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  1. Health Ranger Report #89: Interview with Daniel Vitalis of SurThrival.com2010/04/13
    This is one of the most fascinating interviews you'll ever hear about water, wild foods and cutting-edge health concepts. Daniel Vitalis is well known for his Deer Antler Velvet and colostrum products, and he's extremely well-informed about many cutting-edge topics.
  2. Health Ranger Report #88: Interview with Gov. Jesse Ventura, author of "American Conspiracies"2010/04/09
    Here's a rare interview with former Governor and bestselling author Jesse Ventura, the host of "Conspiracy Theory." A real eye opener!
  3. Health Ranger Report #87: Interview with Charlotte Gerson on reversing cancer2010/03/15
    A fascinating interview with a legend of the self-healing anti-cancer industry. Contains many fascinating bits of information about the cancer industry and natural cancer remedies and cures.
  4. Health Ranger Report #86: Interview with Dr. Julian Whitaker on health freedom2010/03/13
    In this interview with health freedom champion Dr. Julian Whitaker, you'll learn about why conventional medicine is failing and how natural medicine holds the answers for lifelong health. Uncensored! Extremely interesting interview and a rare conversation with Dr. Whitaker.
  5. Health Ranger Report #85: Interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens on reversing diabetes2010/03/10
    An interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, author of "There is a cure for diabetes," talking about how to prevent and heal diabetes.
  6. Health Ranger Report #84: Greg Caton kidnapped, deported by FDA2009/12/15
    An exclusive interview with the wife of Greg Caton, an herbal formulator who has been illegally arrested and deported from Ecuador by U.S. authorities acting far outside the bounds of the law. A stunning report of a major international incident with huge implications for health freedom.
  7. Health Ranger Report #83: Interview with Dr. Jane Goodall2009/12/10
    An interview with the legendary naturalist and anthropologist Dr. Jane Goodall. Here, Dr. Goodall talks about educating and empowering the younger generation to make better-informed choices about sustainable life on our planet.
  8. Health Ranger Report #82: Interview with Suzanne Somers2009/11/15
    Suzanne Somers speaks out about the dangers of chemotherapy and real cancer cures being practiced right now by alternative medicine doctors. Hear this amazing interview with Suzanne Somers, authors of "Knockout: Interview with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer"
  9. Health Ranger Report #81: Interview with Alex Holland, founder of Asian Institute of Medical Studies2009/10/27
    Alex Holland discusses Traditional Chinese Medicine, the structure of Chinese Medicine schools, holistic healing and much more.
  10. Health Ranger Report #80: NaturalNews Talk Hour - Keeping your kids safe from swine flu2009/09/03
    Featuring Jonathan Landsman and the Health Ranger, this show features tips and strategies for protecting your kids from not only the swine flu itself, but also from the swine flu vaccine.
  11. Health Ranger Report #79: A cure for autism? Interview with Eleni Prokopeas from GreenDivaMom.com2009/08/31
    An exclusive interview with Eleni Prokopeas from GreenDivaMom.com about ways to health and reverse autism using natural health and holistic nutrition.
  12. Health Ranger Report #78: Ecuador Update and Moxxor Opportunity2009/07/25
    An update from the Health Ranger about Ecuador, Moxxor, staying adaptable and never getting "stuck" in life.
  13. Health Ranger Report #77: Interview with Billy Best about "Chemo Boy" Daniel Hauser2009/05/27
    An exclusive interview with former fugitive from the chemotherapy police: Billy Best (who healed his own body of cancer using natural therapies).
  14. Health Ranger Show #76: Interview with Paul Shulick of New Chapter2009/04/15
    This exclusive interview with NewChapter founder and CEO covers the philosophy and operations of the New Chapter company and its Luna Nueva gardens in Costa Rica. Also includes details on the new D.A.R.T. technology for analyzing the medicinal compounds of plants in real time.
  15. Health Ranger Show #75: Interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on the Dangers of Vaccines2009/03/26
    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, author of "Saying No to Vaccines" shares revolting details of what vaccines are made of, how they harm human health and why Big Pharma keeps pushing them on everybody.
  16. Health Ranger Show #74: Interview with Natural Miracles CEO George Zoorob2009/03/25
    Natural Miracles Inc. CEO George Zoorob talks with the Health Ranger Mike Adams about natural herbal solutions for menstral pain in women.
  17. Health Ranger Show #73: Interview with Dr. Boris Worm, Marine Biologist2009/03/10
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  18. Health Ranger Show #72: Interview with Ed Group from GHChealth.com - Cancer Myths and Cancer Cures2009/03/04
    In this exclusive interview between Mike Adams and Edward Group (www.GHChealth.com), Ed discusses his fascinating background (his father invented plastic food wrap) and how he learned the truth about the cancer industry and natural cancer cures.
  19. Health Ranger Show #71: Interview with Ed Group from GHChealth.com - Why Health Begins in the Colon2009/03/04
    Does health really begin in the colon? In this exclusive interview between Mike Adams and Edward Group (www.GHChealth.com), you'll learn why colon cleansing and digestive tract detoxification is the key to lifelong health and vitality.
  20. Health Ranger Show #70: Dr. Steve interviews Mike Adams about the Economic Stimulus bill2009/02/14
    Dr. Steve from the Real Health Show interviews Mike Adams about the 2009 economic stimulus bill and its hidden health care provisions that threaten patient privacy. See all of his podcasts here: http://web.mac.com/drsteve720/Site/Podcast/Podcast.html
  21. Health Ranger Show #69: Interview with Founders of ProAlgaZyme Micronutrient Solution2009/01/26
    ProAlgaZyme is a unique liquid health supplement made with the help of microalgae. Its effects on the human body are remarkable, both in terms of its alkalizing effects and weight loss potential.
  22. Health Ranger Show #68: Financial update for Mindful Wealth subscribers2009/01/26
    This is an update on the financial situation following the change of administration at the White House. Covers bank bailouts, oil prices, renewable energy investments, risk reduction strategies, the downfall of Big Pharma and the rising success of natural health oriented companies.
  23. Health Ranger Show #67: FTC Assault on the Daniel Chapter One Church for Selling Dietary Supplements2009/01/11
    This alarming interview explains the FTC's bizarre assault on a Christian church, Daniel Chapter One, for daring to sell dietary supplements that help people protect themselves against cancer. This shocking interview was conducted on January 11, 2009.
  24. Health Ranger Show #66: Interview with Dr. Issac Eliaz2008/11/21
    Health Ranger Mike Adams talks with Dr. Isaac Eliaz about the use of chelation therapy and modified citrus pectin to detoxify the body.
  25. Health Ranger Show #65: Interview with Debra Lynn Dadd on toxic chemicals in the home2008/10/29
    Debra Lynn Dadd, a top author and expert on toxic chemicals and green living, shares fascinating information on toxic chemicals that may be lurking in your home right now (and what you can use that's clean and green instead!). Her website is www.DLD123.com
  26. Health Ranger Show #63: The Financial Hurricane Explained2008/09/16
    Here, you'll learn why the Health Ranger is covering the financial storm sweeping through the global banking system, how to protect yourself from the fallout, and why you should approach this topic with a sense of optimism, not fear.
  27. Health Ranger Show #62: Interview with Jon Selene from Mushroom Science2008/09/07
    This is a fascinating interview about the healing properties of high-potency medicinal mushrooms. His website is www.MushroomScience.com
  28. Health Ranger Show #61: The FDA's Effort to Destroy the Nutritional Value of Fresh Produce Through Mandatory Irradiation2008/08/22
    This alarming report covers the FDA's evil plot to destroy the nutritional value of the food supply through mandatory irradiation of fresh vegetables. It follows the FDA's decision to start irradiation spinach and lettuce.
  29. Health Ranger Show #60: Interview with Ron Teeguarden at Dragon Herbs2008/08/20
    In this fascinating discussion, Dragon Herbs founder Ron Teeguarden shares his wisdom and experience on selecting and using high-potency tonic herbs. His website is www.DragonHerbs.com
  30. Health Ranger Show #59: Interview with Dr. Brian O'Leary2008/08/12
    Famed physicist, astronaut and pioneering visionary Dr. Brian O'Leary joins the Health Ranger for a fascinating talk about the challenges facing human civilization. His website is www.Brian-Oleary.com
  31. Health Ranger Show #57: Interview with Dr. Stephen Sinatra2008/08/08
    Dr. Stephen Sinatra reveals the top three nutrients for reversing heart disease and enhancing heart health. His website is www.DrSinatra.com
  32. Health Ranger Show #56: Health Myths and Dangerous Beliefs2008/08/06
    The greatest risk to your health comes from holding false beliefs. This examination of health myths and distorted beliefs reveals why the No. 1 cause of death in the Western world today is "false beliefs about health."
  33. Health Ranger Show #55: Interview with Jon Barron from Baseline Nutritionals2008/07/29
    Jon Barron always offers fascinating interviews, and in this conversation with the Health Ranger, he discusses the latest nutritional breakthroughs for health enhancement and disease prevention. His website is www.BaselineNutritionals.com
  34. Health Ranger Show #54: Interview with Health and Nutrition Author Jonny Bowden2008/07/23
    Jonny Bowden is an exceptional author, and probably one of the top three writers in the natural health industry today. His books are beautiful collections of powerful, yet simple health and nutrition know-how. In this interview Jonny and the Health Ranger chat it up at a health products trade show. His website is www.JonnyBowden.com
  35. Health Ranger Show #53: Interview with Jay Robb2008/07/19
    In this latest interview with Jay Robb, founder of the natural protein products company, Jay chats with the Health Ranger about natural whey protein, trends in the protein products industry and much more. His website is www.JayRobb.com
  36. Health Ranger Show #52: The Food Irradiation Plot2008/07/18
    In this commentary by the Health Ranger, you'll learn about the U.S. government's plot to kill all fresh food through covert food irradiation. You'll also learn why this seemingly simple food sterilization technology could lead directly to the downfall of Western society (listen to the parallels to the fall of the Roman Empire...)
  37. Health Ranger Show #51: Interview with Alan Friedman of Good Cause Wellness2008/07/17
    In this exclusive interview with Good Cause Wellness founder Alan Friedman, you'll learn more details about their Aloe Vera 100 product, their unsweetened berry granola products, camu camu, mesquite flour and many other innovative superfood products. His website is www.GoodCauseWellness.com
  38. Health Ranger Show #50: Interview with Mike Fata from Manitoba Harvest2008/07/15
    Manitoba Harvest president Mike Fata talks about the first unsweetened, certified organic hemp milk product that's ever been released: Hemp Bliss. Website is www.ManitobaHarvest.com
  39. Health Ranger Show #49: Interview with CCHR Texas Chapter President Jerry Boswell2008/07/14
    Tired of seeing children drugged with mind-altering medications? The nonprofit organization CCHR fights against the mass medication of children, and in this interview, Texas chapter president Jerry Boswell shares some of the true (but horrifying) stories of how modern psychiatry has become a criminal regime that harms parents and children. Website is www.CCHR.org
  40. Health Ranger Show #48: Interview with Dana Ullman on Homeopathy2008/07/10
    Listen as Dana Ullman reveals the use of homeopathic medicine by notable figures throughout world history. His website is www.Homeopathic.com
  41. Health Ranger Show #47: Interview with John Roulac from Nutiva2008/07/02
    John Roulac, the president of Nutiva, talks with the Health Ranger about hemp protein, hemp seeds, hemp oils, coconut oil and other whole food products produced by Nutiva. The website is www.Nutiva.com
  42. Health Ranger Show #46: Interview with Guayaki2008/07/02
    In this interview with the founder of Guayaki, you'll learn about the healing benefits (and cultural use) of MATE tea. (Yerba Mate). The website is www.Guayaki.com
  43. Health Ranger Show #45: Interview with David Rain on Juice Feasting2008/06/29
    In this exclusive interview with David Rain, you'll learn about Juice Feasting: What it is, how it benefits your health, and how to start experiencing Juice Feasting right now in your own life. Website is www.JuiceFeasting.com
  44. Health Ranger Show #44: Interview with Noah McKay2008/06/26
    In this inspiring journey into a new paradigm of spontaneous healing, Wellness at Warp Speed author Noah McKay talks with the Health Ranger about parallels between quantum physics and physiological transformation.
  45. Health Ranger Show #42: Legal Immunity for Big Pharma?2008/06/14
    In this audio report, the Health Ranger reveals the dangers of granting legal immunity to the pharmaceutical industry.
  46. Health Ranger Show #41: Interview with Jameth Sheridan of HealthForce Nutritionals2008/06/07
    HealthForce Nutritionals founder Jameth Sheridan shares the secrets behind his superior nutritional formulas that are considered "state of the art" by raw foodists and informed nutritionists everywhere. His website is www.HealthForce.com
  47. Health Ranger Show #40: Interview with Alan Friedman from Good Cause Wellness2008/06/06
    In this 10-minute interview, Good Cause Wellness founder Alan Friedman talks with the Health Ranger about his newest superfood products including camu camu, aloe vera, chia seeds, natural granola and others. His website is www.GoodCauseWellness.com
  48. Health Ranger Show #39: Ginger Singer from The Missing Link2008/06/04
    Ginger Singer from The Missing Link talks about the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids for pets and humans.
  49. Health Ranger Show #38: Interview with Peter Ragnar2008/05/26
    Peter Ragnar is one of the most inspiring, well-traveled and joyful persons you'll ever meet. His age is unknown, but his wisdom is ageless. In this interview with the Health Ranger, Peter Ragnar talks about longevity, personal belief systems, radical health transformation and much more. His website is www.RoaringLionPublishing.com
  50. Health Ranger Show #37: Top Health Books and Authors2008/05/22
    The Health Ranger reveals the top health books and authors in the natural health industry. Learn which new books and authors provide the most impactful, useful information for preventing disease and maximizing your human potential.
  51. Health Ranger Show #36: Interview with Brent Hauver from SunWarrior2008/05/19
    Learn about SunWarrior's new vegan protein product in this exclusive interview with company founder Brent Hauver. This is a fermented, raw, organic vegan protein product that's new to the market! His website is www.SunWarrior.com
  52. Health Ranger Show #35: Organic Food Bar Review2008/05/18
    This independent review of the Organic Food Bar product line takes a detailed look at the ingredients found in Organic Food Bars, as well as their disease-fighting benefits.
  53. Health Ranger Show #34: Dr. Coco March on Delicious Greens 8000 Superfood2008/05/14
    Listen to this exclusive interview with Dr. Coco March about her Delicious Greens 8000 product, which combined a carefully-balanced recipe of healing nutrients with a superior taste that even kids enjoy!
  54. Health Ranger Show #33: Interview with Michael T. Murray2008/05/13
    Author Michael T. Murray is known around the world as one of the leading authorities on healing foods and natural medicine. He authored the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine and numerous other books, and in this interview with the Health Ranger, Michael T. Murray discusses nutrition for weight loss and the satiating effect of his new supplement called WellBetX PGX
  55. Health Ranger Show #32: Pet Health Secrets with Kay Chimene2008/05/13
    In this fascinating interview with Kay Chimene, you'll learn about breakthrough nutrition and herbal medicine for dogs, cats and horses, as well as a cancer retreat for horses where anti-cancer nutrition puts an end to disease.
  56. Health Ranger Show #31: All Jacked Up, the documentary, with Faerie Films2008/05/13
    Listen to this interview with All Jacked Up documentary creators Doug Clemens and Jennifer Mattox. It's a fascinating look at this reality-show junk food documentary that's shaking up teen health across the country.
  57. Health Ranger Show #30: The Racist Cancer Industry, Blacks and Chemical Enslavement2008/04/29
    In this shocking and highly controversial podcast, the Health Ranger reveals the racist nature of modern medicine and the cancer industry in particular, exposing how Big Pharma exploits the bodies of black men and women to make more profits while keeping them enslaved in a system of chemical dependence and intentional health illiteracy.
  58. Health Ranger Show #29: Interview with Suzy Cohen, the 24-Hour Pharmacist2008/04/28
    In this fascinating interview, licensed pharmacist Suzy Cohen reveals the dangers of pharmaceuticals and why people should get off prescription drugs whenever possible. (This is from a pharmacist!) Her site is www.DearPharmacist.com
  59. Health Ranger Show #28: Water Health Myths Exposed2008/04/27
    Listen as the Health Ranger blasts recent fabricated research that tries to claim water has no health benefits and that people should drink soda instead of water.
  60. Health Ranger Show #27: Interview with Dr. Jack Singh, founder of the Organic Food Bar Company2008/04/26
    You'll enjoy this interview with Dr. Jack Singh of the Organic Food Bar company as he reveals what inspired him to create the industry's best known high-end food bars made with real food ingredients that are mostly raw or minimally processed. His site is www.OrganicFoodBar.com
  61. Health Ranger Show #26: Interview with Dr. Fred Baughman on ADHD2008/04/25
    In this interview, Dr. Fred Baughman reveals many of the horrors of psychiatric medicine, along with the current chemical abuse of children by Big Pharma. His site is www.ADHDfraud.org
  62. Health Ranger Show #25: Interview with Simply Healthy Kids2008/04/24
    We interview SimplyHealthyKids.com founder Jeff Artzi about an exciting new omega-3 superfood and breakthrough new chewable vitamins for kids. His site is www.SimplyHealthyKids.com
  63. Health Ranger Show #24: Cyanotech Talks about Spirulina and Astaxanthin2008/04/23
    In this exclusive interview with the founder of Cyanotech, you'll learn about the production and harvesting of nature's most powerful microalgae superfoods: Spirulina and Astaxanthin. Their site is www.Cyanotech.com
  64. Health Ranger Show #23: Decker Weiss on Heart Health2008/04/22
    This interview with heart health expert Decker Weiss reveals safe, natural methods for reversing heart disease.
  65. Health Ranger Show #22: FDA Censorship of Truthful Health Claims2008/04/21
    Did you know the FDA wages a campaign of censorship against the American public? This show reveals the censorship and oppression of truthful health claims by the FDA. You'll be stunned to learn the truth about how the FDA is using fear, tyranny and censorship to suppress the natural health products industry.
  66. Health Ranger Show #21: Interview with Jack Challem on Prediabetes2008/04/20
    An interview with Jack Challem, author of Stop Prediabetes Now, about the causes of diabetes and natural solutions that can prevent the disease. Includes recommendations on specific supplements and nutrients that control blood sugar better than diabetes medications.
  67. Health Ranger Show #20: Product Review Friday2008/04/19
    This show reviews three recommended nutritional products and one product to avoid. Learn about the very best superfood bars, raw food bars and other healthful solutions available today while avoiding overhyped garbage products that aren't worth the money.
  68. Health Ranger Show #19: The Pharmaceutical Contamination of Public Water Supplies2008/04/18
    Reveals the truth about the contamination of public water supplies with trace amounts of multiple pharmaceuticals. Learn why the drug industry refuses to acknowledge the existence of this frightening environmental threat to your health.
  69. Health Ranger Show #18: Q and A on Nutrition2008/04/17
    In this nutrition Q and A show, the Health Ranger answers common questions about nutrition, vitamins, superfoods and much more. Covers common myths about vitamins and nutritional supplements.
  70. Health Ranger Show #17: Antidepressants make you fat!2008/04/16
    This show reveals how antidepressants and antipsychotic medications cause rapid weight gain and diabetes. It also offers alternative natural health solutions that replace dangerous mind-altering medications.
  71. Health Ranger Show #16: The Politics of National Health Care Reform2008/04/15
    Here, you'll learn about the politics of health care reform and why out-of-control health care costs are bankrupting our nation.
  72. Health Ranger Show #15: The launch of the Health Ranger radio show2008/04/14
    This is the first episode of the Health Ranger Show that aired on national radio. In it, you'll learn about the fundamental philosophies of natural health as well as a preview of upcoming guests who will appear on the show.
  73. Health Ranger Report #14: Interview with Joyous with the Amazon Herb Co.2008/04/13
    An interview with Joyous, a distributor with the Amazon Herb Company who talks about rainforest herbs for children's health, immune support, secrets of having an independent, mobile business, etc.
  74. Health Ranger Report #13: Interview with Ronnie Cummins over 1,4-Dioxane2008/04/01
    An exclusive interview with the Organic Consumers Association's executive director Ronnie Cummins, covering the latest news about the contamination of "organic" and "natural" products with a cancer-causing chemical.
  75. Health Ranger Report #12: 1,4-Dioxane Contamination Announcement2008/03/05
    This is a live recording of the Organic Consumers Association's press conference announcing the finding of 1,4-Dioxane in fifty different "natural" or "healthy" consumer care products. Features Ronnie Cummins and David Steinman.
  76. Health Ranger Report #11: Supreme Court Destroys Consumer Rights vs. Medical Device Companies2008/03/04
    Info (Show/Hide)
  77. Health Ranger Report #10: Energetic Contamination of Beef Products2008/03/03
    Recorded live from a high Andean rainforest in Ecuador, this discussion reveals why eating beef promotes fear, anger and violence.
  78. Health Ranger Report #9: Nutritional Supplements for Pets2008/03/01
    A live interview with Jeff and Sarah Artzi from SimplyHealthyPets.com about pet health and nutritional supplements for cats and dogs.
  79. Health Ranger Report #8: Processed Meats Cause Cancer: How to Protect Yourself and Your Family2008/02/05
    The link between processed meats and cancer. Reveals which ingredient causes cancer, how to avoid it and how to protect yourself from dangerous processed meats.
  80. Health Ranger Report #7: The ADHD Scam and the Mass Drugging of Schoolchildren2008/02/04
    Reveals the junk science nonsense behind the ADHD scam and the mass drugging of schoolchildren. Want the learn the truth about modern psychiatry? Listen to this podcast and you'll be shocked.
  81. Health Ranger Report #6: Gunpoint Medicine: The Forced Vaccination of Schoolchildren and Criminalization of Healthy Parents2008/02/03
    An impassioned warning about the forced vaccination of schoolchildren and the criminalization of parents who refuse to subject their children to dangerous vaccines.
  82. Health Ranger Report #2: The Energy of Weight Loss2008/01/03
    The forgotten factor in weight loss: The Mind-Body connection. How energy, emotions and thoughts impact your ability to maintain a healthy body weight.
  83. Health Ranger Report #1: Health Transformation Secrets Revealed2008/01/02
    Discusses secrets of health transformation and how to take control over your health outcome
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