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Nature Podcast

  1. 10 January 2018: Conflict conservation, and the shape of a memory2018/01/10

    This week, tabletop physics, what a memory looks like, and conflict's toll on wildlife.
  2. Backchat December 2017: Trump, physics, and uncited papers2017/12/22

    Backchat’s back, with discussions of Donald Trump, papers with zero citations, and the perils of writing about physics.
  3. 21 December 2017: Earth AI, a news quiz, and sci-fi2017/12/20

    This week, our end of year special, featuring Earth science AI, a news story quiz, and science fiction in the modern era.
  4. 14 December 2017: Volcanoes, viruses & electric eels2017/12/13

    This week, electric eel inspired batteries, virus inspired protein shells, and modelling magma viscosity.
  5. 7 December 2017: Exoplanet geology & duck-like dinosaurs2017/12/06

    This week, exoplanet geology and a dual-terrain, duck-like dinosaur.
  6. 30 November 2017: Unnatural DNA & worm mothers2017/11/29

    This week, reading unnatural DNA, and young worm mothers explain a wriggly riddle.
  7. 23 November 2017: Sleep deprivation & radioactive lightning2017/11/22

    This week, lightning gamma rays, the Internet that wasn’t, and the science of sleep deprivation.
  8. 16 November 2017: Ancient inequality & bacterial communication2017/11/15

    This week, a bacterial communication system, and ancient houses illuminate inequality.
  9. 9 November 2017: Axolotls & treating a genetic skin condition2017/11/08

    This week, a potential stem cell treatment for a genetic skin condition, and the disappearing axolotl. 
  10. 2 November 2017: Evolving verbs & Earth's microbiome2017/11/01

    This week, squishy sea creatures, evolving verbs, and Earth's microbiome.
  11. 26 October 2017: Undead cells & Antarctic instability2017/10/25

    This week, undead cells, the strain of PhDs, and the traces of Antarctic instability.
  12. 19 October 2017: Neutron star gravitational waves & the future of work2017/10/19

    This week, neutron stars that are making waves in the physics world, and taking a look at the past to understand the future of work.
  13. 12 October 2017: A dwarf planet & DNA sequencing2017/10/11
    This week, a dwarf planet with a ring, 40 years of Sanger DNA sequencing, and the grieving families contributing to a huge genetics projects.
  14. Nature Extra: 500th show compilation2017/10/06
    To celebrate our 500th episode, the Nature Podcast asked 8 presenters – past and present – to recommend their favourite contributions to the show.
  15. Nature Podcast: 5 October 20172017/10/04
    This week, floating cities, malaria-free mosquitos, and using evolution to inspire aircraft design.
  16. Nature Podcast: 21 September 20172017/09/20
    This week, Sherlock Holmes the scientist; and investigating the nanotubes between cells.
  17. Nature Podcast: 14 September 20172017/09/13
    This week, writing quantum software, and predicting the loss of Asia's glaciers.
  18. Nature Podcast: 7 September 20172017/09/06
    Protecting red haired people from cancer, machine learning and gravitational distortions, and peeking inside predatory journals.
  19. Nature Podcast: 24 August 20172017/08/23
    The creeping danger of slow landslides, and what worms can teach us about the wriggly problem of reproducibility.
  20. Nature Podcast: 17 August 20172017/08/16
    This week, preventing genetic diseases in China, a red supergiant star's mystery, and the algal boom.
  21. Nature Podcast: 10 August 20172017/08/11
    This week, ancient mammal relatives, complex brain maps, and a 19th century solar eclipse.
  22. Nature Podcast: 3 August 20172017/08/02

    This week, the first flower, gene editing human embryos, and the antimatter quest.
  23. Nature Podcast: 27 July 20172017/07/26
    This week, a brain-inspired computer, the brain's control of ageing, and Al Gore the climate communicator.
  24. Nature Podcast: 20 July 20172017/07/19
    This week, getting a handle on topology, and working out why the fastest animals are medium sized.
  25. Nature Podcast: 13 July 20172017/07/12

    This week, defying quantum noise, looking at early signs of autism, and taking steps to assess exercise.
  26. Nature Podcast: 6 July 20172017/07/05
    This week, a new kind of quantum bit, the single-cell revolution, and exploring Antarctica’s past to understand sea level rise.
  27. Grand Challenges: Energy2017/07/03
    To combat global warming, the world needs to change where it gets its energy from. Three energy experts discuss the challenges of transitioning to low carbon energy, and what advances are needed to make the journey possible. This is the final episode in the Grand Challenges podcast series.
  28. Extra: The grey zone2017/06/30
    Sometimes people can become trapped in the grey zone between conscious and unconscious states. Kerri Smith talks to neuroscientist Adrian Owen about communicating with patients in vegetative states.
  29. Backchat: June 20172017/06/16

    Our reporters and editors respond to the UK election. Plus, the tangled taxonomy of our species, and why physicists love to hate the standard model.
  30. Nature Podcast: 15 June 20172017/06/14

    This week, treating infection without antibiotics, wireless charging, and making sense of music.    
  31. Nature Podcast: 15 June 20172017/06/14

    This week, treating infection without antibiotics, wireless charging, and making sense of music.
  32. Nature Podcast: 8 June 20172017/06/07

    This week, early Homo sapiens in Morocco, mathematicians trying to stop gerrymandering, and going beyond the standard model.
  33. Grand Challenges: Food security2017/06/05

    Millions around the world are chronically hungry. Three experts on agriculture discuss how to help people grow enough food, in a world of evolving technology, global markets and a changing climate. This is episode 3 of 4 in the Grand Challenges podcast series.
  34. Nature Podcast: 1 June 20172017/05/31

    This week, ‘sticky’ RNA causes disease, disorganised taxonomy, and 'intelligent crowd' peer review.
  35. Nature Extra: Futures May 20172017/05/31
    Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Shamini Bundell reads you her favourite from May, 'Life, hacked' by Krystal Claxton.
  36. Backchat: May 20172017/05/26
    This month the team are chatting scientific data, scientific papers and... religion.
  37. Nature Podcast: 25 May 20172017/05/24

    This week, E. coli with colour vision, tracing the Zika virus outbreak, and a roadmap for medical microbots.
  38. Nature Podcast: 18 May 20172017/05/18

    This week, wonky vehicle emissions tests, error-prone bots help humans, and animals that lack a microbiome.
  39. Nature Podcast: 11 May 20172017/05/10

    This week, fake antibodies scupper research, the diversity of cells in a tumour, and what happened before tectonic plates? SURVEY: https://podcastsurvey.typeform.com/to/RmZVDI
  40. Nature Podcast: 4 May 20172017/05/03

    This week, the secret life of the thalamus, how to talks about antibiotic resistance, and dangerous research. Survey link: https://podcastsurvey.typeform.com/to/RmZVDI
  41. Grand Challenges: Ageing2017/05/01

    Ageing is inevitable, but that doesn't mean we're ready for it - as individuals, or as a society. A geneticist, a psychiatrist and an economist pick apart our knowledge of the ageing process and the major challenges to be solved so we can live healthily and well.
  42. Nature Extra: Futures April 20172017/04/28
    Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Shamini Bundell reads you her favourite from March, 'Cold comforts' by Graham Robert Scott.
  43. Nature Podcast: 27 April 20172017/04/26

    This week, the earliest Americans, 2D magnets, and the legacy of the Universe’s first ‘baby picture’.
  44. Backchat: April 20172017/04/21
    Science fans everywhere will take to the streets this weekend in the March for Science. Plus, biases in artificial intelligence and how scientific papers are getting harder to read.
  45. Nature Podcast: 13 April 20172017/04/12

    This week, politician scientists, human genetic ‘knockouts’ and East Antarctica’s instability.
  46. Nature Podcast: 6 April 20172017/04/05

    This week, easing the pressure on fisheries, protein structure surprises, and your reading list for 2017 so far.
  47. Grand Challenges: Mental Health2017/04/03

    Mental health disorders touch rich and poor, young and old, in every country around the world. Hear three experts discuss the evidence for interventions, how to get help to the right people, and which problem, if solved, would help the most. 
  48. Nature Extra: Futures March 20172017/03/31
    Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Shamini Bundell reads you her favourite from March, 'Green boughs will cover thee' by Sarah L Byrne.
  49. Nature Podcast: 30 March 20172017/03/29

    This week, mapping sound in the brain, dwindling groundwater, and giving common iron uncommon properties.
  50. Backchat: March 20172017/03/23

    A sting operation finds several predatory journals offered to employ a fictional, unqualified academic as an editor. Plus, the Great Barrier Reef in hot water, and trying to explain 'time crystals'.
  51. Nature Podcast: 23 March 20172017/03/22

    This week, peering into a black hole, reorganising the dinosaur family tree and finding drug combos for cancer.
  52. Nature Podcast: 16 March 20172017/03/15

    This week, making plane fuel greener, yeast chromosomes synthesised from scratch, and seeking out hidden HIV.
  53. REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast - March 19182017/03/10
    As the First World War draws to an end, astronomer Arthur Eddington sets out on a challenging mission: to prove Einstein’s new theory of general relativity by measuring a total eclipse. The experiment became a defining example of how science should be done.
  54. Nature Podcast: 9 March 20172017/03/09
    This week, the earliest known life, Neanderthal self-medication, and data storage in a single atom.
  55. Nature Podcast: 2 March 20172017/03/01
    This week, a migration special: a researcher seeks refuge; smart borders; and climate migration.
  56. Backchat: February 20172017/03/01
    AI generated images, reporting with reluctant sources and space missions with out an end game.
  57. Nature Extra: Futures February 20172017/02/27
    Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Shamini Bundell and Richard Hodson read you their favourite from February, 'Fermi's zookeepers' by David Gullen.
  58. Nature Podcast: 23 February 20172017/02/22
    This week, highlights from AAAS, the new epigenetics, and a new way to conduct biomedical research
  59. Nature Podcast: 16 February 20172017/02/15
    This week, Winston Churchill’s thoughts on alien life, how cells build walls, and paradoxical materials.
  60. REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast - February 19252017/02/10
    Paleontologist Raymond Dart had newly arrived in South Africa when he came across a fossil that would change his life and his science. It was the face, jaw and brain cast of an extinct primate – not quite ape and not quite human. The paleontology community shunned the find, and proving that the creature was a human relative took decades. [Originally aired 26/02/2014]
  61. Nature Podcast: 9 February 20172017/02/08
    This week, free-floating DNA in cancers, an ancient relative of molluscs and can the Arctic’s ice be regrown?
  62. Nature Podcast: 2 February 20172017/02/01
    Bird beaks show how evolution shifts gear, getting to Proxima b, and have physicists made metallic hydrogen?
  63. Nature Extra: Futures January 20172017/01/31
    Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Shamini Bundell reads you their favourite from January, 'The last robot' by S. L. Huang.
  64. Backchat: January 20172017/01/27
    Moonshots, frameworks, catapults – how best to name your science project? Plus, the implications for science of Trump’s first days in office, and the perils of trying to reproduce others’ work.
  65. Nature Podcast: 26 January 20172017/01/25
    This week, outer space law, predictive policing and enhancing the wisdom of the crowds.
  66. Nature Podcast: 19 January 20172017/01/18
    This week, communication between viruses, reproducing cancer studies, and explaining ‘fairy circles’.
  67. REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast - January 18962017/01/13
    Physics in the late nineteenth century was increasingly concerned with things that couldn't be seen. From these invisible realms shot x-rays, discovered by accident by the German scientist William Röntgen.
  68. Nature Podcast: 12 January 20172017/01/11
    This week, ridding New Zealand of rats, making choices in the grocery store, and what to expect in 2017.
  69. Nature Podcast: 22 December 20162016/12/21
    It’s our bumper end-of-year show, with a 2016 round-up, holiday reading picks, science carols, word games and more.
  70. Nature Podcast: 15 December 20162016/12/14
    This week, a spray that boosts plant growth and resilience, 3-million-year old hominin footprints, and the seahorse genome.
  71. REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast - December 19202016/12/09
    In the early twentieth century physicists had become deeply entangled in the implications of the quantum theory. Was the world at its smallest scales continuous, or built of discrete units? It all began with Max Planck. His Nobel Prize was the subject of a Nature news article in 1920. Originally aired 19/12/2013.
  72. Nature Podcast: 8 December 20162016/12/07
    This week, the benefits of randomness, correcting brain waves soothes Alzheimer’s, and the DNA of liberated slaves.
  73. Nature Extra: Futures November 20162016/12/01
    Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Adam Levy reads you his favourite from November, ’Melissa' by Troy Stieglitz.
  74. Nature Podcast: 1 December 20162016/11/30
    This week, CRISPR’s rival stumbles, Pluto’s icy heart, and is mitochondrial replacement ready for the clinic?
  75. Nature Podcast: 24 November 20162016/11/23
    Tracking whale shark DNA in seawater, the human computers behind early astronomy, building materials with a microscope, and a new synchrotron starts up in the Middle East.
  76. Nature Backchat: November 20162016/11/21
    Donald Trump’s impact on research and climate action, and how Nature should discuss politics.
  77. Nature Podcast: 17 November 20162016/11/16
    This week, your brain on cannabis, testing CRISPR in a human, and what it might be like to live on Mars.
  78. REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast - November 18692016/11/11
    The first issue of Nature looked very different from today's magazine. It opened with poetry and was written for a general audience. We hear how Nature began, and how it became the iconic science journal it is today.
  79. Nature Podcast: 10 November 20162016/11/09
    This week, CERN for the brain, modelling the effects of a climate tax on food, a brain-spine interface helps paralysed monkeys walk, and what Trump's win might mean for science.
  80. Nature Podcast: 3 November 20162016/11/02
    This week, the earliest humans to roam Australia, Werner Herzog’s new film about volcanoes, and are astronomers turning a blind eye to competing theories?
  81. Nature Extra: Futures October 20162016/10/31
    Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Shamini Bundell reads you her favourite from October, ’The sixth circle' by J. W. Armstrong.
  82. Nature Podcast: 27 October 20162016/10/26
    This week, the challenges facing young scientists, pseudo-pseudo genes, and the history of HIV in the US.
  83. Nature Backchat: October 20162016/10/21
    Europe’s Mars probe loses touch, UK government proposes research funding shake-up, and science’s most bothersome buzzwords.
  84. Nature Podcast: 20 October 20162016/10/19
    This week, making egg cells in a dish, super-bright flares in nearby galaxies, trying to predict the election, and the scientists voting for Trump.
  85. REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast - October 19932016/10/14
    In the early 1990s, a team of astrophysicists saw signs of life on a planet in our galaxy. Astronomy experts tell the story, and discuss how we can tell if there is life beyond the Earth. Originally aired 16/10/2013.
  86. Nature Podcast: 13 October 20162016/10/12
    This week, refugee mental health, better neural nets, and changing attitudes to female genital cutting.
  87. Nature Extra: Nobel News 2016/10/06
    Science gets glitzy in October each year as the Nobel Prizes are awarded. Find out who took home the prizes for Medicine or Physiology, Physics and Chemistry.
  88. Nature Podcast: 6 October 20162016/10/05
    This week, a limit to lifespan, AI's black box problem, and ageing stem cells.
  89. Nature Backchat: September 20162016/10/03
    The challenges of getting into science, getting a decent salary once you’re in, and getting funding through philanthropy.
  90. Nature Podcast: 29 September 20162016/09/28
    This week, the chemistry of life’s origins, two million years of temperatures, and studying the heaviest elements.
  91. Nature Extra: Futures September 20162016/09/22
    Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Miranda Keeling reads you our favourite from September, ’Try Catch Throw’ by Andrew Neil Gray.
  92. Nature Podcast: 22 September 20162016/09/21
    This week, a sea of viruses, defining social class, the human journey out of Africa and human remains found on Antikythera shipwreck.
  93. REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast - September 19632016/09/15
    When a German geologist first suggested that continents move, people dismissed it as a wild idea. In this podcast, we hear how a 'wild idea' became plate tectonics, the unifying theory of earth sciences.
  94. Nature Podcast: 15 September 20162016/09/14
    This week, the ideal office environment, synthesising speech, and embryo epigenetics.
  95. Nature Podcast: 8 September 20162016/09/07
    This week, solving ethical dilemmas Star Trek style, farming festivals boost yield, and three scientists on their sci-fi inspirations.
  96. Nature Podcast: 1 September 20162016/08/31
    This week, famous hominin Lucy may have died when she fell from a tree, and an antibody-based drug shows promise in Alzheimer’s
  97. Futures: August 20162016/08/30
    Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Kerri Smith reads you her favourite from August, 'Interdimensional trade benefits' by Brian Trent.
  98. Nature Backchat: August 20162016/08/24
    A nearby Earth-like planet, preprint servers proliferate, and the scientific legacy that Obama leaves behind.
  99. Nature Podcast: 25 August 20162016/08/24
    This week, an Earth-like planet on our doorstep, dietary restriction combats ageing syndrome, and drugs for neglected diseases.
  100. REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast - August 19752016/08/23
    Six out of ten of the world's best-selling drugs are based on molecules called monoclonal antibodies. But their high impact comes with a low profile. This is a story of how basic science quietly became blockbuster medicine. Originally aired 14/08/13.
  101. Nature Podcast: 18 August 20162016/08/17
    This week, how fins became limbs, a giant gene database cracks clinical cases, and making better opioids.
  102. Nature Podcast: 11 August 20162016/08/10
    This week, the migration route of the first Americans, the bandwidth crisis, clever conductors, and the next CRISPR.
  103. Nature Podcast: 4 August 20162016/08/03
    This week, parenting tips from science, quenching a question about thirst, and a programmable quantum computer.
  104. REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast - July 19422016/08/01
    Scientists were put to good use during the Second World War. John Westcott's secret project was to design radars. His work not only helped the war effort – it also led to new branches of science. Originally aired 19/07/2013.
  105. Nature Extra: Futures July 20162016/07/29
    Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Adam Levy reads you his favourite from July, 'Revision theory' by Blaize M. Kaye.
  106. Nature Podcast: 28 July 20162016/07/27
    This week, how we time our breathing, working with indigenous peoples, and using yeast genetics to build better beer.
  107. Nature Backchat: July 20162016/07/21
    What’s it like having an endless supply of Brexit stories? Why do space missions always get so much attention? And why are rhinos being airlifted to Australia?
  108. Nature Podcast: 21 July 20162016/07/20
    This week, the perils of tech in health, tumour fighting bacteria, and the science of what sounds good.
  109. Nature Podcast: 14 July 20162016/07/13
    This week, a special issue on conflict. The psychological toll of war, how to count the dead, and predicting conflict in the 21st century.
  110. Nature Podcast: 7 July 20162016/07/06
    This week, nature and landscape, the Hitomi satellite’s swan song, and reforming peer review.
  111. Nature Extra: Futures June 20162016/07/01
  112. Nature Podcast: 30 June 20162016/06/29
  113. Nature Podcast: 23 June 20162016/06/22
  114. Nature Backchat: June 20162016/06/22
  115. Nature Podcast: 16 June 20162016/06/15
  116. REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast - June 18762016/06/10
  117. Nature Podcast: 9 June 20162016/06/08
  118. Nature Podcast: 2 June 20162016/06/01
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  124. REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast - May 19852016/05/09
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  131. REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast - April 1953 2016/04/08
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  153. Podcast Extra – The Psychology of Star Wars2015/12/21
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Nature Podcast
The Nature Podcast brings you the best stories from the world of science each week. We cover everything from astronomy to neuroscience, highlighting the most exciting research from each issue of Nature journal. We meet the scientists behind the results and providing in-depth analysis from Nature's journalists and editors.

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