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The World of Anesthesiology Podcast

  1. LMA supreme, LMA Danger and more!2015/03/28
    Can supraglottic airway and similar devices cause cranial nerve injury?
    What nerves are affected?
    Can you avoid them and How?
  2. Pulmonary hypertension and Anesthesia2015/01/21
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  3. We are back!2014/11/19
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  4. Torsades de Pointes, the twisting ribbon! 2013/04/29
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  5. Dexmedetomidine and PNBs2013/03/26
    Dexmedetomidine as an adjuvant to ropivacaine prolongs peripheral nerve block: a volunteer study
    British Journal of Anesthesia 02/28/2013
  6. Fluids, More or Less for sepsis?2013/03/13
    Volume resuscitation is a pivotal element in sepsis management. Guidelines point out to goal directed fluid therapy according to CVP and restoration of intravascular volume. However, there are no guidelines to define upper limits if any exists!
  7. Long long time ago, Anesthesia originates!2012/12/19
    Anesthesia crystalizes into a profession and Surgery transformation begins. Its is great to recognized how Anesthesia propelled surgery and continue to do so to this day. A trip into memory lane from the 1800s where a new science is born and a profession that grew and continue to grow since then.
  8. ACLS or may be not!2012/12/03
    Resuscitation of patients while under anesthesia for surgical procedures may not be your everyday ACLS. While ACLS may fit a wide range of providers and out of hospital Circulatory arrest, the skill set presented by the anesthesiologist, the etiology of arrest and availability of unique technologies call for deviation from the rigid ACLS algorithms.
  9. Block or not to block for C-section?2012/11/07
    Is Transversus Abdominis block after spinal anesthesia with intrathecal narcotics helpful?
  10. Snore! Hospital or Surgery center ?2012/11/07
    Obstructive sleep apnea patients are abound. Many outpatient procedures are required. Should we administer general anesthesia to those patients in an ambulatory surgery center setting or must they go to the big house ?
  11. ICU Sound, Loud and Clear2012/10/08
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  12. Can you hear me ?2012/09/25
    Raj is back and we are a duo again!
    Awareness under anesthesia is rare but with major consequences. What should you do to minimize the risk of such events. In this diverse patients, the authors explore the use of Awareness monitor vs simple anesthetic concentration (MAC) alerting system to do just that. Which tool is best for you and your patients?
  13. Tranexamic Acid for all !2012/08/18
    Antifibrinolytics had been tried for decades to lower surgical blood loss for cardiac and non cardiac surgery patients. Some were hailed for sometime then demonized and were removed, Aprotinin is a classic example. What about Tranexamic acid? what about using it in off-pump coronary bypass grafting ? Do we know all we need to know to use it routinely ?
  14. Air in/air out, Ventilating normal lung?2012/07/20
    Does protective lung ventilation apply to patients with normal lungs?
    Should use high PEEP, Low tidal volume ?
    How does mechanical ventilation affect lung injury and and systemic inflammatory response ?
    If you like to know, tune in!
  15. Anesthesiologist age and litigation, More Than Just Taking the Keys Away . . ! 2012/03/09
    Does the anesthesiologist age increase litigation potential? At what age should the anesthesiologist retire? What makes some older anesthesiologists safer than others?
    Join me in the next 20 min to explore a new look at a taboo topic finally being opened ...
  16. Addiction, Not me !2011/10/30
    Nahel and Raj discuss a review article about addition and the anesthesiologist. What we know and what we don’t. How to deal with the issue on multiple levels from trainee, colleagues, co-workers to hospital administration and licensing boards.
  17. Statistics 101, episode 42011/10/10
    Raj continues his statistics class with episode 3. In this series, you will find a step by step understanding of statistics used in research and publication. In this episode, we discuss Hypothesis testing and p value.
  18. Statins once more, is it for sepsis too ?2011/08/29
    An observational study of the role of Statins in sepsis. If we strip the confounding variables, will Statins still hold any value to patient with community acquired pneumonia ?
  19. Statins for all and Succinylcholine too !2011/08/15
    Should patients on Statins also have succinylcholine like everyone else ? Interesting finding and even more interesting editorial !!
  20. Statistics 101, episode 32011/05/24
    Raj continues his statistics class with episode 3. In this series, you will find a step by step understanding of statistics used in research and publication. In this episode, we discuss Hypothesis testing and p value.
  21. Did I break your neck?, Spinal Cord injury and Anesthesia2011/05/13
    Review of the ASA closed claims database of spinal cord injury. How does it compare to other highly paid claims, what is the predisposing factors and what information is missing to complete the puzzle and improve outcome.
  22. Statistics 101, episode 22011/04/26
    Raj continues his statistics class with episode 2. In this series, you will find a step by step understanding of statistics used in research and publication.
  23. Magnesium, the 4th ion !2011/04/19
    Magnesium, what the anesthesiologist and Intensivist need to know. A comprehensive review of the role of Mg in our clinical practice from the cellular level to its application in randomized trials.
  24. Statistics 101, episode 12011/03/27
    Dr. Gupta class is open. Raj is learning and teaching statistics at the same time. In this series, you will find a step by step understanding of statistics used in research and publication.
  25. Thoracic Epidural and the heart of it !2011/02/24
    Nahel and Raj discuss the role of thoracic epidurals in cardiac surgery. Off Pump CABG as well as Pump CABG patients may benefit from it. But are we asking the right questions ? or we are chasing a dream difficult to realize ? You will be the judge !
  26. Novel ways of education in Anesthesia and Critical Care2011/02/01
    An interview with Dr. Edward Nemergut , Associate professor of anesthesiology, at the University of Virginia . He is the author of openanesthesia.org podcast and open anesthesia.org website. Their intention is of promoting evidence-based medicine in the disciplines of anesthesiology, critical care, and pain management.
  27. Single Shot or Continuous Catheter & Where?2010/12/06
    Raj and Chris dive into a “meta analysis” of analgesia after knee arthroplasty. Convoluted statistics and what we want to believe ? A serious look at a relatively new ways of data mining only became possible by large databases and computer might !
  28. Drain the effusion and disconnect the blower !2010/11/16
    Nahel and Raj visit Transudative Pleural effusion in Critically ill patients. What is significant effusion ? what do you do about it ? and Why ?
  29. Non Invasive Cardiac output monitors - fact or fiction!2010/11/16
    4 non invasive cardiac output technologies compared to “the Gold standard” PA thermodilution. Meta analysis of accuracy and precision. Will stand the test ? or should we just lower our standards !
  30. Not All Anesthetics are created Equal !2010/10/12
    Can the choice of anesthetic affect infection rate after joint replacement? A new look on regional anesthesia and total hip and knee replacement.
The World of Anesthesiology Podcast
Dr. Saied and guests will have spirited discussions of selected articles and the accompanying editorials from top Anesthesia publications. We also bring you news that affect our profession and information about meeting of interest to anesthesiologists in the US and around the world.
Topics in the field of General anesthesia, Critical Care and pain management are the main focus of this podcast.

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