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Photoshop with Matt

  1. Changing Your Capture Time on Photos in Lightroom2014/08/27

    When you travel across time zones, you probably don't set your camera date/time to the new location's time. While Lightroom will indeed let you change this on each photo, this video will show you a much easier way to do it for a group of photos all at once.
  2. The New Path Blur in Photoshop CC 20142014/08/20

    One of my favorite new features in the latest batch of CC 2014 changes is the Path Blur filter. Finally, as you'll see in this video, we can blur things along a specific path (even curves), rather than in just one direction.
  3. Retouching with Color Adaptation2014/07/23
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  4. One of the Slickest New Features in Adobe Camera Raw CC2014/07/16
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  5. Enhancing Waterfall Photos in Photoshop2014/06/26

    If you've ever photographed a waterfall, you probably know the skill it takes to get the water looking just right. Typically we want the water to have that smooth silky look to it, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. With this tip, you can help it along after the fact.
  6. Lightroom and Photoshop Panorama Stitching Trick2014/06/20
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  7. Selectively Sharpening Your Photos with a Brush2014/06/04

    Lightroom (and Camera Raw) both have a really cool feature that let's you selectively sharpen your photos without sharpening everything. It's part of the Adjustment Brush, and in this video you'll see how you can apply it, as well as a little known tip for making it even sharper.
  8. Watermarking Your Photos Using Lightroom and Photoshop2014/05/28

    If you've ever had to watermark a bunch of photos, you know that doing it manually can be a total pain. In this video, Matt shows you how to automate the process as well as how to make the best graphics for your watermarks.
  9. Getting Your Lightroom Presets in to Camera Raw2014/05/23

    Everyone loves their presets. But one of the most common questions I hear is whether or not you can use your Lightroom presets in Camera Raw. Well, you can, but you'll need a little workaround that we'll go over in this video.
  10. Photoshop's Hidden Crop Trick2014/04/30

    Photoshop has a hidden cropping trick that will help designers and photographers alike to visually crop your photos. We'll reveal the trick in this video.
  11. Saving Print Layouts in Lightroom2014/04/23

    Lightroom is perhaps the best place to lay out a print, but there are a few hidden options that make it a lot easier if you ever want to reuse the same print settings again in the future. This video will show you those options so you can create reusable templates.
  12. 5 Random Little Things in Lightroom That Throw People Off2014/04/16

    Lightroom has a few little features and shortcuts that are sometimes inadvertently activated. If you find Lightroom acting strangely, and you don't remember turning on certain features, it can really throw you off. We'll check out the 5 most common culprits in this video.
  13. Everything You Wanted to Know About Photoshop Guides2014/02/19

    If you're trying to lay out an image precisely in Photoshop, Guides are your go-to tool. In this video we'll go over all the little tips and tricks that making creating and working with guides much easier.
  14. The Key Difference Between Cloning and Healing2014/02/12

    With the increasing power of the healing tools in Photoshop and Lightroom, questions about whether to use the cloning or healing tools in different situations have popped up. There are a few key differences on when it's best to use each tool, which Matt Kloskowski covers in this video.
  15. Lightroom Start to Finish - Editing a Beach Photo2014/01/06

    Matt takes a photo from start to finish, taking a raw file with no adjustments and showing all of the typical changes and enhancements he does to photos using just the tools in Lightroom or Camera Raw. (No Photoshop!)
  16. 12 Days of Photoshop Tips: Stitching and Cleaning Up Your Photoshop Panoramas2013/12/25

    Panoramas (AKA: Panos) look awesome. They really make a great impact, and they're easy to photograph. But sometimes, unless we have one of those fancy pano-shooting bullheads on our tripods (and most people don't), we're left with some extra area in our panos that we need to crop out. With this tip, you can save a lot of that area and make your panos larger with even more impact.
  17. 12 Days of Photoshop Tips: The Ultra Contrast and Clarity Trick in Photoshop and Lightroom2013/12/24

    If you like contrasty, gritty looks in your photos, you're going to love what the Clarity slider can do. But this tip isn't just about using the Clarity slider — it's about how to take the clarity slider to the next level with a little-known trick to make it even more intense.
  18. 12 Days of Photoshop Tips: Making Your Photoshop Text Look More Professional2013/12/23
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  19. 12 Days of Photoshop Tips: Sampling Photoshop Colors From Anywhere on Your Desktop2013/12/22

    If you're a designer, chances are you're pulling colors from different images, websites and just about anywhere when designing your images. With this tip, you'll see the image doesn’t even need to be in Photoshop for you to be able to sample a color from it.
  20. 12 Days of Photoshop Tips: The Most Powerful Button In Lightroom2013/12/21

    Yep. I said it. The most powerful button in Lightroom. It’s simple. It’s easy. And it’s actually right in front of you. When you see what it does, you’ll never go back to not using it.
  21. 12 Days of Photoshop Tips: The Secret Puppet Warp Tip2013/12/20

    The more you use the Puppet Warp tool, the more you appreciate just how many areas it can be helpful for. Once you learn this secret tip for keeping your changes non-destructive, you’ll use it even more.
  22. 12 Days of Photoshop Tips: Changing Opacity with One Keystroke2013/12/19

    You’d be amazed at how many tools and palettes use the Opacity setting in Photoshop. But with just one keyboard shortcut, you’ll see you can change it in no time flat.
  23. 12 Days of Photoshop Tips: Heads Up Display Brushes in Photoshop2013/12/19

    If you’re using the brush tool in Photoshop, picking the exact size of your brush is as important as anything. Using the Heads Up display brushes makes choosing that size a very easy and visual process.
  24. 12 Days of Photoshop Tips: The Ultimate Panel Tip in Lightroom2013/12/18

    If you find yourself wanting to move around Lightroom faster, navigating the panels is something to get used to. But with this tip, you’ll find that you’ll get exactly to the settings you want faster than ever.
  25. 12 Days of Photoshop Tips: Compositing Selection Trick2013/12/17

    Matt shows how to make more accurate selections when building composite images. As he demonstrates, this trick can make a big difference when pasting your selections to images with significantly different background colors than the original.
  26. 12 Days of Photoshop Tips: Customizing History States2013/12/17

    Matt shows how Photoshop keeps track of changes in its History setting, and how you can tweak those settings to ensure it saves more states than the default. This little detail may save you a lot of time if it's ever needed.
  27. 12 Days of Photoshop Tips: Hiding Stuff in Photoshop2013/12/14

    You'd be amazed at what one tiny keyboard shortcut can do in Photoshop. From hiding things that get in the way, to accidentally not showing you a selection that you know is there, the hiding shortcut is a great one to understand. In this video, Matt gives you some tips and tricks on what the keyboard shortcut does and how to change it if it ever gets in the way.
  28. To Clone Or Heal in Photoshop, Lightroom, and Camera Raw2013/12/12

    With all of the new technology in Lightroom, Camera Raw, and Photoshop, it's easy to get caught up wondering what tool to use (and where to use it) for cloning and healing. In this video, Matt shows you the main cloning/healing tools in Photoshop and Lightroom/Camera Raw, explaining when each one works better than another.
  29. The Ultimate Trick for Enhancing Skies in Photoshop2013/12/11

    The Graduated Filter is one of the most-used tools for enhancing and correcting bright skies in Photoshop and Lightroom, but it comes with a price: it tends to darken any tall objects in your foreground. With this trick you'll be able to get the best of both worlds and keep your skies (and foreground) both looking great.
  30. 10 Photoshop Tips Everyone Needs To Know2013/12/10

    Here's a run-down of my favorite Photoshop tips. These are little tips, tricks, and shortcuts that make working every day in Photoshop easier and faster, especially with some of the common things we do to our photos over and over again.
  31. Photoshop CC's New Fix For Wide Angle Photos2013/12/09

    If you like shooting with wide angle lenses, you've probably come across buildings, walls or trees that look like they're leaning over. With this new Creative Cloud enhancement, Photoshop has a one-click fix that helps straighten things out automatically.
  32. Noise Reduction in Photoshop CC2013/12/06

    If you're taking photos in low light, you've inevitably run in to some noise issues (that grainy stuff that you see in the darker parts of your photos). For years photographers turned to 3rd-party noise reduction programs to help get rid of it, but Photoshop CC has some of the best noise-reduction technology out there that is simple and quick to use.
  33. One of the Coolest (and Most Hidden) Features in Photoshop for Cropping Multiple Photos2013/12/04

    If you're scanning in old photos and putting several of them on the scanner at once to make things easier, you're going to love this tip. It's basically a one-click way for you to crop and straighten all of those photos without lifting a finger (except your mouse finger, that is). Trust me, you're going to love it.
  34. The New HDR in Photoshop CC2013/11/27

    Photoshop has had an HDR merging feature for a while now. In the latest release of Photoshop CC, however, Adobe added a couple of new features that help you edit your HDR photos and really take advantage of the detail that you get when shooting multiple exposures.
  35. Getting The Sharpest Photo Possible by Stacking Photos2013/11/20

    Photographers all can agree on one thing: they want their photos as sharp as possible.Matt shows you how, with a little bit of planing in-camera along with a blending feature in Photoshop, you can take the sharpest parts of two photos and combine them together for one super-ultra sharp photo.
  36. Creating A Single Photo Composite in Photoshop2013/11/14

    When we think of composites, we usually think of combining a bunch of different photos. But you'd be amazed at the killer designs you can create by getting creative and using one photo in multiple places for the same collage. Matt shows you how in this video.
  37. Photo Restoration Tips and Tricks2013/11/08

    Photo restorations can be some of the most rewarding projects, as you can have the ability to bring back people's memories of great times or loved ones. In this video, Matt shows you some tips and tricks on figuring out which tools will help you get the job done.
  38. The Retouching Power of the Photoshop's Patch Tool2013/10/16

    The Patch tool has long been one of my favorite retouching tools in Photoshop. It works when no other tool does the trick. Over the years the Photoshop team has added a few new features to the tool that have sneaked by most people. This video takes a look at the tool and checks out some of those new features, showing how they can help us retouch and remove distractions from our photos.
  39. How to Make Your Skies Look Great2013/10/11
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  40. Using Camera Raw Over and Over Again as a Filter2013/09/24
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  41. Camera Raw's New and Enhanced Portrait Retouching Tools2013/09/17

    In the latest CC version of Photoshop, Adobe really ramped up the retouching tools in Camera Raw. Before the update, you could only clone and heal spots. But now with the new enhancements you can use them just like any other brush, which opens up a whole new world of retouching possibilities.
  42. Photo Editing From Start to Finish: The Washington Coast2013/09/04

    In this video Matt reverts one of his portfolio photos back to the original raw photo -- with no changes applied -- and shows you the entire editing process from start to finish. You'll see the Camera Raw/Lightroom adjustments and how he finishes things off in Photoshop to come up with the final portfolio image.
  43. Making Reusable Templates in Photoshop2013/08/27
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  44. The Camera Raw "Do-Over" Button2013/08/20

    Lightroom fans love the Previous button. It does one simple thing - do-over. It basically reapplies whatever you just did to a photo, to the next photo. Camera Raw actually has a similar feature. It's not called the same thing, but it's just as useful if you quickly want to apply changes from one photo to another.
  45. A New Way to Dodge and Burn2013/08/13

    I've always been a big believer that dodging and burning is one of those things that helps your photos dramatically. In this tutorial I'll show you one of my tricks for helping the process out and really making the dodge/burn experience much easier.
  46. Matt's Top 5 New Features for Photographers in Photoshop CC2013/08/05

    Whenever Adobe releases new updates, it's always great to get a head start and find out what's new for photographers. In this video Matt cuts right to the chase and shows you his top 5 favorite features for photographers in Photoshop Creative Cloud.
  47. Cleaning Up Photos for Print2013/05/27

    If you're printing, you need to watch this video. You see, when our photos are small on the computer, it's easy to overlook small spots in the sky or background. But when we see them printed (especially large prints), those imperfections stand out like a sore thumb. With a little help visualizing them, you can easily get rid of them and clean up your prints in no time.
  48. The Ultimate Lab Color Mode Trick For Boosting Colors2013/05/20

    Years ago, Dan Margulis wrote a book on the Lab Color mode in Photoshop. One of the tricks he showed in the book is a great way for boosting colors in your outdoor photos. With a quick color mode change and a Curves adjustment, you'll see how you can take your photos from "eh" to vibrant in just a few clicks.
  49. Merging Blend Modes2013/05/13

    If you've used layers and blend modes for any amount of time, you've probably encountered the mysterious shift in appearance when you try to merge layers. Here's a quick tip that'll help you merge without losing any detail and visual changes you've made.
  50. Sharpening For Both Web and Print2013/05/09

    We're always told that we need to sharpen our photos differently for web and print. But how? How do you best add sharpening so you know which image is web and which is print? Better yet, how do you add sharpening in a way that doesn't require the creation of two separate files. With a little creativity and smart filter layers, you'll see how.
  51. Photoshop's Conditional Actions2013/04/29

    In the Creative Cloud, Photoshop has a new feature that's actually been around for a while in older programs - conditional actions. Actions are great, but they're mechanical. This means that Photoshop normally can't make a decision on what action to play if it encounters an unexpected image type. In this video you'll see that, with conditional actions, you can do just that.
  52. The Photoshop Secret Behind Long Exposure Photography2013/04/11
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  53. Liquify Retouching The Smart Way2013/04/02

    When Adobe released the last round of updates to the Creative Cloud, they added a feature to one of my favorite retouching tools - the Liquify Filter. This time around, we'll take a look at how Liquify is now smarter and what it means to your photo editing process.
  54. 10 Tips For Using Type in Photoshop2013/02/11

    The type tool is one of the most important features in Photoshop. In this video, Matt goes over 10 (ish) tips to help you get the most from it.
  55. Creating Multiple Versions Of Your Photo in Camera Raw2013/02/04

    If you've ever wanted to compare your color photo with a black and white version, or even another version, you'll love the Snapshots feature in Camera Raw.
  56. Word Clouds and Photoshop - The Perfect Combo2013/01/28

    Word clouds are images that are simply made up of words: Some large, some small, some scattered around the image, different colors and shapes. They're actually very cool looking by themselves, but when you add a photo and a bit of Photoshop to one, you can really create some great-looking designs.
  57. Long Exposure Clouds and Water2013/01/21

    Long exposure photography has really taken off in the last year. The silky water and streaky cloud effects can make a photo look stunning. Sometimes, though, you don't have those neutral density filters with you to take the long exposure shots. Matt shows how you can still get some of the same effects using Photoshop.
  58. Portrait Retouching In Camera Raw2013/01/14

    It's amazing how Adobe Camera Raw keeps getting more and more powerful. We typically think of using it to adjust the exposure and color of our photos, but you can do so much more. In this video we'll take a look at some quick and basic portrait retouching that we can do with the Adjustment Brush.
  59. When Your Image Size Doesn't Match Your Print Size2012/11/21
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  60. Making Killer Selections in Photoshop Elements 112012/11/19

    If you're an Elements user, you need to watch this video. Elements 11 just made a huge leap in the world of selections with it's new Refine Edge technology. If you've ever wanted to make complex selections, this tool is going to make your job infinitely easier.
  61. Photoshop CS6's Content Aware Move2012/11/08

    One of the new features in Photoshop CS6 that continues to get a lot of buzz is the Content Aware Move Tool. It builds on some already killer "content-aware" technology and gives us the ability to move things in a photo from one spot to another. It's one of those things you just gotta see.
  62. An Entirely Different Kind Of Panorama2012/11/06

    We typically think of a panorama as an image that captures the entire width of a scene. But with the technology that we have today, there are some incredible things we can do with the panorama-stitching technology in Photoshop to create images that weren't possible just a few years ago.
  63. Before and After: Outdoor Portrait2012/11/02

    In this video we'll work with a photo from start to finish. Yep - I'll clear the settings in camera raw and you'll see the original photo. I'll walk through all of the things I usually do in Camera Raw and then jump into Photoshop to finish things off with some quick retouching, sharpening and finishing effects.
  64. Photoshop CS6's New Field Blur Filter2012/11/01

    Adobe released a very cool filter with Photoshop CS6 called Field Blur, probably one of the most realistic blurs in Photoshop. If you ever wanted to make your photo look like it was shot with one of those expensive shallow-depth-of-field lenses, Field Blur is a great way to do it.
  65. The Most Powerful Sharpening Tool in Photoshop Elements 112012/10/25
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  66. Enhancing Fall Colors in Photoshop CS62012/10/23

    It's Fall again, and if you live in a part of the world where trees will soon lose their leaves, you've probably got some photos of those leaves changing colors. In this video you'll see there's a really great little recipe for enhancing those fall colors and making them really stand out.
  67. Creating Alternate Versions of Your Photos2012/09/26
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  68. Selective Noise Reduction2012/09/19
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  69. My Favorite Adjustment in Camera Raw2012/09/12

    The more I use the selective white balance controls in Camera Raw, the more I realize they're one of my "go-to" tools these days. With just two sliders you can enhance and correct the color in your photos. Throw in the fact that they work with both the graduated filter and the adjustment brush and you've got some really powerful ways to enhance your photos.
  70. Creating One-Click Recipes of Your Favorite Effects2012/09/06

    The presets panel in Photoshop is your one-click way to your favorite photo recipes. Once you find a combination of effects you like in your photos, you can create a preset that remembers everything (yes, everything!). That way, if you want to apply an effect to another photo, you're just one click away. Trust me, once you start making presets, you'll never stop!
  71. Photoshop CS6 and the New Process Version Changes in Camera Raw2012/08/29

    Adobe added something called the "process version" a while back in Camera Raw. Now, when each new version of Photoshop comes out, they change that process version. The latest, 2012, comes with some great new features and tools, demonstrated here, for editing your photos.
  72. Saving and Recovering Your Photos in Photoshop CS62012/08/22

    If you've ever lost an image to a crash in Photoshop then you're going to love this feature. And if you work with large files, you're going to love it even more. Photoshop CS6 comes with some new background save and auto save features that not only come in handy, but also save you a bunch of time.
  73. Taking Advantage of Type Styles in Photoshop CS62012/08/15

    If you work with type a lot in Photoshop, you'll know that the more type layers you have, the harder it is to control and change your text. In Photoshop CS6, they added something called Type Styles which let you define a style for a set of type layers and then quickly change that style (and all of the associated layers) with just a few clicks.
  74. Merging HDR Photos in A New Way2012/08/08
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  75. Selective White Balance in Photoshop CS62012/06/20
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  76. The New Camera Raw in Photoshop CS62012/06/13

    Camera Raw added a few new sliders that change everything in Photoshop CS6. The Basic panel is probably where we spent most of our time when it comes to the Camera Raw interface. In CS6 Adobe changed a few sliders to not only make them easier to use, but to make them way more powerful when it comes to adjusting your photos.
  77. Photoshop CS6's New Wide Angle Correction Filter2012/05/17
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  78. Selecting Skin Tones in Photoshop CS62012/05/15

    Photographers or retouchers working on photos of people tend to work on subjects' faces and overall skin tones. Selecting those skin tones has always been a manual process, though. Now, with CS6, we have a selection tool that'll take away all the work of making the selection and free up your time to quickly make the adjustments you need.
  79. Lighting Effects Returns to Photoshop CS62012/05/11
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  80. Photoshop CS6's Brand New Interface2012/05/09

    Perhaps one of the biggest changes you'll see when you first open CS6 is the interface. It's dark… like, really dark! In this video we'll take a look at the new interface and some nice little changes that'll streamline your whole Photoshop experience.
  81. Creating the Tilt-Shift Lens Effect in Photoshop CS62012/05/07

    Tilt-Shift lenses are great for photographing architecture and tall buildings. They've even become synonymous with the Tilt-Shift blur effect that makes your images look like "miniature" photos. In Photoshop CS6, Adobe gave us a new blur filter that let's you add that effect without the need for the tilt-shift lens. We'll explore that filter in this video.
  82. Liquify Improvements in Photoshop CS62012/05/04
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  83. Photoshop CS6's New Crop Tool2012/05/03

    The Crop Tool got a huge update in Photoshop CS6. If you've ever used Lightroom before, you'll find it looks pretty familiar. But if you haven't, you'll notice cropping in Photoshop is a brand new experience. We'll take a look at all the new features of the Photoshop CS6 Crop Tool in this video.
  84. Working with Blur Filters in Photoshop CS62012/04/24

    Matt Kloskowski explores some of the new Blur Filters in Photoshop CS6, focusing on features found in the Field Blur and Iris Blur tools and a dramatically different method of adjusting settings within the tools.
  85. Make Your Photos Look Like Painted Art in Photoshop2012/04/10
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  86. An Unusual Cloning Tool in Photoshop2012/04/03

    If you've ever used the Clone Stamp tool or even the Healing brush in Photoshop, you know they work amazingly well. However, if you've got a larger area to fix, sometimes the brushes can take a lot of time and still not give great results. In this video we're going to take a look at another alternative for cloning using a more unusual method.
  87. Selection Secrets: Removing Fringes From Hair, Part 22012/03/27

    In the second part of this 2-part series, Matt shows you a technique to break apart a complex selection into 2 areas using Photoshop CS5's Refine Edge and Defringing features. You'll learn which settings work best for easy-clean-edged selections and which areas work best for detailed or wispy hair selections.
  88. Selection Secrets: Removing Fringes From Hair, Part 12012/03/20

    In the first part of this 2-part series, Matt shows you a technique to break apart a complex selection into 2 areas using Photoshop CS5's Refine Edge feature. You'll learn which settings work best for easy-clean-edged selections and which areas work best for detailed or wispy hair selections.
  89. Beams of Light2012/03/12

    This time around we'll revisit and oldie but a goodie in Photoshop: a trick to create some extra light beams using a simple filter to enhance scenes with a lot of trees or windows in them.
  90. The 3 Blend Modes You'll Use Most, Part 32012/03/05

    In the final part of this series on blend modes in Photoshop, Matt continues with the last 2 blend modes you'll need to enhance contrast. They're actually very similar to each other, but there are some important differences that we'll take a look at so you'll know exactly which one to turn to.
  91. The 3 Blend Modes You'll Use Most, Part 22012/02/27

    In the second part of this series on blend modes in Photoshop, Matt introduces the 2nd blend mode you'll use often if you want to brighten parts of your photos and images.
  92. The 3 Blend Modes You'll Use Most, Part 12012/02/20

    Blend modes are one of the coolest aspects of using Layers in Photoshop. But, there are so many of them (over 25!). How do you figure out which one to use? You don't. In the first part of this series, Matt will show you that you really only need 3 (maybe 4) blend modes to accomplish just about anything you want to do. We'll start with one of the most popular.
  93. Viewing Your Photos Full Screen2012/01/25
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  94. Camera Raw Snapshots2012/01/18

    One thing that Camera Raw doesn't have is versions. For example, what if you want to compare a black and white version of your photo with a color version? There's really no "official" way to do it in Photoshop. However, there is a feature called Snapshots that'll help out.
  95. Brightening Dark Faces2012/01/12

    One of the hardest things to do in natural light portraits is to make sure that people have enough light on their faces — depending on the sun, available shade, and position of other people in the photo, sometimes faces can be too dark. Luckily there's a really simple way in Photoshop to help fix this after the fact.
  96. Vanishing Point Filter2011/12/19

    The vanishing point filter helps you put things into perspective (Photoshop things, that is). Matt Kloskowski shows how the vanishing point filter works and provides some tips for its use.
  97. Sharpening for Resizing2011/12/15

    Matt Kloskowski talks about why you may need to sharpen your photos - even if you are decreasing the size of your image - and then shows you how it's done in Photoshop.
  98. Removing Wrinkles2011/12/12

    Matt Kloskowski shows how to minimize the impact of a subject's wrinkles in Photoshop without completely removing them using Content Aware and the Spot Healing Brush.
  99. Even More Puppet Warp Tips2011/12/08

    It's worth spending extra time on especially cool features in Photoshop. In this episode Matt Kloskowski returns to puppet warp and provides keys to making the effect really effective. Watch the podcast to see how smart objects fit in.
  100. Content Aware Scaling: Downscaling2011/12/05

    Last time he explored Photoshop's content aware feature, Matt Kloskowski made a photo fit onto a larger canvas. This time he shows you how to resize an image for a smaller canvas without distorting key parts of your photo.
  101. 5 Tips for Layer Styles2011/12/02

    Matt Kloskowski loves to provide lists of key tips for Photoshop users. In this podcast he provides 5 things you simply have to know about layer styles. Plus some bonus sub-tips.
  102. Photoshop TV Scanline Retro Effect2011/09/22

    This time around we're digging in the retro vault for one of those Photoshop effects that's been around for a while but still used all the time: a TV scanline. It makes a great finishing effect for certain photos and images, and is easy to create and manipulate.
  103. More on Puppet Warp in Photoshop CS52011/09/19

    Puppet Warp was released in Photoshop CS5, and I've gotta tell ya, it's one of those features I was "eh" about. Since then, I've grown A LOT more fond of the tool and have put it to several good uses. I can't say that it's my go-to tool in Photoshop, but when you see some of the potential that it has, I think you'll find yourself using it more and more.
  104. Photoshop Compositing with Color and Atmosphere2011/09/15

    Last time I did a video based on a tutorial from my latest Photoshop book. This time around we'll talk about some changes we can make to the color and overall atmosphere of a photo that really help tie elements together to make them real.
  105. Photoshop Compositing Basics with Smart Objects2011/09/12
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  106. Content Aware Scale in Photoshop CS52011/09/05
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  107. Introducing Mini Bridge2011/07/11

    One of Photoshop CS5's new features is Mini Bridge. It's a great way to access and open your photos from within a panel in Photoshop. This video explains how to use Mini Bridge and where it fits in as you're working in Photoshop's main editing window.
  108. 5 Things You Need to Know About Filters in Photoshop2011/07/04

    Photoshop has plenty of undocumented features - things that don't show up anywhere when you're working with a specific tool. In this video we're going to go through the Filter menu and look at some tips and tricks that simply make using filters easier.
  109. 5 Things You Need to Know About the Gradient Tool in Photoshop2011/06/27

    Photoshop has more undocumented features than you can imagine - things that simply don't show up anywhere when you're working with a tool. We're going to go through the Gradient tool and look at some hidden tips and tricks that make using it a lot easier.
  110. Designing with the Puppet Warp tool in Photoshop CS52011/05/16

    Of all the new tools and features in Photoshop CS5, Puppet Warp has been one of the least-covered. It has a very specific use, but there are some pretty cool things you can do once you understand how it works. We'll take a basic look at it in this video.
  111. Beyond the Basics of HDR Photography2011/05/09
  112. Starting Out with HDR Photograph in Photoshop CS52011/05/02
  113. Enhancing Lighting Effects2011/03/16
  114. LAB Sharpening2011/03/09
  115. Texture Masks2011/03/03
  116. The New Bridge Export Panel2011/01/31
  117. Fast Adjustment Layers2011/01/24
  118. Visualizing Selections2011/01/17
  119. Sharpening Tip - One Size Does Not Fit All2010/12/20
  120. Using Smart Collections in Bridge CS52010/12/13
  121. Creating an iPad Interface: Leather Texture, Part 22010/11/16
  122. Creating an iPad Interface: Leather Texture, Part 12010/11/12
  123. Freeze it with Liquify2010/10/11
  124. Printing with Rounded Corners2010/10/04
  125. Speeding Up the Liquify Tool for Retouching2010/09/27
  126. All Kinds of Tips About Layers2010/09/20
  127. Lens Correction in Photoshop CS52010/09/13
  128. Taking a Photo from Start to Finish, Part 32010/07/14
  129. Taking a Photo from Start to Finish, Part 22010/07/07
  130. Taking a Photo from Start to Finish, Part 12010/06/29
  131. Vignetting in Camera Raw CS52010/06/01
  132. The New Grain Feature in CS52010/05/24
  133. Better Noise Reduction in Photoshop CS52010/05/10
  134. Changes to Camera Raw Processing in CS52010/05/03
  135. Using Photoshop CS5's Improved Sharpen Tool2010/04/15
  136. Layers Improvements in Photoshop CS52010/04/14
  137. Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop CS52010/04/13
  138. CS5's Improved Selection Tool2010/04/12
  139. White Balance and Color Correction Presets for JPEGs2010/04/02
  140. Creating Taped Edges 2010/01/27
  141. Evening Out Skin Tones 2010/01/14
  142. Brightness vs. Exposure2010/01/08
  143. Faking a Panorama in Photoshop2009/12/23
  144. Removing Dust & Speckles from Old Photos2009/12/17
  145. sRGB vs. Adobe RGB2009/12/04
  146. Enhancing Symmetry in Your Photos2009/12/01
  147. Adjustment Brush 1012009/11/20
  148. Sharpening Workflow, Part 32009/10/14
  149. Sharpening Workflow, Part 22009/10/06
  150. Sharpening Workflow, Part 1 2009/09/25
  151. Removing Dark Circles Under the Eyes 2009/09/15
  152. Automatically Make Your Photos Look Better in Camera Raw 2009/09/04
  153. Edge Vignettes the Right Way2009/08/28
  154. CS4's Hue/Saturation Dialog2009/06/17
  155. Removing Distortion from Wide-Angle Photos2009/06/12
  156. High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR), Part 22009/06/10
  157. Quick Portrait Thinning2009/06/05
  158. High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR), Part 12009/06/03
  159. Cloning with a Preview in CS42009/05/27
  160. Rich Black and Whites2009/05/22
  161. CS4's New Content Aware Scaling Feature2009/05/20
  162. Double Processing in Camera Raw2009/05/18
  163. Vibrance2009/05/14
  164. On Image Controls2009/05/08
  165. Background Blur2009/05/01
  166. Color Balancing Multiple Parts of a Photo2009/04/24
  167. Ghosted Man Effect2009/04/22
  168. Pro Sports Background2009/04/17
  169. Restoring Torn Photos (video)2009/04/10
  170. Matt Kloskowski's Reasons to Upgrade to Photoshop CS42008/09/23
  171. Photoshop CS4 Camera Raw Vignette Tip2008/09/23
  172. Grid View in Bridge CS42008/09/23
  173. Using the Volume Browser in Lightroom 22008/09/05
  174. Lightroom 2 Quick Tip2008/09/05
  175. An Overview of Blend Modes - Part 22008/04/03
  176. An Overview of Blend Modes - Part 12008/04/03
  177. Blending Photos Together (video)2008/04/03
  178. How to Fix Chromatic Aberrations (video)2007/10/25
  179. How to Add a Brushed Border (video)2007/10/24
  180. How to Use the Filter Panel in Bridge CS3 (video)2007/10/09
  181. How to Add Text on Top of Photos (video)2007/10/09
  182. How to Create Patterns in Photoshop CS3 (video)2007/09/14
  183. How to Create the Breakout Effect (video)2007/09/07
  184. Using a Grid (video)2007/09/04
  185. How to Create the Ray of Light Effect (video)2007/08/31
  186. How to Use Photoshop CS3’s Auto Align Tool (video)2007/08/24
  187. How to Create Lab Color Presets (video)2007/08/17
  188. How to Use the Script Menu with Layer Comps (video)2007/08/10
  189. How to Use Bridge’s Slideshow Feature (video)2007/08/03
  190. A New Way to Flatten (video)2007/07/27
  191. How To Use Photoshop's PDF Presentation tool (video)2007/07/20
  192. Using Smart Filters with the Shadow/Highlight Adjustment (video)2007/07/13
  193. How to Use Adobe Camera Raw 4.1’s Clarity Slider (video)2007/07/06
  194. Top 10 Lightroom Features (video)2007/06/29
  195. Using the Refine Edges Dialog (video)2007/06/22
  196. Resizing Images in Photoshop CS3 (video)2007/06/15
  197. Using Camera Raw Smart Objects (video)2007/06/08
  198. Smart Objects & Adobe Photoshop (video)2007/06/06
  199. Using the Clone Source Palette (video)2007/06/01
  200. Using Photoshop CS3's New Black and White Adjustment (video)2007/05/25
  201. Using The New, Improved Curves Tool (video)2007/05/18
  202. Using the Script Events Manager in Adobe Photoshop (video)2007/05/17
  203. Using Lens Correction in Adobe Photoshop (video)2007/05/17
  204. Using Photoshop CS3's Quick Selection Tool (video)2007/05/11
  205. Using Camera Raw 4’s Recovery Slider (video)2007/05/05
  206. How to Use Bridge CS3’s Loupe View (video)2007/04/27
  207. From Lightroom to Photoshop (video)2007/04/20
  208. Move Those Palettes! (video)2007/04/13
  209. Adobe Photoshop CS3 Vanishing Point Filter Improvements (video)2007/04/06
  210. Automation (video)2007/04/05
  211. How To Use Smart Filters in Adobe Photoshop CS3 (video)2007/03/30
Photoshop with Matt
Matt Kloskowski, education and curriculum developer for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, takes you step-by-step through Photoshop's features in this series of screencast-based tutorials that reveal techniques the professionals use.

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