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  1. Four years of the Dubophonic Netlabel2017/10/01
    We love dub here at The Podcast Factory. So it's time for big thanks to Bother Thomas and the Dubophonic Netlabel which is 4 years old today! Since 2013 the label has been releasing and promoting artists, who are passionate with what they do. You may see no "famous" names in their back catalog, but [...]
  2. TDZ#187… Mystic Dub…..2017/09/15
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  3. TDZ#186… Dub Engine…..2017/08/18
    Dub Engine... with tracks by ...Dub Engine, Penti from Senti, Red Star Martyrs, Gradu minimo, Raz Ta Mama, Dub Shepherds, Panda Dub, Negritage, Craig R.Ninjah, Jungle Weed, Vibrations Train, Haboodubz, Apoff in Dub 00:00 Dub Piratei, by Dub Engine. Bologna, Italy.[ODG] 04:41 All the Nations (feat. Penti from Senti), by Red Star Martyrs. Totnes, [...]
  4. India blocks access to PCP and TDZ2017/08/09
    Sounds kind of crazy doesn't it, but it appears to be true. The BBC and Medianama have said that India has blocked access to The Internet Archive, because it may contain access to "Jihadi propaganda". As all of the music files for PCP and TDZ are stored on The Internet Archive's servers this means, if [...]
  5. TDZ#185… Dub Night…..2017/07/21
    Dub Night... with tracks by ...Gradu Minimo, MurJah Warriors, Saadji, Tetra Hydro K, Dreadful, Manwel T, Dream Circle, Cheese Patrol, Dusza, OLM. 00:00 Wieczorynka , by Gradu Minimo. Legnica/Wroclaw, Poland. [Paproota] 06:50 Mandlion in Zion, by MurJah Warriors. Italy. [Dubophonic] 11:02 B is the key (feat. Saadji), by Tetra Hydro K. Besançon, France. [ODG] 15:30 [...]
  6. TDZ#184… Born to Dub…..2017/06/24
    Born to Dub... with tracks by ...Dub Shepherds, Vibronics, The Black Mantis Project, WuduB, Wow Pufflov, Ma Kata, Barbes.D, yAyoLand, Gradu Minimo, Christina Polycarpou, Negritage, Rakoon. 00:00 Mi And Dem A Dub, by Dub Shepherds. Clermont-Ferrand, France. [ODG] 04:08 South Dub Vibes, by Vibronics. Leicester, England. [Paproota] 07:57 Mudita, by The Black Mantis Project. [...]
  7. TDZ#183… 10th Year Dub Selecta…..2017/05/25
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  8. TDZ#182… Long Distance Dub…..2017/04/28
    Long Distance Dub....with tracks by ..... DIY Sound, Natto Reborn, Bass Culture Players, PlusStepper, Vibronics, Irie Ilodica, Thriakis Dub Destroyer, Roots Zombie, Full Dub. 00:00 Bad Boy, by DIY Sound. Bordeaux, France. [Sound Rising Records] 04:05 Love, by Natto Reborn meets Bass Culture Players. Madrid, Spain. Bass Culture Players] 07:31 Eartical Dub, by PlusStepper. Odessa, [...]
  9. TDZ#181… Full Dub Ahead…..2017/03/31
    Full Dub Ahead....with tracks by ..... HiGhMaS, Panda Dub, Semiah The Dub Alchemist, Melbeat, Mazette, Art-X, Kandee Dub, PlusStepper, Bisou, Don Fe, Alpha Steppa. 00:00 A Long Road Ahead (Dub Version), by HiGhMaS. France. [Jamendo] 03:00 Howl by Panda Dub. Lyon, France. [ODG] 06:51 Skordan Kant Dub, by Semiah The Dub Alchemist. Saint-Crepin, France. [Soundcloud] 10:59 [...]
  10. TDZ#180… Hurricane Dub …..2017/03/02
    Hurricane Dub ....with tracks by Michael Exodus, AMJ, RSD, Road to Zion, Panda Dub, Tetra Hydro K, Maxiroots, I Neurologici, Art-X, Mahom, DreadFul, Shiny D. 00:00 Sadness, by Michael Exodus. Bristol, England. [Woodland Records] 04:05 Blue Mountain Dub, by AMJ Meets RSD. Bristol, England. [Dubmatix] 09:02 Hold The Vibes (Dub Version), by Road to Zion. [...]
  11. TDZ#179… Ritual Dub …..2017/02/03
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  12. TDZ#178… Dub Haze…..2017/01/06
    Dub Haze ....with tracks by... R-Dug, Robot Speaker, FullDub, Red Star Martyrs, Jabbadub, RaZtaMama, PlusStepper, Dub Across Borders, Negritage. 00:00 Mecanic Skank (Elephant Kush Release), by R-Dug. France. [Culture Dub] 04:26 End Roll Dub, by Robot Speaker. Tokyo, Japan. [Big Wave Records] 07:51 In Your Mind, by FullDub. Dijon, France. [ODG] 12:43 Niceness, by [...]
  13. TDZ#177… Dub Kingdom…..2016/12/09
    Dub Kingdom.....with tracks by... Kanka, Ben I Sabbah, Ga-Pi, Miyalap Soundsystem, Roll & Record, Art-X, Psychoz, Ashkabad, FootPrint System, Anoushka Shankar, AMJ, RSD, Pablo Raster. 00:00 Duberfly, by Kanka. Rouen, France. [ODG] 04:11 Column Dub (Ben I Sabbah Remix), by Ga-Pi feat Miyalap Soundsystem. Thailand. [SubBass] 07:24 Blow it down, by Roll & Record Ft [...]
  14. TDZ#176… Dub For Peace…..2016/11/13
    Dub For Peace.....with tracks by... Skunk Kut, Tony Rankin, Jah Marnyah, Vibronics, Eter Dub, Ini Iyahdub, Jazzmin Tutam, Earlyworm, Downbeat Dub, AMJ, RSD. 00:00 Dubs for Syria, by Skunk Kut. Paris, France. [Vaticaen] 03:31 Bangkok Dub, by Tony Rankin. Heidelberg, Germany. [SubBass] 07:22 Tralalalala (Dub Version) (feat. Jah Marnyah), by Vibronics. England. [Dubmatix] 11:31 Ras-Sax, [...]
  15. TDZ#175… A Fistfull Of Dub…..2016/10/14
    A Fistful of Dub... with tracks by ... Dubmatix, Roots Dubman, Splintered Finger, Jungle Weed, Bandulu Dub, Jiang Liang, Manwel T, Mellow Mood, Dubbest, Michael Exodus. 00:00 Fist Full of Dub, by Dubmatix. Ontario, Canada. [Soundcloud] 03:56 Journies into Dub (feat. Roots Dubman), by Splintered Finger. Cardiff, Wales. [Soundcloud] 09:26 Flying Monkey, by Jungle [...]
  16. TDZ#174… Little Dubby Clouds…..2016/09/16
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  17. TDZ#173… Mirage Dub …..2016/08/19
    Mirage Dub... with tracks by ... Rebel-I , Bass Culture Players, Dub Dynasty, Woobedub, Natural Tribulation, Alpha-B Dub, DuBoLoGy, by Notty-D, UnderDub, Mixed Culture. 00:00 Dub Di Ganja, by Rebel-I meets Bass Culture Players. Madrid, Spain. [ODG] 04:02 I Am Dub, by Dub Dynasty. [Facebook] 07:49 Mirage, by Woobedub. Lyon, France.[ODG] 12:46 Dub Venue, [...]
  18. TDZ#172… Giant Dub …..2016/07/22
    Giant Dub... with tracks by ... Joe Pilgrim, Mayd Hubb, Dubmatix, ZioNoiz, Art-X, The Roots Addict,s Phoniandflore, Meija, La Face B, Tetra Hydro K, Dillon Wyte, Rebel-I, Bass Culture Players. 00:00 Africans (feat. Joe Pilgrim) (Mayd Hubb Remix), by Dubmatix. Ontario, Canada. [Dubmatix] 03:38 Dub to Tashkent, by ZioNoiz. Berlin, Germany. [SUBBASS] 08:00 Rising Sun, [...]
  19. TDZ#171… Tubular Dubs …..2016/06/24
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  20. Also available at Mixcloud, Heartis.at and YouTube2016/06/23
    Did you know that my podcasts are now available at Mixcloud, Hearthis.at and even YouTube? Sometimes they're even available before they come online at petecogle.com or in iTunes. I know..... sneaky isn't it?  
  21. TDZ#170… 9th Anniversary Dub Selecta…..2016/05/27
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  22. TDZ#169… Dub Soda…..2016/04/29
    Dub Soda.. with tracks by... Panda Dub, Pilah, Joe Pilgrim, Fabasstone, Dub Defender, Mayd Hubb, TD, Crazy Hertz, Dillon Wyte, Insintesi, Androcell, Dusza, Khoe-Wa Dub System. 00:00 Le Rêve Du Pirate, by Panda Dub. Lyon, France. [ODG] 05:03 Cure Them (Dub Defender Remix), by Pilah, Joe Pilgrim, Fabasstone, Dub Defender, Mayd Hubb, TD+. Poitiers, France. [Cultured [...]
  23. TDZ#168… Probability of Dub…..2016/04/01
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  24. TDZ#167… Spring Dub…..2016/03/04
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  25. TDZ#166… One Dub…..2016/02/05
    OneDub .. with tracks by...Jahpapu, Dubmatix, Kalina in Dub, Svaha Sound System, Bass Culture Players, Dr Remix, DVAnt, Pidato, Ylaow Dub. 00:00 Dub Japani, by Jahpapu. Rostov on Don, Russia. [Versionist] 03:22 War Inna Dub, by Dubmatix. Ontario, Canada. [Dubmatix] 07:00 Nie Ma Nic, by Kalina in Dub. Bytom, Poland. [Soundcloud] 10:42 One Love [...]
  26. TDZ#165… Moon Dub…..2016/01/08
    Moon Dub .. with tracks by... Panda Dub, Jahpapu, DuBoLoGy, Trevor Goodchild, Mr Lion, Alien Levi, Outovalo, Räpylät, Bandulu Dub, Bungalo Dub 00:00 Lost Reality, by Panda Dub. Lyon, France. [ODG] 04:24 Chaban, by Jahpapu. Rostov on Don, Russia. [Versionist] 07:39 Fall'in Dub (2015), by DuBoLoGy. Rennes, France. [Versionist] 12:14 Sannyasa, by Trevor Goodchild. Stuttgart, Germany. [...]
  27. TDZ#164… Love NotWar…..2015/12/11
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  28. TDZ#163… Refugee Dub…..2015/11/13
    Refugee Dub......with tracks by.......Art-X, I Neurologici, Prince Fatty , Natty and The Rebel Ship, Globular, Soulprodz, Bandulu Dub, Natural Son Corporation, DU3normal, IRebel, Macume Sound, Kanka. 00:00 Skanking Easy (Tribute To Augustus Pablo), by Art-X. Tours, France. [ODG] 03:11 440 Hz, by I Neurologici. Rome Italy. [Strato Dischi] 07:06 Gaia (Prince Fatty Dub), by [...]
  29. TDZ#162… Higher Dub…..2015/10/16
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  30. TDZ#161… Duberation…..2015/09/18
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  31. TDZ#160… Cosmic Dub…..2015/08/21
    Cosmic Dub .. with tracks by... Art-X, Massve Dub Coporation, Spcz, Manwell T, Hypnotix, Studio Bubny, PlusStepper, Michael Melody, Peter Chaves, Pidato, Radadub. 00:00 From The End (ft. Art-X), by Massive Dub Corporation (MDC). Bourges, France. [OnDubGround] 05:01 Suma Dub, by Spcz. Heidelberg, Germany. [SubBass] 09:13 Cosmic Dub, by Manwell T. Malta. [Dubkey] 12:53 Al Duwah, by [...]
  32. TDZ#159… Dub Party…..2015/07/24
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  33. TDZ#158… Dub Love…..2015/06/26
    Dub Love... with tracks by... , Kalina in Dub, The Dubbstyle, Don Goliath, Ondubground, Cocoa Tea, Injham, Nefarious Riddim, Madriguera, Aux1 DubSystem. 00:00 Timerate, by Kalina in Dub. Bytom, Poland. [Paproota] 03:31 Simona, by The Dubbstyle. Mendoza, Argentina. [Dubophonic] 07:13 Calling On Jah (Dub), by Don Goliath. Berlin, Germany. 11:22 Young Lover Dubplate (Ondubground Remix), [...]
  34. TDZ#157… 8th Anniversary Dub Selecta…..2015/05/29
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  35. TDZ#156… Dub Friday…..2015/04/03
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  36. Cornish Bagpipe Dub Reggae Morris Dancing2015/03/23
  37. TDZ#155… Dub Gnosis…..2015/03/06
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  38. TDZ#154… Murder Dub…2015/02/06
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  39. TDZ#153… ReDub…2015/01/09
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  40. Podcast download stats 2009-20142015/01/02
    I've been keeping podcast download stats since 2009. The results for 2014 are now in and they show the gradual decline of all podcasts since their height in 2011. Although it's sad to see a decline, I know that many podcasters don't get these numbers, and it's not the reason that I, or any of [...]
  41. Not giving up!2014/11/14
    Just to keep you informed...I'm not giving up..... PCP#476 will be on 20th December 2014 and will be the best of 2014 show, and then will return on 3rd January 2015 in a format similar to TDZ and DSZ. TDZ#153 will be on 9th January 2015. DSZ#82 will be on 23rd January 2015. Pete  
  42. Taking a break for a while2014/11/06
    I'm taking a break from the podcasts for a while. There's a lot of stuff going on here at Podcasting Towers and I need time to focus on non-podcasting things. Back soon, OK? Pete
  43. TDZ#152… Bring Out Your Dub…2014/10/18
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  44. TDZ#151… Healing Dub…2014/09/20
    Healing Dub ..with Tracks by.....The ZionnoiZ, Haji Mike, Dub Caravan, Prince Fatty, Hollie Cook , Nomatx Bass Drive, NottyD, Roots 'N' Zombie, Downbeatdb, Shan A Shan. [suffusion-widgets id='1'] 00:00 After A Dream, by The Zionnoiz. Bordeaux, France. [Versionist] 07:08 Extremes, by Haji Mike & Dub Caravan. Nicosia, Cyprum/London, England. [Versionist] 12:78 Used To Be Dub, [...]
  45. TDZ#150… One Race, One Dub…2014/08/23
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  46. Apologies if the site is slow2014/08/19
    Apologies if the site is a little slow, unresponsive, or if you get 500 errors. The site is under a sustained distributed attack from a series of bots who are trying to login as the site administrator. I do wish they'd just give up. They are NOT getting in!  
  47. No podcast this weekend2014/08/01
    Bad news: My dad is back in hospital. I'm not going to be able to create podcasts for a while. Good news: there are 469 episodes of PCP, 149 of TDZ and 77 of DSZ out there available to listen to! Have a random rummage through the archives!
  48. TDZ and DSZ appear in the Russian iTunes….2014/07/14
    The Dub Zone and The Dub Step Zone both seem to have appeared in the Russian equivalent of iTunes, applito.ru. Not sure who added them for me, but thanks!
  49. TDZ#149… Walking In Dub!…2014/07/12
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  50. TDZ#148… Dub Grub!…2014/06/14
    Dub Grub...with Tracks by....Joke, Dubamix, Prince Fatty, Hollie Cook, DuBoLoGy, Dubsynatix, The Zionnoiz, Johnny Redlocks, Mad Codiouf, Don Goliath. [suffusion-widgets id='1'] 00:00 Le monde bouge Remix feat Joke, by Dubamix. Paris, France. [Jamendo] 04:27 Milk & Honey Dub, by Prince Fatty meets Hollie Cook In Dub. Brighton, England. 07:45 Happy Dub Day, by DuBoLoGy. Rennes, [...]
  51. TDZ#147… 7th Anniversary Dub Selecta!…2014/05/17
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  52. TDZ#146… Dub Brew…2014/04/19
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  53. PCP Sampler2014/04/14
    Dub and DubStep Zone Listeners: Don't Miss Out. Checkout PCP for it's wide variety of tracks from all over the world. Open PCP in iTunes Open PCP RSS feed
  54. Mevio finally goes dark2014/04/09
    It was on January 2012 that the warning bell started sounding that all was not well at Mevio. Yesterday I got a final email telling me that Mevio.com was finally shutting down on the 16th April. Hardly a surprise. What took them so long? In a week when the BBC was reminiscing about the first [...]
  55. TDZ#145… Breaking Dub…2014/03/22
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