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  1. This Burning World – Finale – Chapter 23 and Epilogue – 3/12/152015/03/12
    Chapter 23 - The final battle between Jim and Ford. Epilogue - A mysterious figure is revealed.
  2. This Burning World – Chapter 22 – 3/11/152015/03/11
    Chapter 22 - Jim and Ford finally meet and engage in battle. A mysterious figure emerges on Jim’s back trail.
  3. This Burning World – Chapter 21 – 3/10/152015/03/10
    Chapter 21 - Jim and Willow become close as she begs him not to continue on his dark journey. Jim leaves to continue his quest for vengeance.
  4. This Burning World – Chapter 20 – 3/9/152015/03/09
    Chapter 20 - Jim and Willow arrive in Indianapolis and need to find some lodging and wheels. Ford visits a childhood haunt.
  5. This Burning World – Chapter 19 – 3/2/152015/03/02
    Chapter 19 - A cross country bus trip gets Jim closer to his target, but it is not without incident.
  6. This Burning World – Chapter 18 – 2/23/152015/02/23
    Chapter 18 - Jim and Willow make their escape. Jim continues his pursuit of Ford… with an uninvited traveling companion in tow.
  7. This Burning World – Chapter 17 – 2/16/152015/02/16
    Chapter 17 - Jim moves in on Cavanaugh’s house.
  8. This Burning World – Chapter 16 – 2/9/152015/02/09
    Chapter 16 - Gabby wants to head out after Jim. Ford departs Cavanaugh’s… but leaves Jim a little present before he goes. Jim rolls on through some more miles.
  9. This Burning World – Chapter 15 – 2/2/152015/02/02
    Chapter 15 - Jim sets out on his own. Ford gets his last healing.
  10. This Burning World – Chapters 13 and 14 – 1/26/152015/01/26
    Chapter 13 - The older Champions discuss what they have just seen at the funeral. Gabby confides in Melissa. Jim makes his plans. Chapter 14 - Ford gathers some resources.
  11. This Burning World – Chapter 12 – 1/20/152015/01/20
    Chapter 12 - Jim attends a wake and a funeral. He gets some sage advice… and something else.
  12. This Burning World – Chapter 11 – 1/12/152015/01/12
    Chapter 11 - Ford is in bad shape. He seeks refuge with a Spoiler who has a very useful hobby.
  13. This Burning World – Chapter 10 – 1/5/152015/01/05
    Chapter 10 - Jim goes home in the aftermath of tragedy. He needs to face up to some very adult responsibilities.
  14. This Burning World – Chapter 9 – 12/29/142014/12/29
    Chapter 9 - Jim heads for home.
  15. This Burning World – Chapters 7 and 8 – 12/23/142014/12/23
    Chapter 7 - A nighttime visit to a quiet Massachusetts neighborhood and an unspeakable act. Chapter 8 - Jim gets some crushing news.  
  16. This Burning World – Chapter 6 – 12/22/142014/12/22
    Chapter 6 - Unwanted visitors to the camp mean that Jim and Gabby get to put their training to the test.
  17. This Burning World – Chapter 5 – 12/19/142014/12/19
    Chapter 5 - Jim’s training gets more intense, and blood is spilled. Clyde and Jim have a heart to heart.
  18. This Burning World – Chapter 4 – 12/18/142014/12/18
    Chapter 4 - Jim and Gabby go for an early morning swim, and then the training begins in earnest.
  19. This Burning World – Chapter 3 – 12/17/142014/12/17
    Chapter 3 - The group at the camp gets to know each other a little better. Jim has to face down his guilt. A burnt and disfigured man gets a new partner.
  20. This Burning World – Chapter 2 – 12/16/142014/12/16
    Chapter 2 - Jim and Park head to the woods of northern Maine and meet Clyde, Jim’s new teacher, as well as Gabby, a fellow student at the camp.
  21. This Burning World – Prologue and Chapter 1 – 12/15/142014/12/15
    The Champions are back! But that means that evil is not too far behind. Prologue - This Burning World starts of with a bang… literally. Take another look at the events from the climax of This Paper World in the … Continue reading →
  22. This Burning World – Promo 2 – 12/12/142014/12/12
    The woods of northern Maine are an idyllic setting to hunt, fish, commune with nature… and train the most powerful beings ever to walk the face of the earth. Jim Hunt is one of those beings, a Champion tasked to … Continue reading →
  23. This Burning World – Promo 1 – 12/12/142014/12/12
    College student Jim Hunt took his first steps into the on-going battle between Good and Evil, Champions and Spoilers in This Paper World. Now he’s back, receiving training and testing the limits of his abilities and powers. When a personal … Continue reading →
  24. JeffCast Number 5 – This Burning World Preview Show – 12/11/142014/12/11
    It is finally here… the next installment of The Champion Saga, This Burning World! Jeff updates everyone on all the projects going on in the “Jeff Lane Universe”, gives a sneak peak at the new Champion book, plays the new … Continue reading →
  25. This Burning World – Teaser – 12/10/20142014/12/10
    In 2009 Jeff Lane invited you to leave your world and enter This Paper World. Be prepared to leave your world again… This Burning World! Coming December 2014. Voice Over: Bryan Olivier Music: Rough
  26. This Paper World – Finale: Chapter 19 and Epilogue – 6/25/132013/06/25
    The conclusion to This Paper World. Please support Jeff by buying an eBook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, or wherever fine eBooks or sold. Or donate Jeff on Podiobooks.com Support the band Rough by buying the album Long Road … Continue reading →
  27. This Paper World – Chapter 18 – 6/21/132013/06/21
    Bullets are flying and things are exploding at The Primadon Tower. Vince and Park have a long awaited battle, and Jim comes face to face with Wesley.
  28. This Paper World – Chapter 17 – 6/18/132013/06/18
    All hell breaks loose in the Primadon Tower. Jim faces his first… and maybe his last Spoiler. Park makes his move, and one of the group takes a bullet.
  29. This Paper World – Chapter 16 – 6/13/132013/06/13
    Jim and Eric find themselves in the belly of the beast… and getting deeper. Park comes face to face with Wesley and starts to put his plan in motion. Vince goes hunting.
  30. This Paper World – Chapter 15 – 6/7/132013/06/07
    Jim and Eric try to figure out how to get into the Spoilers’ lair. Vince and Wesley are alerted to a potential threat. Park has a rough night.
  31. This Paper World – Chapter 14 – 6/4/132013/06/04
    Rouche patrols the Spoiler’s layer, ready for a fight. Park reaches out for Jim… and Jim can feel it. Jim and Eric arrive in NYC, get prepared, and head to Primadon Tower… and their destiny.
  32. This Paper World – Chapter 13 – 5/29/132013/05/29
    Jim and Eric head for the Big Apple. A secret from Eric’s past comes out. Wesley addresses the spoilers. The Spoilers are on high alert, and go to Vince with a plan. Jim and Eric start to form a plan … Continue reading →
  33. This Paper World – Chapter 12 – 5/24/132013/05/24
    Ray Montgomery gets a new customer. Park wakes up to find himself captive. Jim and Eric hit the road… and find danger along the way.
  34. This Paper World – Chapter 11 – 5/21/132013/05/21
    Jim and Eric exercise their 2nd amendment rights… in a big way. Reggie is seeing red as he goes Spoiler hunting. Wesley puts out an invitation to Jim; one that he can’t refuse?
  35. This Paper World – Chapter 10 – 5/17/132013/05/17
    Jim and Eric set out to see if they can buy some “protection”. Park is taken prisoner in the Spoiler’s sanctuary. Reggie goes to retrieve something he needs… for vengeance.
  36. This Paper World – Chapter 9 – 5/13/132013/05/13
    After a rough night, Jim and Eric wake up to their destroyed apartment and feel all too vulnerable. Wesley dispatches a powerful Spoiler to capture Park… dead or alive.
  37. This Paper World – Chapter 8 – 5/9/132013/05/09
    Jim needs to get something off his chest, and Reggie receives a call with some bad news.
  38. This Paper World – Chapter 7 – 5/6/132013/05/06
    Troy Green is being hunted by Spoilers. These Spoilers have a plan to have one less Champion in the world. Will they succeed?
  39. This Paper World – Chapter 6 – 5/2/132013/05/02
    Jim returns to Florida and shares an experience with a creature for which he has a strong affinity, and danger comes right to Jim and Eric’s doorstep!
  40. This Paper World – Chapter 5 – 4/29/132013/04/29
    The Christmas episode! Jim and his parents celebrate the holidays. Another chat with Park, and Jim is given a very special list. Jim also meets a new friend.
  41. This Paper World – Chapter 4 – 4/25/132013/04/25
    Jim and Park finally have their long overdue conversation. Jim gets an ominous email.
  42. This Paper World – Chapter 3 – 4/22/132013/04/22
    Jim knows he should talk to Park, but decides to delay and go off on a ski trip with his friends. Do you think this could be a normal boring old ski trip? Think again… and listen to chapter 3 … Continue reading →
  43. This Paper World – Chapter 2 – 4/19/132013/04/19
    Jim feels awkward with Eric. His dreams continue to get more menacing. On his way home for Christmas break, he is followed. Should he talk to his old friend Park? Can he trust him?
  44. This Paper World – Chapter 1 – 4/17/132013/04/17
    Meet Jim Hunt, your average 18 year old college student with a past he cannot… or does not want to remember.
  45. This Paper World – Prologue – 4/15/132013/04/15
    The adventure begins… In a dusty Texas town, Troy Green has a mission to save a little girl and face 3 very evil beings.
  46. This Paper World: The Ultimate Audio Version – Promo2013/04/12
    In this world there are many types of beings that take on many types of forms. Some of them take the shape of man… but that is just what you can perceive. What they are is far more powerful… and … Continue reading →
  47. JeffCast Number 4 – Crush Depth Feedback and This Paper World Announcements Show – 04/10/132013/04/10
    In this JeffCast, Jeff discusses feedback from Origin of Legends: Crush Depth, plans for the Origin of Legends Series, the Re-launch of This Paper World, the This Paper World literary trailer and film, the launch of JeffLaneOnline.com and more…   … Continue reading →
  48. Crush Depth – Finale: Episode 5 – 12/14/20122012/12/14
    Even after escaping the doomed Skomal, Marylou realizes that she is likely to die in the grip of cold, merciless ocean. Her chances go from slim to none as she realizes her nightmare isn’t over yet… it has just begun. … Continue reading →
  49. Crush Depth – Episode 4 – 12/7/20122012/12/07
    As the crippled Skomal is sinking to the bottom of the ocean, Marylou finds herself trapped between two malevolent and strange creatures. But will she find an unlikely ally to assist her escape?
  50. Crush Depth – Episode 3 – 11/30/20122012/11/30
    A sinister face appearing at over 5,000 meters below the surface of the ocean has Marylou fleeing for her life. But where can you run when you are trapped below… Crush Depth?
  51. Crush Depth – Episode 2 – 11/23/20122012/11/23
    After a startling discovery at her cabin porthole, Marylou determines to keep her from Tobias Havmann. Her first solo exploration in a hard suit is another step toward fulfilling her life’s dream, but also brings her face to face with … Continue reading →
  52. Crush Depth – Episode 1 – 11/16/20122012/11/16
    Dr. Marylou Kelsum starts off on the voyage of a lifetime; a 14 month assignment exploring the ocean floor on a gigantic, state-of-the-art research submarine. Her excitement about being on board the Skomal’s maiden voyage is tempered when she initial … Continue reading →
  53. Crush Depth Trailer 2 – 11/12/122012/11/13
    Marylou Kelsum is a young scientist about to embark on the journey of a lifetime on-board a first-of its-kind research submarine on its maiden voyage to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. But not long after they get under … Continue reading →
  54. Crush Depth Trailer 1 – 11/12/122012/11/13
    Vampires. Werewolves. Mermaids. All the creatures of legend. What if they weren’t a legend? And what if they were all the same creature? From Jeff Lane the author of This Paper World and ONE WAY comes a new heart-pounding adventure; … Continue reading →
  55. JeffCast Number 3 – ONE WAY Feedback and Crush Depth Preview Show – 11/12/122012/11/13
    Jeff reads and responds to listener feedback from iTunes, Podiobooks, jefflaneaudiobooks.com, Facebook and Twitter. He also discusses his new novella Crush Depth including cast and contributor bios as well as release schedule. Crush Depth cast in the order of appearance: … Continue reading →
  56. ONE WAY – Finale: Episode 15 – 12/29/112011/12/30
    Chapter 37 - Barry and Jedidiah have their final showdown. Chapter 38 - Jenny takes one last trip. Chapter 39 - Jenny awakes to find her husband has not returned home from work. A police officer knocks on her door … Continue reading →
  57. ONE WAY – Episode 14 – 12/19/112011/12/19
    Chapter 35 - Jenny and Peter say good-bye. Then Jenny takes the most important voyage of her life. Chapter 36 - Barry comes back to the bedroom where he left his dying wife… and receives a major shock. Music provided … Continue reading →
  58. ONE WAY Weekly Chat 8 – 12/16/112011/12/16
    Jeff discusses your Facebook posts, Tweets, website comments, and even takes a trip “across the pond” for a new-found stash of iTunes reviews… sort of. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!
  59. ONE WAY – Episode 13 – 12/12/112011/12/12
    Chapter 32 - Jenny has to say goodbye to someone very important. Chapter 33 - Barry has to make a promise to Jenny. Chapter 34 - Jedidiah is in a very good mood despite the hard work ahead of him… … Continue reading →
  60. ONE WAY – Episode 12 – 12/5/112011/12/05
    Chapter 29 - Van der Vehn and Jenny try a 10 minute trip back in time as a dressed rehearsal. Can they really be successful in their time travel efforts? Chapter 30 - Jenny comes to a realization that she … Continue reading →
  61. ONE WAY Weekly Chat 7 – 12/2/112011/12/02
    Jeff discusses your emails, Facebook posts, website comments, poorly done accents… and more. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!
  62. ONE WAY – Episode 11 – 11/28/112011/11/28
    Chapter 26 - Jenny and Van der Vehn head overseas for some more experiments. Van der Vehn expresses his concern about the theory that Jenny cannot change the past. Chapter 27 - After crashing onto the floor on the lakeside … Continue reading →
  63. ONE WAY – Episode 10 – 11/21/112011/11/22
    Chapter 23 - Jenny attends a celebration at the Griffith’s and is confronted by her sister-in-law. Chapter 24 - Barry and Jenny are caught out in the open on the ice when bullets start flying. Chapter 25 - Jedidiah gains … Continue reading →
  64. ONE WAY Weekly Chat 6 – 11/20/112011/11/21
    More feedback and comments… but this time with a special guest, and a rivalry is born.
  65. ONE WAY – Episode 9 – 11/15/112011/11/15
    Chapter 20 - Jenny meets one of Van der Vehn’s colleagues and tries an interesting experiment. Chapter 21 - Barry is in shock from the outcome of his fight with Rodney. A reunion on the ice may be short lived. … Continue reading →
  66. ONE WAY Weekly Chat 5 – 11/11/112011/11/11
    You know the drill… Jeff discusses your emails, Facebook posts, iTunes reviews, Lane Line calls… and more. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!
  67. ONE WAY – Episode 8 – 11/7/112011/11/08
    Chapter 18 - Jenny has a little too much to drink and decides to give Van der Vehn a piece of her mind. Chapter 19 Barry tenuously tries to hang on to his only weapon as his grand plan takes … Continue reading →
  68. ONE WAY Weekly Chat 4 – 11/4/112011/11/04
    More emails, Tweets, Facebook posts and website comments.   November One Way Challenges: 1) Three “Lane Line” voicemails other than Matt for next week’s chat will earn you a double episode week some time in November. 2) Over 100 People … Continue reading →
  69. ONE WAY – Episode 7 – 11/1/112011/11/01
    Chapter 15 - Van der Vehn explains what Jenny is and why she may be able to save Barry. Jenny begins to get the sense that she is being used. Chapter 16 - Barry and Jenny spot a cabin. Will … Continue reading →
  70. ONE WAY Weekly Chat 3 – 10/28/112011/10/28
    More emails, feedback, and another “Lane Line” call. Bonus Points still up for grabs!
  71. ONE WAY – Episode 6 – 10/24/112011/10/24
    Chapter 12 - Dr. Van der Vehn explains some important concepts to Jenny. Chapter 13 - Barry and Jenny take flight through the woods and realize that there is no way they can hide from their pursuers. Chapter 14 - … Continue reading →
  72. ONE WAY Weekly Chat 2 – 10/21/112011/10/21
    The feedback show with emails, Facebook posts and some voicemails from the “Lane Line”.  
  73. ONE WAY – Episode 5 – 10/17/112011/10/17
    Chapter 9 - Jenny is forced to confront her feelings about Barry’s death and Dr. Van der Vehn asks her a very important question. Chapter 10 - Realizing that they cannot outrun their faster, more maneuverable pursuers, Barry and Jenny … Continue reading →
  74. ONE WAY – Episode 4 – 10/10/112011/10/10
    Chapter 6 - Jenny and her grief counselor, Dr. Van der Vehn go on a walk and have an interesting conversation. Chapter 7 Barry and Jenny pick up the pace to try to lose their pursuers. Chapter 8 Meet Jedidiah … Continue reading →
  75. ONE WAY Weekly Chat 1 – 10/7/112011/10/07
    The first weekly chat discussing feedback and answering questions from the first 3 episodes of ONE WAY. You can get involved too by: Emailing – jefflaneaudiobooks@gmail.com Following on Twitter – @writerjefflane Liking on Facebook – Jeff Lane Audio Books Commenting … Continue reading →
  76. ONE WAY – Episode 3 – 10/3/112011/10/03
    Chapter 4 - A grieving Jenny meets her new grief counselor.   Chapter 5 - Driving toward home once again, Barry and Jenny reminisce about good times… until they realize they may not be alone on the dark, rural road. … Continue reading →
  77. ONE WAY – Episode 2 – 9/30/112011/09/30
    Chapter 2 – Jenny wakes up to find her husband has not returned home from work. Her anxiety turns to outright terror when a police officer knocks on her door.   Chapter 3 – Barry probes Jenny for further details … Continue reading →
  78. ONE WAY – Episode 1 – 9/28/112011/09/29
    Chapter 1 - Meet Barry and Jenny Griffith, a young married couple. She is a teacher. He works 2nd shift at a call center. Late at night, driving home from his shift, Barry stops at a rural gas station. He … Continue reading →
  79. ONE WAY Trailer 2 – 9/27/112011/09/28
    Barry Griffith doesn’t know it yet, but tonight is the night fate has chosen to be the night of his death… his murder. At a gas station in the middle of nowhere, late at night, his wife, Jenny appears… no … Continue reading →
  80. ONE WAY Trailer 1 – 9/27/112011/09/28
    How many people have had a tragedy in their life and wished they could go back in time and try to prevent it… do things differently… change it? What if you could go back in time to the night that … Continue reading →
  81. JeffCast Number 2 – ONE WAY Preview Show – 9/27/112011/09/27
    In this JeffCast, Jeff gives a preview of his new podcast novel One Way. He plays clips, promos and discusses the new release schedule format. Mark your calendar: Wednesday, 9/28 – Episode 1 Friday, 9/30 – Episode 2 Monday, 10/3 … Continue reading →
  82. THIS PAPER WORLD eBook Trailer – 4/2/112011/04/05
    Download and share the promo for the release of THIS PAPER WORLD as an eBook.
  83. Announcement – THIS PAPER WORLD eBook – 4/2/112011/04/05
    Info (Show/Hide)
  84. Quick Announcement – PDAIS Interview2011/03/18
    Jeff was recently interviewed on the Professor Dave’s Ark in Space Podcast (episode 26). Get a sneak peek here, and check out the full interview by clicking on the link below or searching for the podcast in iTunes. In that … Continue reading →
  85. JeffCast Number 1 – Listener Feedback Special – 11/9/102010/11/10
    At long last, Jeff reads listener feedback from website comments, Facebook, iTunes and email. He also gives an update on the state of Jeff Lane Audio Books and his newest project.
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