling.

  42. Change of Scene2015/06/22
    In which we are reminded to give our brains a break and change of scene, the better to generate ideas.

  43. Dirty Work2015/06/15
    In which we are reminded that one of the most important obstacles to sales is our clients’ reluctance to face the dirty work of change after their purchase… and that we can help.

  44. Quesadilla2015/06/08
    In which we are reminded of positive feedback’s power.

  45. Rocky Paths2015/06/01
    In which we are reminded not to be put off when others describe particular clients or prospects as “difficult”.

  46. Were You Thinking?2015/05/26
    In which we are reminded that winging it can reduce our credibility with clients.

  47. On Giants' Shoulders2015/05/18
    In which we are reminded: Take a moment thank people who have sponsored us and coached us to become who we are.

  48. Take What the Defense Gives You2015/05/04
    In which we are reminded to pursue issues in which our clients are interested rather than issues we PLANNED to talk about.

  49. There's Floor Everywhere2015/04/27
    In which we are reminded, from the “How bad do you want it?” department…No matter how busy we are, we can make time to do just one or two more small tasks that move us forward.

  50. Four Years!2015/04/20
    In which we are reminded that, when we lose clients, the warning signs have been there for a while. We could have done something about it.

  51. Look Back!2015/04/13
    In which we are reminded to look back at our client relationships to make sure nothing has changed while we were looking in a different direction.

  52. Build Better Rapport with Small Business Banking Clients2015/04/09
    Building stronger relationships and increasing sales with small business owners is all about asking the right questions. Get your next conversation off to a great start with the four powerful questions Clarity Advantage President Nick Miller shares in this sales strategies video. http://www.clarityadvantage.com

  53. Change from the Periphery2015/04/06
    In which we are urged to meet many people in our primary accounts to understand their ideas and intentions well before they turn into action and an RFP.

  54. Passionate Followings2015/03/30
    In which we are reminded to move boldly beyond "about what you'd expect."

  55. Sedimentary Segmentation2015/03/23
    In which we are reminded that tight focus and strong expertise brings customers to us.

  56. Question the Question2015/03/16
    In which we are reminded, yet again, to find out what’s behind the question before answering.

  57. Five Fast Ones2015/03/09
    In which we are reminded to prepare for five predictable sales objections.

  58. Silver Sonatas2015/03/02
    In which we are challenged to make our differentiators more obvious, easier to see.

  59. Baby, It's Cold Outside2015/02/23
    In which we are reminded to pay attention to our clients ‘FEELINGS’ as well as their facts.

  60. Sales Leadership2015/02/16
    In which we are reminded…We can lead.

  61. Five Second Memory2015/02/09
    In which we are reminded to learn quickly and move on from mistakes. No brooding!

  62. What Sales is About2015/02/02
    In which we are reminded about the value proposition that WE are and can be.

  63. Find Ways to Say Yes2015/01/26
    In which we are reminded that part of our roles as sales professionals is to find ways to say “yes” when the “by the book” answer is, "no, we don’t do it that way.”

  64. We've Been to Your Website2015/01/19
    In which we ask a question: How to respond when a prospect or client calls, having done most of the “buying” process on their own.

  65. Thinking Ahead2015/01/12
    In which we are encouraged to help our clients think ahead, anticipate, and prepare to solve problems early.

  66. Developing Closer Client Relationships2015/01/07
    In this sales strategies video brought to you by Clarity Advantage President Nick Miller, you'll gain three ways to strengthen your client relationships. http://www.clarityadvantage.com

  67. Big Picture View2015/01/05
    In which we are urged to see the big picture view of our territories and accounts before losing ourselves in daily sales tasks.

  68. Stories2014/12/29
    In which we are encouraged to take the stories we hear as a starting point, not the last word.

  69. Hallelujah! Multitasking2014/12/15
    In which we are reminded to plan ahead and multi-task in our sales calls.

  70. You CAN'T Be Serious!2014/12/08
    In which we are reminded that we don’t always hear what we think we’ve heard.

  71. Save Room for Dessert2014/12/01
    In which we are reminded, again, to maintain capacity for the accounts and clients that are most important.

  72. Be Memorable2014/11/24
    In which we are reminded… STAND OUT SOMEHOW.

  73. Uni-Directional2014/11/17
    In which we are reminded to overcome one set of survival instincts so we can pay attention to another.

  74. Acapella2014/11/10
    In which we are urged to carve out the time needed to research and prepare for sales calls.

  75. Identifying Needs for Treasury Management Solutions2014/11/04
    Clarity Advantage President Nick Miller shares three steps to identifying more opportunities for fee-based services, particularly Treasury Management, in this sales strategies video for business bankers. http://www.clarityadvantage.com

  76. Cachucha Fandango2014/11/03
    In which we are reminded to slow down our pace when we’re presenting new concepts to prospects and clients so they may understand more clearly what we say.

  77. Expertise So Clear2014/10/27
    In which we ask ourselves the question, once again, “what is our differentiating, dominating expertise?”

  78. Superstitious Behaviors2014/10/13
    In which we are prompted to ask ourselves, “Are we working with a replicable, predictable sales process?”

  79. Sales Conversations: Two Ways to Strengthen your Questions2014/10/08
    There are two ways you can improve the quality and richness of client answers you receive during sales conversations. Clarity Advantage President Nick Miller shares what they are and how you can use them to expand and deepen your client relationships. http://www.clarityadvantage.com

  80. Nothin' But Trouble2014/10/06
    In which we are reminded to be careful about “sharing our experience” until we understand the details, no matter how tempting.

  81. Buying Decisions2014/09/22
    In which we are reminded that buyers sometimes stop or slow down their processes with us because of related or unrelated issues.

  82. Keeping Up To Date2014/09/15
    In which we are reminded to document our sales and client management activities day by day (even ‘though that’s about the last thing in the world we want to spend time on).

  83. I Want An Opinion2014/09/08
    In which we are reminded that, frequently, it’s our expertise rather than the products we sell that earn us clients and commissions.

  84. Selling Treasury Management Services2014/09/04
    Want to sell more deposit and cash management services? Start by discussing cash flow challenges in sales calls. Sound difficult? It doesn't have to be! There are three major things you need to ask about and Clarity Advantage President Nick Miller shares them in this video. http://www.clarityadvantage.com

  85. A Mother's Love2014/09/02
    In which we are reminded that complaints or expressions of interest are not sufficient foundations to pitch.

  86. On the Trail2014/08/27
    In which we are urged to get out from behind our desks and go TO our clients to earn their business.

  87. Treasures of the Trip2014/08/27
    In which we are encouraged to savor and ask questions that go beyond the obvious.

  88. Movement in the Mercado2014/08/27
    In which we learn marketing from Mercado merchants’ movement.

  89. Unraveling Client Yarns2014/08/04
    In which we are reminded to manage our discovery questioning patiently.

  90. Two Keys to Better Negotiating2014/08/01
    For many people, a "negotiation" comes out of nowhere like a beach ball they didn't see coming. Don't start your next negotiation at the beach ball moment; follow the advice of Clarity Advantage President Nick Miller and ensure your future negotiations start early and add value. http://www.clarityadvantage.com

  91. Stop the Bleeding2014/07/28
    In which we are reminded to maintain a broad view and help our clients solve the problems that are immediate and urgent, whether or not we make a sale in that moment.

  92. A Time to Plan2014/07/21
    In which we are reminded to take the time to plan calls and meetings, early enough, when it counts.

  93. Look Up!2014/07/14
    In which we are reminded to look up and ahead, from time to time, amidst our intense focus on sales activities.

  94. Seeds of Doubt2014/07/07
    In which we wonder about the sagacity of posting “away” messages on email or voice mail.

  95. Notes and Cards2014/06/30
    In which we are reminded to be memorable by acknowledging and celebrating clients and network friends.

  96. Crab Rangoon2014/06/23
    In which we are reminded to build believers by evoking the experience of using our products and services.

  97. Why do you want to work with us?2014/06/16
    In which we are reminded to prepare answers to a fundamental client question.

  98. Deconstruction2014/06/09
    In which we are reminded to break our clients complex problems down into components and address the components rather than offering ‘one-size-fits-all’ recommendations that miss underlying issues.

  99. Coaching Before a Call2014/06/03
    Sales managers: do you know when to coach your reps? Find out here and get a winning game plan you can use in your sales coaching sessions from Clarity Advantage President Nick Miller. http://www.clarityadvantage.com

  100. Feet Keep Moving2014/06/02
    In which we are reminded at mid-year to focus on knocking down the short-term objectives in front of us on our way to the year-end goal.

  101. Future Vision Benefits2014/05/27
    In which we are reminded to paint an inviting vision of the future when we’re positioning our benefits.

  102. Goal Line Stands2014/05/19
    In which we are encouraged to engage our clients in thorough discussion of their goals.

  103. Narrowing Focus2014/05/12
    In which we are reminded that, while no territory is perfect, focus can improve our odds.

  104. A Little Rogue2014/05/05
    In which we are encouraged (with judicious restraint) to test the limits of our employers’ strategies, policies, and product lines to help our companies learn and adapt as clients and markets change.

  105. Lead with Results2014/05/01
    When you speak to prospective clients, do you focus first on your results? According to Nick Miller, president of the bank sales consulting and training firm Clarity Advantage, you should! Watch our video to find out why and how leading with results can boost your sales efforts. http://www.clarityadvantage.com

  106. Pipeline Brushes2014/04/28
    In which we are reminded to spread the risk in our pipelines by continuously adding new names.

  107. Out the Back End2014/04/21
    In which we are reminded to assess, from time to time, our investments in slow-developing accounts.

  108. Sight vs. Sound2014/04/14
    In which we wonder, how much should we focus on the physical elements of our sales presentations?

  109. Options2014/04/07
    In which we are reminded that broad perspective and many options accelerate successful negotiating conclusions.

  110. Sales Strategies: Helping Clients Manage Change2014/04/02
    When you sell, your clients need to change. Watch Nick Miller, president of the bank sales training and consulting firm Clarity Advantage, as he discusses how you can help clients manage the change process once you sell to them. http://www.clarityadvantage.com

  111. Reputation2014/03/31
  112. A Cholesterol Problem2014/03/24
  113. What's New?2014/03/17
  114. Relevance2014/03/10
  115. Stay in Touch with Clients and Prospects2014/03/04
  116. Prospecting By Example2014/03/03
  117. Cabaret2014/02/24
  118. Irritating Rituals2014/02/17
  119. Approaching Insurance Agencies2014/02/13
  120. Subway Strategy2014/02/10
  121. Dragonisms2014/02/03
  122. Task Focused2014/01/27
  123. Close Shaves2014/01/20
  124. Four Drops2014/01/13
  125. The Strength of Our Convictions2014/01/06
  126. Visions of Sugar Plums2013/12/23
  127. Hands On2013/12/16
  128. Nurturing Your Sales Network: Ping!2013/12/12
  129. Too Quick to Answer2013/12/11
  130. Save Room for Dessert2013/12/02
  131. Excess Parts2013/11/27
  132. Sharpness of Breath2013/11/18
  133. You Can Learn a Lot2013/11/11
  134. Approaching Veterinarian Practices2013/11/04
  135. Protein and Calcium2013/11/04
  136. Extremely Natural2013/10/28
  137. Social Value2013/10/21
  138. Take Arms?2013/10/14
  139. Can't Be Sure Unless We Measure2013/10/07
  140. Approaching Engineering Consulting Firms2013/10/02
  141. Lead With Ideas2013/09/30
  142. Interpretations2013/09/23
  143. Signature Dishes2013/09/16
  144. A Long Shot2013/09/09
  145. Comfort Foods2013/09/03
  146. Approaching Architects2013/08/28
  147. Out Of Our Minds2013/08/26
  148. Common Interests2013/08/26
  149. East Coast Time2013/08/12
  150. Building Networks That Feed You2013/08/05
  151. Why Do You Ask?2013/08/05
  152. There's More to the Picture2013/07/29
  153. Practice2013/07/22
  154. Fly Swatters2013/07/15
  155. Who Do You Know That...?2013/07/08
  156. Sales Strategies: Attracting Referrals and Clients2013/07/02
  157. Business Development Games2013/07/01
  158. Hit 'Em Where They Ain't2013/06/24
  159. So What?2013/06/19
  160. Out of Network2013/06/10
  161. Networking Passions2013/06/03
  162. Granola2013/05/28
  163. Break Dancers2013/05/20
  164. Take What Their Defenses Give2013/05/13
  165. Approaching Lawyers2013/05/08
  166. Any Excuse2013/05/06
  167. Pacing2013/04/29
  168. Irrigation2013/04/22
  169. Statuesque2013/04/15
  170. Approaching Dentists2013/04/12
  171. Perspective2013/04/08
  172. Selling from Purpose2013/04/01
  173. Your Story in My Words2013/03/25
  174. News from Afar2013/03/19
  175. Tell Me Why2013/03/11
  176. Responding to "Tell Me About You" the Right Way2013/03/05
  177. Question With Those Fries?2013/03/04
  178. Contingencies2013/02/24
  179. Clients Who Know2013/02/18
  180. WOW Them with a Reason to Meet2013/02/13
  181. Snow Blinded2013/02/11
  182. Something to Talk About2013/02/04
  183. Taken for a Fool2013/01/28
  184. Genuine2013/01/21
  185. Cave of Wonders2013/01/14
  186. Slow Leaks2013/01/07
  187. How Will I Know?2013/01/02
  188. Not Good Enough for Us2012/12/17
  189. 6 Must-Ask Questions for the New Year2012/12/12
  190. Keep It Simple2012/12/10
  191. A Little Intelligence2012/12/03
  192. Better Questions Beget Bigger Sales2012/11/27
  193. Save Room for Dessert2012/11/26
  194. Selling in the Present2012/11/26
  195. Squirrels2012/11/12
  196. Land of 1000 Delights2012/11/05
  197. Wind Blown2012/10/29
  198. Shared Experiences2012/10/22
  199. Captivating Rhythm2012/10/15
  200. The Value We Bring to the Table2012/10/08
  201. Sales Strategies: 3 Keys to More COI Referrals2012/10/03
  202. Make It Specific2012/09/24
  203. Dean's Lesson2012/09/17
  204. Reasons We'll Never Understand2012/09/10
  205. Managing Account Relationships with Balance2012/09/05
  206. The Reason to Buy2012/08/27
  207. We Own the Questions2012/08/20
  208. Wide of the Mark2012/08/06
  209. 4 Techniques for Closing the Sale2012/08/02
  210. A Little More Zip2012/07/30
  211. Sounds In Darkness2012/07/23
  212. Sales Strategies: 2 Ways to Jump-Start Your Next Sales Call2012/07/17
  213. Small Orders2012/07/16
  214. I Didn't Know You Did That2012/07/09
  215. Transitions2012/07/02
  216. The One You Have With You2012/06/25
  217. Varying the Mix2012/06/21
  218. Take What the Defense Is Giving2012/06/11
  219. Sales Strategies: 4 Ways to Attract Prospects' Attention2012/06/06
  220. Communities of Attraction2012/06/04
  221. Making the Connection2012/05/29
  222. Bank Sales Management: Coaching From Three-by-Five Cards2012/05/22
  223. Reflections on Values and a Life2012/05/21
  224. Socks2012/05/14
  225. Under Pressure2012/05/07
  226. Common Interests2012/04/30
  227. The Subway Strategy2012/04/23
  228. Balance2012/04/16
  229. The Story Behind the Story2012/04/09
  230. Sales Best Practices: Positioning Personal Value2012/04/02
  231. It Ain't Me Babe2012/04/02
  232. Hold That Thought!2012/03/26
  233. What If2012/03/19
  234. Five Fast Ones2012/03/12
  235. Two Months Free2012/03/05
  236. Softening Up Sales2012/02/27
  237. Scary Specifics2012/02/20
  238. Sales Techniques: Was That Supposed to Be Meaningful?2012/02/13
  239. What D'Ya Got2012/02/13
  240. Transcendental Ghosts2012/02/06
  241. Conversation Bridges2012/01/30
  242. Where Do You Feel the Pain?2012/01/23
  243. Don't Ask That2012/01/16
  244. Entering Rapport2012/01/09
  245. This Time, With Feeling2011/12/19
  246. A Bet They Can Tolerate2011/12/12
  247. What Might Be Different2011/12/05
  248. It Should Have Been Easy2011/11/28
  249. I'd Like to Think About It2011/11/14
  250. Gut Check2011/11/07
  251. Just Enough Rope2011/10/31
  252. Planning to Maintain Momentum2011/10/24
  253. Staple Yourself to the Process2011/10/21
  254. A Plan to Finish2011/10/10
  255. Before the Cold Sets In2011/10/03
  256. An Early Lesson2011/09/26
  257. Home Ice2011/09/19
  258. Matted Down2011/09/12
  259. Totally Concrete2011/09/06
  260. Simple, Neat, and Incomplete2011/08/29
  261. Old Habits2011/08/22
  262. Counterintuitive2011/08/22
  263. Quality of the Question2011/08/08
  264. A Little Excitement2011/08/01
  265. Storm Chasers2011/07/25
  266. It Isn't Only About the Money2011/07/18
  267. Question Elegance2011/07/11
  268. Sell the Strengths2011/07/05
  269. Planting Seeds in Conversation2011/06/27
  270. Don't Blow It2011/06/20
  271. Stir 'Em Up2011/06/13
  272. No Bonehead Mistakes2011/06/06
  273. Bear Marketing2011/05/31
  274. What's Different2011/05/16
  275. Head Voices2011/05/09
  276. Pathways Overlooked2011/05/02
  277. Planning Ahead2011/04/25
  278. Can't Get There from Here2011/04/18
  279. News Guys2011/04/11
  280. It's A Trap2011/04/04
  281. Side Mirrors2011/03/28
  282. Four Brushes2011/03/21
  283. Do You Really Want to Hear2011/03/14
  284. Stop the Bleeding2011/03/07
  285. Hidalgo2011/02/28
  286. Chasing the Train2011/02/21
  287. New Ideas, Fast Fulfilled2011/02/14
  288. Triple Priced2011/02/07
  289. Frost Bite2011/01/31
  290. Toccata and Fugue2011/01/24
  291. What Will They Miss?2011/01/17
  292. Tasty Diversions2011/01/10
  293. The Territory Battle Plan2011/01/03
  294. Five Questions to Ask in January2011/01/03
  295. Leave A Trace2010/12/20
  296. Rehearsed Action2010/12/13
  297. Favorite Question2010/12/06
  298. Save Room for Dessert2010/11/29
  299. Short and Cheerful2010/11/22
  300. Stand Out2010/11/15
  301. Winning the Head Race2010/11/08
  302. Connections That Can Be Trusted2010/11/01
  303. Under Control2010/10/25
  304. Too Quick to Answer2010/10/18
  305. Reasons to Meet2010/10/11
  306. Mother, Please!2010/10/04
  307. Nothin' But Trouble2010/09/27
  308. Follow the Steps2010/09/20
  309. More Than A Gut Feel2010/09/13
  310. Something to Talk About2010/09/07
  311. Stop Leading the Witness2010/08/30
  312. Do Not Confuse Effort with Results2010/08/23
  313. The Value of a Nice Ride2010/08/23
  314. Turning Over New Leaves2010/08/09
  315. Step Back for Next Steps2010/08/02
  316. Attract to Retain2010/07/26
  317. Take Nothing for Granted2010/07/19
  318. Creaky Knees2010/07/12
  319. Playing to Space2010/07/06
  320. Looking for Spoons2010/06/28
  321. What's New2010/06/21
  322. Selling Past No Close2010/06/14
  323. Grapes2010/06/07
  324. How Much Is That Doggie?2010/06/01
  325. I'd At Least Be Curious2010/05/24
  326. Whack a Mole Sales2010/05/17
  327. Moving Target2010/05/10
  328. Distracted2010/05/03
  329. Problem First2010/04/26
  330. Sales as Performance2010/04/19
  331. No Argument2010/04/12
  332. Taking A View2010/04/12
  333. Trusted Advisors Redux2010/03/29
  334. Ready Comprehension2010/03/22
  335. Getting Through Gatekeepers2010/03/15
  336. The Engaging Game2010/03/08
  337. So What?2010/03/01
  338. Give Me One Good Reason2010/02/22
  339. Knives for Neighbors2010/02/15
  340. What's That You Say?2010/02/08
  341. Trust Me, They Notice2010/02/01
  342. Sales Symbolism2010/01/25
  343. Insultative vs. Consultative Sales2010/01/18
  344. Move to the Future2010/01/18
  345. Sales Survival2010/01/04
  346. Working the Storm2009/12/21
  347. The Gift2009/12/14
  348. Bringing Our Prospects to Us2009/12/14
  349. Save Room for Dessert2009/12/13
  350. Trusted Advisors2009/12/13
  351. What Have You Done For Me Lately?2009/12/13
  352. Which Way Do We Go?2009/12/12
  353. Show Me That 'Cha Love Me2009/12/12
  354. Globe Corner2009/12/11
  355. Decisions They Have to Make Anyway2009/12/11
  356. Translating for Trust2009/12/10
  357. Decisions, Decisions2009/12/10
  358. Skip's Lesson2009/12/09
  359. Lead With Ideas2009/12/08
  360. Rookie Questions2009/12/08
  361. Is It True LeBlonds Have More Fun?2009/12/08
Clarity Advantage's Sales Thoughts
Tips for prospecting, positioning value, negotiating, better questions and listening, coaching, managing sales process.

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