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FLASH FORCAST The #1 FlashForward Podcast

  1. The Doctor Is In2011/03/09
    The guys Interview Zachary Knighton
  2. PODCAST FINALE2010/06/07
  3. Flashforward 122 - Future Shock2010/05/31
    Mark finds out the date of the next blackout, and Demetri and Simon attempt to stop it. Everyone discovers if the visions they had of the future actually come true.
  4. Flashforward 121 - The Countdown2010/05/24
    Mark interrogates Hellinger about the next blackout. Aaron discovers Tracy's link to Jericho. Lloyd figures out the equation in his flash-forward, Demetri debates helping Janis and Simon break into NLAP.
  5. Flashforward 120 - The Negotiation2010/05/17
    On April 28th, the day before everyones future was revealed, Mark must protect Gabriel, Aaron mounts a rescue attempt to retrieve Tracy, and Janis is ordered to kill a fellow FBI agent.
  6. Flashforward 119 - Course Correction2010/05/10
    Demetri investigates a murderer who is targeting people that have escaped their futures, and Mark agrees to find Simons sister. Nicole finds Keiko, the woman in Bryces flashforward. The FBI closes in on Suspect Zero.
  7. Flashforward 118 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road2010/05/03
    Aaron infiltrates an Afghan village to find Tracy. Olivia finds a person who had several flashforwards. Janis tries to cover her tracks against her fellow FBI agents before they can discover her secret.
  8. Flashforward 117 - Garden Of Forking Paths2010/04/26
    The FBI attempts to track down the missing Demetri. Olivia discovers who texted her about Marks flashforward.
  9. Flashforward 116 - Let No Man Put Asunder2010/04/19
    Olivia and Lloyd grow closer. Wedeck helps Aaron infiltrate Jericho to rescue Tracy. Demetri moves up his wedding date after finding out more information about his murder.
  10. Flashforward 115 - Queen Sacrifice2010/04/12
    Keiko searches for Bryce while Mark and Vogel plot to uncover the FBI mole.
  11. Flashforward 114 - Better Angels2010/04/05
    Olivia tries to get Charlie to reveal her flashforward. Bryce talks to Nicole about his cancer.
  12. Flashforward 113 - Blowback2010/03/29
    Mark continues to grill Lloyd about their phone conversation in each of their flashforwards. Zoey is determined to alter the fate of Demetri. Aaron investigates the link between Jericho and his daughter.
  13. Flashforward 111_112 - Revelation Zero2010/03/22
    Mark is suspended from the FBI and Demetri must partner with Agent Vogel
  14. Exclusive Interview w/Jonathan Levit2010/03/01
    Exclusive Interview w/Jonathan Levit
  15. What Did You Hear2010/01/11
    The guys interview FlashForwards Quinton Peeples and Avi Youabian
  16. About Us2009/12/14
    The gang answers listener questions and a little bit more
  17. Flashforward 110 - A5619842009/12/07
    Against Wedecks orders, Mark and Demetri travel to Hong Kong in search of the woman claiming to know details of Demetris fate
  18. Flashforward 109 - Believe2009/11/23
    Bryce begins his search for the woman in his flashforward
  19. Flashforward 108 - Playing Cards With Coyote2009/11/16
    The discovery of a person in Mark's flashforward impedes a romantic getaway with Olivia. Aaron discovers information about his daughter. Simon and Lloyd attempt to resolve conflict and Janis returns to the Bureau.
  20. Flashforward 107 - The Gift2009/11/09
    Mark, Demetri, Gough and MI6 agent Fiona Banks investigate a Blue Hand club and its possible connection to some recent suicides.
  21. Flashforward 106 - Scary Monsters And Super Creeps2009/11/02
    Mark, Demetri, and Wedeck investigate attacks on Janis and themselves. Olivia confronts Mark about his flashforward. Dylan goes missing.
  22. Flashforward 105 - Give Me Some Truth2009/10/26
    Mark must testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee about his flashforward.
  23. Flashforward 104 - Black Swan2009/10/19
    Olivia and Bryce disagree on using a patient's flashforward in a diagnosis. Nicole returns and her flashforward is revealed.
  24. Exclusive Interview w/Robert J. Sawyer2009/10/19
    Exclusive Interview w/Robert J. Sawyer
  25. Flashforward 103 - 137 Sekunden2009/10/12
    The FBI follow-up when a Nazi war criminal imprisoned in Munich claims to know the cause of the blackout. He also knows Agent Mark Benford by name.
  26. Flashforward 102 - White To Play2009/10/05
    The FBI begins to acquire vital clues about the blackout. The web site they've established leads them to Utah and eventually to the conclusion that there were at least two people awake during the blackout.
  27. Exclusive Interview w/Quinton Peeples2009/09/28
    The first episode has aired and the boys talk with Exec story editor and show's co-producer Quinton Peeples
  28. Flashforward 101 - No More Good Days2009/09/27
    On what seems to be a day like any other, everyone on Earth blacks out at the same moment for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. They also have a vision of where they will be or what they are doing some six months into the future, on April 29, 2010.
The BEST fan podcast for the ABC series Flash Forward

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