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  1. Besume Mucho Heavy Piano on Ubuntu Studio 11.102012/02/13
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  2. How to install 64bit Adobe Flash on FireFox 8 and 64bit Ubuntu Studio 11.10 2011/12/11

    I explain how to install the 64bit Abode Flash Plugin on FF 8 and US 64bit 11.10.

    I left out an important detail. Go back into FF and About:config and set the Expose Plugin back to false.
  3. GTK-RECORD MY DESKTOP on UBUNTU Studio 64bit 11.102011/12/04

    How to get the RecordMyDesktop sound to work on Ubuntu Studio 11.10.
The OrganLoft
Good Sermons, good spiritual talk, sometimes technical, a mixture of good music. I like music technology too. I will feature music that I compose.
I am a big fan of Linux and Mac systems. I will use Windows but I prefer the others.

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