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  1. TDZ#222… Dub Addict…..2020/06/19
    Dub Addict... with tracks by ....Art-X & The Roots Addict, Don Alduck, Spectral Dub, Manwel T, The Dubbstyle, BassDefender, Nomatx, Lootah. 00:00 Unchained, by Art-X & The Roots Addict. Tours, France. [ODG] 03:51 Heading to Zahedan, by Don Alduck. Lille, France. [MareeBass] 09:12 Dub Tribe, by Spectral Dub. Tlalnepantla De Baz, Mexico. [Green Beats] 12:20 Dub [...]
  2. TDZ#221… 13th Anniversary Lockdown Dub Selecta…..2020/05/24
    13th Anniversary Lockdown Dub Selecta ... with tracks by ....Munay Ki Dub, Askan Vibes, Claudi Cuxart, DreadFul, Guru Pope, FootPrint System, Rowtical, Dawood Sound System, dub_cmd, Sista Sara, Mokeo, Le Lab, Morc in Dub, Dubanko, Dub Size, Manwel T, Panda Dub, Psychoz, Burning Babylon, Azual Dub Dawa Hifi, Art-X, Bombo Rockers Crew, Bissoman, Pablo Raster, [...]
  3. TDZ#220… Gotta Dub ’em All…..2020/04/24
    Gotta Dub 'em All... with tracks by ....Weak Size Fish, Dub Cmd , Sister Maki, Mokeo, Hairl Dub, Bombo Rockers Crew, Bissoman, I Neurologici, Zun Zon, Captain Maxx, Morc in Dub. 00:00 Reflect/Rewind, by Weak Size Fish. Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. 05:59 Stay Dub, by Dub Cmd & Sister Maki. UK/Japan. [Dubophonic] 10:53 Pokedub, by [...]
  4. TDZ#219… Pressure Dub…..2020/03/27
    Pressure Dub... with tracks by ....Bisou, Manwel T, HabooDubz, Panda Dub, Katalepsy, Burning Babylon, Sumac Dub, Art-X, Sikbvss. 00:00 Force, by Bisou. Montpellier, France. [ODG] 04:48 Oneness Dub, by Manwel T. Malta. [Dubkey] 08:31 Dildub Ruba, by HabooDubz. Budapest, Hungary. [Bandcamp] 13:06 La 2ème Lune, by Panda Dub. Lyon, France. [Bandcamp] 18:24 Prophecy, by Katalepsy. [...]
  5. TDZ#218… Beyond The Dub…..2020/02/21
    Beyond The Dub... with tracks by ....Bisou, Dub Size, Burning Babylon, Dubanko, Katalepsy, R-Juna, Askan Vibes, Metta Frequencies. 00:00 Decollage, by Bisou. Montpellier, France. [ODG] 04:37 Beyond the Sky, by Dub Size. Euskal Herria, France. [SubBass] 10:12 Falling Dub, by Burning Babylon. Boston, Massachusetts, USA. [Bandcamp] 13:32 Lowdub, by Dubanko. Lyon, France. [ODG] 17:52 [...]
  6. TDZ#217… Dubisphere…..2020/01/24
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  7. TDZ#216… Dub Community…..2019/12/27
    Dub Community ... with tracks by ....CrudoBilbao Dubbers, Shamann, The Subvivors, R-Juna, Magic Empire, Sista Sara, Azual Dub, Zenzile, Mushka Town. 00:00 Dub Wisely, by CrudoBilbao Dubbers & Shamann. Bilbao, Basque Country , France/Spain. [Bandcamp] 03:31 Dub War, by The Subvivors. Bordeaux, France. [ODG] 07:02 Give Thanks, by R-Juna. US. [Dubophonic] 11:12 Kinich Ahau, by Magic [...]
  8. TDZ#215… Crystal Dub…..2019/11/29
    Crystal Dub ... with tracks by ....Le Lab, CrudoBilbao Dubbers, The Subvivors, Dawood Sound System, Tokiboun In Dub, Anna Mystic, AMP Outernational, DreadFul, Rowtical. 00:00 Wubba Lubba Dub Dub, by Le Lab. Poitiers, France. [Maree Bass] 04:13 Blood Rain, by CrudoBilbao Dubbers. Bilbao, Basque Country , Spain. [Bandcamp] 06:47 Dub Desire, by The Subvivors. Bordeaux, [...]
  9. TDZ#214… To Boldly Dub …..2019/11/01
    To Boldly Dub ... with tracks by ....The Dubbstyle, Askan Vibes, Mayan Steppers, Claudi Cuxart, Black Market, Zombie Mastah, Burning Babylon, Banati Crew, Jabbadub. 00:00 Roco, by The Dubbstyle. Mendoza, Argentina. [Dubophonic] 04:33 Righteous Dub, by Askan Vibes. Paris, France. [ODG] 09:05 Revolucion in Dub, by Mayan Steppers. Guatemala City, Guatemala.[Green Beats] 14:17 Burning [...]
  10. Please help the ODG PROD crew2019/10/30
    From the ODG facebook page (translated): Sad news, the van odg burned on the night of 28 to 29 October for an unknown reason, taking almost all the equipment. Insurance only takes care of the truck, we have lost a lot. But you are many to support us, by your encouragement, your sweet words, thank [...]
  11. TDZ#213… Patience Dub …..2019/10/04
    Patience Dub ... with tracks by .... Sir Jean, Dub Addict, Uzul, Dub CMD, Sista Sara, Burning Babylon, Globular, Rhythm Express, The Mighty Mystics, Munay Ki Dub, Sumac Dub. 00:00 Patience Is a Virtue (feat. Sir Jean) (Dub Addict Remix), by Uzul. Lyon, France. [ODG] 03:39 Understanding (Versin), by dub_cmd. North East England & Sista [...]
  12. Thank you for sponsoring me in The Big Swoove2019/09/30
    So far we have raised over £255 £265 (updated 6th October) My chosen charity is Chestnut Tree House, which provides care for children and young people with life-shortening conditions, and their families. If you have heard my podcasts, and still have a couple of pounds, dollars, euros, or any other currency spare then please consider [...]
  13. TDZ#212… Harmonious Dub …..2019/09/06
    Harmonious Dub ... with tracks by .... Nanci Correia, Vibronics, Burning Babylon, Psychoz, Visen-B, Pama Intl, Mad Professor Sensijam, Sista Sara, Dub Traveller. 00:00 Woman Is Divine (feat. Nanci Correia), by Vibronics. Licester, England. [Dubmatix] 07:00 Roots Fi Cool, by Burning Babylon. Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 09:55 Harmonium Remix, by Psychoz. Germany. [SubBass] 14:23 Multiverdub, [...]
  14. TDZ#211… Spirit Dub …..2019/08/09
    Spirit Dub ... with tracks by .... Dub Traveller, Dubbytek, Outa Steppaz, Phoniandflore, Dub Dillah , Highs Elements, Globular, Beatfarmer, Pablo Raster, Hornsman Coyote, Dirty Live Dub. 00:00 Discover The World, by Dub Traveller. France. [Culture Dub] 03:42 Abyssal Dub, by Dubbytek. France. [Vaticaen] 09:33 Outside (The Outa Steppaz Mix), by Phoniandflore. France. [Maree Bass] 14:20 Time [...]
  15. TDZ#210… Dub Voice …..2019/07/12
    Dub Voice... with tracks by .... SistaSara, Johnny Clarke, Richie Phoe, Jabbadub, Pablo Raster, Hornsman Coyote, PDX Mandem, Dawa Hifi, Art-X, Sly Robbie, Dubmatix, Guru Pope, FootPrint System. 00:00 Voicing Steppa, by SistaSara. California, USA. [Advaita Oneness Dub] 03:58 Unity Dub (feat. Johnny Clarke), by Richie Phoe & Kingston Express. Birmingham, England. [Dubmatix] 07:22 Indian [...]
  16. TDZ#209… Celebration Dub …..2019/06/15
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  17. TDZ#208… 12th Anniversary Dub Selecta…..2019/05/17
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  18. The Dub Zone is Charting at Hearthis.At….2019/04/22
    Here's a nice surprise to start the week. The Dub Zone appears to be doing rather well in the ranking at hearthis.at. I've never really had much traction with the streaming services mixcloud or hearthis.at before so it's rather nice to see that change. Good to see that the mighty Saetchmo and Blogrebellen maintain their positions [...]
  19. TDZ#207… Smilee Dub …..2019/04/19
    Smilee Dub ... with tracks by .... The Dubbstyle, Mato, Phoniandflore, Skunk Kut, Woody Vibes, Sister Sara, Tiburk, Vibronics, Hermit Dubz. 00:00 Navidub, by The Dubbstyle. Mendoza, Argentina. [Dubophonic] 05:22 In The Hall of the Mountain King Dub, by Mato. [ODG] 08:33 Skank One, by Phoniandflore. Nantes, France. [Maree Bass] 12:44 Méditasi (Woody Vibes Remix), [...]
  20. TDZ#206… Recycle Dub…..2019/03/22
    Recycle Dub ... with tracks by .... Steinregen Dubsystem, Natural High Dubs, Marcus I, Dub Addiction, Khmer Rockers Uptown, Hermit Dubz, Antxon Sagardui, Ranking Sepah, Art-X, Zenzile, Visionary Soundsystem, Roots Zombie. 00:00 Homeland (Recycled), by Steinregen Dubsystem. Freiburg, Germany. [LCL] 05:01 Blacksmith Dub Melodica, by Natural High Dubs meets Marcus I. Lyon, France. [ODG] 08:33 [...]
  21. TDZ#205… Empire Dub…..2019/02/22
    Empire Dub ... with tracks by .... Dubsynaticx, Art-X, The Ligerians, Kanka, Messian Dread, The Heavy Soul, Skalator, Echo Vault, Med Dred. 00:00 Loving Dub, by Dubsynaticx. Vienna, Austria. [Jamendo] 03:51 Freedom, by Art-X & The Ligerians. Tours, France. [ODG] 08:07 Log in, by Kanka. Pouen, France. [ODG] 12:23 Ire Times (Baroque Dub mix), by Messian [...]
  22. TDZ#204… Dimensionless Dub…..2019/01/25
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  23. TDZ#203… Chaotic Dub…..2018/12/28
    Chaotic Dub ... with tracks by .... Rakoon, Guru Pope, Pablo Raster, Tetra Hydro K, Brainless, Phoniandflore, Art-X, Khoe-Wa DubSystem, PlusStepper, Barbés.D, Sista Bethsabé, Christophe Agati), Ob.dub. 00:00 Chaotic Cheesecake, by Rakoon. Paris, France. [ODG] 04:27 Wicked Sax (feat. Guru Pope), by Pablo Raster. Wroclaw, Poland. [Culture Dub Records] 08:27 Slave Nø23, by Tetra Hydro [...]
  24. TDZ#202… Creation Dub…..2018/11/30
    Creation Dub ... with tracks by ....Dubbusters, Espiralia Dub, Ashkabad, Askan Vibes, Mintao, Jean-Paul Dub, Full Dub, Bluez, Dub Riots, Indamouse, FootPrint System, Tiburk. 00:00 Ronin, by Dubbusters meets Espiralia Dub. Puebla, México. [Green Beats] 03:42 Exuvia, by Ashkabad. Avignon, France. [ODG] 07:24 Freedom Dub, by Imanytree Meets Askan Vibes. Paris, France. [ODG] 11:17 Dub [...]
  25. TDZ#201… Feral Dub…..2018/11/02
    Feral Dub ... with tracks by .... Foshan Roots, The Unsealer, Sasquash, Dry Land, Pablo Raster, The Dubwegians, Kandee, Dubmatix, Art-X, Linval Thompson. 00:00 Roots Fyah Dub, by Foshan Roots. UK. [Dubophonic] [Dubophonic] 03:49 218 Dub, by The Unsealer. Adis Ababa, Etheopia. [Merikebi] 07:22 Wolf Dub, by Sasquash. UK. [Operation Sound System Records] 11:53 Ethno Dub, by [...]
  26. TDZ#200… The Best Exotic Dub Selecta…2018/09/21
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  27. TDZ#199… Infinity Dub…..2018/08/17
    Infinity Dub ... with tracks by .... Dubmatix, Daddy Vertigo, Sista Ruby, Dub Shepherds, Roots Raid, Droegenbwoys, Art-X, Black Beanie Dub, Saadji., Izel, Tor.Ma in Dub, U-Niko Dubs 00:00 Bells A Ringin Riddim, by Dubmatix. Ontario, Canada. [Dubmatix] 03:13 Think and Wanda (Daddy Vertigo Edit), by Sista Ruby. Sitia, Greece. [Dubophonic] 06:36 Western Rumors [...]
  28. TDZ#198… Dub Roots…..2018/07/20
    Dub Roots... with tracks by .... Moune, Lo-End Dub, Digital Monk, Dub Riots, Blue, Manwel T, Sumac Dub, The Manor, Dusza. 00:00 La Root, by Moune. France. [Dubophonic] 03:12 Creation Dub, by Lo-End Dub. Madrid, Spain. [ODG] 07:38 State of Life (Digital Monk Remix), by Dub Riots. Athens, Greece. [Reggaewise] 13:20 Early Cut, by Blue. Berlin, [...]
  29. TDZ#197… Unconditional Dub…..2018/06/22
    Unconditional Dub... with tracks by .... Roots Zombie, Javier Martin Boix , Bass Culture Players, Dub Shepherds, Roots Raid, ODG, Dubmatix, PhOniAndFlOrE, Genesis, Dub Caravan, Med Dred, Fyahred, Michael Exodus. 00:00 Rude Boy Rock, by Roots Zombie. Bordeaux, France. [ODG] 03:12 Unconditional Love, by Javier Martin Boix and Bass Culture Players. Madrid, Spain. [Lafamille [...]
  30. TDZ#196… 11th Anniversary Dub Selecta…..2018/05/26
    11th Anniversary Dub Selecta... with tracks by ...Panda Dub, Tiburk, Dub Shepherd, Vibronics, Gradu Minimo, Ras Ta Mama, Sticky Joe, Ishiban, Phoniandflore, Sumac Dub, Bisou, Jean Paul Dub, Manwel , x3mys, yAyoLand, Melbeat, Pirut, Pablo Raster, WuduB,s Wow Pufflo, Tanice Morisson, Dubblestandart, Rakoon, Bass Culture Players, The Heavy Soul, El Gaucho SoundSystem, Art-X, The Black [...]
  31. TDZ#195… Love Not War (Continued)…..2018/04/27
    Love Not War (Continued)... with tracks by .... Jean Paul Dub, Skunk Kut, Horace Anthony, Linval Thompson, Dubmatix, Ishiban, Dubble, Sumac Dub, HabooDubz, Pirut, Pablo Raster. 00:00 Dub for Syria, by Jean Paul Dub. France. [Vaticaen] 03:25 Meditasi, by Skunkkut. Paris, France. [Maree Bass] 08:11 Its A Clash (Dub Version) (feat. Horace Anthony & Linval [...]
  32. TDZ#194… Freedom Dub…..2018/03/30
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  33. TDZ#193… Dubatomic …..2018/03/02
    Dubatomic... with tracks by .... Sly & Robbie, Dubmatix, The Disciples, DIY Sound, Skunkkut, Melbeat, Splitz Horns, Vibronics, Jungle Weed, Foshan Roots, Feldub. 00:00 Ruff House, by Sly Robbie meets Dubmatix. [Dubmatix] 03:56 Dam I (The Disciples), by DIY Sound. Bordeaux, France. [ODG] 07:08 Subatomic, by Skunkkut. Paris, France. [Maree Bass] 11:51 Hayastan Chill, by [...]
  34. TDZ#192… Magnetic Dub …..2018/02/02
    Magnetic Dub ... with tracks by .... Jungle Weed, Angelica Roots, Bass Culture Players, Sticky Joe, Sly Dundar, Robbie Shakespear, Dubmatix, Melbeat, Feldub, Yuman'Dub, Sparky Riot, Massive Dub Corporation. 00:00 Matadi, by Jungle Weed. Toulouse, France. [ODG] 06:00 Queiles, by Angelica Roots and Bass Culture Players. Madrid, Spain. [Lafamille Music] 10:26 Raggamuffin Riddim, by Sticky [...]
  35. Now available via Stitcher….2018/01/09
    Both PCPodcast and The Dub Zone are now available via stitcher ... PC Podcast  The Dub Zone 
  36. TDZ#191… Dub Delivery…..2018/01/05
    Dub Delivery... with tracks by .... Ranking Joe, Art-X, Massive Dub Corporation, Phoniandflore, Alba, Enigmatik Dub, El Gaucho SoundSystem, Natty Nature, Bass Culture, Foshan Roots, Sin, Genetik Dub. 00:00 Come Out (feat. Ranking Joe) (Art-X remix), by Massive Dub Corporation.Tours, France. [ODG] 03:37 Babylon Fail, by Phoniandflore. Nantes, France. [Maree Bass] 09:28 Wicked (feat. [...]
  37. TDZ#190… Dub Line…..2017/12/08
    Dub Line... with tracks by .... , Natty Nature, Bass Culture, Dubmatix , Megative, Foshan Roots, Ben I Sabbah, EugeneKha, KingFly, Koala Dub Squad., PTC Vienna, Eter Dub. 00:00 Dub Like Mama Told Ya, by Natty Nature meets Bass Culture. Madrid, Spain. [Lafamille Music] 04:29 More Time (Dubmatix Dub Mix), by Megative. Ontario, Canada. [Dubmatix] [...]
  38. TDZ#189… Dub Profile…..2017/11/10
    Dub Profile... with tracks by .... Massive Dub Corporation, Bass Culture Players, Marina P & The Radiators, HabooDubz, Manwell T, yAyoLand, Linval Thompson, Dubmatix, Mystic Fyah. 00:00 Time Collapse, by Massive Dub Corporation. Bourges, France. [ODG] 03:21 Stand Firm (Version), by Bass Culture Players. Madrid, Spain. [Bass Culture Players] 08:20 Low Profile, by Marina P [...]
  39. TDZ#188… Dub Seed…..2017/10/13
    Dub Seed... with tracks by Skunkkut, DreadFul, Tiburk, Christina Polycarpou, Negritage, Sama Renuka, Black Beanie Dub, Brimstone, Didge Reesby, Aywaken., The Heavy Soul. 00:00 Seed of Dub, by Skunkkut. Paris, France. [Maree Bass] 04:00 Stepper Attack, by DreadFul. France. [ODG] 07:45 Yatraa, by Tiburk. Saint Etienne, France. [ODG] 11:24 From Kyrenia with Dub (feat. [...]
  40. Four years of the Dubophonic Netlabel2017/10/01
    We love dub here at The Podcast Factory. So it's time for big thanks to Bother Thomas and the Dubophonic Netlabel which is 4 years old today! Since 2013 the label has been releasing and promoting artists, who are passionate with what they do. You may see no "famous" names in their back catalog, but [...]
  41. TDZ#187… Mystic Dub…..2017/09/15
    Mystic Dub ... with tracks by ..., x3myst, yAyoLand, I Neurologici, Youthman, Resina, Melbeat, HiGhMaS, FootPrint System, Jean-Paul Dub, Mazette, Dub Engine. 00:00 Ragga Mistic (feat. x3myst), by yAyoLand. France. [Maree Bass] 04:15 Dubotik, by I Neurologici, Youthman, Resina. Rome, Italy. [Strato Dischi] 08:23 Shanti York, by Melbeat. France.[ODG] 12:27 ME and Dub, by HiGhMaS. France. [...]
  42. TDZ#186… Dub Engine…..2017/08/18
    Dub Engine... with tracks by ...Dub Engine, Penti from Senti, Red Star Martyrs, Gradu minimo, Raz Ta Mama, Dub Shepherds, Panda Dub, Negritage, Craig R.Ninjah, Jungle Weed, Vibrations Train, Haboodubz, Apoff in Dub 00:00 Dub Piratei, by Dub Engine. Bologna, Italy.[ODG] 04:41 All the Nations (feat. Penti from Senti), by Red Star Martyrs. Totnes, [...]
  43. India blocks access to PCP and TDZ2017/08/09
    Sounds kind of crazy doesn't it, but it appears to be true. The BBC and Medianama have said that India has blocked access to The Internet Archive, because it may contain access to "Jihadi propaganda". As all of the music files for PCP and TDZ are stored on The Internet Archive's servers this means, if [...]
  44. TDZ#185… Dub Night…..2017/07/21
    Dub Night... with tracks by ...Gradu Minimo, MurJah Warriors, Saadji, Tetra Hydro K, Dreadful, Manwel T, Dream Circle, Cheese Patrol, Dusza, OLM. 00:00 Wieczorynka , by Gradu Minimo. Legnica/Wroclaw, Poland. [Paproota] 06:50 Mandlion in Zion, by MurJah Warriors. Italy. [Dubophonic] 11:02 B is the key (feat. Saadji), by Tetra Hydro K. Besançon, France. [ODG] 15:30 [...]
  45. TDZ#184… Born to Dub…..2017/06/24
    Born to Dub... with tracks by ...Dub Shepherds, Vibronics, The Black Mantis Project, WuduB, Wow Pufflov, Ma Kata, Barbes.D, yAyoLand, Gradu Minimo, Christina Polycarpou, Negritage, Rakoon. 00:00 Mi And Dem A Dub, by Dub Shepherds. Clermont-Ferrand, France. [ODG] 04:08 South Dub Vibes, by Vibronics. Leicester, England. [Paproota] 07:57 Mudita, by The Black Mantis Project. [...]
  46. TDZ#183… 10th Year Dub Selecta…..2017/05/25
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  47. TDZ#182… Long Distance Dub…..2017/04/28
    Long Distance Dub....with tracks by ..... DIY Sound, Natto Reborn, Bass Culture Players, PlusStepper, Vibronics, Irie Ilodica, Thriakis Dub Destroyer, Roots Zombie, Full Dub. 00:00 Bad Boy, by DIY Sound. Bordeaux, France. [Sound Rising Records] 04:05 Love, by Natto Reborn meets Bass Culture Players. Madrid, Spain. Bass Culture Players] 07:31 Eartical Dub, by PlusStepper. Odessa, [...]
  48. TDZ#181… Full Dub Ahead…..2017/03/31
    Full Dub Ahead....with tracks by ..... HiGhMaS, Panda Dub, Semiah The Dub Alchemist, Melbeat, Mazette, Art-X, Kandee Dub, PlusStepper, Bisou, Don Fe, Alpha Steppa. 00:00 A Long Road Ahead (Dub Version), by HiGhMaS. France. [Jamendo] 03:00 Howl by Panda Dub. Lyon, France. [ODG] 06:51 Skordan Kant Dub, by Semiah The Dub Alchemist. Saint-Crepin, France. [Soundcloud] 10:59 [...]
  49. TDZ#180… Hurricane Dub …..2017/03/02
    Hurricane Dub ....with tracks by Michael Exodus, AMJ, RSD, Road to Zion, Panda Dub, Tetra Hydro K, Maxiroots, I Neurologici, Art-X, Mahom, DreadFul, Shiny D. 00:00 Sadness, by Michael Exodus. Bristol, England. [Woodland Records] 04:05 Blue Mountain Dub, by AMJ Meets RSD. Bristol, England. [Dubmatix] 09:02 Hold The Vibes (Dub Version), by Road to Zion. [...]
  50. TDZ#179… Ritual Dub …..2017/02/03
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