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Vic Firth Drumset VIDEO Podcast

  1. Zach Danziger and Mark Guiliana Project 2011/09/08
    Vic Firth artists Zach Danziger and Mark Guiliana present the Zach Danziger and Mark Guiliana Project! Check out this performance of "He Sees the Floor Well". If you're confused about what this is all about, check out our video interview with Zach and Mark at: (http://www.vicfirth.com/artists/guiliana_danziger.php)
  2. Vic Firth Artist: Peter Magadini 2011/08/18
    Master jazz drummer and clinician Peter Magadini reveals the essential ingredients of jazz drumming.
  3. Vic Firth Artist: Carter Beauford 2011/06/27
    Vic Firth artist Carter Beauford performs on stage with Dave Matthews Band. Check out the "Carter Cam!" For more videos of Carter, visit his artist page at: www.vicfirth.com/artists/carter_beauford.php
  4. Ben Sesar: Brad Paisley 2011/03/25
    Vic Firth artist Ben Sesar performs on stage with Brad Paisley and answers a few of our questions about how he got started and what it's like playing for Brad.
  5. PASIC 2010: Chris Coleman 2011/02/28
    Vic Firth artist Chris Coleman performs at PASIC 2010. For more videos of Chris' PASIC clinic, visit his artist page: http://www.vicfirth.com/artists/coleman.php
  6. PASIC 2010: Highlight Reel 2010/11/19
    Check out our PASIC 2010 Highlights, including performance excerpts from Russ Miller, Stanton Moore, Ignacio Berroa, Vera Figueiredo and Chris Coleman. Visit VICFIRTH.COM to see the full videos!
  7. Artist Spotlight: Chris Fryar 2010/10/25
    Video interview and performance clips featuring VF artist Chris Fryar of the Grammy-winning Zac Brown Band!
  8. Christoph Schneider video playalong contest! 2010/10/06
    Watch this video of Christoph Schneider performing Rammstein's B*******. Think you can play it? Submit your video to Vic Firth for a chance to win a brick of Christoph's signature sticks! Check out vicfirth.com for more information!
  9. Mike Terrana - SINFONICA! 2010/09/17
    Vic Firth Signature artist Mike Terrana adapts classical music for the drumset! Sinfonica is a celebration of some of the greatest and most famous Classical music ever written and a tribute to the main inspiration for this project, Cozy Powell.
  10. Playalong Contest - Blake Richardson 2010/08/23
    The Hard and Heavy VIDEO CONTEST is back by popular demand! If you want to take your shot at the grand prize, submit a video of yourself playing Between The Buried and Me's FOAM BORN: (B) THE DECADE OF STATUES, Blake's track on the new Hard and Heavy CD! This tune is no walk in the park!
  11. Vic Firth Rocks Warped Tour 2010 2010/07/20
    Check out this preview video, featuring Vic Firth artists tearing it up at the 2010 Vans Warped Tour! Stay tuned to VicFirth.com for more videos from each artist! (http://www.vicfirth.com/features/warped_tour2010.php).
  12. Jojo Mayer at Musikmesse 2010/06/28
    This week's podcast features Jojo Mayer, excerpted from his performance at Musikmesse 2010. Visit Jojo's artist page for more video! (http://www.vicfirth.com/artists/mayer.php)
  13. Performance Spotlight: Morgan Agren 2010/06/11
    Excerpted from Their CD/DVD "Heat Beats Live" Morgan Agren and the Mats/Morgan Band perform "Chicken". Check out Morgan's artist page for more videos (http://www.vicfirth.com/artists/morgan_agren.php)!
  14. Wolfgang Roggenkamp: Musikmesse 2010 2010/06/04
    Wolfgang Roggenkamp performs a duet with darbuka player Suat Borazan at MusikMesse 2010. For Wolfgang's full performance, check out his artist page: http://www.vicfirth.com/artists/roggenkamp.php
  15. Hard and Heavy Contestant Highlights 2010/05/28
    Check out some of the best entries we received for the Matt Greiner Hard and Heavy Contest!
  16. Video Submission Contest: Matt Greiner/August Burns Red 2010/05/21
    Hard and Heavy contest: Submit a video of YOU playing "Composure" by August Burns Red and you could win! Visit (http://www.vicfirth.com/features/hard-heavy2/contest.php) for details.
  17. Product Spotlight: Live Wires 2010/05/14
    Check out the new LIVE WIRES from Vic Firth, demonstrated by VF artist Florian Alexandru-Zorn.
  18. Akira Jimbo performs at PASIC 2009 2010/03/01
    Watch this excerpt from Akira Jimbo's PASIC clinic. Don't miss Akira entire clinic, only at VICFIRTH.COM!
  19. PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT: Zoro and Daniel Glass 2010/02/05
    Check out Zoro and Daniel Glass' PASIC 2009 clinic on "The Commandments of Early Rhythm and Blues", a tour through some of the most important grooves and drummers who shaped early rock and roll.
  20. PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT: Cindy Blackman 2009/12/02
    Don't miss this video of Cindy Blackman performing atthe 2009 Montreal Drumfest! When She'll defy your expectations, bewilder you with her onslaught, and leave you breathless. Think you've witnessed extraordinary control, awesome power, and a vast dynamic range? You ain't seen nothing.
  21. PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT: Thomas Lang 2009/10/28
    Check out this video of Vic Firth signature artist Thomas Lang performing at the 2009 Meinl Drumfest in Moscow!
  22. VIDEO INTERVIEW: Marcie Chapa 2009/10/08
    We caught up with Marcie rehearsing at S.I.R. for Beyoncé's current world tour! Hear her talk about how she got her start as a percussionist, as well as what it is like to go out on the road with Beyoncé!
  23. DVD PREVIEW: Aaron Spears: Beyond the Chops 2009/09/04
    Check out this special sneak preview of Aaron Spears' upcoming Double-DVD from Hudson Music! Aaron Spears: Beyond the Chops is available NOW for preorder on the Hudson Music website and will be shipping October 9th, 2009! (http://store.hudsonmusic.com/products/productdetail/part_number=HL00320907/1731.0.1.1)
  24. PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT: Wolfgang Haffner - Meinl Drumfest 2009 2009/07/27
    Watch this video of Wolfgang Haffner's performance at the 2009 Meinl Drumfest in Moscow!
  25. VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jojo Mayer Part IV 2009/07/14
    In our fourth and final installment of our video interview with Vic Firth signature artist Jojo Mayer, Jojo talks reclaiming the drummer's role in music, technique, and his signature drumstick!
  26. VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jojo Mayer Part III 2009/06/30
    In part 3 of our interview series with Jojo Mayer, Jojo talks about the importance of listening and communication in the art of drumming.
  27. VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jojo Mayer Part II 2009/06/18
    Check out the second installment in our 4-part interview series with Jojo Mayer, where Jojo talks about seeking out the spirit of innovation. This videos includes clips from his popular “Secret Weapons” DVD.
  28. VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jojo Mayer 2009/06/10
    In this first installment of our four-part interview series with Jojo Mayer, Jojo talks about playing at an early age and the effect that no formal training had on his musical style.
  29. VIDEO INTERVIEW: John Tempesta 2009/06/02
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  30. PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT: Wolfgang Haffner at MUSIKMESSE 2009 2009/05/21
    Check out this video of Wolfgang Haffner performing at this year's MusikMesse in Frankfurt Germany!
  31. PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT: Mark Schulman at MUSIKMESSE 2009 2009/05/05
    Currently out on the road in Europe with P!NK, Mark stopped by this year's MusikMesse festivities to perform and hang out with fellow musicians and drummers from around the world! Check out this video of Mark Schulman's performance at MusikMesse 2009!
  32. PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT: Chad Wackerman at MUSIKMESSE 2009 2009/04/29
    With performers and exhibitors from around the world, MusikMesse is Europe's largest music trade show and plays host to a record number of visitors each year! Don't miss this video of Vic Firth artist Chad Wackerman performing at this year's Messe! Stop by our MusikMesse feature page to see more videos from your favorite artists!
  33. INTERVIEW SPOTLIGHT: Jon Karel 2009/04/14
    The son of a drummer, Jon took an interest to the instrument at an early age. Watch our interview with Jon to hear about how he cut his teeth in the late 90's NYC heavy metal scene and how he got hooked up with his current gig, The Number 12 Looks Like You.
  34. PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT: Zoro 2009/04/08
    Zoro is one of the funkiest drummers on the contemporary music scene today. His stellar playing has led to an impressive range of gigs with musicians from around the world. Don't miss this clip of Zoro in action!
  35. PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT: Ndugu Chancler 2009/04/01
    Ndugu Chancler is known not only as a world-class drummer and percussionist, but also as a producer, composer, clinician and educator. A three-time Grammy nominee, he has to his credit an extensive list of performances, recordings, original compositions and productions. Check out this clip of Ndugu performing at PASIC 2007!
  36. PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT: Grant Collins 2009/03/24
    Grant Collins is one of the forerunners in the industry, forever pushing the boundaries of music and leading the cutting edge of creative and unconventional drumming. His approach defies stereotypical drum set methodologies with his innovative and enthralling solo drum set compositions. Check out this clip of Grant performing one of his copmpositions at PASIC 2007!
  37. PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT: Lenny White 2009/03/17
    Vic Firth signature artist, Lenny White has a long history in the music industry as a performer, recording artist, producer and composer. In this weeks podcast, we've reached way back into the vault to bring you this very special video performance featuring Lenny alongside Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke and Al Di Meola with Return to Forever.
  38. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Ian Matthews 2009/03/06
    Vic Firth artist, Ian Matthews is the drummer for the popular British rock group, Kasabian, whose vibrant brand of rock mixes elements of new wave, electronica, and dub beats with classic progressive song structure. Check out this clip of Ian performing at DrummerLive 2008!
  39. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Stanley Randolph, drummer for Stevie Wonder 2009/02/24
    An excerpt from Stanley Randolph’s 2008 PASIC clinic, featuring some extensive solo work. Be sure to check out vicfirth.com for Stanley’s entire clinic, featuring some great play-alongs of Steve Wonder’s hit tunes!
  40. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Roy Mayorga 2009/02/17
    Drummer Live is Europe’s largest public drum and percussion show, with over 8,000 visitors, artists, manufacturers and distributors from all over the world. Check out this video from Roy Mayorga's clinic at Drummer Live 2008!
  41. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Jerry Brown 2009/02/11
    Drummer Live is Europe’s largest public drum and percussion show, with over 8,000 visitors, artists, manufacturers and distributors from all over the world. Check out this video from Jerry's clinic at Drummer Live 2008!
  42. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Mike Terrana 2009/01/29
    Marking his 30th anniversary as a professional drummer, Mike Terrana's DVD, "The Rhythm Beast" showcases the speed, power and passion that he is known for worldwide. Watch sample clips and listen as Mike explains how a longing for a more "organic representation" of his drumming abilities led up to the recording of this project!
  43. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Marko Djordjevic at PASIC 2008 2009/01/20
    This week’s drumset podcast features an excerpt from Marko’s clinic at PASIC 2008, performing “Belgrade Bop”. To watch Marko’s clinic in its entirety, check out his artist page at http://www.vicfirth.com/artists/marko_djordjevic.html
  44. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Seven Antonopoulos - PASIC 2008 2009/01/09
    Check out this featured clip from Seven Antonopoulos' clinic performance at PASIC 2008!
  45. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Dafnis Prieto - PASIC 2008 2008/12/31
    Check out this featured clip from Dafnis Prieto's clinic performance at PASIC 2008!
  46. INTERVIEW SPOTLIGHT: Gavin Harrison (excerpts) 2008/12/19
    This week’s drumset podcast features interview and video footage excerpts from PASIC 2008. View the full interview and more PASIC video clips on Gavin's artist page!
  47. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Wolfgang Haffner 2008/12/11
    Wolfgang Haffner is one of today's most in-demand international jazz artists! This weeks drumset podcast features Wolfgang performing at Montreal Drumfest 2008!
  48. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Derico Watson - PASIC 2008 2008/12/03
    PASIC is the largest percussion event in the world featuring over 150 concerts, clinics, master classes, labs, workshops, panels and presentations. The finest artists from all over the world are invited to present and perform at PASIC. Watch this clip of Derico Watson performing at PASIC 2008!
  49. INTERVIEW SPOTLIGHT: David Garibaldi 2008/11/21
    Born and raised in the San Francisco bay area, David began playing drums in elementary school at the age of ten. Check out this featured drumset podcast for a preview of our 4-part interview series with David! To see the rest of this interview, visit vicfirth.com!
  50. LENNY WHITE: Montreal Drum Fest 2008 2008/11/12
    This drumset podcast features Vic Firth artist Lenny White performing at the 2008 Montreal Drum Fest!
  51. WILL CALHOUN: Modern Drummer Festival 2008 2008/10/24
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  52. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Jojo Mayer 2008/10/07
    Jojo began his drumming career at 18, touring with Monty Alexander's group, playing major jazz festivals throughout Europe. This lead to back-up gigs with other jazz-greats such as Dizzy Gillespie and Nina Simone and introduced him to an international audience. Watch this featured podcast to see Jojo's performance at DrummerLive 2008!
  53. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Jimmy Branly 2008/09/17
    Born in Havana, Cuba in 1972, Jimmy Branly began playing drums at the age of 13. Branly has performed with nearly every major group in Cuba in virtually every musical genre from straight-ahead jazz to fusion to hardcore dance music! Watch our interview with Jimmy in this featured podcast.
  54. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Pete Ray Biggin 2008/09/04
    Born and raised in the UK, Pete Ray Biggin has been drumming his whole life! A busy studio drummer, Pete also tours with artists such as Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse, Raiyn and the PB UnderGround among many others. Watch this featured podcast to see Pete's performance at DrummerLive 2008!
  55. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Andres Patrick Forero - In The Heights 2008/08/12
    Vic Firth artist Andres Patrick Forero is the drummer for the new revolutionary Broadway smash hit “In The Heights”, which in 2008 won Tony Awards for best musical, best original score, best choreography and best orchestrations! Watch this behind the scenes video to see Andres hard at work in the pit orchestra for "In The Heights"!
  56. Drummer Live 2008 - Gavin Harrison 2008/07/10
    Drummer Live is Europe’s largest public drum and percussion show, with over 8,000 visitors, artists, manufacturers and distributors from all over the world! Check out this video from Gavin Harrison's clinic at Drummer Live 2008!
  57. PASIC 2007: Omar Hakim - Q and A Session 2008/06/25
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  58. INTERVIEW SPOTLIGHT: Leroy Clouden 2008/06/11
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  59. INTERVIEW SPOTLIGHT: Derico Watson 2008/06/04
    We caught up with Derico on the road with Victor Wooten in support of his latest album, Palmystery. Watch performance clips from the gig and hear Derico's thoughts on the album and the tour!
  60. INTERVIEW SPOTLIGHT: Grant Collins 2008/05/13
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  61. INTERVIEW SPOTLIGHT: Kit Chatham 2008/04/25
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  62. INTERVIEW SPOTLIGHT: Ignacio Berroa 2008/04/08
    Ignacio Berroa has been recognized by many as one of the greatest drummers of our times. His numerous contributions to the American music scene have earned him a place among a very selective group of artists known to have set new musical trends for the 20th century. Watch our interview with Ignacio, featuring a performance at The Jazz Standard nightclub in New York!
  63. Performance Spotlight: Peter Erskine and Alex Acuña 2008/03/26
    At the 2007 Percussive Arts Society International Convention, Alex Acuña and Peter Erskine shared the stage for some self-proclaimed "Weather Report karaoke." Check out this performance of "Black Market Juggler".
  64. PAT MASTELOTTO - Interview Spotlight 2008/03/19
    Since the 1970s, Pat Mastelotto has recorded, produced and toured with a long list of artists and bands, including Mr. Mister, Scandal, Al Jarreau, Pointer Sisters, Patti LaBelle, Kenny Loggins, XTC, Cock Robin, The Rembrandts, Jude Cole, Eddie Money, David Sylvian and King Crimson to name a few. Don't miss part one of our three part interview with Pat in this drumset podcast!
  65. RICC SHERIDAN - Interview Spotlight 2008/03/04
    Drumming goliath, "Big" Ricc Sheridan "Loves playing huge bass drums". Monstrous drum aside, Ricc's aggressive drumming style and stage presence are a force to be reckoned with on stage. Watch our interview with Ricc in this week's drumset podcast.
  66. ROD MORGENSTEIN - Interview Spotlight 2008/02/19
    Among musicians, Rod Morgenstein is widely known for his work with the Dixie Dregs. Hear how Rod got his start with the Dregs as a student at the University of Miami and how the band landed their first record deal! Check out vicfirth.com for more videos from our three-part interview series with Rod!
  67. DAVID LANGGUTH - Interview Spotlight 2008/02/12
    A drummer from the very beginning, David Langguth cites Animal from the Muppet Show and Buddy Rich as some of his earliest influences. Today, David stays busy keeping the beat for Grammy nominated Nelly Furtado. Watch our interview with David and check out performance clips from Nelly Furtado's "Loose" tour in this week's drumset podcast.
  68. VINNIE PAUL - Interview Spotlight 2008/01/31
    Heavy metal drummer and producer Vinnie Paul is most known for his work with Pantera, Damageplan and HELLYEAH. Check out our interview with Vinnie to hear about his new signature stick and his humble beginnings growing up in a musical family.
  69. JOEY HEREDIA - Interviewe Spotlight 2008/01/22
    Joey Heredia is a remarkable drummer who blends a multitude of styles, impeccable timing and unbelievable skill to achieve a unique level of playing. Hear Joey talk about how he got started playing drums and his new Vic Firth Signature Series drumstick in this week's drumset podcast. Visit www.vicfirth.com to see Joey's complete interview!
  70. ANDY HURLEY - Interviewe Spotlight 2008/01/15
    Andy has played with many bands including Project Rocket, Arma Angelus, the Kill Pill, Racetraitor and the pop-punk group, Fall Out Boy. Hear about Andy's new signature drumstick and find out what life is like on tour with Fall Out Boy!
  71. DAFNIS PRIETO - Live at the Jazz Standard in NYC! 2008/01/08
    His arrival in the U.S. has been compared to that of an asteroid hitting New York. Indeed, within a short period of time Dafnis Prieto's revolutionary drumming techniques have had a powerful impact on both the Latin and jazz music scene, locally and internationally. Check out this exclusive footage of Dafnis playing at The Jazz Standard in New York!
  72. Jojo Mayer: Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer 2008/01/02
    One of the most comprehensive and detailed volumes on hand technique ever produced, Jojo Mayer’s Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer is recommended for drummers of every age, style and skill level. This week's drumset podcast features a preview clip of Jojo's DVD, complete with performance video of Jojo in action! This video may be purchased through Hudson Music.
  73. Thomas Lang: Montreal Drumfest 2007 2007/12/19
    This week's drumset podcast features Thomas Lang's performance at Montreal Drumfest 2007!
  74. PASIC 2007: Omar Hakim 2007/12/04
    From playing in his father's band at age ten to selling out stadium shows with Madonna, Omar Hakim has done it all. This week's podcast features Omar performing a funky medley during his clinic at PASIC 2007. Join us at VICFIRTH.COM as we bring you frequent video updates from PASIC 2007!
  75. PASIC 2007: Dave Weckl 2007/11/27
    Check out Dave's opening solo from his clinic at PASIC 2007! Don't forget to visit our PASIC 2007 feature page for more photos and videos from your favorite Vic Firth artists.
  76. PASIC 2007: Dave Weckl 2007/11/21
    This week's drumset podcast features video clips from Dave Weckl's clinic at PASIC 2007! Don't miss Dave's complete clinic, along with other great vidoes from Alex Acuña, Peter Erskine, Omar Hakim, Grant Collins, Ndugu Chancler, Stefon Harris, Tim Genis and MORE, only at vicfirth.com!
  77. PASIC 2007: Alex Acuña and Peter Erskine 2007/11/13
    At this year's Percussive Arts Society International Convention, Alex Acuña and Peter Erskine shared the stage for some self-proclaimed "Weather Report karaoke." If you couldn't make it to this year's convention, don't miss our exclusive video of this incredible clinic in this week's drumset podcast!
  78. VIC FIRTH at PASIC 2007 2007/11/07
    The Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) is THE “must see” percussion event of the year! If you missed this year’s convention (or attended, but couldn’t take it all in), join VICFIRTH.COM daily as we bring you video from Columbus – including clinics, performances and exclusive interviews from the Vic Firth family of artists and educators!
  79. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Swiss Chris 2007/10/24
    Arriving in New York City via Boston 10 years ago, Switzerland native "Swiss Chris" set many goals for himself as a drummer, musical director, real time producer and educator. He is currently touring and recording as the musical director and drummer for 3-time Grammy winner and multi-platinum artist JOHN LEGEND. Watch our exclusive interview with Swiss Chris in this week's drumset podcast!
  80. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Craig MacIntyre 2007/10/16
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  81. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: John Wackerman 2007/10/09
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  82. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Chad Wackerman 2007/10/02
    Chad Wackerman has amassed a remarkable body of work during his professional career, including long-time associations with both Frank Zappa and Allan Holdsworth. We had a chance to chat with Chad about his gig with Allan. Watch the video interview and playing footage in this week's drumset podcast!
  83. Tommy Igoe, PASIC Clinic Excerpt 2007/08/07
    From his popular clinic at the Percussive Arts Society International Clinic in 2005, Tommy draws upon his DCI experience in the Bayonne Bridgemen to discuss the common pitfalls that many marching percussionists have when approaching the drumset. Tommy also applies his concepts to several of the tunes from his book, "Groove Essentials: The PlayAlong."
  84. Claus Hessler 2007/07/31
    Held each year in Frankfurt, Germany, and featuring an amazing showcase of music products and performers from all over the world, Musikmesse 2007 boasted a record number of exhibitors from 48 countries, and nearly 80,000 visitors. In this week's drumset podcast, we're excited to bring you this video of Claus Hessler's 2007 MusikMesse performance.
    Vic Firth artist Alex Gonzalez, nicknamed "El Animal" is the driving force behind Mexico's multi-platinum band MANA. Check out Alex, live and in concert, in this weeks drumset podcast.
  86. PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT: Gavin Harrison 2007/07/03
    Gavin Harrison is a member of the British progressive rock band Porcupine Tree. In addition, he has authored two instructional drum books entitled Rhythmic Illusions and Rhythmic Perspectives, and produced his own instructional DVDs, Rhythmic Visions and Rhythmic Horizons. Check out this drum solo, excerpted from Gavin's DVD, Rhythmic Horizons.
  87. PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT: Wolfgang Haffner 2007/06/26
    Watch this video clip from Wolfgang Haffner's live DVD, "Shapes, Live in Concert."
  88. PERFORMANCE SPOTLIGHT: Tony Royster Jr. 2007/06/19
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  89. Steve Jordan Interview Series, Part 4 2007/06/06
    Steve Jordan has recommendations for younger players who want to be successful and achieve longevity in the music business.
  90. Steve Jordan Interview Series, Part 3 2007/05/23
    Steve talks about how he got his start as a producer and an engineer as well as some of his Musical Director gigs including the Kennedy Center Awards and Superbowl XL!
  91. Steve Jordan Interview Series, Part 2 2007/05/17
    In the second installment of our four part interview series with Steve Jordan, Steve discusses some early moments in his career including subbing and session playing, auditioning for the Saturday Night Live band, and playing with Steve Gadd!
  92. Steve Jordan Interview Series, Part I 2007/05/10
    The first in a four part interview series with Steve Jordan, one of the world's most in-demand session drummers, having performed with such artists as The Rolling Stones, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, BB King, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow and many more. In this first installment, Steve talks about getting his start in the music business.
  93. Buddy Rich 2007/03/14
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  94. Steve Smith 2007/02/28
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  95. Thomas Lang 2007/02/06
    Check out our exclusive interview with Thomas Lang at Modern Drummer Festival 2006! Thomas talks about this early classical training, what technique can and can't do for you, as well as where he goes to develop new ideas.
  96. Steve Jordan 2007/01/30
    Long awaited by drummers around the world, Steve Jordan's DVD, The Groove is Here, offers an honest glimpse at Steve's unique playing style from a drummers perspective. Watch this clip to hear Steve talk about simplicity and the importance of the groove, from collaboration and songwriting to laying down the final tracks in the studio!
  97. Steve Gadd 2007/01/04
    One of the most influential drummers of all time, Steve Gadd has toured and recorded with artists such as James Taylor, Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, Chick Corea, Joe Cocker, Dave Matthews, Paul McCartney, Steely Dan and many more! In this week's podcast, this in-demand drummer showcases his versatility with a solo using brushes.
  98. Peter Erskine 2006/12/20
    Peter Erskine has performed with a countless number of artists including Diana Krall, Weather Report, Steps Ahead, Steely Dan, Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, among many others. Check out this video of Peter performing a solo at PASIC 2004.
  99. Grant Collins 2006/11/07
    Australian drumming sensation, Grant Collins is redefining the arena of solo drumset performance. Embarking on international tours and performing for sold-out audiences worldwide, he pushes the drumset into the spotlight as a contemporary solo instrument. Check out this video excerpt from Grant's solo composition, Swordfish.
  100. Steve Gadd 2006/11/02
    There is no drummer alive today who has not been affected in some way by Steve Gadd's influential grooves and "in the pocket" playing style. Steve's groundbreaking work can be heard on legendary recordings such as "Aja," "Late in the Evening," and "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover." Check out this video of Steve soloing over a 3/2 clave!
  101. Brian "Brain" Mantia 2006/10/04
    Since the mid 80's, Brain has graced the albums and performances of some of rock's top cult/fringe artists with an atitude and playing style all his own. Inspired by sketeboarding videos, Brain has produced his own instructional DVD that is as unique as the music he plays. Check out clips from the DVD as well as our interview with Brian in this week's podcast!
  102. Dave Weckl 2006/09/28
    For the last 20 years, Vic Firth Signature artist, Dave Weckl has maintained a reputation amongst his fans and peers as one of the very finest musicians on the contemporary music scene today. This week's podcast features Dave performing at the 25th anniversary Drummer's Collective Celebration in New York!
  103. Stanton Moore 2006/08/01
    As a young drummer growing up in Louisianna, Stanton Moore was heavily influenced by the New Orleans style of drumming that surrounded him. Check out this video interview with Stanton for some performance clips and to hear more about how he has developed his unique playing style.
  104. Jojo Mayer 2006/07/26
    Vic Firth artist Jojo Mayer began his drumming career at the age of 18, touring with Monty Alexander's group and playing major jazz festivals throughout Europe. Since then, his unique approach to the drums has been recognized worldwide. Check out this video of Jojo performing at the 2005 Modern Drummer Festival.
  105. Sully Erna and Shannon Larkin 2006/07/20
    Vic Firth artists Sully Erna and Shannon Larkin are the driving force behind the hard-rock band, Godsmack. Check out this week's drumset podcast to see Sully and Shannon engaged in an epic drum battle!
  106. Jack DeJohnette 2006/07/06
    Jack DeJohnette has performed and recorded with some of the most talented and influential jazz musicians in modern history. Check out this week's drumset video podcast featuring Jack's performance at Columbus Percussion's "Drum Daze."
  107. Buddy Rich 2006/05/23
    Arguably the greatest jazz drummer of all time, the legendary Buddy Rich exhibited his love for music through the dedication of his life to the art. His was a career that spanned seven decades, beginning when Rich was 18 months old and continuing until his death in 1987. This video, excerpted from Buddy Rich: At The Top, features a drum solo from 1974. The full DVD is available from HUDSON MUSIC.
  108. Bobby Jarzombek 2006/05/16
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  109. Kenny Aronoff 2006/05/02
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  110. Steve Gadd: PASIC 2005 Clinic 2006/04/18
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  111. Peter Erskine 2006/04/06
  112. Terry Bozzio / Chad Wackerman Duet 2006/04/06
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