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Rebels Rednecks and Rock N Roll

  1. Ben Rush Interview June 20142014/06/18
    Interview With Texan Country Singer Ben Rush.
  2. Interview With Mike Seastrom - Square Dance Caller.2014/05/08
    Interview With Mike Seastrom, Square Dance Caller from Los Angeles talking about his Square Dance Career.
  3. Brook Chivell Interview April 20142014/04/29
    Interview with Australian Country Rock Artist Brook Chivell of The Brook Chivell Band.
  4. Marie Hodson Interview March 20142014/03/14
    Interview with Country Singer Marie Hodson about Her latest album Release.
  5. Damien Baguley Interview March 2014.2014/03/14
    Interview with Damien Baguley of Australian Country Rock Band, The Viper Creek Band talking about their New album Kickin up Dust.
  6. The Good Lovelies Interview March 20142014/03/12
    Canadian Trio The Good Lovelies. talk about their Australian tour.
  7. Interview with Seleen Mcalister Feb 2014.2014/02/26
    Seleen McAlister is an Australian Contemporary Country Music Singer.
  8. Interview with Drew McAlister 20142014/01/30
    Interview with Drew McAlister of Australian Country Rock Duo McAlister Kemp in Jan 2014 talking about their New album, harder to tame.
  9. Kristen Lane Interview Oct 2013.2013/10/31
    Interview with Australian Country singer Kristen Lane, Talking about her Latest EP Release called Loving & Free.
  10. Graham Gould Interview Oct 20132013/10/31
    Australian Country Performer Talks about his New Album Off the Cuff and His days with a Band called Stoney Creek.
  11. Interview With Lachlan Bryan 20132013/10/17
    Interview with Australian Artist Lachlan Bryan about the New album Black Coffee.
  12. Lyn Taylor interview Oct 20132013/10/16
    Interview with Lyn Taylor From Australian band The Dear Orphans.
  13. Interview with Watermelon Slim 20132013/10/16
    Interview With American Blues Performer about his music & Shows In Australia.
  14. Interview with Adam Brand Oct 20132013/10/11
    Interview With Australian Country Rocker Adam Brand Talking about His New album, My acoustic Diary which is released on the 8th of November.
  15. Luke O'Shea Interview Sept 2013.2013/09/24
    Interview with Top Australian Country Singer/ Songwriter Luke O'Shea, He talks about his New single, Lady Of the land.
  16. Troy Kemp Interview Sept 2013.2013/09/11
    Interview With Troy Kemp of McAlister Kemp, Top Australian Country Rock Duo, Talking about the Latest Single, Harder to Tame and Their New album, Due for Release in January 2014.
  17. Adam Eckersley Interview Aug 2013.2013/08/06
    Interview With Adam Eckersley From Australian Band, The Adam Eckersley band. For Broadcast on My Radio show called Rebels, Rednecks & Rock N Roll on Casey Radio in Melbourne, Australia and My Live365 Internet radio channel of The same Name.
  18. Interview with Liam Brew July 2013.2013/07/09
    Interview with Australian Contemporary Country artist Liam Brew about His New album and turn the page tour with Travis Collins, Luke Austen & Luke Dickens.
  19. Interview with Mick Schack2013/07/06
    Chatting with Michael Schack, Bass player of Legendary Melbourne Country Rock Band the Dead Livers that formed in April 1978.
  20. Chris Higbee interview July 2013.2013/07/04
    Interview with American Fiddle player & Singer Chris Higbee on His Music career & Albums.
  21. Jackson Taylor Interview July 20132013/07/04
    Interview with American Outlaw Country Singer Jackson Taylor about His New album Crazy again from Jackson Taylor & The Sinners.
  22. Jasmine Rae Interview July 20132013/07/04
    Interview With Australian Singer Jasmine Rae about the Release of her New Single and Album Which is Due For release on the 2nd of august.
  23. Craig Campbell Interview May 2013.2013/06/02
    Interview With American Country Music singer Craig Campbell about his Newly released album.
  24. Dallas Moore Interview April 20132013/04/16
    Interview With American Outlaw Country singer Dallas Moore from The Dallas Moore Band. Recorded on the 16th April 2013. Talking about Dallas's New album Called Blessed be the Bad Ones and his shows in Texas.
  25. Simply Bushed Interview March 20132013/04/05
    Australian Country/Bush Band interview with Paul Grierson & Chris Reiger.
  26. Jayne Denham Interview April 2013.2013/04/04
    Interview with Australian Country/Rock Performer about her New album Renegade Released on April 12th.
  27. Allan Caswell Interview Dec 20122013/01/05
    Well Known Australian Singer Songwriter Talks about His New Album, It's a Country Song and his Long Carreer in Australian Music.
  28. Tamara Stewart Interview July 2012.2012/07/30
    Interview With Tamara, Australian Country Music Singer about her New Album Appleseed, and the Taste Of Tamworth Tour.
  29. Christie Lamb Interview2012/04/14
    Australian Country Music Singer Christie Lamb.
  30. Billy Yates Interview Sept 2011.2011/09/12
    Interview With American Country Music Singer and Songwriter Billy Yates, Talking About His Music, His Tours etc.
  31. Peter Caulton Interview2011/04/27
    Interview With Country Music Performer Peter Caulton, Originally from New Zealand, Spent Some time Performing In Australia, Particularly Melbourne and Now Lives In Europe and Performs Country Music There.
  32. Lee Kernaghan Interview Nov 2010.2010/11/25
    Interview with Lee By Norm Burke and Roger Lloyd on the18th Nov On The Rebels, Rednecks and Rock N Roll Radioshow on Casey Radio FM.
  33. Lee Kernaghan Interview July 1992.2010/04/09
    Norm Burke Talked with Lee Kernaghan 3 Months after the release of his Debut Album, The Outback Club in 1992. Lee was in Melbourne to do a series of shows including one with Midnight Oil, Lee Talks about the beginnings of his long and Successful Career.
  34. 8 Ball Aitken Interview March 20102010/03/31
    Australian Swamp Rock/ Country Rock Performer 8 Ball Aitken talks to Roger Lloyd about his Music.
  35. Dianna Corcoran Interview2010/01/07
    Australian Country Star and Gold Guitar Winner Dianna Corcoran, talks to Roger Lloyd about her New Album Keep Breathing, due for release in January 2010.
Rebels Rednecks and Rock N Roll
Radioshow in Melbourne Australia Broadcast From Casey Radio 3SER-FM 97.7. Hosted by Roger Lloyd or William Mc Martin.

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