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  1. The MANCAST: Episode 132010/05/26
    Its the lucky 13th edition of The MANCAST!! This episode is a summer movie blowout; Alex and Josh discuss Iron Man 2 and the hilarious SNL based movie MACGRUBER and then talk about upcoming films including Jonah Hex and Piranha 3D. Also Josh issues a challenge to SINBAD of the Sinbad and Jakey show and then they close the show off with a good ole fashion cowboy song. A fun show so check it out!
  2. The MANCAST GOES LIVE!!!2010/04/30
    This is it, the moment we've all been waiting for: THE MANCAST GOES LIVE!!! On this episode we'll talk about one of the best movies we've EVER seen: kick-ass as well as our regular stuff but we'll also be taking your calls!! Its open lines so you can discuss what ever you want.
  3. The MANCAST: Episode 112010/04/14
    The MANCAST is back with episode 11. In this episode we discuss gay wrestlers and pitch our money making idea for the gay wrestling federation; we review the new movie hot tub time machine, we look at some upcoming work from MANCAST FRIEND lee roy myers, and we discuss the casting of the Captain American movie coming out next year. An Awesome show so check it out.
  4. The MANCAST: Episode 102010/03/11
    Here it is folks our historic tenth episode!! This is a blockbuster show featuring a lovely Corey Haim tribute, a great discussion about the new internet phenomenon Chat Roulette, a brief re-cap of Oscar night, and a poo story you have to hear to believe. All that and more on this episode of The MANCAST~!

    If you like the show check out our blog: http://mancastjosh.wordpress.com/
  5. The MANCAST: Episode 92010/03/04
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  6. The MANCAST: Episode 82010/02/25
    Its another episode of The MANCAST! This time around we try to bring a little class to the show by discussing The Oscars. We also pick our favorite youtube videos, talk a little about female hygiene, and get an impromptu call from my sister. Its all a little crazy & informative, check it out!
  7. The MANCAST: Episode 7- The Lost Episode2010/01/15
    Get ready for Episode 7 of The MANCAST!!! My computer was out of order for awhile and I managed to save this episode that we recorded before the Holidays. In this Episode me and Alex talk about my dad, review GI JOE The Movie, and Alex informs me that the degree I have may or may not be real. A fun episode so check it out. Featuring The song Blacktop by Porcelain Youth
  8. The MANCAST: Episode 62009/11/10
    The MANCAST is back again with Episode number 6!!!
    In this episode Alex & Josh review The rock starring Sean Connery & Nic Cage and they take on the world-wide pandemic known as H1N1. Be sure to e-mail the MANCAST at bestpodcastever@gmail.com and stay tuned for some major updates!
  9. The MANCAST: Episode 52009/10/16
    Wow... Thats all I can say about this show. On this Episode Alex and Josh look at Louis CK's "Chewed Up", Josh talks about and altercation he had on the weekend (GOOGLE IT!) and then put the kids to bed because the guys give their State of Address 2009 including talking about "reality" and reviewing "That 70's Show xxx. Thats all on this ridiculous edition of The MANCAST!
  10. THE MANCAST: Episode 42009/10/04
    This week on The MANCAST Alex & Josh are once again up to no good. They start out reviewing another Swayze movie, POINT BREAK and then all hell breaks loose. Joined by Josh's friend Matt they discuss twitter, Keanu Reeves horrible acting, disfunctional woman and all three men share their best POO story. All this and more on this edition of The MANCAST.
  11. THE MANCAST: Episode 3- Vegas Edition!2009/09/24
    THE MANCAST returns with a blockbuster episode! After a week off Alex & Josh are back. This week we review ROADHOUSE in memory of Patrick Swayze, Alex discusses The Tucker Max movie premier in Toronto and of course Josh shares some tales from his wild time in LAS VEGAS. Also, as an added bonus you'll be able to listen to MORTAL KOMBAT: The Swaze Remix.
  12. THE MANCAST: Episode 22009/09/02
    In this historic 2nd Episode Me & Alex review Fire Down Below, A Real Man's Movie Starring Steven Seagal, Alex gives his thoughts on the upcoming Tucker Max movie, We talk about Fan Expo and me meeting the honky tonk man and THE IRON SHEIK and we end discussing a dream that can only be described as disturbing.... check it out.

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  13. THE MANCAST: Episode 12009/08/25
    Alex & Josh are joined by Jerrod to wax intellectual about various topics. Josh gives a movie review of Inglourious Basterds, Alex talks about text messaging mishaps including a young lady named McBlowjob and of course we discuss masterbating.
Mancast: The Most Hilarious Podcast EVER
The MANCAST is the definitive Podcast for Men. Join hosts Alex and Josh as they discuss everything from Hot Girls, to entertainment, to strippers, to classic action movies. The MANCAST is by far THE BEST PODCAST EVER!

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