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The Scholar's Corner

  1. Episode #5 - George Rogers Clark2010/06/26
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  2. • Declaration of Independence 2010/01/02

    The United States Declaration of Independence of 1776 read by John F Kennedy.

    Authored by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston. The primary author is Thomas Jefferson, however, all the members of the 5 man drafting committee had a hand in editing the document.

  3. Episode #4 - Thomas Jefferson 2009/12/29
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  4. Episode #3 - John Adams 2009/11/11

    The Scholar's Corner takes a look into John Adams's life. Podcast episode #3 covers his life at Harvard, the impact he had on the Revolutionary War and at the Continental Conventions, his diplomacy in Europe, as first Vice President under George Washington, and as the second President of the United States.
  5. Episode #2 - George Washington 2009/10/30

    JK Hooper & Andy J. Lemon cover the life of George Washington. Starting with his early years to his presidency. This episode details his involvement with the French and Indian War, his contributions to farming, and inspirational stories from each battle he commanded in the Revolutionary war. They will discuss the precedents he set as president and how they have impacted the United States.
  6. Episode #1 - Introduction 2009/10/30
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The Scholar's Corner
The Scholar's Corner is a History podcast. The show encompasses people and events that have influenced US History. Andy J Lemon and JK Hooper will use a chronological structure to teach their audience. The authors will animate each show by using their story telling abilities and vibrant personalities to bring historical events alive. Each show will feature famous quotes, art, and historical places.

There are several figures and events that have yet to be covered in a podcast, something that has frustrated the authors. The authors started this podcast after their own frustrated attempts to download audio on US History. Their goal is to bring their audience these historical events through their own exhaustive research.

Feel free to email us with your questions and/or comments at;ajlemon@mail.usi.edu

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